Thursday, July 31, 2014


Good morning!
Happy last day of July!
Well, I certainly never expected myself to be including a song sung by Grover and Dave Matthews in one of my posts.  But, it's been on repeat around here lately.
Steve and I have been singing it all week, and Piper has let out at least 592 grunts in just the past few days - letting us know that the song is over, and that we need to press the magical "play" button again.
That girl loves her some music.  And it makes us so happy.

Sunday night, after getting Piper to bed, Steve and I went down to the toy-covered living room, where we threw noisy gadgets in small bins and stuffed animals in bigger bins.  Steve hummed this song to himself and told me much he loved singing it to Piper.  "I know," I said, with tears in my eyes - "I heard you singing it to her earlier."  Earlier that night, Steve gave Piper a bath, while I was putting away her laundry.  I hung her tiny dresses, and tucked her fresh clothes into drawers while I listened to the fun the two of them were having across the hall. 
In that moment, I felt the love the two of them share run right through me. 

It's crazy, how the quickest, smallest of moments can just hit you so big.

Sunday, we had nowhere to be, but together.
Pips woke up, Steve went to get her, and we snuggled in bed until coffee and breakfast called our names.

Breakfast looks good on ya, girlfriend!

I watched as Steve and Piper sang together, after breakfast. 

That's Dolly's blanket on Steve's head.

Pips moved up to size 4 recently.  Her feet are small and chubby - like little fluffy squares.
She was tryin' with all her might to squeeze her piggies into her size 3s.

We headed to Target that night.  Piper had her first cake pop.  It was a hit, of course.  She even gave me a bite.  I had never tried one before.  I see what all the fuss is about.  I wanted another half dozen.


She's feedin' Grover some "baba." 
Like I on repeat.

Steve cooked us dinner.  

And I bought dessert.

Hello!  Good morning, Monday.

We got dressed and headed to Dee Dee's.  We had plans to do some thrift shopping.
I decided I'd put our plans on hold for a bit and earn myself the Jackass of the Day Award.
We pulled up to Deeds', I took the keys out of the ignition, Piper said "Beep!  Beep!" - which then led me to give her the keys (like a jackass).  Hey, I thought it was cute! 
I got out of the car, and right before I made it to Piper, she pressed the lock button.  She was locked in, and Mommy was locked out.  I always imagined this happening. 
I always pictured myself freaking out, screaming, sweating and ripping the car door off, Hulkamania style.
Instead, I ran to Deeds' door and screamed "Mom!" and told her why my car was beeping 5,238 in a row.  Piper loves to push that lock button.  Deeds was more frantic than her jackass daughter, but I told her to go inside.  She actually listened.  If Pips caught a glance of Dee Dee, she'd want out instantly.  Once I realized that Pips wasn't going to press the unlock button, and once she gave me the biggest smirk as she dropped the keys she was dangling on the side of her car seat...I called Steve.
It wasn't a very hot day, and I knew the car was cooled off from being in our garage overnight, thankfully.  I didn't have the instinct to call the police.  So, Daddy got the call!
"Maria locked Piper in the car!  I'll be back!" was all I heard, and then a click.
Piper was still looking at me through the window, like "Uhh, Mom, are you gonna open the door, or what?!"
So, I busted out my phone and played "Let It Go" on repeat. Piper danced a few times, and I admit I was laughing at her. (See photo below, that Deeds snuck)  I won't say how many "Let It Go's" it should have taken Steve to come to our rescue, but let's just say, I barely got through three of them.  I saw his SUV coming up Dee Dee's street and immediately, I heard the car unlock.  He didn't even stop.  I got Pips out of her seat and hugged her so tight and apologized.  Neither of us cried through the whole thing.  We both get an award for that, I think.

So, finally, for that thrift shopping.
Pips enjoyed some Sesame Street tunes on Deeds' phone.
And we enjoyed our dollar bargains.

And then we went for some froyo.  We all needed it after our crazy afternoon.
Pips, especially (see right photo).

Mama Pippy

Headstands before bed

Good morning, Tuesday!

Mommy's little helper

We had tons of fun at music time at the library.
Piper loved the shaky eggs!
The music didn't stop...
After more thrift shoppin', Deeds, Piper and I went to lunch.
Piper danced to the songs playing, and entertained us, and everyone else at the diner.
The grilled cheese and applesauce were a hit!

I found the kitty cat keyboard I've been eyein' up for years at Target, for five bucks.
Piper played me a few tunes on it last night.
And not just with her hands.

She's learning more and more each day.
And so are we.

Daddy and daughter Snoot of the Day!

Good morning, Wednesday!
Dee Dee taught Piper to throw her diaper in the trash. 
Piper loves doing it so much, that this morning, as soon as I took it off her, she tried to grab it before I had a new diaper on her.
(Note - Piper especially loves throwing out her diaper at Dee Dee's, because she's rewarded with a half gallon of ice cream and a tub of chocolate pudding!)

"Did someone say chocolate pudding?"

We had a play date at Aunt Kim's.
We know these two are going to be girlfriends for years to come!

After Pippy's nap, we hung out on the deck. 
Piper gives me massages.  They're awesome.  And they may be better than the ones her Daddy gives me.  (Actually, come to think of it, I can't remember the last one he gave me.)  Yes, they're definitely better than her Daddy's.  ;)

Pippy tippy toes.
I was filling up her water table and the mist created a rainbow right above her.
I love this picture.

Piper loves dishing out treats, almost as much as she loves getting her own treats.
And yes, she's eaten a cat treat (or two).

Daddy worked later last night, so we went to visit him.

We spent the night together and ran some errands afterwards.

So, back to that song.
 And, feelings...

When I look at the pictures above, and remember these past few days,
I feel happy.  I of course, feel blessed.
I feel so much love for my family and friends.

I feel so grateful to have Steve in my life.
(He's snoring beside me right now.
You'd think with the dentist just creating a new "snore retainer" for him, that he'd have it in.  But no, he doesn't.  I'm too lazy to get out of bed.  And even more lazy to try and get him to wake up.)

Father's Day, last month, was a good one.

And I mean that.

A lot of people asked me if it was a really hard day for me, with it being my first without my father.

My answer - It was a sweet day.

I miss my father terribly.  I miss him so much.  I think about him every single day and night.  I talk to him.  I talk to Steve about him.  And sometimes, I just pray and think about the ultimate peace he's in, and smile.
The truth is, I miss my dad every day.  Whether Father's Day, July 28, Labor Day, October 14, February 3...
It really doesn't matter the date.  They're all the same. 
So, on Father's Day, I woke up and prayed. 

On Father's Day, I woke up thankful. 
  My husband is finally living one of his dreams.  He is a father.
And such an amazing one.

One post is not enough to let out all the feelings that flow through me when I think about Steve, and what an incredible Daddy he is to Piper.

These eight tiny pictures spark eight-hundred different emotions inside me.

After having a lazy morning on Father's Day, Piper surprised him with a gift bag filled with a little surprise.  When we went to visit him at work last night, we saw the front of the bag taped next to his computer.

We put a flyer for Sears Hardware in the bag and told him we were takin' him to pick out a tool chest.
He'd been hinting he wanted one for months.
So, while Daddy got cleaned up, Pips and I go fancied up in our best cat-tastic attire.

Aunt J gave this outfit, and handmade headband to Pippy for Christmas, and I couldn't wait to dress Pips up in it!  I knew Steve would turn to mush when he saw her in it.
And mush, he was.  We both were.

Pippy Robot-o

"This is the one, Daddy!!"
Piper loved running free through the store, while Steve checked out the manly stuff.

After Sears, Daddy decided he needed a haircut. 
He got right in for a cut, and Pips and I kept him company.
The stylist asked him if she could give him a fun style for Father's Day.  And then she asked me.
I laughed and said, "Of course!"
I loved it.
Okay, I hated it.  And I laughed (after we left).  She said she was going for a "Mad Men" look.
I thought it was more "Nerd Man," but it was cute and we had a good laugh.
Especially, when we got to the froyo joint.
As you can see, Piper loves Froyo Day Father's Day!

#pippyvid Part 1

#pippyvid  Part 2

After enough frozen yogurt to last us until next week, we headed home and relaxed.
We ordered wings and pizza for dessert, and Deeds came over to join us.

A day with Daddy, froyo and Deeds?!  She was full of joy!  What more could she ask for?

And I guess that's kinda how I've been feeling lately.


(Just like Grover and Dave)

"I need a word so I can say what I'm feelin' today.  I need a word so I can say how I feel.  I need a word that will say what I'm meaning to say, and tell you the way that I'm feeling."

I've had my share of of hard times this past year...well, these past years.
We all have.
And NO, all days aren't always sunshine and dancing teddy bears.
But, as each day passes, I find myself feeling more and more


Some days and nights can be trying.
But no matter what, all days and nights are filled with love.

And that makes me feel so

These two make me feel so alive.

Father's Day 2013

Father's Day 2014

Summer '13

A picture Steve sent me the other night

I hope the last day of July leaves you feeling blessed.

Feelin' the love,

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