Monday, October 3, 2011

7 Things

I don't know, calendar fluffy, I really don't! September happened?! Is it really October?!  IT IS!!  Ahh, it's one of my most favorite months!!

I will be sure to proclaim my love for everything "fall-ish" in upcoming posts.

Thank you, to everyone for your sweet comments on my last post, "Thankful Thursday"  
I am truly thankful for my lovely readers.

And speaking of lovely readers...

This past week, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights included me in the Versatile Blogger Award.  It's no surprise she won the award.  Her fun loving blog includes a little bit of everything...from her amazing times with the ones she loves, to awesome reviews and recipes, to beautiful photos of all that she is crazy about!  I love her passion about everything and everyone dear to her! Sending her good thoughts, as she, her husband and super cute pup are in the unpacking phase of their move to a gorgeous new home in New Orleans.

Judy @ Judy H - J's Thoughts - A Twinless Twin included me in the Blog on Fire Award.
Judy writes straight from her heart in every post, including inspirational quotes and photos of precious memories.  She takes the most ultimate of trying times and looks on the bright side of it all.  She has such compassion and love for the people in her life and her positivity is so admirable. 

With each of these awards, I am to include 7 things about myself.  So, instead of boring you all with 14, I will keep it at 7. (I'm not so great at following rules) And since I tend to write sometimes about the deep and intimate details of my life, I will keep em' random and light hearted.

1.) I'm a CRAZY CAT LADY!! Okay, as if you didn't know this already.  But no, really, I AM!!  My husband and I have 3 Meow Machines.  Krimpet, Twinkie and Muffin.  A funny and kinda uhh, gross that Twinkie is not only Muffin's father, but also her brother!!  Yep, it's true.  And, that is because Twinkie had *you know what* with his Mama, who is Krimpet!!  So, let's get this straight. Krimpet is the mom of Twinkie and Muffin.  Twinkie is the son of Krimpet/brother and dad of Muffin.  And Muffin is the daughter of Krimpet and daughter/sister to Twinkie.  (all kitties are now nice n' fixed and unable to make more fluffies)
I seriously think I tell them I love them about 103 (maybe 104) times a day.  I get excited to give them treats.  I chase them when they aren't in the mood the cuddle.  I make up 287 nicknames for each of them.  I look at kitten pictures when I'm feeling blue.  I feel guilty when leaving the house without saying goodbye to them.  I make up songs about them.  I then send those songs, with my super beautiful voice singing them, to my friends. (lyrics included)  I love that Muffin's paw is dangling from the top of the couch as I type. In a perfect world (ok, in my perfect world) there would be kittens everywhere. One in every room. One dangling from the chandelier. A few to greet me when I open the fridge (not frozen, of course). One in every drawer.... Okay, enough! You get the picture! *the very frightening picture*
Yea, so I'm definitely WAY UP THERE in the CRAZY CAT LADY category!!

2.) I love spicy food!! The spicier the better. I housed chicken nachos yesterday and my favorite part were the jalapenos!! If we go out to a restaurant that puts those "little pepper symbols" next the the name of the meal, I always choose the one with the most little pepper symbols. And now, for the revolting part of my love for spicy things. (I might lose a few followers here LOL) There was a time when I was obsessed with Turkey Hill fat free vanilla ice cream...sprayed with fake calorie free butter spray and sprinkled with LOADS of red chili flakes! I mean, don't tell me your mouth isn't watering. I'm thinking of pitching the idea to Dairy Queen.

3.) My car is a smelly piece of crap. LOL! No nicer way to put it. It's been my one and only car for the past 10 years. I guess it doesn't look so bad from the outside. It's the inside that is quite scary. So, if you've been reading my blog for a while, you know, I'm a cleaning lady. Well, my car sure in heck doesn't reflect that. I always say I'm going to clean it out...make it nice...make it smell nice, for that matter. But, then I never do. Maybe I will do a before and after post on it sometime soon...motivate myself to get it together! Wouldn't that be a hit! Just a few of it's contents at the moment - clothes, shoes, jewelry, cds without cases, empty soda cans (like 2,448 of em'), baskets from last Christmas, lonesome crackers and cookies... The list goes on. I can't mention the most horrendous of one from about 5 and a half years ago. It is no longer "alive"...yea, don't ask.  Just a few months ago my friend, Jessica, found a bottle of scented bath powder lying on the front passenger side, as we were entering my car.  She picked it up, asked me "What is this doing in here?!" as she quickly went to jokingly sprinkle it my car.  A gust of wind hit at the perfect moment and the unknowingly open powder bottle sprayed half it's contents all over seats of my car, leaving it snowy white (and not smelling like a rotting elephant carkus *what my husband calls it's stentch*)

4.) I LOVE LMN (lifetime movie network) and "The Nanny"!!! So basically, I love tacky television. When I have trouble sleeping at night, you can find me switching between the somehow super addicting made for tv movies, to the amazing, colorful, and "nasal", Fran Drescher. I love the situations she gets herself into and the way she gets herself out of them. I'm dead serious when I say I love her fashion sense and wacky wardrobe changes! Which brings me to #5 and #6.

5. and 6.) I love clothes and accessories. And, I LOVE a great bargain. If someone compliments me on something I'm wearing, I'm famous for telling them how much I got them for. I shop a lot at Target...A LOT. But my latest discovery, as of a few years ago, are consignment shops. There's a pretty popular one close to one of the offices I clean.  I can't help but make my way to it at least once a week. I love that every single day they get new clothes in. I seriously could stay in shops like those, Marshall's and TJMAX for hours. Looking at every single article hanging until I decide which ones are coming home with me. *and then once I'm bored with them, I sell them to the consignment shop :)

7.) I've recently been working on ending 2 minor addictions. Biting my nails. And drinking diet coke. I have bit my nails down to nubbins since I was a little girl. For the first time, in a long time, they aren't horrific looking. We will see how long this lasts.
Diet coke and I haven't seen each other since last Sunday. Eight whole days without my beloved caffeinated friend. It hasn't been nearly as tough as I thought it'd be. I don't think we'll always be apart, I just need to cut back on some things that I know have got to be messin' with my sleep/other aspects of my life. I'm still allowing myself coffee. But when I thought about it, if I'm drinking an average of 3-4 cans of diet coke a day, that is 100-120 cans a month!!! EEEEKS!

So, there ya have it...7 random things about this crazy cat lady!

Thank you so much, Judy and Stephanie...for the award and for sharing yourselves with the blogworld.
This post was tons of fun!!

As I mentioned, I'm not the greatest at following rules.  I am supposed to choose 15 blogs to pass the award onto.  I'm also not the greatest at only selecting a few of you wonderful ladies, so I'd like to pass these awards onto all of you!! Anyone reading this post, please accept theses awards, and if you like...share 7 things about YOU!! I'd love to read them!

I must be going...Muffin just pranced over to me with one of my retired headbands in her mouth.  Time to play fetch and eat dinner with the Mr.
Wishing Everyone a wonderful Monday night!!! and a VERY...

October Lovin',


Rachel Marie said...

Oh yayy Maria on the awards<3 I also have 3 cats (and 1 dog who thinks she's a cat). Whenever I get home they're all waiting at the door, the 4 year old cat -- Ozzie dashing for an escape out the door, you'd think we tortured him or something? Pfft. So happy to see you do a happy post :D

Maria said...

I LOVE spicy food too! Love it! My brother once said that "If it doesn't burn on the way out, then it wasn't spicy enough." LOL Now, the ice cream "treat" you described.. not sure how on earth you stumbled upon that odd and perhaps horrifying combination! :)

Diana said...

you're too sweet on ur comment on my blog! thank you my dear! =)

ok now getting to this fabulous list of urs lol:

1.) i seriousy feel the need to pull out a sheet of paper and figure out the whole connection with your cats! lol. I swear I re-read it like 5 times and laughed each time of me trying to figure out who the father is and how it happened.. and who is who!! lol. other than that.. ur cats are freakin adoraaaaaaaaaaaable!! i bet theyre just soooo friendly just like their owner!! =)

2.)mariaaaaaa.. seriously.. pepper flakes in ur ice cream?!?! hmmmmm i dont know about that one sista!

3) i loveeeee watching the nanny too!!!!! ::fran's voice: MR SHEFFIELD!!!!!!!!! =) love it!

4.) something u and i do NOT have in common.. u like bargain shopping... i HATE shopping. omg.. i hate it!!! I will not look at every article of clothing. I go i, get something quick and leave. then get pissed at home cuz it didnt fit! lol. i do however LOVE target!! =)

5.) good job on trying to cut back on diet coke ma'am!

ahhhhhhhh i just wanna give u a big hug right now! u always make me smile! =)

KERRY said...

You are one of my most fave bloggers Maria, I love your open, honest, down to earth, natural and funny posts!!
I too love jalapenos, hot & spicy is the best. I have to say though that after drinking a can or two of DC a day I went cold turkey and haven't had any for 2.5 years!!!
You are an awesome person!! Xo
Luv it, your blog rocks :)

Rebecca said...

OMG Maria! I'm a little nauseous from my meds and I think I gagged a bit when I read about the ice cream! LOL...but I LLOOOOVE spicy food too! You are doing a good job shopping. I always notice your outfits and all the really cute accessories you have on in your pictures.

Anonymous said...

Spicy food makes me happy, too. I love feeling the burn on its way down....but on its way out? Ummm..yeah, not so much. However, I must say...I can do without your little ice cream concoction. LOL!

Congrats on your awards!

Stephanie of Gumdrop Pass said...

First off (as always!) thanks for all of your sweet comments on all of my nonsense. ;)

I love the genealogy you've given of your cats. I feel like I know them quite well now! ;) lol

Congratulations on the awards! You definitely deserve them. I always have to read ALL of your posts because I know that they will either make me laugh or cry or both. Always always good. :)

Hope you have a good week!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Maria, you deserve all the awards!! You are a fantastic person and blogger! I also love marshalls. I can go in there everyday if money wasn't a problem. I also gave up diet coke completely three years ago. I used to drink 6 cans a day. I stopped cold turkey. It was hard at first but I can say I haven't drank any in 3 years. I'm a recovering diet coke addict, lol. Have a great day!

mag said...

Seriously, you crack me up. I am again very sorry for not replying to your post yesterday - I am having the cruddiest time doing comments right now. I have one computer that's able to do it - the rest of them just make my long comments disappear once I hit submit. ANYWAY, talk about a pointless first paragraph.

So you listed some very funny 7 things, to the point where I think we'd get along very well IRL. The only thing really screamingly different is that you are a cat lover, and I am a dog lover. ARE WE TOO DIFFERENT??? I don't know. I was never been allowed to get a cat growing up, and then the one time I did get a kitty, I ended up giving him to my neighbor when their house caught fire and their other cat died :(. The mom came over and told me what happened and I figured since it was Christmas, getting a new kitty for her kids would be a nice thing. So, that was the end of my pet kitten chapter of life.

I wanted to say thanks for your comment too on my post. I am finally feeling like crazy af is dying down, so we'll see how it goes. Thanks for the tip about the timing of the OPK. I may have to rig something up to do the test at work lol. Gosh, wouldn't that just be wonderful...

Okay, well hope you're having a good night!!! Talk again soon.

The Southern Fried Bride said...

New follower from the blog hop!

Tiffanie said...

Hello! I love your blog! I'm totally in love with this Brand Paisley song that is playin! I came over from the Blog Hop! :)

Erin said...

I loved learning so many fun things about you! You really should post a pic of the inside of your car! ;) Good job on the nail biting and the coke!
You deserved the awards because you write from the heart, and it's funny and touching and sweet. I always love to visit your blog!

Coupon Housewife said...

New follower from the blog hop. I would love for you to visit and follow me back at - Coupon Housewife

Thanks - have a fantastic day!

Stephanie said...

(1) I'm so glad you posted your about me's!!!! I love them!!!! and thank you so much for your super sweet words!!!!

(2) I am so sad because my iPhone will no longer let me comment on your blog (tear tear tear!)... so I am reading, but may not always timely comment. Sigh!

(3) as always you made me laugh... I love your kittie pics :)

Hope all is well!!!!! XOXO, Stephanie

Judy Haughton-James said...

Hi Maria!
Very interesting post! I am really glad I passed the award on to you! You deserve it. I am so happy that after a week of internet problems things seem to be back to normal and tonight I get to read this wonderful post with lovely pictures. Take care.

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