Saturday, October 25, 2014

Some Fall Favorites

 Hello.  Happy October (Umm, almost November)!
I've been absent for the past few weeks.
I planned on lots of fall posts this month, but then Steve and I started Breaking Bad on Netflix.
And now, we're Breaking Bad junkies.  It's serious.
I had to plop my butt down in the computer chair way before Steve asked "Another one?"  We can never just watch one episode.
So, here I am, with enough memories to blow up the internet (and many, many more to come).

"It was such a nice day!" - Steve and I kept exchanging that sentence today.
It really was. (Besides the mini joyride Steve Road Rage Randy took us on, when some little twerp flipped Steve the bird after majorly cutting him off.) 

Piper woke up early.  Steve went to get her and we all snuggled in bed together for a bit.
Daddy was still tired, so Pips and I headed downstairs for some Saturday shows and breakfast.

Yesterday, when we were in the basement, Piper spotted Mr. Fishy (a very funny, fun gift from GiGi last year). "Fihyee Fihyee" came upstairs with us and Piper's been hangin' with him since.

We made breakfast took the Entenmann's goods out of their boxes, and brought breakfast up to Steve.
"Here Daddy!  Here Daddy!"
And then she took a big bite out of his pumpkin doughnut.
In case you're wondering, Steve's not naked.

We got ready, picked up Deeds, and headed to Pickfest - a festival filled with awesome Bluegrass music, a beer garden, really good food, a "Cuckoo" train and neat vendors.

I love how much she loves music.
Music means so much to me and Steve, and it makes us so happy to see Piper
get lost in it (and pull out her signature dance moves whenever she's feelin' the beat).



The look of love.

Dee Dee put me on bodyguard duty at the porta potties.  I decided to play paparazzi during her exit.  
You're safe, Deeds.  She got me on my way out!


Collecting rocks provided tons of entertainment.
This girl loves her some dirt and rocks.
Her fingernails were horrendous when we left.  Clipped 'em to nubbins tonight.


I spy three kitties.

Mr. cooked a yummy dinner tonight.

I spy monkey toes on the table.

Hide 'n seek.  She giggles uncontrollably when we ask "Where's Piper?  Where did Piper go?"

Yes, she does.
It was such a nice day.

 A few of my favorite October days...

 Wakin' up on a Thursday morning, to sweet treats at our door from Dee Dee Olaf.

Spending that day at Longwood Gardens with GiGi, Dylan and Betsy.
I've mentioned before how I used to kinda loathe Longwood Gardens.
Oh how my feelings have changed.
Piper has a way of changing my feelings on a lot of things (mostly for the better, of course).

Piper was a giddly, energetic little Moonchie all day.  I think we were there for about four hours.

I imagine her thinking "I'm free!  I'm free" as she "tastes the wind" - one of her favorite things to do in this fall weather.
It was a day full of adventure.  

Proof in the pictures...

"I am totally gonna sink my teeth into ya!"

I would love to know what she's thinking here.
I was looking through these photos with Steve later that night, and this picture made me cry (and snort-laugh).

"Piper, don't bite that!"  "PIPER, don't bite that!"
"PIPER, DON'T BITE THAT!"  "Fine, bite it!"

She was flirtin' with Dylan non-stop.  "You're gonna hug me and like it, Dylan!!"


Pickin' her next move (and nose).

They had such a cute train set-up.
Piper was mesmerized, along with Dylan, for a good twenty minutes.

She needed a closer look!

This picture tugs at my heart and makes me think of my dad.  He adored trains. I wish he was here.  
I wish he was here to witness times like these - simple moments that mean everything.
I bet he's proud that Piper loves "cuckoo trains" so much.

Lunch break!

Whenever we enter the Children's Garden, my heart skips a beat.
I know the magic that's about to take place.
I was so glad Piper could have some fun in the water.  She misses her pool(s) now that summer is over.


These photos of Piper and Dylan had me cracking up and cry-laughing!  
Their expressions were priceless.  Oh the many captions I could think of for each of them.
They started off, sweet and kinda mellow.

And then...

Um, I don't even know what to say.
I'd be scared if I ran into these two in an alley.

Dylan means business!

Dylan says "Piper, chill, girl!  Chill!"


Phew, back to sweeties!

I can't take it!

Dylan - amazing!

Praying for Longwood Gardens to open in our neighborhood



She pulls out this pose and starts running (literally) with it.
She's a maniac.



A sign of a very, very fun day!

A comfy, snoozy Saturday morning.

Another Fall Festival, a couple weekends ago...
We didn't let the rain earlier in the day
get in the way.
Piper loved the mud.  And the gravel.  She may have licked it more than once.
Mmm, stones for dinner.

We had a blast, despite the pumpkins we painted being stolen.
You leave 'em overnight to dry and pick them up the next day...
After searching for half an hour, they apologized and told us they were gone.
So, to the peeps who stole Dee Dee's beautiful Elmo pumpkin, Steve's awesome minion pumpkin, and Piper's first painted pumpkin - Bite me!  Bite us!  Bite a pumpkin!

Grrr.  Deeds and Daddy spent over an hour on their masterpieces!!

Have you seen these pumpkins?
Call the Law Offices of Moonchie Marino at  1-800-MOONCHIE

Funnel cake face


Sundeedee and Sunpippy

Dinner and Daddy's glasses

Some nighttime grocery shoppin'


Dee Dee teaches children mean things.  HAHA!

Last Sunday, we started our day with some cider doughnuts.

That afternoon, we headed to the pumpkin patch.

We love our wagon from GiGi so much!

Pick a good one, Pippy!

I seriously thought she was gonna lift that thing!

Love this picture of Piper and Dee Dee

And these, of these two...
Tastin' the wind again.
She thought it was so funny when Steve joined her!

She's got her pumpkin!

This picture gets me.
I remembered visiting last year, when Piper was just six months old.

She was sitting with a bunch of pumpkins when the tractor drove by behind her.
She stopped what she was doing to take a look.

And there she was...six months plus a year, sitting in her pretty red wagon, smiling at us, and tasting the wind.

She busted out the mega snoots for the piggies.  We laughed so hard!!
We're pretty sure the hardcore snoots were a result of the hardcore stench coming from the pigges!



I'll never forget the way she pet the calf the first time.  She slowly and gently tapped him with her pointer finger and then quietly giggled.  And then she did it again and again, until she got closer.
(And then she got called "him" HAHA!  I totally saw it coming, but hello, bow in her hair).

We headed out for some pumpkin frozen yogurt afterwards.  Elmo joined us.

What's a Sunday, without a trip to Walmart?!  Piper sat herself down on the super clean floor and tried very hard to open up the Frozen puzzle.  She thought they were snacks.

 There's just under a week left of this month.

May these last six days of October be filled with happiness.

Now, I think I'll go watch that next episode.

Happy Saturday night/Sunday morning!

October Lovin',

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