Saturday, January 26, 2013

Paint (and Many Thanks)

Bed is calling my name.  But I have a bit of time before my head hits the pillow and I feel like writing a little.  Plus, I just slapped on my first coat of "Big Apple Red," ninety-nine cent nail polish (you know, the N.Y.C. brand).  And unless I want to wake up with cat fur and sheet imprints decorating my manicure, I best let it dry.

So, I type...

This week was busy.  Good busy.  Tired busy.  But at the end of the day, I-feel-accomplished-busy.
I like that kinda busy. 

Monday night, Steve and I headed out to paint some pottery for baby girl's room.  We've been talking about making a date of it for months.   
The piggy bank I was hoping to find was out of stock, so I went for a heart-shaped plate.
And Mr. went with a vase.  I had to kindly talk him out of a giant cat figurine he was eyein' up.  Yes, this crazy cat lady said "NO" to the pottery cat monster.  It was scary and quite hideous.  Trust me.
It's always so relaxing - painting.  I kinda lose myself while I make a mess and let colors bleed into one another.  I don't take it too seriously and it makes it that much more fun.
I don't think Steve and I said more than ten sentences to one another the whole time we sat there. 
I like those moments - where silence speaks so much more than words.
My favorite part was signing the back of the plate.  I painted on the date and "To our sweet (baby girl's name)."  Showed Steve.  And had one of those silent moments again, where we looked at one another and smiled big teary smiles.
We're looking forward to picking them up this week and putting them in the nursery.

 We ran into my brother during a little snow shower, before we painted and grabbed a few slices of pizza.

My mom knows when I'm in need of coffee.  Even though it's decaf, I can still pretend.

Nicholas and I had breakfast together.

Friday snow...
We didn't get the huge storm I was hoping for (I'm one of the crazies who loves snow).
But it still was enough to make for pretty drives.  Especially on "country" roads.

Perhaps, it wasn't the best day to go car shopping, but
  our Mountaineer was about to blow up.  Well, the gasket actually did.  And mama and baby girl needed something safer and more reliable.  My Civic has been so good to me all these (dozen) years, so we decided to add another Honda to the family...Steve Dad will be driving "Old Betsy" once baby comes and I'll be totin' Little Miss in the Pilot.

"the mama mobile"

The title of my last post could easily be fit for this post as well.
Kind and generous are just a few words to describe some of the friends I've met through blogging. 

I have so much gratitude for the thoughtful gifts we received this week.

Last week, I went to my mailbox to find a gift from my friend, Brittany.  I "met" her last year through blogging and was instantly drawn to her happy spirit.  I loved reading about her journey to motherhood - all the excitement and joy in each one of her posts is refreshing and inspiring.  She's a beautiful new mama and her son, Bear, is adorable (and one lucky little man).

She was so sweet to think of baby girl.  In the box, was Sophie, the friends all swear by "her" and for years, I've been hoping I'd need good ol' Sophie.  It's times like these, I find myself so overcome with emotion.  The realness of it all sets in again and again. 

And then, a ladybug bath mit and teeny, precious socks.  

She was so thoughtful to think of me, too.  Makeup!  In colors I adore.  I tried it all out right away and walked around the house with one eye made up and bright pink lips.
Made my day.

Lora, a reader of my blog, sent a box of goodies.  Kitty treats, a calendar and candy.
I was literally telling Steve how I felt bad I forgot treats at the grocery store for the fourth time in a row the night before.  So, when I opened the box, I smiled so big.  So did Twinkie!  What a wonderful and perfect gift for this crazy cat woman. 

She made baby girl a gift, too.  I was so touched that someone I've never truly met made her something.  

When I opened this gift and card from Tami, it made me teary instantly.  Tami is one of the few bloggers I know that lives in PA, too.  It was awesome when we found out we know of and have been to a lot of the same places.   She sent us a pretty baby shoe ornament.  I can't wait to put it on our tree next year. 

Thank you, ladies.  So very much.  I am so grateful for your support and thoughtfulness. <3

My cousin, Ashley, came over tonight for a visit before she heads back to college. 

 Steve joined us for a feast while we all caught up.

Let's many times have I brought up cats in this post?  Not enough.

Ashley got baby girl sweet and cute outfits that scream "I love cats" (she's another crazy cat lady... it runs in the family).

And these newborn-sized booties -  They fit my thumbs.

31 week (okay, a day shy of 32 weeks) bump shot 

Okay, my nails have been dry for at least twenty minutes.  Time for bed. 
I'll be back next week.  I've got a lot of "special" nights of writing coming up.

Wishing everyone a relaxing and happy Sunday! <3

Thankful, Weekend Lovin',


E and R said...

You look great, as usual. Bloggy friends really are the best, aren't they? I don't know what I would do without you all. Just a couple of months until you meet your precious princess. I am so very excited for you and Steve. Just wait - the first time you see Steve hold her, your heart will just about burst with love - there is nothing like it in this world. Love the pottery - what a sweet idea!

Maria said...

It is amazing to me how fast time seems to be going! I feel like it was just yesterday that you were sharing news of two pink lines! I am so so so happy for you, Mama!

Ashley said...

I love that you say you aren't very good at painting and then you pull out that masterpiece! I love it! I have been dying to go paint pottery with my kids. It is on my mental to do list. OOh, and yeah for new car!! I love the color of it. Good choice. :)

It is amazing how we can "meet" people through blogging. My hope is to one day get to meet some of my bloggy friends in real life!

Have a great week Maria.

M said...

I can't BELIEVE how close you are getting!

Love the mama mobile :)

Also, I told DH a few weeks ago I wanted to buy you something and mail it and he said it was weird, so I held off :(

Aleisha McD said...

Hello sweet mama! Hello my sweet friend! I LOVED this post, as usual. I always love everything you write. The pottery pictures were precious. I loved the pics of Steve painting! Could he be any sweeter!?! Next time I come to PA, I want to paint pottery. I've never done it before and am dying to try.

OH MY GOODNESS, you are so loved! All the gifts from your lovely readers had my heart singing! So many people are celebrating this baby with you. What a blessing!

I love you like crazy, and I miss you like crazy too. Your bump shot rocks my world. It's SO awesome to see you THAT pregnant. HUGS AND KISSES TO YOU !!!!!!

Miki said...

I love you new vehicle, Maria! And your baby bump, too!

Awe, all those clothes are soon going to be filled with baby girl :D. It must be such a wonderful feeling to get ready to welcome your child! :P

Hope you have an excellent week, sweet Maria!

Tight hugs from me & the kitties, hehe!

Lora said...

Awwww you are too sweet. I was so proud to make that gift for ya'll.. I absolutely love the fact that I rescued 'Team Fluff' from the No Treats Drought. A few more days and Twinkie probably would have sent out S.O.S. alerts!
I cracked up when I saw the Wawa cup. Prank vs Prank--they go on Wawa runs alot. Jesse even has a Wawa dance. Wish we had a Wawa in Bama..
Then,,, I got down to the little newborn booties and cried. I swear, I go through such a range of emotions when I read your posts!! That's one of the reasons why you are so loved by all of us out here in blog land. One of the MANY reasons!!
Your bump pic!! I don't have words.(But I will try). Actually I think you have graduated from 'bump'. It is definitely more of a BAM!!! HAHAHA!
You look fabulous, lady.
Apologies for the longish comment! Hope you have a wonderful week dearie..

Tami said...

Those booties are 2.dang.cute!!!
Making pottery for the baby's room is sweet! To do it together makes it even more special!
The snow was pretty… until I had to drive my son to work! 422 was horrible!! I saw 3 accidents within a matter of a 1/2 an hour.
A few of the little ones in my day-care have Sophie!!
Have a wonderful week Maria!

Heather Nelsen said...

Congratulations on the new ride! That's exciting! You and little baby girl are gonna be ridin in style! ;) So glad you have been showered with so much love this week. You are dear, Maria! Hope you have a great 32nd week! :)


JP said...

Love the new ride! I can't wait for the nursery reveal to see the colors of the adorable pottery and the rest of her precious space. Her arrival is already so close, it seems unreal to be so soon!

Krystyn said...

OMG I can't believe that you are 32 weeks already!! It seems like just yesterday I read about your BFP. So happy for you two!

Cece said...

What a super sweet date with your husband. I have a Civic for going on 4 years now. Gotta love a safe reliable Honda.

Judy Haughton-James said...

Wow! I love the heart shaped plate and vase that you and Steve painted. Looks great! You are both very creative. I also love the Mama Mobile! It is cool. Bloggy friends are really great. I have linked up with so many wonderful persons since I started my blog and of course you know how grateful I am that you are one of them Maria! Baby girl has such cute gifts to greet her when she arrives. I note that you are seeing beautiful snow scenes over there. Take good care and as always I wish you, Steve and Beano all the very best. Lots of Love, Friendship & Best Wishes always!

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

you did have a busy {but good busy} week! i love that you guys painted pottery for your little one, she will cherish that when she's older! and i agree, Brittany is the bomb and you are just as cute pregnant as she was!

MrsV said...

Love the new ride! Very nica Momma mobile :) you ladies are going to be riding in style!
Make sure you check your email later I'm going to be sending an email once I get the little man to bed tonight :)
oxo V

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

I LOVE painting pottery! and I LOVE snow! I was hoping that storm was going to dump more on us than it did! What a cute car!! Baby Girl is going to love it! I can't believe your already 32 weeks!!! AHHHH!! So excited to meet her! Sending lots of love!

Whitney Cypert said...

First of all, your bump is so big and precious!! And how cute is that little cat outfit from your friend!? If they had that in my size, I would wear it. Ok, not really, but it's so cute! How nice of all those girlies to send you such thoughtful gifts. I can't speak for all of them, but I know for a fact Brittany is every bit as sweet in person as she is through blogging. I am grateful to know her! I love that you are a crazy cat lady like me!

Lauren said...

What SWEET gifts you got! I love the belly pics!!! Keep them coming! xoxoxoxoxox


Brittany said...

Oh Maria, your bump just keeps getting cuter and cuter! You totally ROCK looks so good on you! You and Steve did such a good job on the plate and vase...such a fun thing to do together, too. And the momma mobile is awesome!! Ahhh you are getting SO close...I can't wait!!

Glad you liked your gifts :) can't wait to see baby girl in those little socks! She's gonna be such a doll.

You, Steve, and Baby Beano (are we still calling her that? haha!) have a wonderful week!!

Jess @ said...

I've always wanted to do a pottery thing. No one has one near us.

Such wonderful blessings! I can't wait to have a Honda {crv} again...someday lol

mail4rosey said...

Lots of good busy going on. 'grats on the Pilot...we're about to do the car shopping thing here too.

Your pottery heart is fab!

Heather said...

You are so crazy-talented... the plate turned out so great! I'm not sure I have a creative bone in my body.

Many prayers as you enter the homestretch of your pregnancy!

Our Little Fam said...

Your baby bump picture is so cute. I look forward to always seeing them. I love that you and Steve set out to get some craftin' supplies for baby girl. Love the plate. Your friends are so sweet, those outfits are DARLING! I would love to send a gift for you and baby girl :)

Anonymous said...

Found you from Thursday blog hop.
Nice to meet you.
Please feel free to drop by.

Faith said...

You look anazing! Love your baby bump!

Bloggy friends are the best! I absolutely adore Britt too!

Camille said...

You look great! WOW, you are getting closer and closer. :) I love that kitty outfit, I got it for my little one recently.

Kristina Torrejon said...

sounds like things are going well for you! Your bump is adorable and so sweet! so excited and happy for you maria! xoxo

Irish Carter said...

I loved the paintings....gorgeous and fun. I truly cant wait for your little girl to be here and see here.

The gifts were so adorable. Loved the tiny tiny little socks....oh their little feet grow so fast. = )

Thinking of you and looking forward to meeting this little bundle in just a few more weeks ahead. Ahhhhh! So exciting. Off to read the other post I see you popped up. = )


Angela said...

I love love love that you hand painted pottery for the nursery! So special! And I also love the new mom mobile! Sweet ride! And that kitty outfit for baby girl is cutest!!! Hope you are doing awesome Maria!! I think about your sweet soul all the time and miss staying caught up on your blog. babies have a way of taking up all your spare time! Lol

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