Friday, May 6, 2011


"Margaritaville" - Jimmy Buffet

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, yesterday...and the fact that I don't feel like writing about anything too deep at the moment, I'm going with the song "Margaritaville". Wouldn't it be nice to be sitting on an island somewhere in the sun, with a big pina colada or two...and not a care in the world for a few days?!

I'm at the point in my two week wait that I always start to get antsy. I'm going to be blogging over the weekend about my emotions, feelings, symptoms (or lack there of)...and Mother's Day. I'm truly looking forward to spending it with my mom.

Yesterday was a fun day! Cinco de Mayo is our cat, Twinkie's birthday...he turned 2! Yes, I know, I sound like a crazy cat lady...and that's because I am. Steve and I love our cats to the point where we constantly wonder and talk about what in the heck we'd do without them. Our cat Krimpet is Twinkie's's a long story that I'm sure no one cares to hear but basically, we had no idea Krimpet was pregnant. We hadn't had her fixed yet and our other cat, Rascal (r.i.p "gizzy")knocked her up! After a few more kitties, we learned our lesson and now all of our kitties are fixed! :) On Cinco de Mayo 09', after a week of just moving into our house, I walked into my bedroom hearing the tiniest meowing coming from under my bed and found this lil' amazing piece of fluffiness!

Senor Twinkie

Ok, I will stop with all the mushy cat lovin' insanity...
But I can't help but post some pictures of the little 4 oz. guy above, who turned into 17 pounds of what is now, one of my favorite things in the world! :)

Addison meeting Twinkie :)

Kristopher saying hi to Twinkie...Twinkie a little unsure, lol

The Mr's tucked in fast asleep

he's just my love machine!

I couldn't resist, lol

Yesterday was a fiesta of productivity and fun! I spent the day running errands, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, visiting Jessica and Ed at their super sweet new pad, getting pedicures with Kelly and having Jen over for a Cinco de Mayo dinner.

Me and Kelly's much needed pedicures!
I love the purple color she chose and totally want to get it next time! It is such a nice treat to take an hour every month or so and sit, chat and have someone make your feet feel and look good better...I won't say look good because I have the ugliest feet in the world lol...between all the dancing and running over the piggies aren't pretty ones lol...I love this little ritual Kelly and I have of getting pedicures...and I love watching Kelly laugh uncontrollably when they break out the pumice stone on her ;)
And I just adore the scary face pictures we take together afterwards, for a good laugh! Yikes!! *not at you, Kelly...clearly, to me :)

a decent improvement from the last picture ;) Kelly and I after our pedicures

Steve was nice enough to cook dinner for Jen, me and himself last night. He loves to cook and he also knows the meal is going to taste alot better if he cooks it, ha! Jen and I sat on the deck sipping on "skinny girl" margaritas and eating chips and salsa, while Steve made fajitas. It was a relaxing night and I'm so glad I got to catch up with Jen. I met Jen about 5 years ago when we both worked at an upscale Mexican restaurant. I trained her one busy night and we quickly became friends. Where that restaurant made me want to stab my eyes out many a days, Jen is one of a few of my friends that makes me realize how happy I am I had that job. I always say the only thing I got from that gig was a lot of amazing friends...and after 5 years of feeling stuck there and finally quitting years ago, I don't regret it one bit because of friends like Jen. She has cheered me on through it all and is always there to listen. She has a way of making every time a fun, happy time. I love her! She found a wonderful man and is getting married this fall. Steve and I are in their wedding and are excited to share in their big day! She is so driven, and positive and I'm so happy for her and the next chapter she is about to enter, in life!

Bethenny Frankel knew what she was doing when she created her "skinny girl" tastes great and has alot less calories and alcohol than most margaritas...i only had one and a half but admit, i could have had 3 or 4 ;)
Jen and Steve getting ready to grub :)
Me and Jen <3

Me and the Hubby <3

Me with the Birthday Boy

And a couple other pictures...
sweet and smiley Noah...breakfast @ Kim's <3

I found a penny the other day, while I was cleaning one of the offices...the date on it was my birth year...big deal, right?!...i'm hoping it's a tiny sign of good luck in my future <3

Happy Friday!! Hope everyone's weekend starts off the way they want it to!!

I will be blogging over the weekend about all the emotions coming my way...
I haven't tested yet and I purposely don't even have any tests in my possession...yet... :)
It was a nice lil' escape in "Margaritaville"!



XtOphY Design Studio said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA MARIA!!!!!!! oh my gosh, that picture you did with your cat, those crazy sayings, and the hat. HAHAHAHAHHAHA! i am sitting outside with the baby, and laughed so hard i dropped my laptop on the ground! hahahahahha!!!!!!!!!!! so funny! great post, even if my feet look like barney rubble's :)

Maria said...

hahahahahaha awww i hope karina and your laptop's ok!! LOL if your feet are like barney's, then mine are like fred flinstone's all the way! ;) hope you're enjoying the afternoon <3 love u!

John said...

Hey Maria this is Christine from pregly. I posted something on ur page on there. I would love to talk to u about it. I'm very nervous. The comment says my hubby's name that's funny.

Maria said...

You are being featured this week on my blog! For more info read the post here.

Good luck with the testing! I am right there with you!

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