Sunday, October 28, 2012


* a little ? and update at the end of the post...
I'm up late tonight.  There's a big storm brewin' around us.  It's hard to feel sleepy with the news blaring in the background.  Not to mention the sound of Steve inhaling 14 cheesy poofs every 20 seconds as he enthusiastically gives me minute-by-minute coverage of Hurricane Sandy.
We've got nowhere to be tomorrow but inside...
with lots of water, bread, peanut butter, cookies, chips, salsa and cheesy poofs - a human-sized bag of cheesy poofs.
Muffin's been pacing.  She's ready to see what this storm is made of.
The past week has flown by.  Really, this whole month has.  And as October comes to an end, I look back on it and smile - a giant, joyful smile...just like Chloe's. 
I babysat Chloe and Addison for a bit on Monday.  Chloe's memory amazes me.  She remembers everything...even the phone game she and her sister played last time they saw me.
I couldn't resist letting her play a few rounds.  She asked so adorably - "Mimi?!  Phone!  Al-EE-ga-toe phone!"
We played legos.
Made funny faces.
She's got some awesome ones!
And the girls' favorite - hairdresser.  They shared so nicely. Addison took the right side and Chloe took the left.
The result - this fabulous 'do!
Chloe kept lifting my shirt repeating " I see baby?!  I see belly?!" 
 I just about popped from the cute-ness factor.
Addison gets an A in photography.
I just about popped again on Wednesday afternoon.  I had just gotten out of the shower and decided to lounge around for a bit before heading to clean.  I lay in bed with a towel still wrapped around my head...relaxed enough to sneak in a quick nap.
 And then I felt it - a baby kick.
And then another.  And another.
Tears filled my eyes instantly. 
I placed my hand on my stomach, feeling a few tiny thumps meet my palm every 5 seconds.
I laughed.  Cried.  Hopped out of bed.  And texted Steve.  He responded with a big "YAYYYY!"
It's just so neat.  Neat is my favorite word to describe seeing the baby on the ultrasound, hearing their heartbeat
 and now - feeling them kick.
It's just so neat. Neat. NEAT.
It's a big -
 Wow!  There's a tiny, little person growing inside of me.
I thought it was incredible to see them on the ultrasound.  I thought nothing could top hearing their heartbeat.  But feeling them alive and literally kicking inside of me - indescribable.
Thursday, we went to my dad's for dinner.  Brigid cooked a wonderful dinner - I definitely ate for two that night.  We ended the night with some hilarious youtube videos.  My dad's reactions to them are always priceless and sometimes funnier than the actual videos.
 Gibson wanted to dance.
Friday breakfast with Kelly...
We had a lot of catching up to do.  The diner was the perfect choice - we knew we could sit uninterrupted - knowing we weren't annoying the server for sitting as long as we wanted.
And for the food portion of this post...
We tried Texas Roadhouse for dinner this weekend.  Steve loves him some steak, so I knew he'd light up when I suggested it for dinner.
We cracked peanuts and threw them on the ground while we waited...
They sat us in "Willie's Corner" while blasting country tunes - how perfect - steak for Steve - Willie and country music for me.
I've been craving one of these for months.  It's a vegetable.  It's good for me, right?!
Steve's meal.
And mine - Steve finds it "hot" when I order ribs.
After stuffing ourselves and filling 3 take-home boxes, we skipped dessert and went bra shopping.  Yes, bra shopping. 
 My boobs are so much happier in their new and roomier homes. (sorry, no pictures.)
Kurt and Kelly had us over for a little pre-hurricane feast.  Nachos with lots of jalepenos and fish tacos - YUM!
Addison and Steve playing the "al-EE-ga-toe" game mentioned earlier - they are hooked.
Chloe rang me up at the grocery store.
19 week bump shots
We took a little intermission.  Muffin wanted to play a quick game of "straw."
I wanted to sneak in a bump picture with Muffin.
Here's how she felt about that one (someone's already jealous of baby)...
Let's get a closer look, people!
Awesome-o! This is my new favorite picture.
The baby was moving a ton after dinner tonight.  I called Steve over to sit next to me. 
He sat with his hand on my belly for a few minutes and just as I started feeling movement, Steve looked at me wide-eyed...He felt the baby give 2 teeny kicks. 
Muffin waited her turn.
It was so neat.
Our anatomy scan is late afternoon on Thursday.  I'm more than excited.  Our last ultrasound was at ten and a half weeks - to be able to see our sweet baby and how much they've grown over the past few months is going to be (yep, you guessed it) so neat.
And to find out their gender - I cry when I think about it.  Steve and I can truly say we don't have a preference whatsover.  As cliche as it sounds, all we could ever hope and pray for is a healthy baby.
I think I'd feel that way regardless of the long journey it took to get here.
I will say though, I have thought and felt "BOY" 80-90% for most of this pregnancy...even past ones...and even when I wasn't pregnant.  I've had many strong boy "signs" follow me throughout this pregnancy - to the point of seeing the name (the one I talked about in this post) that we have chosen for a boy many unique times and places.  But then again, I've also had some pretty crazy girl signs too.  Most of my friends guess boy.  And my mom, who was thinking strongly girl in the beginning, is kinda leaning towards boy now.  But I did get 2 solid girl votes today from Kelly and Kurt.
So, I switched my percentages to about 68% boy and 32% girl.  Yes, that specific. ;)
Steve asked if we could ask the ultrasound tech to not tell us the gender and instead, write boy or girl on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope for us.  That way, we can come home and find out together.  I loved it from the start!
We plan on coming home and video taping the whole thing. 
 Boy or girl, I know I will be one, crazy happy, emotional mama!!
 I will be sure to share the reveal video later Thursday night or early Friday morning!
What is your guess? 
Boy or Girl ?
Until then, have a wonderful end of October!!
And to those affected by the storm - be safe. <3
 Muffin's all ready!

Super Neat Lovin',

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Love, Food Love, Baby Love

Fall is in the air.  It's as if all the leaves changed overnight.
I love this time of year and the months that follow.
This past week,
 fall was in full swing and I loved every bit of it.

I loved...
 a cozy day at home with Kim.  Ordering take-out and watching trashy LMN movies in our sweats with the windows open - the weather still warm enough to let in some fresh air.


I loved breakfast at good old Station B. with Jessica, Kelly and Daxon.
It'd been many months since us girls gathered at our favorite spot for grits, omelets and pancakes.
Daxon was giving out smiles and giggles all morning - He was Mr. Stud - surrounded by us ladies.

Kelly's no fool...she knew to ask how long Jessica and I stayed and gabbed before leaving - only about another hour.  We decided to continue our gab session back here. 
We talked about the usual.  You know, like "chicken club packs" for 21 minutes and how I am insanely obsessed with my cats - so much that Jessica (and I) wonder if I'd be that upset if I ended up pregnant with a cat baby (Yes, these are our conversations and No, I wouldn't be that upset).
I love our they can go from ridiculous to tear-filled, emotional and so real.
I love that they last from breakfast until dinnertime.

17+ week bump shots 

Like I said in my last post...
I'm growing.

Saturday, I woke up and made us breakfast. 
This was my plate - I'm a big fan of "fart food" lately.
Steve, not so much...He had scrambled eggs and cheese.  I didn't light the house on fire.  Though, I did burn his bagel a tad. :)

After some cleaning, we took a drive.  I was ready to find some of those maternity clothes I never got around to last Monday. 

We walked the mall and got in a lot of exercise, but not so much shopping.  I didn't have much luck there, so we headed to a new spot.
Steve was a great helper...he found two cute tops mega on sale (the only way I like to shop)
at Old Navy and I found a few more cute ones that weren't maternity,
 but fit me perfectly in a size larger than I'd usually buy.  All that shopping must have did me and baby in...I was super dizzy by the time we were getting ready to leave.
Chex Mix, water, and dinner saved the day night.

We ate dinner and talked about all that's to come.
All the little things that hit us in a big way.
Steve got choked up as he told me how much it hit him when I tried on one of the shirts in the middle of the store - how tight it hugged my belly and made it stand out more than ever.  "It's just crazy," he said.  I find myself saying the same sentence. 
It's just crazy.  Crazy.  In such an incredible way.

Sunday, we went on the search for a few pumpkins.
One for Steve.  One for me.  One for baby.

Steve almost always finds his first.  He doesn't have to inspect like I do. 
I stood back, taking photos as I took in the day and
thought about the past years at this very same spot.  I watched as families pulled wagons with little ones...Moms and dads carried their babies, smiling and taking in their first time at the pumpkin patch as a family...
And I couldn't help but get teary-eyed.  I thought about how special next year's visit would be and how special this year's was.  I remember the bittersweet ache I had during past visits.  An ache to be big-bellied...carrying more than just a pumpkin.
And while I snapped photo after photo, I ached with such gratefulness.

18 week bump shots

Steve has wanted to stop for bbq here so many times.
Sunday was the perfect day to give it a try.
It was so good - the kind of good that leaves you unable to speak until you're done eating.
We came home, scarfed it down and watched football.

Steve also taught me how to make pork chops.
Yea, We'll see how that goes...I think I paid attention.

And a wonderful ending to the weekend...
Tea and talk with my mom.

Happy Tuesday!!
Wishing everyone a wonderful week. <3

18 week Lovin',

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