Monday, June 6, 2011

Whenever You Remember

I want to thank everyone for the sweet, kind comments and emails after reading Steve's guest post. Steve and I truly appreciate all of them. I'm so proud of him...I know it took a lot of courage to get it all out and it felt so good for him. It felt good for me. It felt good for us.
He's looking forward to posting again, in the future.

This is kind of a "free" post as I wanted to break up all the intense stuff and fill it in with the fun we had over the weekend.

A bunch of pictures from Friday and Saturday <3

Friday I met Kelly for lunch. We caught up over all the soup, salad and breadsticks we could eat...along with these 3 minis...which our waiter gave us for free (we think) lol

After a few hours, we were still sitting, chatting away...our waiter (with the personality of a rock) checking back way too often...and us not budging...
Getting towards, what I think was probably 3 hours of us sitting there, I got to the point where I was crying in front of all of Olive Garden, pouring my heart out to Kelly (about things I'm going to be writing about in upcoming posts)...her holding my hands across the table...
We're pretty sure the tables surrounding, thought I just proposed to her, lol I didn't even care who saw my tears...
I'm so glad I could open up even more...and Kelly allowed me to do that, as she always does. After, we ended up @ 5 Below, on a hunt for cheap flip flops, so Kelly and I could go on a walk. We had way too much fun and were amazed at what you can find for $5 or less!
cool shades, Kelly!!

Kelly and I

Kelly trying out her kiddie, fake tattoo sleeve...our best purchase @ $2.50! It looked so real! lol

mine...bears riding a believable! ;)

Later, Steve and I went to 1st Friday in town. The weather was perfect...streets busy with people, food and music. We met up with Kelly, Kurt and their girls.

Me and Kelly

Addison was cracking us up...she loved the music and was putting on quite the show...she had all the moves!! :)

Kurt and happy girl, Chloe...sporting her adorable new headband!

Me and the Mr before heading home

We ended up winning that extra ticket we needed on Thursday...
Saturday, Steve, me and my mom headed to the XTU Anniversary Concert. It was a knee slappin' toe tappin' good time! People watching was at its finest. We even saw a homemade porta-potty set up in the back of someone's truck...made out of a table and chair set box. We parked our butts on beach towels in the lawn and spent the night singing and dancing and took in the music. Of course, they always save the best act for last...which was Jason Aldean this year. Learning from past concerts, we left in the middle of his 6th song to try and beat everyone leaving at once. I was going to use that song for this post but I'm saving it for the future...when it's more appropriate.

Lots and lots of pics from Saturday!

Yee Haww Mama

Me and Mom


Waiting in line

She caught a t-shirt!

Me and Mom's bracelets...I chose Peace and Faith and she chose them all :)

Happy to kick off the summer with a weekend like this! <3 So here I am, 12 days past ovulation and I still haven't tested. A week ago I thought it was going to be so much harder to have patience. The busy weekend was my saving grace. Now, I'm just dying to test. I think I can make it to Tuesday. (I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN) And if I'm not pregnant, my period should show Wednesday. I don't feel tired. No headaches or stomach aches. No sore boobs. Twinges here and there. But I must say, they are without a doubt swollen and heavy! I'm hoping it's not because my period's coming or a result of all the super healthy foods I've been know, like - fried pickles, french fries and ice-cream...Eeeks! Salt makes me bloat I wouldn't doubt it goes to my boobs! (I love that I'm ending this mini-post with "boobs") :) Happy Monday Everyone!

Anticipating writing about things that have been weighing heavy on my heart later tonight <3


{{{Kelly}}} XtOphY Design Studio said...

Hahahahahahahhahahaha! Those sleeves!!!! Lol!!! So funny!!! Oh my gosh, 5 below is so my new favorite!

I gotta get Karina one of those headbands like Chloe! So cute!

I am so glad u had such an awesome time at the concert! And I love your moms bracelets! :)

Praying for u these next few days. Oh I hope u r!!!!!

Love ya,

Mrs. E said...

It looks like you had an amazing weekend--I'm so glad :) And I'm *so* impressed that you haven't POAS yet! Wow, that's some serious self control! (This is coming from a self-proclaimed POAS addict, Keeping my fingers crossed for you both! said...

Wow, you are being patient! I am trying to wait until Thursday which will be 11 DPO for me. I might not make it. I am also impressed you got your husband to a country concert when he hates country music. Years ago my husband wouldn't go to a Dixie Chicks concert and he feels bad about it now. :)

Diana said...

What a fun weekend Maria!!! You r hilarious about the part of people thinking you were proposing! Lol. But isn't it great to let your feelings out and can count on someone to not judge you and listen to you?? Ahhh that's what awesome friends are about! :) --- those tattoo sleeves... Hilarious!!
And Jason Aldean... I'm jealous! He came to the rodeo this year but I missed it. Boo! But I'm hoping he comes back! I love those bracelets u and ur mom got!! y'all are so photogenic!!! :)

I'm thinking of u and hoping for the best that you may get good news soon!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!! :)

MrsV said...

Love the new tats and glasses ;) looks like you had a fun weekend!

I think Steve's post was really sweet, looking forward to see what else he rights. You guys seem like your meant for each other <3

I'm also impressed with the fact you haven't poas yet!

Rachel said...

Maria, It looks like you had a very fun weekend and just what the Dr. ordered to distract yourself :-)

Maria said...

thank you ladies, you're all too kind! @ mrs e and v...waiting to test hasn't been easy for me! but it has gotten easier with time. i'm trying to keep up the willpower if and when i'll need it for the upcoming months! :) thinking of you both and hoping for the best!
it was such a fun time @ the concert...@ kerstin-i would have loved to see the dixie chicks! that's awesome! i know what you mean...steve has felt guilty before too...he has an appreciation for country after we visited the grand ole opry...but he's a metal fan LOL
@diana and kelly- i will pick you up some of those bracelets if i see them next time :) and some arm sleeves LOL
@ rachel- thinking positive about the 13th :)

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