Saturday, May 14, 2011

Little Moments

"Little Moments" - Brad Paisley

Last night, something out of the ordinary happened. I went to bed at midnight. For most, this may seem late. But for me, it is super early. I got plenty of sleep the night before and didn't have an exhausting day...but I think it was because I was truly relaxed and the past couple days were good to me.

Thursday morning I woke up in a better place than I was on Wednesday. Steve always texts me, tells me he's thinking about me and asks how I'm doing after days we get "bad news". He doesn't say it, but I know he expects me to text back, "Blahhh, not good"...followed by sad and mean face icons...because half the times after getting not the news we hoped for, I am a crankypants the next day. Not on Thursday. I told him I was feeling much better and he was just as happy to hear as I was. I always thank God when I wake up feeling better. It almost boggles my mind how I can go from downinthedumps Maria to happygolucky Maria in just 24 hours. I guess it's a combo of hormones, blessed strength from friends, family and above, an improved attitude from the day before and the fact that I'm just a lil' plain crazy. :)

I was feeling crampy all day Thursday and was just 26 days from my last cycle but I could feel it coming. Kelly and I had plans to go out for happy hour drinks and appetizers around 6...and wouldn't you know, minutes before we left, miss aunt flow decided to make her appearance! Hey, perfect timing, in my eyes! And, without the clomid, my cycles are back to their regular 26 short days. A pain in the butt if you're not trying to get pregnant, but a blessing if you are. The less days, the less time of waiting in between cycles. I knew I wasn't pregnant and hadn't bothered testing again but I always feel a little guilty about having a drink or two when I'm not sure. Her showing was a sign in my eyes, to go have fun and sip on a martini...or 2...or 3! ;)

Our yummy spread...Can you believe during happy hour all this food was only $15?!!

It was such a fun night..."happy hour" turned into 4 hours of sitting, sipping, eating, a handful of times saying we were full and 2 minutes later going back for more, chatting, laughing and having a night that leaves you saying, "we really really need to do this more often!!" I more than adore my days with Kelly and her daughters and I know she does too...we don't have to say to each other how nice it is to have a girl's night, just the two of us every once in a while. I know how much Kelly enjoys them and deserves them. She's a wonderful mama and I admire her so much!

Kelly and I <3

I totally would have pulled the, "excuse me, can you take a picture of us?" famous Maria question, to our server when out somewhere...but our waitress turned into a bit of a meanie!!

Being that people like that make me wonder, I feel compelled to tell the Scenario - We get our bill and realize she overcharged us. Me, stumbling across my words("um, I'm so sorry, excuse me, but we ordered these 2 martinis during happy hour, and we were charged the regular price of $38 instead of $6" *ok, exaggerating, they weren't $38) Waitress(Big Sigh and evil eyes, "Well I guess I'll just have to change it then" another big sigh...stomp stomp stomp...returns w/change and slams it down on table and starts quickly taking away everything on table.) For some reason we still left her 25% of the higher, wrong bill...yea, we sure showed her! ha!!
So we improvised and took self pics outside :)

*side note-Kelly, I had the weirdest dream last night that you and I entered ourselves last minute, in a talent show and danced to Michael Jackson's, "Bad" LOL Where it came from, I don't know...but for the record, we didn't win and everyone laughed at us! :)

Last night, Steve and I spent a romantic night in, eating take out pad thai and sushi. To compliment our romantic night, we watched the ever so intelligent and sweet, "Dumb and Dumber"...don't knock it...I can relate to those guys on so many levels!! HA! Sometimes, you just need a night to make you crack you up and not take things seriously. I have more days than not like this and I'd like to keep it that way.

Muffin scares me with how interested she is when candles are lit...She stares at them with such amazement...I imagine she is singing, "This Little Light of Mine" in her lil' fluffy head every time she looks like this!

Our "Dumb and Dumber" dinner

We sat in indian style on the floor and ate dinner. After, we ended up on the couch and Steve fell asleep before it was even 10 o'clock...snoring away with my head on his chest, with me busting out laughing at Jeff Daniels detaching his date's, now clogged toilet out of the ground, with his pants around his ankles, attempting to throw it out the window before she sees. (yes, this kinda stuff makes me LOL)...Steve kept waking up when I would laugh and would look at me and smile, rub my back and go back to sleep.

"I live for little moments like that"

Litte moments, that let you know...everything's going to be okay and you have so much to be thankful for.

Times where you're with your friend of 20+ yrs and lose track of time because you're having so much fun and you know you have the rest of your life to have these moments again and again with them.

Times when we watch a bowl of water turn into a splish splashy Saturday morning for the kitties.
They have a bad habit of trying to stick their little noses in our water glasses and sometimes, a bowl of water where it shouldn't be is so entertaining for them...and for Steve and I.

Muffin says, "Back off my water, Twinkie!" *love the little water droplets on her nose!!

"I live for little moments like that"
I live for all the little moments that make life what it really is, laughter, all the unexpected blessings...

"It's the little imperfections it's the sudden change in plans
When she misreads the directions and we're lost but holdin' hands
Yeah I live for little moments like that"

Tonight we're celebrating my Mom's birthday which is really tomorrow...looking forward to what the rest of the day has in store!

Wishing everyone a weekend full of those "little moments" that make you feel grateful and blessed!!



MrsV said...

I'm out this month too... AF showed up yesterday, I had a suspicion she was coming but still trying to be positive she wouldn't. I totally feel you about having down in the dumps days... That is totally my day today... And to make it better while visiting with friends today I overheard an acquaintance telling someone she potentially could be pregnant. Really that's not the news I want to hear today, maybe in a day or two but not today. Ugh.

Oh and your cats are super cute with that water lol ours will drink out of glasses too :)

John said...

Hey Maria,
I had a wonderful b-day today. We didn't end up going to olive garden lol. I decided I wanted to go shopping instead. I love love love shopping for my kiddos we went to Carter's & spent almost $90. I had a blast. My 2 little blessings (actually 3 my hubby has been so wonderful through everything) have helped me so much. U have been so sweet & such a wonderful encouragement cuz I know u know exactly what I'm going through. Thank u very much. Tell ur mamma I said happy b-day.


Maria said...

@ mrs.v-I am so sorry to hear af ruined your day too!! :( booo to her!! I know it isn't always easy to put a smile right back on your face...and you don't have to...I hope your days get better and I hope next month is the month!! Xo

@christine-I'm happy your birthday turned out to be a great one! :) I hope you are feeling better and the pain isn't nearly as intense for you! You are so strong!! Xo

{{{Kelly}}} XtOphY Design Studio said...

i freakin love you! and little miss stomp, stomp, stomp is about to get my godzilla stomp on her be-witchness! you and kelly look beautiful, and i am so glad you got to get out and have such a great time! um, and you know how much i LOVE dumb and dumber! one of my fav movies!!!! i love ya and i love all of the people who are supporting you already!

Maria said...

hahaha...that waitress wouldn't want to mess w/you!! thank you so much!! :)
i hope you're having so much fun!! been thinking about ya!
maybe we can make a sequel to dumb n dumber?! can i please be harry??
i love you!! sending you lots of <3!

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