Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Settle For a Slowdown

"Settle For A Slowdown" - Dierks Bentley

It feels like Monday to me. Yesterday, Steve took the day off. Friday night made me realize we needed some more time...
time to have times like Friday night. Steve agreed.

Everyone knows what it's like. Something always going on...never a dull moment...run here...run there...try to catch life as it's coming to you from all directions...go to bed, wake up and do it all over again. Steve and I have slowly mastered this lifestyle and where I lots of times thrive on this concept of life, sometimes I just need a "slowdown" in the middle of it all.

I love being busy. I love always having something going on (in the good sense). Where I know that if and when we are blessed with a child, "slowdown" won't be a word frequently used in our vocabulary, I need to remind myself now, from time to time, that with everything going on...the expected, the unexpected, the fun, the trying and everything in between, Steve and I need and deserve to take time now and then, to slow it down. Time for us. Time to take in moments with no interruptions.

This weekend was very busy but good busy. I got a lot of cleaning done, we celebrated my Mom's birthday, visited family for a bit, ran errands, did laundry...
But we wanted another day. A day where we could wake up together and have the whole day to do nothing and everything. We didn't go out to a fancy lunch or dinner, to the movies or to the mall. We woke up, drank a few cups of coffee together in the living room, talked and decided we wanted to stay in our pj's all day and organize stuff around the house. Exciting stuff. ha! But for us, it's not often we have make the time to sit and organize our drawers, go through boxes of stuff we've needed to get rid of since we moved, or just be still together a little while longer.

I will post pictures/about the past weekend later this week...
Today's post will be about "slowdown".

It was therapeutic to go through the drawers and make them organized. My mom always told me when I was young, a messy room/place is a reflection of you and how you feel. Sometimes, it is almost too easy to forget that just because some parts of your life are uncontrollable, it doesn't mean all of them have to be.
for example-why does one of our dining room, buffet table drawers contain an eye mask, tissue paper, deck of playing cards, some of my headbands, jewelry and nail polish, and yes, if you look closely, even letters to the toothfairy(long story)?

Twinkie helped!

We spent the day going through our closets, drawers and spare rooms and purged them of junk. We took time to realize that we didn't need 84 takeout menus to "Pizza World", that catnip doesn't belong in the silverware drawer, that those size 2 designer jeans I bought ten years ago, never fit and never will and belong in the Goodwill bag along with some of Steve's old t-shirts that look like baby tees! HA!

This week is calling for lots of dreary days of rain and storms. I'm going to take advantage of them and continue to keep busy with organizing and "slowing down". It is always fun to go through old boxes and bins, and see what you find. In my case, sometimes what I find is downright hilariously questionable...even scary.
Take here, this piece of crap, "Jessica Simpson hair extension" (sorry Miss Simpson). Ok, I'm totally wearing it wrong, but did I really need this $20 dust collector from Marshall's last year?! hahaha I found it on the top shelf in my closet, under a bunch of scarves, all tangled and pathetic looking.

Ok, forget what I said...it was worth the $20...Steve, you're scaring me and you remind me of someone but I don't know who!? LOL

Remembering what my Mom always told me, I was realizing as I went through each room in the house, more and more that my house/room/things, truly are a refection of me and our life. The rooms are decorated to our taste, with the colors we love and find peaceful, pictures that bring back sweet memories, patterns I fall in love with at Home Goods and Target...but deep inside there's more truth. O yea, I'm talking about our journey to have a child. It is spread all over this place! Do you know I was in my powder room, cleaning out the cabinets under the sink and found a used pregnancy test in a spare vase?! When I was cleaning our bedroom bathroom, I found about 7 "how to pee on a stick" directions and when in our hallway bathroom (my sanctuary), I found this, in one of my drawers...
Mmmm,Hmmm...that's my bag o' pee sticks...all used ones, the negatives and all of the positives over time...and that's probably not even half of them. Why am I saving them?! Are they going to bring me good luck? Are they going to bring back the pregnancies I lost?! Notice that some digitals are broke in half bc I wanted to get a closer look, or maybe I was just pissed!HA! It made me upset at first and then it made me laugh. You know what, I'm a freak in some ways and this is one of them. And I honestly believe we are all allowed to have our quirks and things about us that make us who we are.


the pee sticks remain. And they probably will after our time comes, when we are blessed with a child. I'm sure Jessica or Kelly, my crafty gals can think of a way to make them into a piece of artwork for me? ;)

My cycle ended today and I am on day 6. We have a doctor's appointment on Friday for an ultrasound to see when to expect me to ovulate. They didn't want to chance missing it over the weekend so they want me in a little earlier (day 9). As long as timing works out, we are going to do another IUI (our 4th). Last month was a nice little break and I'm thankful to still be off all the medications for now. It's back to trying naturally and with the aid of IUI this cycle and we are hoping, as always, for the best!

And as I sit here and sip on my "getting colder by the minute" coffee...I'm thankful for this little slowdown...

I've got some offices to clean, catching up over the phone w/Jessica, "my lil' sweet potato"...and if I'm feeling up for it, when I get home, some more treasures to discover.

Wishing everyone a Happy Tuesday and time for a little slowdown...
whether it's an extra minute in the shower, an extra cup of hot coffee, or time to sit w/your hat turned sideways, eating cheesy poofs, while you're wife scrubs and cleans ;)

Enjoy them <3

Twinkie has the right idea!!


KellBellz said...

Haha...what a great post! I'm still laughing at the picture of Cartman, I mean Steve, eating cheesy poofs. :)

Maria said...

HAHAHA, Cartman @ his finest!! ;)

{{{Kelly}}} XtOphY Design Studio said...

hahahahaha i am dying at the "i don't know who steve reminds me of" part. LOL!!!!!!! this made me laugh so hard. um, and i'm not sure even i can think of a creative way to make pee-sticks into a great piece of art :)

Maria said...

awww come on kelly, i know you could make me something w/the pee sticks ;) maybe a jump rope? or some pretty earrings?!
hahahaha are you lol bc you think he does look like someone?!?? hahahahaha

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