Monday, April 18, 2011

My Kinda Party

"My Kinda Party" - Jason Aldean

It's a comfy Monday night. The windows and screen door are open. The kitties look like little statues, so still and close to the screen, watching for any kind of activity going on outside. Steve's in his chair, glued to the tv, enjoying his new birthday games, of course. He gets a night of unlimited gaming time. It's part of his birthday gift...and as his busy tax season has come to an end, he deserves it! I'm perfectly content in his tshirt, gym shorts and xbox headphones plugged into my laptop (to drown out the sounds of his games :)...though, I'm totally pressing mute on my music to listen to him when he plays dj hero). It was a fun-filled, busy weekend...full of celebrating. Steve turned 34. My dad turned 58. We went out to dinner for my dad's birthday, on Friday and Saturday, we had a party at our house, for Steve. I figured, I'd go a little up-tempo with the song today...something fun and not too deep. One of Steve's favorite country singers (he doesn't have many) is Jason Aldean. Steve burned us a few cds for our drive to Tennessee, a couple months ago, and when we listened to the country mix one, he kept saying, "oo what's this...this sounds good...keep this song on". It was almost always one of his songs. And being that, Saturday was his party, with just the right mix of everything and everyone we loved, I'll go with the song, "My Kinda Party" by Jason Aldean.

We love having people over and having a reason to celebrate. We love that my friends are Steve's friends and Steve's friends are my friends. We love seeing everyone together, meshing well and just having a good time with the ones we love, all under one roof.

This weekend, we barely thought about all that we have going on...and that...was a good thing. We needed to relax, have a few days of down time before we gear up for another cycle (which I started on Saturday, right before the the timing)...and as silly as it may sound, a birthday party full of great friends, family, food n'drinks, games and many, many laughs...was "just what the doctor ordered"...

I can't say we did much of anything, he's singing about in this song, LOL...we didn't "get down in the Georgia clay" and we weren't "sippin on moonshine"...but it WAS our kinda party!!

We ordered pizza, served cans of beer in a tin tub, drank wine from plastic cups, listened to music while we chit-chatted, ate and relaxed.

We have soo many leftovers from the, yes lots of meatballs, lol...we have cookies, chips and half a birthday cake. But our favorite "leftovers" are always the memories...

A bunch of pictures to remember Steve's 34th <3 Happy Birthday, Mr!!

Me and the Birthday Boy <3

Muffin eyein' up the sweets!

Steaks and grilling cookbook from Jen and Sean...what a sweet and perfect gift!!

some of the guys

Jessica and Jen <3

Doug and Steve :)

Adam and Noah...chillin ;)

Kim and Noah, under the fort <3

Me and Kelly <3

Kelly and I <3

Kelly and Nicholas :)

Steve's new favorite,Yankees tshirt, complete with his birth year...from Jessica and Ed <3

Ed and Jessica <3

Steve and my Mom <3

Me and the ever so sweet and handsome, Noah <3

Steve helping him try out some Matrix moves :)

He must have told my mom, "again!!" a hundred times, such a sweet<3!

Jessica and Jen helping me with Steve's Birthday cake...I had a Yankees cake made, to surprise him.

Noah took a turn at making a wish :)

Me and Jen <3

Jessica Ed and Kelly <3

Kelly and Kurt <3

Alex and Steve :)

The girls <3

Love this picture!!! looks like he's stuck to the ceiling haha!!

let the games begin...playing catchphrase...hilarious!

suzani Ed!!

the scariest/funniest picture of the night...thank you kelly for capturing this moment, lol!...hahaha my mom knocking us over and me looking terrified as I go crashing into the floor!

what the previous picture, should have looked like ;)

my mom can't give a clue without waving her hand in the air LOL

the late night bunch <3

Alex Steve and Ed <3

Alex, I love your expression!

Me Jessica Ed and Steve <3

Alex and Mom...Kelly and I lol in background at them :)

no comment

I LOVE these girls! <3

These are the times that we really remember. It's so refreshing when you have alot going on in your personal life, to just escape from it all, every so often. My friend and I were just texting about "not thinking about things" you can't ignore your problems, necessarily, but how nice it is, when they can leave your mind for a while, without any forcing them to. Nights like Saturday, are the perfect example. We didn't "not think about things" because of the few glasses cups of wine we had or the hustle and bustle of the party...we didn't think about the tough times because when you're having that wonderful of a night, how can you...
because when you surround yourself with all that is great in your life... with all of the people who you love so dearly...
the ones who are always there for you...
they make it easy to forget the "bad stuff"...

And some pictures of my Dad's Birthday <3

Dad Me Nicholas and Steve <3

Brigid and Dad <3

Brigid and I <3

Dad Me and Nicholas <3

Nicholas, Brigid lol Steve and I <3

I'm going to go now...and play some dj hero and rap star w/Steve, while eating cold pizza...I'm going to forget about it all tonight...because I can...because this week (the 1st week of my cycle) is a "free" week as far as doctor visits, phone calls and medications, go...When next week approaches, we will have our game faces on and be ready to try again.

I hope everyone's week is off to a happy start!! <3


XtOphY Design Studio said...

Love love love!!!! <3 The pictures are so freaking funny, Maria!! hahahahahahahahahhaahahhaha! Such a fun time! Thanks for having us! <3

Steve said...

Thank u some much for everything u did and everything u have done. I had such a great time and I hope u did too. I love u hunny.

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