Friday, May 31, 2013


There's so much to say.  So many emotions to let out. 
But for now, I take a second and breathe.
And more than anything, I pray.
 My dad had a massive heart attack followed by open heart surgery on Tuesday.  He is in the ICU - critically stable. 
My mind is racing.  My heart is breaking.
But I remind myself of the very lesson I wrote of in my last post...
And right now, I am not only counting my blessings, but clinging to the very best and most beautiful blessing in my life...
Things are crazy.  So I pray like crazy. 
And I just sit here for a few minutes, because I need to.
  I stare at these photos - memories from the past few weeks.
They remind me that where there is pain and hurt and sometimes what seems like pure evil in this world, that there is also so much love and joy and good-heartedness. 
So, I let the tears fall.  I scream.  I give thanks for our healthy daughter.  I get a little crazy.
But I never forget to keep counting my blessings...
 Spending time with my friend and her beautiful babes. 
And watching them fall in love with Piper.

Piper got initiated into the hairdresser club.

Waking up to Steve with the camera in my face...
Because he came home to a moment like this.

Catching Piper do this...
She wakes up in the middle of many of her naps.  Only for about ten seconds before she falls fast asleep again.  The faces and gestures that occur are priceless.

Afternoons with Kim and my sleepy little girl.

Visits from Aunt Jen and Uncle Sean

Introducing Piper to the beauty that is Target

Giving the stare down to Daddy

Oh, the faces....

Watching Aunt Karen with Piper.
We are so grateful for this woman.  She has helped with Piper so much...not just this past week, but always.

Smiley girl on Dee Dee's birthday

 *Happy , smiley birthday videos for Dee Dee*

Seeing Jessica "pop" when she's with Pippy.
And spending all day with these lovely ladies.


Thanks for the great pics, Aunt J!

so serious!

<3 this.

Steve, happy and free with his best bud, enjoying cigars on the deck.

Aunt Karen knows how to make Piper smile.

Celebrating my mom's birthday...

while we danced with our Pips to the sound of my brother singing and strumming his guitar

My dad with Piper...
I hope and pray for more photos like these.

Piper's first trip to the fair...

This girl loves bathtime.

And loves Piper poutin'

And absolutely loves her daddy

Pippy power!

Happy seven weeks!

Visits from Uncle Nicholas

Mr. Chibbs

Moments like this...

"And the champion is...PIPER!!"

Our smiley, mimic-y, sweet baby girl...

Thanks for the bright and pretty headband, Brittany!

You can check out Brittany's awesome Etsy shop HERE!

Meeting cousin, Ashley.
And watching Ashley soak up all of Piper's sweetness.

Cuddles and burps with Aunt Kelly

Celebrating Jessica's birthday.  Good conversation.  Great laughs.
Even greater friendships.

The most adorable stinkin' outfit from Aunt Jessica...

A wonderful visit from my favorite (fourth grade) teacher...

Another wonderful visit, from Melissa and her son, Tristan. 
We are so happy our paths crossed and that we were finally able to truly meet.


Thank you for the amazing pie, Melissa!


Dee Dee spent a couple hours with Piper while Steve and I had our first date night...

Thoughtful "pout-pout" present from Dee Dee. <3
Memorial Day with family and friends. <3

Thanks for the pretty, patriotic outfit, Aunt Leslie and Uncle Jamie!

I needed this very quick breather.
I'm clinging to this love.
And constantly reminding myself that miracles can and do happen.
I have proof...

Much love to everyone.

Crazy Faithful Lovin',

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