Saturday, February 2, 2013

All For You - A Letter (And Special Day) For Baby Girl

"All For You" - Keith Urban

Dear baby girl,
Happy February.  Your mama loves this month - the sentimental memories it holds - the way winter truly embraces itself - the extra chilly air that makes for the perfect excuse to hibernate inside more often. Your due date is next month.  I'm trying to wrap my mind around that fact.  When I tell myself you're due March 24th, it still seems somewhat far away.  But when I realize you're considered full-term in just a little more than four weeks, my heart dances, I get butterflies and my imagination runs even wilder.

I woke up this morning to your twists and turns.  Sometimes it feels as if you're tap dancing on my sides.  As you're growing (and your mama's growing), this irreplaceable connection I have with you - it grows.  Your daddy and I are not just seeing your kicks, but watching your body move in a way that makes my whole belly shake.  You should see the way your daddy's eyes light up in these moments.  He truly is mesmerized.   
Last night, after one of my many potty breaks, I returned to bed to your daddy snoring like a rhino.  You were either just as annoyed as I was, or you wanted mommy to be a little kinder to him.  Whenever I screamed softly whispered "Steve, shut up, PLEASE!" and added a big little back kick to his shins, you would begin kicking me like crazy.  I have a feeling you wanted mommy to shut up.

He treated us to breakfast in bed this morning.  Decaf and wheat toast with peanut butter (a slice for you and a slice for me - with a heart carved in the middle of each slice - yeah, he's laying it on thick - that must have been for the snores last night).
I'm still in bed.  It feels glorious.  Your mama has been very busy. 
 Today, your daddy and I have lots of plans - more decorating in your nursery, more organizing and tidying up.  But before we start, I requested some quiet time.  Just me, you, my laptop and music.  Oh, and Muffin.  She's stretched out in her "Superkitten" position beside us, sound asleep.

Today, I want to tell you about a very special day - last Sunday.
Your daddy, me and forty beautiful people gathered that afternoon to celebrate you.
I've dreamt about that day for a very long time.  And last weekend, it became a reality.  It was surreal at its best.  It was emotional and joyful.  It was heartwarming and adrenaline-filled.
It was beautiful.

I couldn't wait to start planning.  And trust me, your mama is not usually the type to get giddy about planning a big event.  I was never big on running from craft store to craft store and brain storming creative ideas.  I'm not the swiftest with a glue gun and scissors.  I am a clutz and a tad careless when it comes to crafting. But this time was different.  I wanted nothing more than to make this day special and give it my all.  I wanted to pour all my love into this day.
I wanted to do it all...
for you.

"You changed my life.  You changed my ways.  I don't even recognize myself these days.  It must be a reflection of you.  Only you." 

I went out one Friday afternoon in December and picked up the pieces for the invitations. 
And by that Saturday night very early morning, they were complete.
(Note - your daddy cuts a straight line about as horribly as your mommy,
but he was a big help with stamping.)

"Every Day Is A Country Song" - After our incredible journey to you,
how could I not go with a western theme?!

Many nights, your mama would stay up late - the living room floor hiding under bags from Dollar Tree and Michaels.  With "Friends" and "The Golden Girls" to keep me company.

And of course, the kitties didn't miss a thing.
We had fun together.

*adorable iron-ons from Etsy

It's going to be so sweet to see you in these in a few months.

I finally put my chalkboard paint to good use.

Last Saturday, your Aunt Jessica and Uncle Ed met with your daddy and I to help set up for the big day.  Let me tell you, Aunt Jessica is a genius when it comes to making things pretty.

Uncle Ed and Daddy did a little ironing and ribbon tying.
But, you'll have to forgive them, they had important business to take care of.  Like, rooting through the sixty-five million baseball cards they ordered the weekend before.
 And sipping on stale beer.

It was wonderful walking into that giant room all set up the next day.
Such a rush.
Such a happy day.

Your daddy brightened up lots of  boring $1 frames with a can of red spray paint.

Target dollar bin duckies took a swim in the lemonade.

Your Aunt Kelly made fabulous barbeque pulled pork
and barbeque pulled chicken. 

Aunt Jen made twenty pounds of her awesome potatoes.

Your daddy made cornbread and mistook two-thirds cups for one and two-thirds cups of milk (for 6 loaves worth) at 12:07 in the morning.  He ran back out to the grocery store immediately when your mama pointed out, that for once, she was right (when it comes to anything in the kitchen).

Everything was so good.  So good, your mommy was scared we'd run out of food.
But there was plenty to go around.  Enough for seconds.  And enough for me to pack your daddy the leftovers for lunch this past week.

Ahh, the dessert table - a favorite of mine.

Your Aunt Jessica had the super neat idea to turn cowboy boots into a couple of vases.
I called your Poppa up and asked him to wrangle up and dust off his old cowboy boots.
I've always loved them.  And now, after trying them on, I want to borrow steal them.  They're just a bit big, but I can make em' work. ;)

I almost cried when I saw your cake.  It was perfect. 
And there's still quite a bit frozen in our downstairs fridge.
Maybe you'll get a taste later this year.

Aunt Jessica made corn on the cob cupcakes.  Seriously, how cute are they!?  Popcorn jelly beans and melted lemon Starbursts make them look so real.

Dee Dee made her famous tandy cakes and magic bars.  Magic bars are one of my (and now your) favorites.  We ate a lot of them this past Christmas. 

<3 Sunday, January 27th 2013 was one sweet day. <3

Your daddy and I have talked about it all week - recalling touching moments, funny times and all the love that poured over us and you that day.
Baby girl, I know I say it often, but I'll say it again and again...
You are so loved.
So very, very loved.

Just see for yourself...

*Thanks to Aunt Jen for snapping away and capturing the day.*

32 weeks exactly - what a celebration!

I sat down in the huge mama chair with your daddy right next to me.

Aunt Kelly wanted a photo with Santa mama.  We recreated the famous "baby crying while meeting Santa for the first time photos" you see all over facebook during the holidays.

love it!

Dee Dee (Cowgrandma) came perfectly dressed for the occasion. <3

Aunt Jessica passed us present upon present and Aunt Kelly made sure to photograph all the sweet moments that followed.

Not even a couple minutes passed, and I was already feeling the lump in my throat start to swell.  It was all hitting me in a new kind of way.  Sitting there beside your daddy, looking out into a room filled with the most important people in our lives - people who stood by your daddy and I every step of the way on our journey to you, these past 3+ years.  People who you're gonna love just as much as they love you.
Beautiful, generous, thoughtful, unbelievably remarkable people, who your daddy and I are so grateful for each and every day.

Baby girl, your daddy, me and you...
We were all showered with so much love.

So much crazy love.

I could go on and on about all the amazing gifts your daddy and I received for you.  Many will be making an appearance in future posts and in the nursery reveal post in a couple weeks.  I could write pages upon pages of thanks on the overwhelming thought and love that came with every single present we opened.
Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.
It's all we can keep saying.

The tears fell with Poppa.

Daddy couldn't hold his back either.

Cowgirl Kitty and "the richest Hello Kitty ever" (as your daddy put it) from your Aunt Karen.
Before I even got to the shower, I was bawling in the car at her sweet card and gift.

We left that night with all kinds of bursting emotion (and new names given to us by Aunt Jessica)...
 "Brokeass Magic Mike" and "Pregnant Queen of Hearts"
Her gift decor always makes for great accessories and photo ops. 

 Our living room, the next couple days, served as a perfect reminder of all the beauty Sunday held.

We love you, baby girl.

"Some might call it insanity
But without a doubt, for the rest of our lives,
We're gonna be crazy.  Baby crazy for you...

All for you.
We're all for you."


Happy weekend, everyone.

Crazy Love Lovin',


Rian Eidson said...

What an amazing day for your sweet baby girl! I cried as you and Steve were shedding tears. You are almost there, Maria. All of your dreams are coming true and I am so happy for you!!! You are always on my mind!

PS. You are killing me by not revealing her name!!!!! Lol.

Lots of love to you and baby beano marino. ;)


ErinMSW said...

What a speciall day for all of you! It looks truly beautiful!

mail4rosey said...

Everything looks really great, and you look INCREDIBLE! I'm glad it was a wonderful event.

Judy Haughton-James said...

What a wonderful celebration you all had Maria! I love everything. The pictures are so-o-o beautiful. A very touching letter to your baby. The days are moving so quickly! Imagine Beano will arrive next month. You must be so excited! I am very happy for you. Have a wonderful weekend and as always Lots of Love, Friendship and Best Wishes to you, Steve and Beano.

Rebecca said...

Looks like a great party!!! LOVE your outfit too, as always. So jealous for all the Hello Kitty!!!!!! I can't believe Baby M will be here next month. You are so close!!!! It could be any day now!!!!!!!!!!

lovejoy_31 said...

LOVE!!!! Everything was so perfect for you and baby girl.....

JP said...

What a beautiful celebration for your baby girl! You are amazing and the invitations were too cute!
It seems surreal that she is due next month. Love you bunches! Have a great Sunday!

Kara and Mary said...

Wow!! What an absolutely amazing celebration for you all. I had tears in my eyes as I looked at all the pure joy in your eyes in your awesome pictures. It is getting close!!! BTW ... The ducks in the lemonade is priceless!!

Olivia {i am still learning} said...

I can't stop smiling.

This post is bursting at the steams with love. I am happy for you, for Steve... for baby girl :)

You are so blessed Maria!!!

And the photo of you crying then Steve... made me cry too! haha... I always tell people they can't cry because they'll make me cry ;)

Hope you are having an amazing weekend friend!

Olivia {i am still learning} said...

Ps. You are GLOWING! You are such a beautiful pregnant mama :) And I loved the striped outfit!

Kiara Buechler said...

That looks like the coolest baby shower I've ever seen!

Ashley said...

You are most definitely glowing and look so happy and beautiful! It really is an insane, all consuming love that we feel for our children almost instantly as soon as we see those two pink lines. I am so excited for you for the weeks to come and I can not believe that it isn't too far away now!!

Lora said...

Dang it, Maria.. I was fine until the picture of you and your dad. And the huge Hello Kitty doll.
What an incredible day! I love the decorations, how creative! I think we should make you an honorary Bama chick :) I will send you the application..
I am so happy for you. There just aren't adequate is wonderful to see that your sweet little girl and her sweet Mommy and Daddy are being celebrated. We were all there in spirit, celebrating with you!!
(If I had been there in person, there may have been a skermish over the Hello Kitty doll.)

Kari said...

You had me until the picture of you and your dad...then my preggo hormonal self lost it. :) I had to show it to J who got a little teary eyed himself. Baby Girl M is such a loved little sweetheart already!!


Jo Lane said...

Hello! I am your newest follower from the blog hop. Hope you follow back :)

Irish Carter said...

I truly hope you know how many many many people you inspire. I have a paid gig for you and Steve next year if you like...LOL I will tell later my dear friend. Loved this so much. Darn made me cry AGAIN! I just want to hug you Maria. Many blessings. It so amazing how you touch the world.

Love and hugs.


Brittany said...

Oh my GOSH Maria!! Where to even begin?! This post is full of so much love and creativity and, well, LOVE. It's amazing! All the details that went into the party I'm blown away by...the little onesies are precious! And the flowers in the boots...being from Tejas you know I love that :). The frames spraypainted is such a great idea! And the invitations...I can't believe you MADE those! They are absolutely adorable. What a special, special day. I'm glad you got so many pictures because Baby Girl is going to look back someday and cry just knowing all of that was done in her honor. SO, SO special. Oh and the corn cupcakes- ADORBS :)

p.s. you in that blue dress...what a knockout! You totally rock the baby bump, beautiful Maria!

Maria said...

You look stunning! What a cute party and all the little decorations were just perfect!

So hard to believe that she will be making her grand entrance in as little as 4 weeks! I can't wait!

I think that this summer will be an ideal time for me to have a little adventure and come and meet you and your little girl!!

waitingforarainbow said...

I'm crying!!!!! Oh my gosh! Maria, your day finally came! I'm so over joyed for you, Steve, and your family, and friends. It's such a good feeling to see you standing at your very own baby shower (looking fabulous) with Steve, and that beautiful bump. Something I truly hoped I'd see the day I started following you. Ahhhh!
And what a cute baby shower it was! Of course you would do a western theme! Brilliant! I loved every little detail, from the corn on the cob cupcakes, to the cowbot boot vases. The food looked delicious too!
I gotta say, I love the Hello Kitties! I might be a fan of her;) I know baby girl will love them too.
Oh gosh... and the ONESIES! Too much. Seriously. Too much adorableness to handle.
Haha agghh I'm getting all emotional over this right now . I can only imagine what it will be like to see the pictures of you and Steve holding her for the first time:'). I can't believe how close that day is.
Speaking of Steve... the magic mike thing was hilarious! As well as you kicking him while he snored, and baby kicking you to be quiet hahaha. Tooo funny.
Thinking of you & hoping you have a fantastic week. Can't wait to see that nursery!

Ashley at flats to flip flops said...

Awww..that is the cutest shower I have ever seen! I can't believe you are so close! That baby is one lucky girl!

Heather said...

What am amazing day!!! You did such a great job with all the details and I LOVE the theme.

4 weeks from full term? CRAZINESS, but so incredibly thrilled for you. Continued love and prayers!!!

Jamie said...

You look amazing! You are getting so close.

Anonymous said...


I am so happy for you guys!!!! The months have past as I have been reading your amazing heartfelt story. I loved your shower, I am obsessed with theme parties. My bridal shower was Golden Girls theme because I have loved them for years. I freaked out when I read in this post that you were watching them too! Again, I couldn't be happier for you guys! I can't wait to see the nursery!

Jess @ said...

What a stupendously perfect day! I loved all your decor!

Faith said...

Omg. Tears welled in my eyes when I saw you and Steve tearing up. Such an amazing shower! The details and thought that went into it, wow!

You have wonderful people in your life too! Baby girl is blessed already! :)

Miki said...

What a wonderful shower, Maria! It's so neat to see how loved your baby girl already is! I totally teared up when I saw the photo of you and Steve tearing up. Baby girl is really lucky to have you guys as parents and to have so many loving aunts and uncles! ;D

I can't believe you'll meet her in a month, woohoo!!!! ;D

Tight hugs!

Whitney said...

You look so gorgeous in the red lipstick! Hot mama! How funny about Steve snoring when you got back into bed! I'm sure Baby Marino was on your side and wanted him to stop snoring so y'all could get some sleep ; ). Oh my goodness, I can't even begin to tell you how adorable your shower decorations were! You did a great job! I love the chalkboard paint on the jars and the labels for everything, so creative. And what a great idea using the boots as vases! Ahh SO cute! It looks like you guys got some great stuff that will definitely come in handy once baby girl gets here! I can tell she is going to be the most loved baby in the world by so many people!

Anonymous said...

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Angela said...

Ahhhhhhh! how absolutely adorable was your baby shower??!! what a perfect theme! You are super crafty mama! I love each and every little detail...from th onsies to the use of chalkboard cake to that amazing cake! gosh Maria I can't believe you are due so soon!enjoy thses last few moments of her being snug in your belly. you'll miss it more than you know. love ya girl!

Angela said...

That would be chalkboard paint and sorry for all the typos..

wilson tom said...

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Kerry said...

Oh wow I have goosebumps just from reading this post because the love you guys and all of your friends and family have for this baby is absolutely amazing and wonderful and she is so blessed to have you guys as her parents!!! I wish every child could experience this love and happiness and know how much they are wanted...What a great day you all had, so many beautiful gifts, lots of love and memories, laughter and tears!!! You guys are lucky to have so many awesome friends and no one deserves all of that and more, more than you and Steve...So congrats to you for getting this far, and Happy Baby Shower!!! (Love your outfit!!)xoxoxoxo

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