Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, it's late.
 Tonight, I sit here
with a belly full of our fancy dinner from Wendy's.
And a heart full of so much love and thanks.

Tonight, before heading to the kitchen 
to pull what will probably be an almost all-nighter,
I'm taking a few moments to take a breather and give thanks.
(Don't worry, I'm not cookin' the bird.  
That would not be somethin' to be thankful for!)

 I'm thankful for time to reflect 
and for time, itself.

 I'm grateful to know what a gift time can be.

Almost ten months ago, Steve and I stood in this park, along this fence,
eagerly anticipating the arrival of our daughter.
Smiling and bursting with excitement as our friend, Kelly, snapped photos of us.

And a few weeks ago, Kelly took our photos again, 
as we stood there holding our sweet baby girl.

A family of two, to a family of three.

A baby in my belly...

to that very same baby playing with crunchy, autumn leaves 

Yes,'s a beautiful thing.
Sometimes, I wish there was more of it in a day.
But I learn more and more, just how precious every single minute is.
You've got to take a strong hold onto each and every second.

Because a second like this...can just stop time.

Tonight, I just wanna get lost for a couple more minutes...
stare at these "reminders" and let the tears fall.
Tomorrow is our daughter's first Thanksgiving.

And for that,
we are ever so grateful.

*Thank you again, so incredibly much, Kelly!


I've used this song before.
It's a good match to the way I feel when I look at these photos.

"When You Say Nothing At All" - Alison Krauss


Piper's ensemble incorporated special pieces given to her by many of the amazing ladies in her life.
Piper's coat - from Aunt Jessica (and the beautiful embroidery was done by her, too!)
Dress - from Dee Dee
Tights - from Aunt Jen 
Headband - from (and made by) Aunt Aleisha 
Boots - from GiGi

*hair clip - Logs 'n Lace

(When Daddy went to hunt for Pippy's lost boot... 
He found it!)

Thank you for all the love and blessings.
And wishing you all a day full of love and blessings.

<3 Happy Thanksgiving <3

Thanksgiving Day Lovin',

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Good afternoon.  Happy middle of November.  Really?!  Just two weeks left of this month?!  Crazy!
Piper's taking her first nap of the day.  Little Miss just got her flu shot.  She was a champ.  Cried for 3 seconds and then went back to playing with the paper on the exam table.  The nurse commented that Piper had the perfect thighs for flu shots.  The extra chub makes it hurt less.  The nurse also commented that her husband wanted to name their daughter "Piper" thirty-one years ago.  She said, "But I wouldn't let him!" 
 So basically, what you're saying, lady, is that you just love her name.  

It has been a rough past two days.  Thursday night, I called Steve at work telling him I was feeling off, dizzy and kinda nauseous.  By the time he came home, I was feeling weak and just plain rotten.  It wasn't long before I realized it was a stomach bug.  I lived in the bathroom for the rest of the night.   I know you should never say "I never get sick!" because...well, then, you totally get sick.
But, I never get sick.
So, I was a little alarmed at just how sick I was.  I kept saying to Steve, "It kinda feels like how I felt during my first trimester, but worse!"  I knew I wasn't pregnant, but it brought back memories.
I was a complete baby about it.  And I can't stand when Steve people are babies about being sick.
It was a long night.  Piper woke up a few times (yay, for only a few times and not ten or fourteen) and thankfully, went back down pretty quickly.  Steve stood close by as I nursed her, so I wouldn't end up puking on Piper.  Not fun.  By early morning, Steve joined the fun not fun and was super sick.
And, it turned out, Dee Dee had the bug too.  Yikes.

Aunt Kelly, so kindly took Piper for a few hours yesterday morning.  I was being stubborn at first, but knew it would be good for Pips (and for Mommy and Daddy).  Aunt Kelly was so excited to spend her morning with Piper and Daxon.  She sent these sweet pictures and let me know that the babes were having fun and that Piper had no trouble scarfing down her breakfast.
Thanks so much, again, Aunt Kelly!!

Today, I'm feeling like a brand new woman.  Okay, I wouldn't go that far.  But I feel so much better than Thursday and yesterday.  And so does Daddy.
  I have been praying that Piper doesn't catch it.  
So far, so good.

And now, some...


A few...okay, more than a few October and November memories...

Steve and I had a date night in mid-October.  Dee Dee watched Piper for a few hours one Saturday night.  As you can see, Pips was all smiles when she realized who she was hangin' with that night.

We went out for sushi.  I crave it all the time.
Steve ordered oysters.  I tried one for my second time ever.  It was decent, because I smothered it in hot sauce.  But, I don't see what all the fuss is about.  They're like eyeball-boogies. 

Dee Dee sent us a few photos of Pips.
She sent us a few "gems" that I'm holding off on posting...let's just say she dressed Piper up
as one of my favorite country stars.  There was a blond wig and two tennis balls involved.
Possible Halloween costume one year?!

I love that the neighbor's cat decided to join in on the picture!

Killing time at the dollar store while we wait for Mommy's number to be called at the DMV.

Moonchie loves teething on everything and anything...her horsey-in-a-box, her rubber duckies, blankets, Daddy's head...

A walk in the park with my babe.  Crunchy and colorful leaves were everywhere.  
It was so peaceful.

Daxon and Aunt Kelly came over for breakfast.  

Oh, the flirtin'...

Daxon - "Hey girl, I know you've got lotsa boyfriends, but whaddya say...two extra large milkshakes, tonight at 7, me, you...I promise ya, I'm your man, Piper!"

Piper - "You had me at extra large milkshakes!"

I love how perfectly the wreath is placed in this picture.  Piper's rockin' an awesome fruit 'n feather mohawk!

She loves mealtime.  LOVES IT!
See for yourself...

Aunt Jessica popped in just in time to watch the amazing-ness that is Piper eating her breakfast.

Aunt J treated me to brunch and a pedicure, as we celebrated my birthday.
Us ladies like to do our celebratin' a little late these days.  It kinda makes it more fun...extends the festivities!
Daddy kept the pics coming...

Aunt J's gift wrapping is artwork.  Too pretty to open.
But I did open them.

And her handmade cards.  I cry every year, without fail.

Piper's hair is now long enough to wear barrettes.  
I can't take it.  I scored a bag of these for two bucks.  I always wore these as a babe.

Visitin' Papa Bear.  We brought him some pictures.
This makes me cry. 

Dee Dee's doorstep always brings big smiles!

This was mega on sale at Babies R Us.  I wonder why.  
Heidi Klum...this is far from "truly scrumptious"...though, it's totally yeti-licious.
And we all know how much I love yetis.

This girl...she waves at everything.  I'll have more on that in her (what is now going to be) a six and seven month combined post.

A couple weeks ago, we celebrated Aunt Jen's big day.  
She's due in a few months and we are so, so excited to meet her little one.

She revealed the gender at her shower.
A baby boy!!
I never guess right!
We are thrilled for her and Uncle Sean.
And Piper can't wait to meet another new boyfriend!

Cousin Ashley came to visit.  Piper wore the super cute kitty pjs Ashley gave me when I was pregnant last year.  They had lots of fun cuddling and playing.

The day after Jen's shower, I took some maternity photos for her and Sean.

Pips wasn't in the mood to look at the camera.


How neat is this night light from Dee Dee?!  I want one. 

Another Papa Bear visit.  Piper kept waving at him.  She brings such big smiles to my Dad's face.
I always have a lot going through my mind when we leave.
I nursed Piper in the backseat before we headed home.  She kept givin' me the sweetest faces and smiles.  Like she knew I need them.

She makes it all better - her Daddy and I say that sentence a lot. 

Target Pippins, I call her.
She loves ohhing and ahhing at everything along with Mommy.

We brought Deeds a cup of cheer.  Along with Pippy cheer.

Kaylee and Melissa came over for a playdate.
We played all afternoon and ate chicken, mac 'n cheese and (Piper's favorite) ice cream.

She made this bad boy go off about 4,387,388 times the night before.
Daddy and I should have just camped out in the hallway.
Mean teethies...she's got about eight.  Yes, eight.  Again, more on that in her future 6/7 month post.

Last Saturday night, we babysat Aiden overnight.

Ohmygoodness, beautiful baby boy.
Already holdin' hands.  Steve and I had to keep an eye on these two.

We were all ready for our slumber party, 
nice 'n comfy in our pjs.

Aiden rocked the pink swaddler and pink Rock 'n Play.  Hey, real men wear pink!
He slept by our bed.  I must have peeked at him 528 times.
Oh, it made me miss when Piper slept there.  
Aunt Vanessa told Piper she could only wake up twice that night.  Anddddd...
she did.  And Mr. Aiden only woke up twice too.
Piece - a - cake.

Pips was just fascinated with Aiden.

Last Sunday, we went to Kaylee's second birthday party at Gymboree! 
Piper was the youngest babe there, but that didn't stop her for shakin' (and eatin') a couple maracas.

Elmo came for a visit and handed out bags of goodies.

Piper didn't know what to make of Elmo.  Makes me wonder how she's going to react to Santa next month!

These were just a few of Piper's expressions while we sang Happy Birthday.  And, when she spotted the cupcakes. 

Fun with Deeds while visiting Papa Bear.

She loves watching Sesame Street music videos on the computer.

She's starting to show hints of crawling.  She gets on all fours, rocks back 'n forth a bit, gets excited and frustrated, and then rolls over.

Like I said...the waving.  It's hilarious.  And so sweet.  Almost every time we pass the photos of me and Steve (when I was pregnant with Piper), she waves at it and smiles.  

And well...I have no words.
I cry-laugh at these pictures.  You'd think she didn't like her dinner by the looks of these photos.
Nope.  She loved it.  She just wanted more.  Her food beard...amazing.

Tuesday, GiGi and I took Piper to "Makin' Music" at the library.
She loved it and was intrigued at all the other little babes.  The "music man" played her favorite jam "The Wheels on the Bus"...she was ecstatic.

Pips even got to meet another adorable boyfriend after the class. 

All that singin' and dancin' wore her out.

Talk to the hand, Mom!

"Dee Dee's Kitchen" we call it.  If we walk Piper into my mom's's over.  Food has to be served.  Piper spots her mesh feeder and watches as Deeds chops pear or banana.  She coos and "snoots" and howls for food.

I particularly love this photo from Wednesday night...
Mum-Mums stuck to her hand, feeder danglin' from her mouth, "Boy" bib...
she's a hot mess.

Creepy Mr. Nutcracker is Piper's bff.
She spots him on top of the hutch as soon as we walk into Deeds'.

Pips and I made pumpkin cookies.  The only problem...we had to postpone our afternoon baking until after dinner.  When Mommy went to get out a couple cookie sheets, she realized she jammed the oven drawer shut with too many pans last time she "organized" them.
Daddy came to the rescue when he came home from work.

Whew...I need a Diet Coke.

Okay, peeps, have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!!

Feelin' Better Lovin',

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