Monday, June 13, 2011

My Wish

"The best mirror is an old friend"
                                                         George Herbert

"My Wish" by Rascal Flatts


Early Friday morning, as I quoted Alison Krauss in my post, "Paper Airplane and The Truth"...
"every silver lining always seems to have a cloud, that comes my way"...
I was reminded of how lucky I am, for all those "silver linings" that bring so much light into my clouds...

And on Thursday, as tough as it was to face the reality that my cycle had just begun and I was not pregnant, I started my day off with 3 joys of mine, that made it hard to think about anything less than love. It was Kelly's 29th Birthday and I was so happy to share it with her.

Kelly and her daughters, Chloe and Addison (all looking ravishing, I might add)

These 3 ladies above, make my heart beat a little faster and bring so many smiles to my face. We had lunch at our favorite little spot and laughed as Addison replied, "Um, I think I'm going to go with the lobster"...when Kelly asked what she'd like for lunch, from a menu selection of soups, salads and sandwiches. :) And smiled at Chloe as she entertained herself with chopped green beans and leftover tissue paper.

Happy Birthday Kelly!! Addison wanted in on the presents! :)

Chloe reachin' for a snack :)

Pretty Girl!

Addison opted for a bowl of soup and bread from half my sandwich :)

Me and Miss Smiles

With the hot and sticky weather, we decided to go out for ice-cream (mmm, talk about silver linings)...I am an ice-cream fanatic. I've adored it since I was little. I'm reminded of the birthday parties my mom would throw for me. Every year, she'd get out her veggie organizers and replace the spaces meant for celery, broccoli, tomatoes, etc... with jimmies, cherries, m and m's, caramel, and every other sweet treat to make the most amazing birthday sundae Kelly and I always joke about one of our many sleepovers, when we were young. We were in her kitchen with a half gallon of ice-cream all to ourselves. She got out 2 bowls, handed me the scooper and let me go first...and there I am, scoopin' away...scoop 1, scoop 3, scoop 8, scoop 14... and then, her turn, Kelly plops a very modest amount in her bowl and asks, "Do you want anymore?" which I replied, "No thanks, I'm on a diet"...

As you can see, some things never change...Mine is the BIG one :)

Who needs birthday cake, when there's ice-cream?!

Chloe wanted a taste :)

LOL We laughed so hard.

Addison did me the favor of taking it away from me...(love this picture)

To have a friend who completely understands you...
To have a friend who makes sense out of it all when you just can't seem to
To have a friend who shares the most special parts of your/their life with you

To have a friend like this, for even a year...should be considered a blessing...
And looking back on these 21 years of friendship with Kelly...knowing we have plenty more birthdays to celebrate and ice-cream cones to eat, is an even greater blessing.

We've seen each other through it all over the past 2 decades. I think back to all the major events in my life so far, and Kelly was always there. When my parents divorced and my Mom was figuring out a new home for us, Kelly's family "took me in" and allowed my Mom to have the time she so needed and me to experience a time with Kelly and them, I will never forget. And again, when I was 17 and my Mom was in a horrible accident, that left her in the hospital for over a month...Kelly and her family were there again. As tragic as those events were, the love I was shown made it so much easier...and bittersweet.
And I can never thank them all enough...for the love they gave to a young, scared teenage girl.

I wish I had my earliest pictures with Kelly more readily available to me...the really embarrassing but treasured ones...where we were 8, 9, 10...

The silver linings...there are so many.

Me and Kelly a dozen years ago

High School Graduation @ 17

5 years ago, Kelly's wedding

Jessica, Kelly, precious Addison and I

Addison Kelly and I, @ my wedding

Jessica Me and Kelly

Meeting tiny, beautiful, Chloe

And one of my most favorite pictures from the past (thanks, Kelly)...
Me and Kelly @ her birthday party, "practicing" w/pillows under our shirts :) Even at that young age, we knew we wanted to be Mama's someday

And today, I look at my friend and am so honored to share in her life, to watch her be a wonderful mother, to 2 of the sweetest little have her through it all and to learn so much about life, love and what it means to have true friends in your life.


Happy Monday Everyone!

*Counting my silver linings and feeling hopeful...
will update very soon


Diana said...

What an incredible friendship!! :) this post made me so happy so know there are amazing friends out there who know you like no other! May God continue to bless you both in this wonderful sisterhood u both share! those pics were so fun!! Especially that last one =)

Happy Monday to u too Maria!! Much love <3

Btw... That ice cream looks amazzzzing!!

Rachel said...

You have such amazing friends and you are so lucky to have them. It looks like you had and amazing day and yummmy ice cream.

{{{Kelly}}} XtOphY Design Studio said...

I admire your amazing friendships so much! You are so blessed, and I love that even among all of this craziness you are can still take the time to appreciate the people and things in life every day. You're such an inspiration to me, and I love your wonderful friends!

Jessica said...

:) I'm on a diet- it gets me every time! i could not stop laughing at Addison and Chlo Chlo--i can't wait to see those minions!!! :)

Jessica said...

and doesn't Chloe look like a little Hitler minion in that pic? ohhhhhmyyyygoooooodnesssssss- yah! said...

Here's to friends that are there for you through thick and thin! And to silver linings, the things that brighten up our day!

PS-I wrote back to you on Rachel's post. ;)

MrsV said...

Hi Maria

Thank you for your kind words :) I feel like this year has been a giant roller coaster so far...

I have to say I love this post, I admire your friendships :) Your lucky to have such good friends.

Oh and on a blog related note I finally found out how to center my title!! I finally came across directions that worked so I will share with you (although from my computer yours looks pretty centered?)
Anyways this is what I did...
- design tab - template designer - Advanced - Add CSS: put this in the box #Header1_headerimg {margin:0 auto;} (mine didnt work right away so I just clicked on it and hit enter.. and it worked :)

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