Friday, September 26, 2014

Goodbye, Summer! Hello, Fall!

Good morning! 
Piper is still sleeping.  She went to bed pretty late last night, after a night with her Daddy. 
They hung out with friends, watched football and ate wings, while I went out for a post-birthday
dinner with Kim.
Word is, Piper pouted when the wings were all gone. 

She can pack her pout away, because I have a very good feeling there will be plenty more chicken wings in her future.  After all, it's fall.  And fall, means football to Steve.  Football also means lots of chicken wings to Steve.

Anyway, enough about chicken wings.  It's only 10 in the morning.

Oh, I love fall. 
My second favorite season, with winter coming in first.
This first week of autumn has been a good one.
And I'm excited for this season with my family.

 We started off "Fall Eve" with an alphabet soup bath.

We decided to meet Steve on his lunch break.
We brought him lunch and took a walk on the trail near his office.
Piper loved the "POOLPOOLPOOL" and wanted to take a swim.

 We love our trips to Target.
She loves Starbucks cake pops!

She was very serious about the baby's feedings that day.

I got a very special call from someone on Monday night, while cleaning.
Piper was giving me kisses and was so intrigued that she could see me on the phone.

Happy 1st day of fall!

Pumpkin pancakes for breakfast...the start of lots of pumpkin treats to come in these next few months.

We met with GiGi and headed to consign some items at what I like to call "Babypalooza" - the largest consignment sale I've ever seen.  I consigned a few of Piper's bitty baby clothes,  to get my hands on their shop-early passes.  

A trip to Chic-fil-A afterwards.
Piper thinks she's all that and a box of chicken nuggets when she gets her own milk with a straw!

Geeg always has something up her sleeve (and in her garage) when we visit! :)

Post-nap visit from Dee Dee.  Stories first.

Walk second.

Me locking us out, third.
Me and keys don't mix.
Luckily, Steve was on his way home.

My friend, Jeanna, sent us this adorable outfit!  We love it so much!
Wednesday's weather was perfect for it!

After running some errands, we thought we'd take a trip to the farm and creamery to get some pumpkin ice cream.  It was closed.  But we did sneak a peek at the "MOOOS!"

We solved our problem with pumpkin frozen yogurt in the park.

She asked to try out all four swings 733 times each.

If you're happy and you love fall, clap your hands!

I love getting these pictures from Steve.

Dee Dee and I shopped at "Babypalooza" for three and a half hours, and stood in line for over an hour and a half.  Oh, it was worth it!

A little rainy day reading, yesterday morning.

We spent the day with Dax and Chloe.
The babes had a blast together and it made my heart so happy.

Dax got in on our hairdresser game.

So did Piper. I like her style - multitasking - drinking her milk while drilling my head.


Caught Prince Dax and Pippy smoochin' (more than once)!


A post-birthday girls' night.

She surprised me (and Steve and Pippy) with the sweetest gift.  It made me cry, and made Piper very curious.
It's one of my favorite pictures of's even the background on my phone.

Now chicken wings, don't sound good this early in the morning.
But sushi, I could totally eat it for breakfast.

And the chicken wings...
Steve sent me these pictures last night.
On the left, the pout.
One the right, her "smile so big" signature face.

We ended the night with some peanut butter and pumpkin ice cream.


Well, this post wouldn't be complete without some summer love.
This past summer was my favorite ever.

Piper made me appreciate all it has to offer.  I mean, I used to kinda loathe summer.
Not so much anymore.  

This is currently one of Pippy's favorite songs.  It's barely a couple minutes long, so when it ends, and we're in the car, I hear "OLAFFFFF" - my cue to put #7 on the Frozen soundtrack on again.  I hear it at least 6-10 times in a row most rides.

 "In Summer" - Olaf

So, in honor of summer - 
 one of my favorite weekends in August....

Steve, Dee Dee, Piper and I went to the shore Saturday into Sunday.  It was raining when we left, and it was pretty windy on the beach.
But that didn't stop us from taking it all in with Pips.
She loved the water so much.  She calls the ocean a pool.  She loved the seagulls (tweet tweets), and chased (and fed) them with Dee Dee (and ticked Daddy off when they swooped .2 mm from his head...LOL picturing it right now)!

It was such a sweet, memorable time with some of my favorite people.
I'm so grateful we got to experience so many "firsts" for Piper together.

Our trip in pictures (and a few videos)...


I just have to add that Dee Dee surprised Piper with this shirt because of her love for Olaf.
Really, I just have to add that Dee Dee thought it said "Hottie" rather than "Hot Ice" 
and we laughed so hard.
So much would be wrong with that.
In Deeds defense, she did think it was very strange that a baby t-shirt would say "hottie" LOL


Have a very happy weekend.

Like, this happy!

Fall (and Summer) Lovin',

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