Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nursery Reveal (And A Letter To Baby Girl)

"Home" - Phillip Phillips

 Dear Baby Girl,
The day has come.  Your nursery is complete.
It's been in the works for months now.  Scratch that...
It's been in the works for years, in my mind and in my heart.  Oh, how many times I walked into that room since the end of 2009 and wanted so badly to see a crib, a rocking chair, a changing table and a closet full of tiny baby clothes. 
We prayed.  We fought hard.  We pushed on through the years. 
And then your daddy and I got amazing and life-changing news
And the day finally came where we could turn that empty room at the end of the hallway into something great and beautiful.

It used to break your mama's heart to walk into that room.
And now, it makes my heart explode with pure love and contentedness.
It's all so real. 
It feels like a celebration every single time I walk into your nursery. 
Baby girl, your daddy and I - we put every bit of our love into this room.  It's filled with wonder and color - so.much.color.  It's filled with so many pieces - sentimental pieces, that were given to us by loved ones - people who love you and are counting down the days until your arrival. 

I hope it brings you as much happiness as it brings your daddy and I.
  I hope you find it magical - a place where you can always find joy and peace - a place where you can rest your head at night and feel safe and secure. 

And most of all, a place you can call home.

We began prepping and painting as soon as the new year began.
Muffin stood by us watching our every move with her big, golden eyes.

She snuggled on your rocking chair and watched as the plain, white walls soon became

a bright and lively shade of blue - "Gem Turquiose"

  Daddy worked so hard.  Meticulous, with every brush stroke.

 He and your Poppa installed a ceiling fan the weekend after.  It took hours.  Your daddy was determined. 

So was your Poppa.

And after hours and hours (and lots of dust), their hard work paid off and
they were smiling at a job well done.

Your daddy spent many nights hammering and putting things together.
I didn't even have to beg too much.
He wanted to.  He was excited to.

He even let me give it a whirl.

Your crib...Oh, I cried when I came home one night to find your daddy had set it up.
He was exhausted but knew it'd make mommy smile.
Dee Dee bought it for you.  She talks about you every day.  I know she's probably just as excited as I am to see your sweet face resting in your new home.

I sat in your room that night for over an hour just taking it all in.

And after weeks passed and lots of time and thought poured into that sweet room, the once bare and boring space became what is now our favorite room in the house. 

Muffin's ready for the tour...

Baby girl...
Your nursery.
This little room is bursting with big love.

We love you.

*Pony from Aunt Karen

*Shelf - your daddy's late father's from when he was a little boy

*Vase from reader and friend, Nicole  *Silk flowers from Aunt Kim  *Mama and child from Dee Dee

*Vase from Katie  *Frame with your first ultrasound photo - Michaels dollar bins 
*Kitty bank from our trip to MD
*Stuffy from Aunt Kim

*Chickie from Michaels  *Mailbox from Target dollar bins  *Vase your daddy painted for you
*Frame of your 3rd ultrasound  *Frame and doilies from Michaels dollar bins

*Frame and "Crazy Faith" card (handmade) from Aunt Jessica. 
 My very first blog post is titled Crazy Faith.

*Wooden heart was in my room as a little girl.  Painted that and hanger.
  *Adorable Muffin sweater from (and made by) Aunt Jessica

*Vintage hanging hamper - Etsy

*Hanging homemade bookshelf (and books) from our friend, Theresa.  Your name is on it.  Will be revealing that after your arrival. :)

Your closet is a wonderland of fun.  Your daddy's late father's 6-drawer dresser rests inside and holds many of your belongings.
All of your clothes (and Addison's and Chloe's "old" and very precious pieces, thanks to Aunt Kelly) rest inside.  I can't wait to see you in them.

 *Paper butterflies - Etsy

 *Hello Kitty from Aunt Karen  *Calendar and wreath from Lora  *Pillow - Pier One  *Sweet doll from Aunt Julia  *Elephant from Theresa  *Paisley Tigger from Jenn  *Heart Bucket - Target dollar bins

Your Aunt Jessica gave this to me at your shower.  A gorgeous photo album.  She made it herself.
Your initials are under the black felt. 

 Sentimental shelf...

 *Shelf - Amazon

*Vintage stitched artwork - Etsy

Your Aunt Jessica also gave this to us at your shower.  She hand-painted this incredible and absolutely perfect piece just for you.  I cried when I opened it.
Your mama loves this song.  

*Baby bouquet from (and made by) Aunt Jessica  *Album made by me  *Sleepy Kittens book from daddy  *Lamp - Home Goods - I've had this for years and now finally had somewhere perfect to put it.

*Scarf - my nani's from Hungary

25 days until your due date!

*Big Bird, keepsake box and radio from Aunt Karen  *Pinwheels - Target dollar bins

*Books and Canister from Aunt Jessica  *Mask - Pier One
*Scarves - your mama's  *Candles - Target

*Raggedy Ann doll, quilt, frame and ballerina bear- mine from when I was a little girl
*Elephant and dolly from Dee Dee
*Keys - Target dollar bins

 Your crib...

*Red Pillows - have had for years.  Found in closet and gave them a new home - Pier One
*Heart pillow - Target dollar bins
*Musical seahorse - your very first toy - from Dee Dee

Your bedding makes me swoon.  Your Aunt Jessica introduced me to an amazing fabric line full of so much color and character.  When I told her my vision for your room was a little bit gypsy/a little bit hippie/a little bit Boogie Nights,
she went and found hundreds and hundreds of fabric samples for me to drool over.  She's awesome like that.  I could have exploded, it was so perfect.
Your daddy and I sat one day and carefully selected your bedding fabric and had it made.

Your Aunt Karen bought you your bedding and it means so much.  This crib incorporates the love of three very special ladies - Dee Dee, Aunt Karen and Aunt Jessica.

*Fabric - Jennifer Paganelli - Crazy Love line
*Handmade from Etsy

*Love Minion from Aunt Jessica - she had it made and I am in love with it. 
We call each other minions all the time. <3

That red fabric on the wall is only there to cover your name - Aunt Jessica handmade your beautiful name to rest above your crib.  She used wooden letters and bedazzled them to perfection.  I can't wait to reveal them after you're born.

*Wreath made by me

 *Artwork - this was a gift bag from Aunt Jessica.  I needed to put it to good use.  It was just too awesome not to.  I cut it and mounted it in a $10 frame that daddy spray painted yellow.

A sneak peak of the letters...

The main design on all of them...

And the incredible details Aunt Jessica added. 

Just a few...

*Heart rug found at Target around Valentine's Day

This was the first piece your daddy and I hung in your room.  It's one of our favorites.
We found it in a special shop in New Hope right after Christmas.  We saw it and knew it was meant for your room.

*Curtains - Jennifer Paganelli/made on Etsy
*Tassels - 98 cents from Pier One

story in link above

*Mini Rug - Christmas Tree Shops - $5

The artwork that's hiding under the blanket will be revealed after your arrival.
It is amazing.  And bright and neon and makes everyone smile. (except for the lady at Michaels...but we'll save that story for the reveal).

*Muffin - priceless

*Chervron blanket - Target

Dreamcatcher - MADE by your Aunt Jessica.  Baby girl, you just wait...Aunt Jessica is gonna teach you lots of crafty and fun things.  She's an artist.

*Nightstand - your daddy's late father's
*Hello Kitty humidifier from Uncle Nicholas
*Blocks from Lesia

*Vintage Lamp - Etsy  *Scarf - mine  *I painted the dish for you
*Journal from Aunt Jessica

*Changing table - mine from when I was a baby - Your daddy painted and freshened it up.  Dee Dee broke it (and her muscles) out in November for us.
*Changing pad cover - Etsy

*Knobs - World Market

 *Kept some of the original ones and painted them.  I love the noise they still make every time I tug on them.

*Diaper basket I made with leftover fabric from bedding
*I made felt bin from Target dollar bin tin

The Gallery Wall...

*Artwork from a sweet shop during my trip to Utah

*Mirror from same shop as clock in New Hope

*Artwork - Etsy

*Artwork by Aunt Julia - that's you in my tummy

*Dress - Harajuku Mini line from Target - I bought this before I was pregnant with you.  And prayed someday I'd have a little girl that could wear it
 *Wooden hearts - from my room as a child

Amazing hand-painted artwork from your Aunt Kelly...
Your initials are behind the felt heart. 
She wrote you the most beautiful message on the back of the painting. 
She can't wait to meet you.

 *Chalkboard - Dollar store frame painted

*Stitched artwork - Etsy

*Vintage trashcan - Etsy

*Rug - Target
*Twinkie - like Muffin, priceless

Yes, baby girl, your nursery awaits you...

We all await you...

Your room - so luminous and filled with every color of the rainbow.
I often look around and think to myself, with its full and glowing presence, that there's not an inch left for anything more.
And then I realize there is.


Out of all the color and love beaming throughout this room,
you, my love, will shine the brightest.

I love you,


I'll see ya next week everyone.
Have a beautiful weekend.
Thank you for all of your sweet words on the rocking chair post. <3

Bright Lovin',

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