Sunday, October 28, 2012


* a little ? and update at the end of the post...
I'm up late tonight.  There's a big storm brewin' around us.  It's hard to feel sleepy with the news blaring in the background.  Not to mention the sound of Steve inhaling 14 cheesy poofs every 20 seconds as he enthusiastically gives me minute-by-minute coverage of Hurricane Sandy.
We've got nowhere to be tomorrow but inside...
with lots of water, bread, peanut butter, cookies, chips, salsa and cheesy poofs - a human-sized bag of cheesy poofs.
Muffin's been pacing.  She's ready to see what this storm is made of.
The past week has flown by.  Really, this whole month has.  And as October comes to an end, I look back on it and smile - a giant, joyful smile...just like Chloe's. 
I babysat Chloe and Addison for a bit on Monday.  Chloe's memory amazes me.  She remembers everything...even the phone game she and her sister played last time they saw me.
I couldn't resist letting her play a few rounds.  She asked so adorably - "Mimi?!  Phone!  Al-EE-ga-toe phone!"
We played legos.
Made funny faces.
She's got some awesome ones!
And the girls' favorite - hairdresser.  They shared so nicely. Addison took the right side and Chloe took the left.
The result - this fabulous 'do!
Chloe kept lifting my shirt repeating " I see baby?!  I see belly?!" 
 I just about popped from the cute-ness factor.
Addison gets an A in photography.
I just about popped again on Wednesday afternoon.  I had just gotten out of the shower and decided to lounge around for a bit before heading to clean.  I lay in bed with a towel still wrapped around my head...relaxed enough to sneak in a quick nap.
 And then I felt it - a baby kick.
And then another.  And another.
Tears filled my eyes instantly. 
I placed my hand on my stomach, feeling a few tiny thumps meet my palm every 5 seconds.
I laughed.  Cried.  Hopped out of bed.  And texted Steve.  He responded with a big "YAYYYY!"
It's just so neat.  Neat is my favorite word to describe seeing the baby on the ultrasound, hearing their heartbeat
 and now - feeling them kick.
It's just so neat. Neat. NEAT.
It's a big -
 Wow!  There's a tiny, little person growing inside of me.
I thought it was incredible to see them on the ultrasound.  I thought nothing could top hearing their heartbeat.  But feeling them alive and literally kicking inside of me - indescribable.
Thursday, we went to my dad's for dinner.  Brigid cooked a wonderful dinner - I definitely ate for two that night.  We ended the night with some hilarious youtube videos.  My dad's reactions to them are always priceless and sometimes funnier than the actual videos.
 Gibson wanted to dance.
Friday breakfast with Kelly...
We had a lot of catching up to do.  The diner was the perfect choice - we knew we could sit uninterrupted - knowing we weren't annoying the server for sitting as long as we wanted.
And for the food portion of this post...
We tried Texas Roadhouse for dinner this weekend.  Steve loves him some steak, so I knew he'd light up when I suggested it for dinner.
We cracked peanuts and threw them on the ground while we waited...
They sat us in "Willie's Corner" while blasting country tunes - how perfect - steak for Steve - Willie and country music for me.
I've been craving one of these for months.  It's a vegetable.  It's good for me, right?!
Steve's meal.
And mine - Steve finds it "hot" when I order ribs.
After stuffing ourselves and filling 3 take-home boxes, we skipped dessert and went bra shopping.  Yes, bra shopping. 
 My boobs are so much happier in their new and roomier homes. (sorry, no pictures.)
Kurt and Kelly had us over for a little pre-hurricane feast.  Nachos with lots of jalepenos and fish tacos - YUM!
Addison and Steve playing the "al-EE-ga-toe" game mentioned earlier - they are hooked.
Chloe rang me up at the grocery store.
19 week bump shots
We took a little intermission.  Muffin wanted to play a quick game of "straw."
I wanted to sneak in a bump picture with Muffin.
Here's how she felt about that one (someone's already jealous of baby)...
Let's get a closer look, people!
Awesome-o! This is my new favorite picture.
The baby was moving a ton after dinner tonight.  I called Steve over to sit next to me. 
He sat with his hand on my belly for a few minutes and just as I started feeling movement, Steve looked at me wide-eyed...He felt the baby give 2 teeny kicks. 
Muffin waited her turn.
It was so neat.
Our anatomy scan is late afternoon on Thursday.  I'm more than excited.  Our last ultrasound was at ten and a half weeks - to be able to see our sweet baby and how much they've grown over the past few months is going to be (yep, you guessed it) so neat.
And to find out their gender - I cry when I think about it.  Steve and I can truly say we don't have a preference whatsover.  As cliche as it sounds, all we could ever hope and pray for is a healthy baby.
I think I'd feel that way regardless of the long journey it took to get here.
I will say though, I have thought and felt "BOY" 80-90% for most of this pregnancy...even past ones...and even when I wasn't pregnant.  I've had many strong boy "signs" follow me throughout this pregnancy - to the point of seeing the name (the one I talked about in this post) that we have chosen for a boy many unique times and places.  But then again, I've also had some pretty crazy girl signs too.  Most of my friends guess boy.  And my mom, who was thinking strongly girl in the beginning, is kinda leaning towards boy now.  But I did get 2 solid girl votes today from Kelly and Kurt.
So, I switched my percentages to about 68% boy and 32% girl.  Yes, that specific. ;)
Steve asked if we could ask the ultrasound tech to not tell us the gender and instead, write boy or girl on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope for us.  That way, we can come home and find out together.  I loved it from the start!
We plan on coming home and video taping the whole thing. 
 Boy or girl, I know I will be one, crazy happy, emotional mama!!
 I will be sure to share the reveal video later Thursday night or early Friday morning!
What is your guess? 
Boy or Girl ?
Until then, have a wonderful end of October!!
And to those affected by the storm - be safe. <3
 Muffin's all ready!

Super Neat Lovin',


MrsV said...

I just literally LOL'd and almost woke my baby and the ribs are hot line. Oh man he loves his meat ;)

Yay for baby kicks!!!!!!
Such an exciting feeling!!!! So strange and wonderful at the same time <3 I can't wait to hear the news I think boy but I may be biased lol I think everyone's having boys now. My subconscious may be planning out all MVs buddies haha

Looks like you've been having a great week as always! (my life is so boring I realize this every time I read your posts HA!)
Stay safe <3 I will be thinking of you oxo

Dazzlin Sana said...

Aww, congratulations!! xD
umm, boy? :D

Found you through bloghop!

Rebecca said...

I can't WAIT to hear the sex!!!!!! I'm so excited!! I am guessing boy because you did IUI. My DR said boys were more common with IUI. I know, lazy guess......

Yay for baby kicks!

~Rian said...

Aw I teared up when I read about the baby kicks. That is the most amazing feeling!!! And Muffins picture......hilarious!!!! Can't wait for the big reveal! :)

Kerry said...

OK so Thursday night for you should be Friday morning for me and don't think I won't be setting an alarm to alert me to get online and read your reveal post lol cause I will!!!
I think boy, and I am always right - just ask my husband and kids ;)
You cracked me up with the mental image of Steve scoffing down cheesey poofs (is that right?) I am guessing they are chips of some sort lol
Ahhh you guys stay safe with that hurricane threatening you all :( I will be thinking of you xoxox
P.S You look bigger in every post lol (bigger in a good way!!) and how wonderful for you guys that you have felt baby's first kicks this week...such a sweet time for you both!
Lots of love to you xoxoxoxxoxox

Maria said...

Baby kicks and onion blossoms in the same week?! Perfection! ;) I am so unbelievably overjoyed for you!

As soon as I read nachos and jalapenos I said "boy" in my head. :) But I also have a feeling of girl for you. I don't know why but my final vote is still girl. I do hope that you post your video Thursday about 8 minutes after your u/s! That gives you plenty of time, right?

Jenny said...

You are looking fabulous! Hmmm...put me down for a girl vote!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

How could you leave us in suspense- I WANT TO KNOW!!!! Please text me:) I am saying GIRL!!! You look adorable my friend! Look at that cute belly! So happy for you guys. Seemed like a wonderful week. Stay safe in the storm.

Brandy said...

Congrats on the new baby! I know how exciting it is for you, I have 3!! I am your newest follower from I love my friends hop....
would love a visit!!

E and R said...

You look fantastic! I am going to go with girl :)
Thinking of you and hope you stay safe this week!!

Melissa said...

You are so cute! This post made me smile from ear to ear. Feeling a baby kick really is NEAT. There is no other word to describe it! Much love you you, your growing baby, Steve, and the kitties! <3 Oh, and I vote girl! said...

Yay!!! You look so radiant and beautiful!! I knew it had to be soon and then I worried that maybe you were going for a delivery room surprise. I can't wait to hear!!! My sister finds out today.

I have the same minty top---from Target, right?!?

Jillian Nicole said...

I love the picture diary of what has been going on. It looks like fun and the congratulations on your newest addition to the family.
I hope you and your family stay safe during the storm and my prays are for all who are experiencing the terrible weather.
I am following you now and would love for you to follow back.

Stephanie N. said...

Aww! Baby kicks!!! :)
Oooh, i can't wait to find our what baby is! I'm guessing about 65/35 that its a girl.... Lol.
Annnd, you look so good pregnant, Maria!! :)
Hope you have a lovely week! Stay safe through Sandy!

lovejoy_31 said...

AWESOME!!! I LOVED feeling Cecelia kick when pregnant. The first few kicks felt like popcorn popping. I absolutely can't wait to hear who is right in their guesses. TEXT ASAP!!!!!!! And thanks for your comments too. Stay safe!!!!!


Kiara Buechler said...

I will guess BOY! Love that you will be videoing the reveal, can't wait to see it!

Kari said...

This post totally made me tear up. It's the best feeling in the world isn't it?! I cherish every single movement. :)

I'm guessing boy like I've said all along! :) Text me when you know please!!!!


P.S. Your bump=adorable!

Heather said...

Lol at the picture of you getting socked by the cat.

I felt flutters with Isaac, but never got to feel full kicks. What an amazing feeling that must be. Soooo happy for you.

I'm thinking boy as well. Can't wait for the reveal!!!

{{{Kelly}}} XtOphY Design Studio said...

YAY you finally got to Texas Roadhouse! LOL! I am so excited for you guys to find out THIS WEEK! THIS WEEK!!!! THIS WEEEEKKKKKKK!!! I cant believe it! You are the most beautiful preggo lady ever! I cry every time I see your belly, and I take a second to THANK GOD for answering all your hopes, dreams, and prayers. Love you so much, and I can't wait to find out! xoxoxoxoxo

Fifi @ AboutBloggingTime! said...

Yay!! Can't wait to find out if you're having a boy or a girl!!

Crazy Muffin, lol!! Love that pic. and all the rest too.

I love Texas Road house....they're butter is the bomb and I LOVE their loaded sweet potatoes, Yummers!

Sending prayers your way!! Be safe during Sandy.

Brittany said...

Ahhhhhh Maria! I'm in LOVE with this post...and absolutely dying over here to find out whether baby beano is a boy or girl!! For some reason I'm thinking girl...not sure why I'm choosing the 32% group :). I know you guys are SO excited to find out! Didn't you just love Texas Roadhouse? Their rolls and cinnamon butter are AMAZING...your pictures tortured me so much that I texted Zach and asked him if we could please go there one night this week. Haha! He loves it too, so naturally he said yes :).

Your bump pictures are so are definitely showing, little lady! It's ALL bump though..I have a feeling this is going to be a good sized little nugget :). I can't WAIT to watch the video of y'all opening the envelope...such special, once in a lifetime memories. Hurry up please Thursday/Friday!!!!!

Sending you lots of love and happiness this week (not that you need it...I know you are on cloud 9!)....keep taking care of that sweet baby!

Brittany said...

Oh and YAY for baby kicks! So "neat" :) that Steve felt them too. Little Girl/Boy is wigglin' and ready to meet Mom and Dad!!

Tami said...

In the storm right with ya! Stay safe! It was kind of you to babysit. Cute girls. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen pregnant! You have a glow about you that makes me smile.
My cat is snuggling right up to me. She could care less about the storm. :D

Ashley said...

Hope you guys are hunkered down and staying safe!! Sending lots of good thoughts your way!
Your bump is getting bigger every week, love it! I, too, think boy but I have about a 50/50 who knows!

I have never been to a Texas Roadhouse but Outback has blooming onions and they are a weakness of mine. Who am I kidding? Food is just a weakness of mine. ;)

Can not wait to hear what you are having!!

Angela said...

Mmm, Texas Roadhouse is yuuuuumy! and Yaaaaaay! Baby kicks!!! So so incredibly exciting. You have so much more to look forward to, too. From this point on, the baby grows so fast, get's so strong, and pregnancy really takes over. I am SO happy you are blessed to expereince all of it. And the pic of you and getting bitch slapped by your cat made me pee my pants. Seriously. BEST PICTURE EVER! Girl, stay safe in this storm and your bump is looking fab btw :)

Heather Nelsen said...

Oooh! So neat so neat! ;) I loved how your little belly has just popped in the last couple weeks! You look awesome! I can't wait to hear the news after Thursday. I'm gonna go with BOY. :) So so exciting, Maria!

Oh, and your ribs picture and caption cracked me up! I actually love to order ribs (even though it does feel a little manly), but Matt loves when I go for it! haha... too funny!

Have a great week, Maria! I know you will!! :)


Heather Nelsen said...

Oooh! So neat so neat! ;) I loved how your little belly has just popped in the last couple weeks! You look awesome! I can't wait to hear the news after Thursday. I'm gonna go with BOY. :) So so exciting, Maria!

Oh, and your ribs picture and caption cracked me up! I actually love to order ribs (even though it does feel a little manly), but Matt loves when I go for it! haha... too funny!

Have a great week, Maria! I know you will!! :)


Cami said...

I want one of your kitties. Please ;)

Isn't Steve so precious...what a cute idea...and how adorable - a true moment and memory you can share TOGETHER!!! <3 it Thursday yet???!!


JP said...

Baby kicks are amazing. That is probably this thing I miss most about baing pregnant. I'm so glad you and Steve are experiencing those now.
Your Dad's dogs are super super cute. I'm a crazy dog person.
The pics with Muffin are hilarious. He totally boxed your nose! Beware, babies do that stuff too! Those bobbly heads can inflict pain.
Love this post. I am so excited for your Thursday.

Karen said...

The kicks are definitely neat!! I love what your new hairdressers did with your hair. Absolutely beautiful. I am 100% sure it will be a boy...or a girl. I can't wait to find out!!! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I don't know what I love more, the cat with the "south paw", the big kid with the fries, the steak I can't eat, the little squeeze her cheeks for me girl, or the baby boy in your belly. I love it all. Even the dog makes me smile. Huggers. T

Whitney@Keeping Up with the Cyperts said...

Haha! This post cracked me up several times! First of all I have to tell you how stinkin' cute that baby bump is! It's growing fast! And how exciting that you felt kicks! I bet that warmed your heart like no one else can understand. And how cute is Muffin!? I am such a cat person. That picture of you two is hilarious. We love Texas Roadhouse too, that's usually where I choose to go lol. Thanks for sharing! : ) I hope you have a great week! OH!! My guess is....a girl!

Rachel said...

Thank you so much for you kind comment on my last post. I feel so behind because I have been so busy with the business and the baby.

You look so darn CUTE!!! I am so happy for you. I am guessing a "GIRL" .

Isn't feeling them kick amazing! That baby will be here before you know it. So get ready for a wild and awesome ride. Big hugs and I hope you all are ok after the storm.

waitingforarainbow said...

OMG! The picture of muffin hahaha I already lost it with the first picture, but the close up made me pee my pants!
Eeeek! the first baby kicks!! I have been waiting to hear about those! It only gets better. Soon you'll be able to push on your belly, and feel random body parts haha. Haven always stuck her butt out at Ryan.
You know what Maria... I totally 100% thought boy, then you posted a side view picture of your bump... that is a GIRL belly! I change my vote to girl.
I can't wait for the video!!

Olivia {i am still learning} said...

The way you described the first kicks really brought me back... it's something you'll never forget. So beautiful :)

Hope you have a good weekend :)

Olivia {i am still learning} said...

Ps. Roadhouse rocks, ha!

Irish Carter said...

Oh my goodness I am reading backwards catching up on your posts and am now so stinking excited to go get to that other post to watch the videos....ahhhhhh.

I'm guessing boy, but even more....I'm guessing two, not one. = )


Miki said...

Awe, Muffin is so cute! Hahaha! :P And those doggies, too.

I can't even imagine how wonderful and amazing it must be to be able to feel a person growing inside of you! Man! Life is just so amazing! :D

Judy Haughton-James said...

Hi Maria,
I am glad everything is going so well. As always I just love the pictures! Isn't it wonderful that you will not only have these lovely little girls to spend time with but soon you will have your own little girl?! You must be so thrilled. The cats and those dogs are oh so cute! I am glad Hurricane Sandy did not do serious damage in your area. She certainly made her presence felt in my area of Jamaica! I still can't believe it was only a category 1 hurricane. Anyway it is so good to be back online to see your lovely posts Maria! Take good care and lots of happiness to you always.

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

I am a little behind here but can't wait to read the couple of post. I cannot believe how much you little belly has popped out. So cute! I love pregnant bellies!!!

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