Monday, April 20, 2015

April Showers Bring July Sunshine Or Whatever

It's 11:30, and I'm sitting here with sweat crusting over me.  Yes, it's starting to crust-over.
 There's a vision for you.
About an hour ago, I did the T25 workout for the first time in almost a year.  Steve joined me.  
And it wasn't pretty.  (see picture 12 or 13 below).
One of my favorite hashtags on Instagram is #heartexploding, and let me tell heart was doing just that during the workout.  
I procrastinated, and didn't take a shower yet.  Hence the sweat crust.
And I decided to plop down for a bit and do some catching up here.

Piper says "Happy Monday!"

We woke up this morning, and lounged around for a bit before doing anything with our day.  It was rainy, dreary, and kinda chilly.

She is determined to get The Count out of the driver's seat on this bus from Dee Dee.  We tell her over and over again, he doesn't come out, but still, she tries every day.  So today, she threw another Count in there and kept taking him out.  LOL.

After getting somewhat presentable, we headed to Target.  Target is extra fun on damp and icky days.


Piper loves wagon rides around the block.  
She only stole sips of my coffee twice.

And she loves checking out the animals and people in the neighborhood.  She was saying "Hi" to anyone who walked by.  

"We are going to start cooking dinner more often, starting tomorrow!"
That's what I said to Steve last night.  And by "we," I meant that he could grill, and I would make the salad and sides.  He asked if I wanted to learn how to grill tonight.  And yes, he was sober.  
 One day at a time, Mr!
I didn't burn the house down when I made the potatoes, and I threw a salad together.  That's more than enough for today. 
Maybe next month. 

And here's Mr. Al Bundy, hangin' out, and keepin' it classy while DaDa grills up the chicken.  
She's such a lady.

Some #pipspiration

These Frozen bath fizzies from the Target dollar bins are pretty awesome.
I might steal some.

Not pretty.

So, now for the catching up...
Last in nine months ago.

Here are a trillion and two memories from
July 2014...

And just three thoughts...
She's so little. #heartexploding
I can't wait for summer.
I can't believe I just said that.
These memories and people make me so happy.
(Okay, that was four.)




Piper meets her idol.

#pippyvid #oneofourfavorites

#pippyvid #limbo


As Pippy would say, "Bye!! See you soon!"

Time for a shower.

Hope your Tuesday is just peachy! 

April (and July) Lovin',

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