Friday, July 27, 2012


"Dreams" - Fleetwood Mac

About a half an hour ago, I was telling myself it was going to be a late night.  I thought I'd watch a cheesy movie and relax for a bit.  And now here I am, yawning every other minute.  Ready for bed.  Ready for a night of dreams.
I know pregnancy can cause wacky dreams. But lemme tell you, lately, I wake up
and I feel like a lunatic (or maybe just more of a lunatic).  I guess my mega elevated progesterone is the culprit.
Last week, I dreamt I was Drew Barrymore and on a hot date with Aaron Eckhart. (not complaining)
Last night, I dreamt I bought a ton of baby clothes and came home to find no clothes in my bags.
And instead, tons of lipstick and eyeshadow in very vibrant shades. (this might really happen someday)
I wake up most mornings and feel cloudy and somewhat delirious. 
But I kinda like it. 
Symptoms are good. They help keep my mind from wandering and worrying.

That is my goal this weekend - to not let worry interfere.  To keep positive. To not think about our ultrasound on Monday to the point of working myself up.
And to take a weekend with nothing to do and fill it with simple joys. 

The past few weeks have flown by.  I really don't know where July went.
 With filling in for my boss while he was away...being a cleaning machine this last half of the month has made me appreciate sleep more.
And with that,
I should say good night and head to dreamland.

Before I go...
 Tons of memories from the past week and a half.

Friday's sky

A night with Miss Gina <3
fun catching up
and talking about the past, present, and future.

A visit from my brother, Nicholas <3
(and his new ride)

Celebrating Kim's Birthday <3

over breakfast and a few cups of decaf.

Visiting my step-sister and her family <3
Aubrey was ready for some camera snapping. 
She even had a wardrobe change.

Taking my first paint class.<3
Along with my mom and Kelly.
It was so much fun to get lost in it for a few hours.

I called it - I knew my perfectionist mom would be the last lady at the table. :)

Afterwards, Jessica and I spent the night in the company of these two babes and their baby brother, while their mama and dad had a date night. <3

There were bubbles.

And swingin' and singin'.

And snoozin'.

They wanted inside Mimi's purse.
So, we played makeup.

Addison made me a true crazy cat lady.

And after some popcorn and pjs, it was...

And another dose of the K family. <3

I chowed down on Taco Bell for the first time in two months. 
(that's a VERY long time for me!)

Vania and I took a drive to downtown Lancaster. <3
She introduced me to a lot of awesome new places.

Horsies n' buggies were everywhere.

We found a quiet and cute cafe for a round of tarragon chicken salad sandwiches.

Bumped into a bunch of bedazzled and fun pianos.

Had toasted coconut ice cream at an adorable and bright spot.

Passed by lotsa pretty flowers.

I found earrings to match em' at a sweet vintage shop in town.


Good night and Happy Weekend, friends.
Thank you.  Always. <3

I'll be back next week with an update.  Hopefully (and faithfully)
with a lot to keep on smiling about. <3

Dreamy and Sleepy Lovin',
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