Wednesday, February 19, 2014


"Ho Hey" - The Lumineers

Last week sure was a fun one.  
A happy one. 
 A love-filled one.
I admit, though I normally don't like to make a big deal out of February 14th, 
it was kinda impossible this year.
I mean, after all,
we had a certain little valentine to be celebratin'.

Tonight, mostly photos of the girl who steals our hearts each and every day...

Our funny Valentine...

Piper's sweet headband - Logs 'n Lace

"Whaddya mean, Mommy just ate the last piece of candy out of my five pound Russel Stover 
assorted chocolates heart box?!!"

"Get her!!!!"

Delicious chub

"Go ahead and steal my chocolate again, Mommy!  I've got more than enough teeth...I'll bite your fingers right off!"

"Oh, what's that?  You baked me a cake?!  Awww, you shouldn't have.  I love you!  I was just kiddin' about that whole bitin' your fingers off thing!"

Aunt Kelly gave Pips this adorable, pom-pom-rific headband last week.
We couldn't stop smiling at Pom Pom Pippy!

"Oh HECK NO, Daddy, not you now, too!!  That's my 12 pound Hershey's Kiss!  Lay Off"

Uncle Nicholas gave Piper this dazzling, sparkly, fancy dress for Christmas.
Piper was sure one pretty, purple Pippy with her pot of posies.  (Say that four times fast!)

Headband and sandals - Logs 'n Lace

Daddy stood close by the chair in case Purple "Pipe" went tumblin'.  We were cracking up, because there was no way Pippy's sweet noggin was not going to cover the R.  Though you know, Mommy kept stubbornly trying.

Hooray for Purple Pip! <3 

Aunt Jessica surprised us with this too cute top and beautiful handmade headband
a couple months ago.
We were waiting for Valentine's Day to break them out.
And now, we can't wait to break 'em in.  (I'm totally stealing borrowing Piper's headband!)

I snort-laugh whenever I see this picture.
She's totally skiing.  Totally!

I had my lip gloss sitting by me while I was snapping the pictures.   She snatched it right up.

I found these Baby B'gosh overalls at a consignment sale last year for two bucks.  I remember thinking "Ohhh, she will wear these in February!"
They were just a tad bit short, but we made it work...


Her hat, also a past gift from Aunt J, is size 0-6 months, but we still love to rock it.  And her sweater (another sweet piece from the Aunt J'ster) is size 0-3 months.  
This yellow sweater is so special to me.  Piper has worn it on so many occasions, despite it being itty- bitty.  She wore it the last time my dad truly held her, before his heart attack.
I have a feeling I'll be squeezin' her into it for at least another few months.

I'll be back with more on 
Mushy Gushy Love Week in my next post.

Happy Thursday!!

Hope your Russel Stover assorted chocolates heart box still has a few pieces left inside!

Always Lovin',

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