Monday, August 22, 2011

Don't Think I Don't Think About It

There are far too many songs I'm singing at the moment.
So many, that I'm having trouble choosing one for this post.
So for now, I will just type.

Until last Tuesday, I was a little lost in La La Land. Being on vacation really let us FUHGEDDABOUDIT.
It was a bonus to not think...(Wait, hold that thought...I got my song)

Darius Rucker "Don't Think I Don't"
For all you Hootie haters, sorry...I like the the country version of the Hoots, minus his Blowfish.

I have to say it was the first time in a long time, Steve and I really didn't feel the stress of it all in full force.
And the best part? There were ten days of it. Not just a few hours here and there or a day or two. I slept better than I have in so long. I felt more rested, more relaxed, more at ease.
But everyone knows what "back to reality" can feel like...
The post vacation blues. It's the day your horse n' carriage turn into a smelly (VERY smelly, according to my friend, Ed), dirty old Honda and your glass slippers break into a million pieces, cut up your feet and leave you beggin' for a pedicure.

A few days pass and you realize, the emotions that also took a mini vaca, will slowly or quickly creep back on in.
A few days pass and you might feel like you already need another vacation.

But a few days passed and I realize that reality is every single day I live. And though some days are surely greater than others, it is my life. And each day there are things, and more importantly people, who make it so beautiful.

It has been a little while since I've written a post that is deep and vulnerable. And trust me, they're coming. After all, I am at least a week into my two week wait and my hormones are raging.

Twinkie says...

But ya know what Mr. Twinkie...Too bad. I've got me some pictures.
And let's let Monday be simple. We've got the rest of the week to dig deeper.
I knew "back to reality" would go a lil' something like this...
Get back to cleaning on Tuesday.
Get a call from my boss for help.
Help.  Then help some more.
Somehow say yes to a window job booked for tomorrow afternoon. (Yippee)
Feel the pressures of "our journey" (sounds so much better than our situation, doesn't it?)

But when times are busy, it helps. Might make me crazier at times...but it helps.
Still, "don't think I don't think about it"...I do. I am.

I can't complain. I cleaned Tuesday and Wednesday and was already off on Thursday.
I know the food pictures are gettin' a little old.
Just one, I promise.
Thursday I brought breakfast over to Kim's house. Doesn't it look so healthy and low carb?!

It was raining like crazy all afternoon, which I was happy for. It kept me in the house, forced me to tidy up and get back into the groove of things.
Steve and I got an impromptu invite to have dinner at Kim and Adam's. Sorry, no pics. I know...sad, huh!?
The food was delicious.  But, my favorite was reading their son, Noah, his bedtime story.
Well, kinda reading...if you count two sentences. :)

Here's me (and apparently my best impression of the mask from "Scary Movie") and cutiepie Noah. He just gave me a super neato "Cars" bandaid for my fake boo boo and was all ready for me to read him his "Thomas the Tank Engine" book.

Reading went a little something like this. (I will improvise.  you know I don't remember the exact sentences)

I get my reading voice ready. Noah is intently waiting. Kim is sitting on the floor in front of us. And I begin.

Me - "Thomas the Tank Engine...
Thomas and his tank engine went to visit the island of Sodor" *me sounding it out* So - door? so - dor? (looking at Kim for help)
Sodor (hahaha, you know I forget which it is still)

*Noah looking at me like, just read, lady!!

Me - "Once Thomas and friends reached the island of Sodor, they ran into their buddy, Sir Toe-fum Hoat (yep, that's how I pronounced it.)

You all know Sir Toe-fum Hoat, right?!

*Kim roars with uncontrollable laughter. I start hysterically laughing bc I realize that the first letter in "Hatt" is a "t" and not a "u"...(maybe I need to make an eye dr's appt.)
Though, come to think of it. "Haut" wouldn't sound like "Hoat" anyway. LOL
But uh, no...the real laughter is that I don't even know who Sir Topham Hatt is. And that I beyond mangled the poor man's name.
I see Topham. I hear TOE-FUM.  (am I the only one? yea, I'm pretty sure I am) Through Kim's squeals she manages to tell me, "It's Topham Hatt...You know, like Top em' hat."

Kim and I - laughing so hard we feel like we did 1,472 sit ups.

Noah - gets up from bed. walks to Kim with book in hand. "Mommy, you read this to me"

More uncontrollable laughter.
End of story.

Friday, I ended up getting that "no more glass slipper" pedicure. After all, it was in celebration of Kelly's birthday.

Don't  be bustin' on our feet, now.  I know Kelly has a hiding pinky toe.  And mine, well they are just chubby, wide, Frankenchubs...but I must say, our colors compliment each other very well.  And the rainy windshield backdrop just enhances the beauty that is our feet.

I suggested we take a trip to Amish Country.  Nothin' says Happy Birthday like a lil' Pennsylvania Dutch home cookin' all for the low low price of, all you can eat for $12.
So we headed off.

We only had a few run ins on our way. One with a horse n' buggy gone wild.  And one with a crazy man in knee socks running towards Kelly's car like a giant rabid beaver.

We ate. A very sad amount for what we were braggin' about eating before we got there. We felt like they pumped tranquilizers into our food. Food Coma alert!! We got full way too easily.  But once our eyes hit this (okay, so 2 food pics)...

Our tummies made some room. I get so giddy in the dessert section of Shady Maple. Yep, that's what this lil' slice of heaven is called. Look it up! Shady Maple Smorgasboard in PA.
I carelessly dressed up my ice cream. Imitation Reeses Pieces dancing all over the counter and floor like jumping beans. Kelly and I laughing our butts back to our seats.

After, I needed to show Kelly the amazing gift shop of SMS. It is HUGE. Full of anything and everything. And always fun to browse and try some fun things on.
How perfect is this "Crazy Cat Lady" tee on me?! I almost bought it.

And, doesn't Kelly look darling in her hat?!

Me and Kelly

We even stopped at Walmart on our way back. We figured we would start gathering enough pictures for "The People of Walmart-Lancaster Edition"...but seriously, there were none worth taking. People watchin' wasn't what we had hoped for. Bummer dude.

We ended our day with an hour and a half chat, stuck in Kelly's car, in my driveway because of the torrential downpour and lightening storm. Such a fun day, as always. We never know what we are going to get into! :)
Check Kelly out @ Stay At Home Trader.

We had our friends, Leslie and Jamie visiting til Sunday afternoon. Saturday, we hung out all day. Sat outside on the deck and took in the nice weather. We almost got attacked by a swarm of angry wasps after we met a preying mantis. It was quite an eventful afternoon. Steve, Jamie and Leslie share an "appreciation" as Steve would call it, for good beer. And, a LOVE for Pearl Jam. There was beer. There was Pearl Jam. There is always good conversation. I love when they tell stories of meeting Steve at school and how "different" he was but yet, still so much the same.

We went to a lil' yummy spot for dinner Steve has always wanted to take them there.  And it just so happened, we were lucky enough to go on a night my brother was playing. We got front row seats. ;)
My brother, Nicholas

Jamie and Leslie

Me and Steve

Yesterday's weather was horrendous. The kind that makes you just want to stay put in the house all day and lazy it up on the couch. After some breakfast, a movie... *ha, if you're reading Leslie, Steve watched it 4 more times today ;)
and saying goodbye to our guests, I had some offices to clean. Blech. I drove with my flashers on the whole way. Basically swam my car to cleaning and felt the rain start to bring on some emotions. It didn't help that I listened to Adele during all my drives back n forth.

Reality truly is every single day. Whether it be a day alone or a day with loved ones. A sun shiny day or a dark and stormy one. An Adele song or a country song. They are And I'm doing my best to live it up...and live through the good, bad, happy n' sad.

There have been tears this past week (hence, "don't think I don't think about it"). There have been moments of pure happiness this past week. I feel some deeper, more emotional posts coming later this week.

I'd add another picture, but Twinkie's getting a little angry over here.
Lucky for Twinkie and all you lovely people, I'm done posting pictures and almost done typing!! :)

Ok, one last paragraph. A few weeks ago, the Mr. surprised me. He told me he nominated me for the "CBS Philly's Most Valuable Blogger Awards".
I was flattered and thought it was sweet but had no idea what it was. I'm not big on competition, so I was a little uneasy. When I found out I made the list, I was happily surprised. So basically, what I'm tryin' to say is...give this LINK a little click click a' rooni. Press "VOTE" :) You can vote once a day. No pressure. I told my friends if they don't vote for me, they can expect a swarm of angry minions at their door. So, at least I can count on a few votes.

Ok, I think I've taken enough of your Monday morning away already.
Thank you everyone, for your well wishes and sweet n' funny comments on my last few posts. They always make me smile!

Wishing everyone a sunshiny Monday!!
Hope your weekend was wonderful!
Lots of LOVE,


Erin said...

I voted for your blog, Maria. You are the sweetest and strongest person. It blesses me that you take everything in stride. The fact that you and your husbands desire is to be strong for each other will make a wonderful marriage. I wish you many blessings and full hearts!!

Stephanie of Gumdrop Pass said...

It looks like you've managed to have some fun since coming back to reality! :) (Can I just say that the cat lady t-shirt looks OUTSTANDING on you? I can't believe you DIDN'T buy it!).

I'm heading over to vote for your blog now - congratulations on making the list!

Keep on tacklin' that reality girl! Have a happy Monday! <3

Stephanie of Gumdrop Pass said...

Oh, and P.S. It seems like all of my favorite bloggers live in Philly! Seriously - you and about 4 others that I follow religiously! Perhaps I should contemplate a move... ;)

Ginger@gingersnapcrafts said...

Hi! Found you on Mingle Monday. :) New follower. Hope your Monday is off to a great start. :)


Cami said...

Twinky is so cute :)
Great post - loved it!

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life

Kelly @ Stay at Home Trader said...

HAHAHAHAHAAHA I love that you used the pic from when we had our feet up on my dash! hahahahaha! I was sitting in the waiting room BUSTING OUT laughing through this. You are so funny!

Noah is so stinking cute - and BAHAHAHHA those Thomas the Train characters aren't named anything normal anyway! LOL! I think we've all had our SUUU-DOOOORRR and Sir Tap-that-a** moments :)

Hope you have a good week. I'm praying that the 2nd half of your 2ww goes quickly for you!

Thanks again for hanging out, and for making my b-day extra special


Nicole Gilbert said...

So this is random and has nothing to do with your post but I think it will make you laugh. We had Taco bell for lunch today and I said to my husband "I can't eat Taco Bell and not think of Maria!" don't worry it's not a bad thing you just now have me obsessed with it too! My husband was like next time I get to pick the food haha...

Moosey Mommy said...

I just voted for you! I loved reading about what you have been doing. I got excited when I saw a new post come up from you in my bloggie list. Simple things amuse me, I know! lol

Mrs. E said...

I totally voted again =D Thinking of you!! xoxoxo~

Muhammad Israr said...

cute cat...and the donuts seems very delicious :)

mom said...

I voted for you!! Fun post and pictures :-)


LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Such a fun and great post. Voted for you!

Mrs. JRose said...

Voted for you! That is awesome Mr nominated you! Loved reading your words and love the food pics! :))

Diana said...

Ok so this is going to be bizzarre... so I'm at lunch and THIS SONG comes on and I sit there and think..."oh that Hootie! I like him as a country singer more!!" And then u post about it!!

AHHHHHHHHHH.. so wierd!!

1. Love yalls pedicures!
2. Kelly and u.. awwww.. yall came out so cute in the pics! and Noah is adorable!
3. Of course i voted and continue to vote!! =) ur blog rocks!!
4. praying that u get extra GREAT news this month.
5. u make me happy!
6. but don't ever wear that cat shirt again! LOL.

sending u biiiiiiiiig hugs gf!

Maria said...

Ha! The book that you read to Noah, Gavin has too. We never watched the shows but Gavin insists that it is said "So-Door". LOL Whatever. I say "soder" just to make Gavin crazy.

I hope that all of your tears are because of pesky pregnancy hormones taking over. :)

Melissa said...

So sweet of your hubby to nominate you! I definitely voted. Your blog never fails to make me smile, even when it brings a tear to my eye too. You are awesome!

waitingforarainbow said...

Gotta say... I'm having a rough night, and your post made me smile and giggle multiple times. You deserve that blog award for so many reasons. I look forward to your next post (as always). I get so excited for them... whether they're silly or sad, because no matter what they affect my emotions, and I feel you. You're an AMAZING writer...(but perhaps not the best reader? haha<3)
P.s. Should have bought the cat shirt! said...

You need a vacation after a vacation in my opinion (or at least plans for another one to look forward to). I have been to Lancaster. We ate at Mary Yoder's, I believe. It was like 10 years ago so I can't remember exactly. I am glad you had some time off with your hubs to relax! Have a great rest of your week! XOXO, Kerstin

Debi Gerhart said...

Hi, following through the blog hop. Come on by and say hi.

Aleisha McD said...

Hey lady! OF COURSE you make that crazy cat lady tee look good!! CURSES!! How is that even fair?? I'd make that crazy tee look...well...even crazier. I adore you and am sending you love from Utah. (Would LOVE to visit Amish country one day! The landscape seems so flat, yet LOVELY. With no mountains to help with my direction, I'd probably get lost!)

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