Sunday, May 13, 2012

It Gets Better - A Mother's Day post

"It Gets Better" - Jo Dee Messina

Last year's Mother's Day post can be read HERE...

I woke up early today.  I drove.  I cleaned.  I remembered.
It was about fifteen minutes into my drive when I realized I never had turned the radio on.  I always listen to my music.  I was too lost in my thoughts. The quiet of the morning and the rush of memories that vividly swept me away
were all I needed.

I prayed for many as I thought about this day and its impact on the heart...
A mother's heart.  A child's heart.  A family's heart.

I thought about my mom and how this would be her first Mother's Day without her mother.
It amazes me what the power of hope can do for one's soul.

 Hope brought me to this day...
Celebrating life with my mother and loved ones, and celebrating the life I carry inside of me.

When I look back to two years ago on this day, I remember an ache and sadness that I was just beginning to try to understand.  My second miscarriage was coming to an end and I was lost and scared.  I didn't know where to put all the grief.  All I knew was I wanted so desperately to be pregnant again.  And the chance to be a mother again. But I also remember the fight for it - how in the two years since then, we've been through even greater trials while we faced all of life's "surprises" together. 

Today, I'm thankful and so appreciative for those surprises...

In my life, I've seen my mom go through her share of bumps in the road.
No matter what the circumstance, she always sprung back, resilient and ready to show life what she's made of.  And I'm forever grateful to her for the lessons she's taught me - many that never needed an explanation. 

There's something so beautifully mysterious about life and the way things come together.

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I looked up my due date...
January 2nd.
My nani passed away that very day just a little over four months ago.
And something inside strongly tells me that it's more than just a coincidence.
The fact that I could deliver our child within days of that date, making my mom a grandmother...
It's wonderfully bittersweet in so many senses.
And brings to mind the circle of life (great, now I'm going to have The Lion King song in my head)
and the blessings it holds.

I've been feeling strong. 
I've found that strong doesn't mean no tears or pain. Strength comes from surprising places. 
I've learned that digging deep, remembering every road along your pulls you through, it builds your passion, it strengthens your love.

I've learned that you're never ever alone.
And if you keep the faith through it all, soon you'll see...

"It gets better."


To my mom, who made this day so special
to my sweet mama friends
to the soon to be moms
to the beautiful mamas I've met throughout this journey
to the moms who have loved and lost
to all the moms...

Tonight, I say,

Today, we celebrated...

The sun was shining with 80 degree weather.

The Mr. grilled up a storm.

We chowed down and relaxed.

And broke out some instant entertainment - catnip.

Moofy was intrigued.

Twinkie was drooling.

Yep, she loved it so much, she couldn't let go. 

Steve enjoyed a cigar while Twinkie ventured out for a peek and
 my mom and I sat and chatted.

Beautiful and touching gifts and card from my mom.

 This man made this day a sweet one for me. <3

The start of my weekly belly pics...

These were last week's after a nap, the day of our first ultrasound.

5 weeks 4 days

I see a little bump already (though it could be from all the "healthy" food I'm eating.)


When I rise, I'll be 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant.
And we'll be getting ready for our next ultrasound.

Mother's Day Lovin',


~Rian said...

What a beautiful post! And I can't wait to watch your belly grow. I have so much hope for you and I can't wait to hear about your ultrasound.


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day!
I am so excited to watch your journey. So sorry I have not replied to your message on FB, been so busy & stressed. I stalk your blog all.the.time. You are so beautiful! You also have an amazing body ;-) lucky Steve! When I had my son, I was due on my youngest daughters birthday, instead I went 9 days over. Went into labor the day my maternal grandma passed away 7 years prior. I had him 2 hours 45 minutes the next day. I had torn feelings about it, also, the next day after his birthday was the anniversary of my paternal grandfathers death. He ended up sharing a birthday with my cousin :-) Your Nani is with you, I am certain, without a doubt, she had a huge hand in this. Like I said, if you need ANYTHING, I am here. XOXO beautiful! Love your kitties, too!

Melissa said...

Happy mothers day! I can't wait to hear about another wonderful ultrasound!

Maria said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! You are going to be one hot mama!! I can't wait to hear about your ultrasound today!!!

MrsV said...

Beautiful post <3 i'll be thinking of you today :) can't wait to hear all about that little babe growing inside you. And ya I'm feelin pretty jealous about that belly of yours! lol
<3 oxo

M said...

I'm a little late, but Happy Mother's Day, mama! Hope this one was filled with lots of love and hope <3

Thanks for the comment on my means a lot. Yesterday was a rough day for me, even though when it started, I thought it would be just like any other day. But my heart ached all day long...and I couldn't help but wonder what it would've been like had my baby been here with me to share it.

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

Beautiful post Maria! You are just adorable! Happy Mothers day to you! I love the special gifts from your mother they are so sweet! I am just so happy for you! Mmm and that cook out food looks so yummy!!I love seeing your post pop up on my blog roll! Your so full of life and inspiring! always praying for you and your family :D Have a lovely week!

Karen Fieri said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! You are already glowing :) I love that the due date is the same date as your Nani's passing. God's work in action. Beautiful photos!

~Jess said...

So glad that you had such a wonderful Mother's day!

My's no coincidence that your due date is that day =)

Continuing to pray for all of you!

Carlia said...

looks like it was a wonderful mother's day, which you so deserve! happy belated mother's day!

and with such a svelte figure, you are going to be one of those pregnant ladies that make other women jealous, because you are going to be one hot mama! ;)

Ashley said...

Happy Mother's Day Maria!!
What a beautiful post from such a beautiful person. I think it is really special that your due date is when it is. :) I don't believe in coincidences like that.
You look great and I can't wait to see you keep growing and you look like you are glowing already, girl!

Glad you had such a fantastic day and I hope your ultrasound went/goes okay!


Rachel said...

Happy Mother's Day Maria! I am so happy you had a wonderful day with your Mom and your family. I don't think it is a coincidence that your due date is that date your lovely Grandmother passed, she is looking down on you and she was watching over your baby in heaven before he/she came down to you. My mom looked up the date Annabelle was born and it was St. Theresa day in her book and Theresa was my grandmothers name, kind of freaky but also heartwarming. Can't wait to see your bump grow. BIG HUGS!

Aleisha McD said...

Look at you and your hot body, honey!!! You'll be a hot prego chick. (and stupid auto correct on my phone tried to make that Oregon instead of prego.) You'll be a hot mama too. Can't wait to hear all about your ultrasound! By the way, you mother's day outfit was FABULOUS. I loved the dress and all your accessories!!!!!!! H

Aleisha McD said...

Ooops!!!! Wasn't done but my phone thought it flipped out weird. Anyway...Speaking of dresses, I wore the one you gave me to a party for a friend. I wore it with a mustard yellow belt and mustard yellow shoes! CUTE! You look pretty and happy. Love you a whole bunch!!

Rebecca said...

GL with your u/s and Happy Mother's Day!

A new years baby will be so exciting! What a great time to be having a baby!!!

Cami said...

Ok, first off, you and your mom are gorgeous. Where did you get that dress you are wearing? BECAUSE I LOVE IT!!! :)
I have tears in my eyes reading about the due date. That is oh so beautiful. Wow. I think you are right - that is completely GOD-SENT. God is SO GOOD, isn't HE? We are so blessed <3 looks like you had a wonderful Mommas day...happy to hear that :)
You have the cutest body ever...I guess I look preggers because I totally have a little bump...hahah!! You are gorgeous :)

Judy Haughton-James said...

This is so touching Maria - deep thoughts and wonderful pictures! I am very happy that this time around Mother's Day found you with a big reason to feel happy and celebrate as you are pregnant and things are going well. I know there was the other side of missing your nani. My thoughts are with your mom. You are truly blessed that she has shown a lot of strength and is always there for you. Keep the faith! Many persons continue to pray for you and wish you all the very best. It is going to get even better!:) Take care and I send you Lots of Love, Friendship and Best Wishes.

Kristina said...

Happy mamas day to you!! Sounds like it was such a great day!! And how beautiful about your due date and the timing of making your mom a grandma!! Xoxoxo

KERRY said...

So glad you had a beautiful Mother's Day with the people that you love and who love you! I could so see us sitting around the bbq eating and chatting like that, ahh one day!!
You have a beautiful mum, and I love that colour you are wearing!
And need I say that my belly has never looked like that lol, doh!
I am so happy for you, beyond words happy. Great pics, great post! Lots of love to you and Steve always xoxox

Mrs. JRose said...

Beautiful post and late Happy Mother's Day!!!! So thrilled all is well! Love from Journee and me! :)) said...

Beautiful post Maria!!
I love that you're close to your Mom too!! ; )
As I've said before, you are so inspiring and full of life!!!
I'm so excited for you I can't stand it!
Im looking forward to your next post!!!

Brittany said...

Ahhhhh happy belated mothers day to you, beautiful momma!! You are your Mom are so gorgeous....I love how close y'all are and the way y'all always eat the BEST food. Yum!! I can't wait to watch your sweet little belly grow :)

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