Saturday, June 30, 2012

Still Takin' It Easy...

Good Morning, friends.
Can you believe it's already the last day of June?

It's a lazy Saturday morning afternoon.  The air is cranked.  The Mr. is watching Toy Story 3 for the fifth time in a row, because he's a big old kid like that.  The kitties are spying out the window at the guy fixing his deck across the way, and I'm taking my last few sips of coffee before officially starting my day. (hey, that rhymes!)

Thursday night, it all hit me. 
It'd been a while since I had a nice cry (that's a whole 2-3 days for me).  I tossed and turned in bed for hours before I snuck out to the bathroom.  I waited until the mirrors turned foggy and the water was steaming and then I sat in the shower and just let the tears flow.  I wasn't really crying for any specific reason at all.  I just had to let it out.
  I needed to release the tension.

And on Friday morning, as Steve and I sat in the waiting room after my bloodwork and ultrasound, waiting to talk to our doctor,
I felt even more tension release.

For many reasons.
Including, high pitched laughter.  Great news.  And some peace of mind. 

Steve couldn't stop smirking when he took my picture in the exam room.  I kept asking if I had lipstick on my teeth (which I'm famous for) or if part of my tush was hanging out.
Nope.  His laughter was a result of my head shrinking and arm growing abilities.
We got new phones this week.  And Steve discovered its new and funny features.

Our ultrasound revealed 5...Yes, 5 eggs.  2 on my left and 3 on my right.  We're happy with that.  And our doctor is very pleased. It may sound like a ton, but I'm looking at it with an open mind.  I said to friends earlier in the week that I could see there being 5.  I had 5 once last year.  And we didn't get pregnant that time.  Granted, that was with Steve's sperm and not the donor's.  
And our last pregnancy with the donor came from 3 eggs.  So, 5 doesn't mega scare the crap out of us. 
Maybe it's also because I'm learning more and more that it isn't in my hands...and what will be,
will be.
We are glad we made that decision a couple weeks ago.

We are hopeful, very optimistic, and ready to see where this takes us.

We have another appointment tomorrow, bright n' early, for more bloodwork and an ultrasound.  And as of right now, there's a chance I will trigger tomorrow and have the IUI on Tuesday or Wednesday.
We shall see.
I'm grateful for feeling like we can still take it easy for a bit.

And a few pics from the waiting room....
Seriously, I can't stop laughing everytime I see this picture!
Isn't my husband a hottie?! He looks like an angry bird! LOL!

We must have snapped about 40 funny pictures in those few minutes.
I burst out into my hyena cackle as Steve snickered loudly. Our doctor walked by us and smiled big, as we heard him say to the nurse,
  "Today's a good day. Everyone is smiling and in a great mood."

I spent Wednesday with Vania.  She came to our neck of the woods
 and we began our day with french toast and blueberry pancakes smothered in syrup.

We took a pretty walk not far from home.

And lollygagged in the sun, taking photos, and picking wildflowers.

I have to give thanks and a few shout outs...
I was spoiled (and teary eyed) this week with heartwarming gifts from beautiful women.

Vania gave me this sweet and "totally me" charm with a card reminding me to
"keep on kickin' ass at all things challenging that come our way."

My dear friend, Kelly, sent me a gift card and beautiful note to pick out a camera bag for Mother's Day.
I am so excited to use it!! No more being bad and throwing "Cammy" in my purse wrapped in a scarf (and mayyybe sometimes not wrapped).

I had a little modeling session with Steve this morning. 
I need a shower.

I was so touched when I got the mail last night and found this pretty necklace from Ashley.
Ashley is one inspirational lady. 
And I will definitely keep on hopin'.

Thank you so much, ladies. <3

There's just half a day left of June.
Make it a good one, friends.

I'll be back next week with some emotions and updatin'.

End Of The Month Lovin',

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Take It Easy

"Take It Easy" - Travis Tritt

I'm resisting the urge to pull a mega vampire-y night.   And instead, giving some "sleepytime" tea a try. 
I thought earlier, when I inhaled this 65 pound burrito, that I'd have no trouble catching some z's.  I thought wrong. Still, I'm doing my best at taking it easy...
Because it's about to get a tad more serious and emotional (and possibly a bit crazy) in the coming weeks.

The days have been good to me...
Filled with laughter and the people I love.

Saturday, we took a little trip to Atlantic City for the day.  Months ago, Steve surprised me (okay, I kinda knew when I saw the charge to our checking account) with tickets to see comedian, Jim Gaffigan, at The Borgata. 
So, off we went, with our friends following close behind us.
I loaded up my purse with Target's finest dollar bin candy and my "lucky cat head" and got ready for a day of fun. 
The cackling and hilarious text exchanges with Jessica followed within the first half hour.  Our men were both driving.  And that, my friends, means entertainment.  Let's just say our guys can get a little fiesty behind the wheel.
Steve, or as I like to call him - "Road Rage Randy"
enjoyed putting some of his newly invented "phrases" to the test.  It was his lucky day.  "Triple R" didn't have any trouble finding subjects to let out his anger on.  There was the wacky lady on the bicycle in front of us at a red light...a woman too busy gabbing on her phone to go through green...and a sweet old couple driving slow as molasses.

Mini road trips are always fun...

I get to play the "Meow Meow Game."  For those of you who aren't familiar with it, basically, you meow your way through your favorite songs, and then your friends guess what song it is.  Sounds amazing, right?!  I invented it. (But I'm sure you guessed that already.)  Steve threatened to tape my mouth shut and throw me on the streets if I didn't stop singing meowing.  As did our friends
and their bleeding ears,
 when they came along with us for the ride over to the show.

Airheads and Mamba chews earned me some points.

Once we arrived, we went on a search for lunch.  Randy Steve spotted this ultra girly lounge that served $25 cheeseburgers and pink martinis.  Him and Ed put our name in.

And then, we turned around and left.
We found a more appropriate spot only a few steps ahead.

The boys talked sports.

And the girls talked. And talked. And talked.

Check out this teeny pickle.  It was on my sandwich.

Jessica and I love photo ops.
This was the perfect one.
Jessica's favorite picture.  Her response after seeing it -"UM, HIDEOUS!!!!"

I slid 5 bucks into what I thought was going to be my lucky slot machine.  With a name like "More Chilli" I thought I was destined to be a big winner. 
Nope. Nada. No mas 5 buckaroos.

We found an awesome throne to park our tushes on while we chatted and lost the rest of the crowd.
(yay! more photo ops!)

We found Ed waiting for us after our 30 minute throne break.

And then, we found ourselves at the beach bar.  Literally called, The Beach Bar.
Jessica and I sipped our diet cokes and did some serious people watching.

I want to crunch them.

And, the only stinkin' picture I got of the whole show.  They had a no photo policy, but I had to give my camera at least one sneaky snap. 

wow. it was so worth it! :/

He was hilarious!!  I don't think I stopped smiling or laughing the whole hour and a half.

A couple of my favorites...

The Mr. and I headed home after dinner with our friends.  Apologized to each other for the "high school fight" we had in The Borgata cafeteria.  Relaxed, with the much quieter nighttime road...
  And then, I smiled and laughed again while texting Jessica one more time...
As I had just caught Steve initiating the "Meow Meow Game" with Rhianna's "What's My Name"...

It was a good day. 


The weather has been gorgeous the past few days.  Sunny, breezy, and not so sticky icky. 
Days like these should come around more often.

I love walking and running with my mom.  It's been one of our summer routines for years.
Monday, we spent the afternoon at the track.
I taught her how to make a "doopee" - when you twist your hair into a messy, tight ball and secure it with an elastic.
And we rocked our headbands over our sweaty foreheads and snapped silly pictures.

We celebrated Monday night.

Happy Birthday to Kelly. <3

We rang in her 30 years over peanut butter bread pudding,
3 orders of parpadelle pasta in a pesto cream sauce,

and her sweet, sleepy, beautiful boy, 
He slept and held onto Jessica forever.  I had a precious view.

"Hey guys...just chillin' with the ladies."

Again - precious.

I love these chicas.
The celebrating isn't over.


Friday is fast approaching...our day 12 appointment.
 And I admit, part of me is pretending it's gonna be all easy and breezy. 
 But, I'm not afraid to let my feelings take over.  And, I'm sure they'll be in full effect very soon. 
I'm feeling super mega king kong activity on my right side.  I'm feeling ready...excited...full of emotions I can't deny.

But right now,
I'm takin' it easy.

Tip of the day - Cook ramen noodles (meal of champions) in a pot.  Not the microwave.  And if you do use the microwave,
at least remember to add water, will ya?!
I've officially lost my mind, people.

I'll see ya in a few days.
Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends. <3

Easy n' Breezy Lovin',
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