Thursday, June 30, 2011

Would You Go With Me

"Would You Go With Me"  Josh Turner

ohhh lifetime movie network...what can I say, you have a way of sucking me in with no turning back.  i see the first five minutes of a movie and it's all downhill from there. i don't quite know what it is...the horrible acting...the c list actors...the hilarious plots.  it's gotta be a combination of em' all.  i 100% admit it, i'm in love with you LMN...100% madly in love with you.

I recently watched, "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle".  I know you're all envious.  It's been forever since I saw this movie.  In fact, I think the only time I did was at a sleepover when I thought it was cool because I'd never be allowed to watch it at home.  And as I watched last night, I was making wide eyed faces at the tv and screaming at Rebecca De Mornay.  She is one psychotic, baby wantin'-baby stealin' bee-otch!  If you've ever exposed yourself to the wonderful world of LMN, I'm sure you've seen a movie or two about a crazed woman who's so desperate to be a mother, she'll do anything...hunt a mother down, deliver her baby and then run for the hills with it, fake her own pregnancy.  I even saw one where Tori Spelling has trouble conceiving and eventually uses IVF...well, she doesn't actually, her husband's freako ex -girlfriend stalks and befriends Tori, steals all her info...goes in the day of the procedure disguised as her and becomes pregnant with Tori's baby.  Because that could happen, right?!

What's scary is a lot of these movies are actually based on true stories! There are some whackydoodle wannabe mamas out there! I mean, I'm a wannabe mama...200% 1000%.  I'm a whackydoodle 201% 1001%, but it's a nice boost of self confidence that I'm not that crazy.  Don't worry ladies, I won't take on your identity, snatch your lil' babe in the middle of the night and be sportin' a big ole' pillow under the shirt - fake bump...

So, all the hopeful someday mamas to be...give yourself a big pat on the back for being strong, determined and faithful "mamabes" without resulting to a LMN baby snatcher status! :)

This week made up for last week's bunch of bologna, for sure.  I spent days with friends n little munchkins and relaxing nights with the mister.  Come to think of it, I saw all my "K" friends this week.  Kelly1, Kelly2, Kerry and Kim.
How can you not find a reason to smile when there are babies in your day!?  Monday I spent the day with my friend Kerry and her daughter, Veronica.  She just turned 5 months and looks so much like her pretty Mama. Her skin is so pretty and perfect and I know she's going to grow gorgeous locks like Kerry's someday.

Kerry and Veronica

Monday night we fought our urge for Taco Bell and cooked a much healthier version. I am happy to announce "the bell" has not been in my belly since last Wednesday and we have made dinner every night this week. Pretty sad, that's an accomplishment! :) We watched "With Honors" because Steve said I'd like it and couldn't believe I'd never watched it... We both cried at poor lil' Joe Pesci. Waaa it was sad...happy sad. I love Joe Pesci.

ok, so we totally should have got chicken instead of beef, but hey, it was lean and I didn't eat meat Tuesday or Wednesday...beans and peanut butter for protein. I love beans. They're good for your heart. The more you eat, the more...well you know!

okay, taco bell totally had to sneak its way into that meal somehow

I've also been eating breakfast every day this week.  Amazing huh?!

Fiber rich fart cereal with blueberries :)

Tuesday I babysat Chloe. I got to Kelly's house with a major headache (because I've been cutting my caffeine...or at least trying to). She made me a cup of coffee and made me realize cold turkey wasn't the way for me. And even though the coffee helped, Chloe helped way more!
I mean, Chloe is the cure for a bad day, an aching heart, feeling sick, anything at all...This babe makes it all go away.

Chloe...the sweetest little "cure" you ever did see.
She spotted my cell phone from across the way and started inching her way towards it. I sense she's going to be like her sister...always wanting Mimi's phone! :)

I taught her all the tricks and she came to clean with me that night ;) Gotta teach em' young. She's the sweetest lil' sweeper!

Addison always stared at my eyes when she was a baby, mostly because she was thinkin', "what the heck is all that black crap smeared on your eyelids? Mommy doesn't have that"... Chloe is following in her footsteps and it was so cute how in awe she was. She was trying to rip out my eyelashes! LOL

We partied it up pretty hard!

Chloe's rockin' the house ya'll!!

Wednesday I couldn't have asked for a better turnaround from a week ago. No broken cars, no sweaty boobies, no tears *well a little w/Kelly :)
It really is true...what a difference a day, a week, a month, a year can make.
Kim showed up at my door and surprised me with a frozen coffee. I mean, forget about cutting caffeine in that moment. I had to drink it and it was worth it! I went shopping with her at Babies + Toys R'us to help find her niece a birthday present. I love toy stores. I was amazed at all the new stuff out for kids. The elaborate train set, the macheesmo power wheels, the fashionista barbies that are dressed way better than I am, the newborn baby dolls that look EXACTLY like real ones ( I totally should have stuffed a few of them in my purse), the awesomeo play make-up that I wouldn't mind paintin' my face up with...

playing dress up at Toys R Us...I tried to squeeze into a 3t Cinderella costume but it wasn't happenin'

Later I met up with Kelly, spur of the moment, and a cup of coffee turned into diet coke (eeks, bad Maria. I promise that was the last of my caffeine for the day) and an hour turned into three. We sat at a diner (which is not up to par with Kelly...this info was just disclosed to me by Kelly herself lol) and talked and LAUGHED and cried and got chills because that's what we do. We get so passionate about whatever we're talking about that we start banging our fists on the table and making noises similar to animals in the wild. The cute 80 yr old early bird diners slowly eating their turkey n gravy dinners, turn around and stare and we're pretty sure the old single bittie behind us had a cup to her ear and booth to listen to our tales.

Kelly and I

Steve and statue Muffin

I'm so happy it's Thursday and the long weekend is approaching. With a positive ovulation test last Monday night...ovulation being last Tuesday or Wednesday, I'm guessing I'm about 8 days past ovulation and that my period should better not show...but if it does, shouldn't be due till Wednesday or Thursday. The long weekend is going to save me from least I hope. No tests in the house. I'm sure I will pick some up this weekend when I'm at Target but I've learned over the past months, waiting a bit saves me from extra poo filled days. I'm hoping to make it till Wednesday and if aunt flow wants to show her ugly face, maybe I will get lucky and not even have tested yet. I'd love to spring for not testing at all until I'm late...but I can't make that promise.

I'm starting to get a lot of strong feelings about things. Not symptoms necessarily...but emotions about all the what if's I'm prepared for. A lot is slowly starting to make sense and it's putting things into perspective for me. I will definitely post more later...

Now, I'm going to enjoy the rest of this and see what I can get into. Wishing everyone a Happy Thursday!! And to all the ladies also in the 2 week wait stage, I feel for ya (step away from the pee sticks) ;)

I will leave you with some pictures of my morning with these 3 hot babes!

Addison Kelly and Chloe, fascinated  with Addison's hair do' 

Happy ladies!

Addison and I playing games on my cell

Chloe kisses

Addison, pretty as ever in a dress I wish I fit in :)

Chloe Kelly and I...picture by Addison :)  spooky ghost faces

to all the babysnatcha's...think twice before you take that baby!
and to all the other crazy cuckoo's nesties in the world,
think about the words that fly outta your mouth before you say them...

Take it from Miss Chloe...

"Don't get caught with your foot in your mouth"



Bernadette & Duane said...

So happy you have such a fantastic support network. Makes ALL the difference in the world:)

Mrs. E said...

Yay! I'm glad this week has been good! And totally with you on the LMN craziness. Those movies/women are wacky to the point that I actually feel sane ;-) (Which does not mean, however, that I don't love watch them!!) Anyway, I'm sending loads of baby dust/wait-to-pee-on-a-stick vibes your way. I hope the rest of this 2ww flies by for you! Oh, and ps: I'm really impressed by all the home cooking! My menu this week has consisted of Trader Joe's pad thai, domino's, and Chinese food. Whoops =) xoxox~

Melissa said...

Maria, I love your blog! Your photos always make me smile. I want your mexican food, it looks yummy! Talking about the LMN makes me excited. We haven't had cable in two years, but in a few weeks we're getting it again. I'm so excited to be able to watch all the shows and cheesy movies I've missed out on ;-)

Target, at least the Super one by my house, now sells a five count box of Clear Blue Easy Digital HPTs! I was shocked yesterday. The 2 count box was $10, the 5 count was $16. It was a no brainer!

I have everything crossed (well, except my legs!) that you get a BFP in a few days! I know that you are going to be an absolutely wonderful mama when you get your take home baby! said...

I love the hot sauce with the homemade Mexican food! I am with you on the waiting to test, from now on I am going to wait until I am late (or at least try). I am glad you have had good times with your friends. I can tell they mean a lot to you and I sure they feel the same way about you! I'm hoping for no AF for you next week!

Adi said...

Cool! I love those trashy made-for-tv movies! (I know 'the Hand that Rocks the Cradle' isn't but I'm willing to bet the Tori Spelling one was).

Glad you had a good busy week. I hope it keep up and distracts you from thinking about that annoying relative.

Happy 4th of July! Might go to the American grocery store this weekend and pick up something for DH, who lived in Cleveland until he was 10.

Diana said...

Lol oh that hand that rocks the cradle movie makes me cringe!! haha.

I love to see your pictures! It's like you capture every priceless moment. And those kiddos are super adorable!! I can only imagine the fun you have with them! =) Your friends are so lucky to have you in their life.

Enjoy your weekend to the fullest. I'm thinking of you as well. Big hugs to you!

ps. I gave you the Overlord Award on my blog. it's a really fun one! Can't wait to see your answers :)

waitingforarainbow said...

That is so weird that my new post wont show up for anyone else but me. Haha HAS to be a glitch. I have had a pretty busy 2ww so far. Looks like you have too! Those lil munchkins are soo adorable. I got to see my niece this week quite a bit too :o) We're down to a 1ww now. 1 down, 1 to go. Hope you have an amazing, relaxing, and just plain enjoyable Holiday weekend!<3

Mrs. E said...

Wandering back over to say hi... I can't wait to see your rules! Have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend =)

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