Thursday, August 23, 2012

Where I've Been

I wrote last week's post in the bathtub of our hotel room.
And tonight's post, I'm writing from bed.

I've surrendered.
Sleep wins. Rest is my new bff.
The past week has gone a little something like this...
Eat. Nap. Clean. Puke. Eat. Sleep. Puke. Sleep. Repeat.
I won't sit lay here and lie...I'm not feeling so hot. 
But when I put things into perspective and think about the past almost three years...
It really hits me.
The emotional always far surpassed the physical in this journey.
No matter how bad the physical pain might have been, the emotional masked it - taking over 99%.
And now, finally, I can say...
The physical wins. And that's something to be grateful for after all the hurt and longing and despair.
I finally know what it's like to feel like I just got shot with a tranquilizer gun in both ass cheeks while getting run over by a stampede of buffalo.
But this time, it's because I'm pregnant.
I can say that out loud now and truly feel like this is gonna be it - our sticky one.
Every once in a while, it scares the hell out of me how sure and faithful I feel about this baby.
But mostly, I feel this insane rush of happy and giddy emotion.
 Lately, I think about...
Where I've been.  New changes I notice each day.  The changes that are to come.
The beauty of this crazy, wonderful ride.
(All things that I plan on writing about in the coming weeks/months.)
This journey has graced me with so many powerful relationships.
Some new and
some old - strengthened and filled with love.
In the beginning, I remember feeling so alone at times. 
But, I realized quickly that we're never alone.
Everyone has their struggles.
More importantly, everyone has dreams they hope to fulfill someday.
I've been blessed every day by women who keep on chuggin' and never give up no matter how steep the climb.
And last week, I was lucky enough to meet one of those women.
Steve and I packed up the SUV and headed to Boston.
A trip we've been wanting to take for a long time.
But now, it came with a bonus...

My friend, Julia, and her family.

I "met" Julia almost immediately after starting my blog last April.
It wasn't long before we were sharing daily emails and lengthy text-a-thons about everything and anything...and, our desire for a family.
She inspired me with her strength and determination to keep on going and never lose hope.
Her beautiful babes,

and Felipe

are proof of that. 

It was a wonderful two days together.  Julia and her husband, Felipe, welcomed us into their home.
Introduced us to the best Chinese take-out ever.
And even shared a Taco Bell feast with us.

The guys meant business...

Hungry Zesty

Hungry Felipe

I'm so thankful that -  

*Our two days together went by slowly.
*I've made connections with such beautiful people.
*We could just totally be ourselves together and have fun and be goofy.  And send hilarious texts through the bedroom wall.
*Julia didn't get mad at me when I started dry heaving on her in the kitchen.

*I know this girl...

The two cutest guys in the house.  Sorry, Steve and Felipe.

I was talking about the size of a vitamin container.  I swear.

Steve, about to stuff Latte in his pocket.

I cried instantly at this pretty and thoughtful handmade gift from Julia.

That's Beano in there!

Precious munchkins. <3

I'm so thankful for the chances I've taken along the way.
They've led me to amazing places.
They've led me
to amazing friends.

I love you, Julia. <3
(And Chloe and Felipe and Felipe and Latte!)


Steve and I loved our time in Boston.
It was relaxing, romantic and full of charm.

We had an awesome view from our hotel room.
I admit, I could have slept the day away.
But luckily, I got a second wind just when I needed it.

So, we walked.
And took in the gorgeous day.

And later, after a snooze and shower...
an evening stroll for some grub and sugar.

Steve was kind enough to tell me I had a little bit of spinach in my teeth.

I want this every single night.

It was a trip we will always remember. <3


Time to close this laptop and get to bed.

Here's a picture from last Thursday's appointment.
 8 and a half weeks and growing strong!

Good night, friends.
Thank you for your amazing support.  <3

Tired, Kinda Pukey but Thankful Lovin',

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