Saturday, April 12, 2014

You Are So Beautiful

Good morning.  I'm on my third cup of coffee, Piper is napping, 
and Steve is out picking up balloons for a very special day.  Today is Piper's birthday party.  Twelve days after her real birthday, but man, are we thankful we picked the date we did.  I remember saying "Is it weird to have her party almost two weeks after her real birthday?"...
And now, here we are...April 12, 2014.  And it's not weird one bit.  It's a damn good date.  And a damn good thing we didn't have it the weekend closest to her birthday.  

To the left of me, sits a pretty little mess of cards - both "Happy Birthday" and "Sympathy"...
And I find beauty in that.  

Two weeks ago, we said goodbye to my dad.  We celebrated his life and our love for him.
And today, we say hello to year one for Piper.  We celebrate her life and our love for her.

Well, I'm crying again. I cried when I picked up and laid eyes on Piper's birthday cake(s) this morning.  I cried when I drove past a work truck from my dad's old company.  
And now, I'm crying just happy, grateful, king kong emotional Maria tears.

I could go on and on about all of the events that have taken place these past few weeks.  And I definitely will be taking time to sit, write and remember over this next month, but today...

Today is for Piper.  
And really...for all of the amazing people who have shown my family and my daughter a love so pure and sweet.

Thank you all so incredibly much for the thoughts, the prayers, and the love.


I took these photos when Piper turned eleven months, and used them for her birthday party invites.
GiGi took us to Longwood Gardens for the day.  It's funny, because I used to call Longwood Gardens "Brokeass Gardens"...I didn't appreciate all it had to offer.
Piper has taught me so much this past year.  She helps me see the beauty in everything.  
And that day...well, it was far from brokeass.
When I watched my baby girl stare at the colorful flowers, wave and smile at strangers passing by, and squeal with delight (and gulp the water) at the fountains...I felt overcome with such emotion.

Oh, how we love her.

Piper Grace, when you look in the mirror, I hope you always see that beautiful, spunky, funny, bright  girl that I see when I look at you.
I love you.  Happy Birthday Party Day! <3

Have a wonderful day, everyone.
Celebrate Life.

Tons and Tons of Love,

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