Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Love, Food Love, Baby Love

Fall is in the air.  It's as if all the leaves changed overnight.
I love this time of year and the months that follow.
This past week,
 fall was in full swing and I loved every bit of it.

I loved...
 a cozy day at home with Kim.  Ordering take-out and watching trashy LMN movies in our sweats with the windows open - the weather still warm enough to let in some fresh air.


I loved breakfast at good old Station B. with Jessica, Kelly and Daxon.
It'd been many months since us girls gathered at our favorite spot for grits, omelets and pancakes.
Daxon was giving out smiles and giggles all morning - He was Mr. Stud - surrounded by us ladies.

Kelly's no fool...she knew to ask how long Jessica and I stayed and gabbed before leaving - only about another hour.  We decided to continue our gab session back here. 
We talked about the usual.  You know, like "chicken club packs" for 21 minutes and how I am insanely obsessed with my cats - so much that Jessica (and I) wonder if I'd be that upset if I ended up pregnant with a cat baby (Yes, these are our conversations and No, I wouldn't be that upset).
I love our chats...how they can go from ridiculous to tear-filled, emotional and so real.
I love that they last from breakfast until dinnertime.

17+ week bump shots 

Like I said in my last post...
I'm growing.

Saturday, I woke up and made us breakfast. 
This was my plate - I'm a big fan of "fart food" lately.
Steve, not so much...He had scrambled eggs and cheese.  I didn't light the house on fire.  Though, I did burn his bagel a tad. :)

After some cleaning, we took a drive.  I was ready to find some of those maternity clothes I never got around to last Monday. 

We walked the mall and got in a lot of exercise, but not so much shopping.  I didn't have much luck there, so we headed to a new spot.
Steve was a great helper...he found two cute tops mega on sale (the only way I like to shop)
at Old Navy and I found a few more cute ones that weren't maternity,
 but fit me perfectly in a size larger than I'd usually buy.  All that shopping must have did me and baby in...I was super dizzy by the time we were getting ready to leave.
Chex Mix, water, and dinner saved the day night.

We ate dinner and talked about all that's to come.
All the little things that hit us in a big way.
Steve got choked up as he told me how much it hit him when I tried on one of the shirts in the middle of the store - how tight it hugged my belly and made it stand out more than ever.  "It's just crazy," he said.  I find myself saying the same sentence. 
It's just crazy.  Crazy.  In such an incredible way.

Sunday, we went on the search for a few pumpkins.
One for Steve.  One for me.  One for baby.

Steve almost always finds his first.  He doesn't have to inspect like I do. 
I stood back, taking photos as I took in the day and
thought about the past years at this very same spot.  I watched as families pulled wagons with little ones...Moms and dads carried their babies, smiling and taking in their first time at the pumpkin patch as a family...
And I couldn't help but get teary-eyed.  I thought about how special next year's visit would be and how special this year's was.  I remember the bittersweet ache I had during past visits.  An ache to be big-bellied...carrying more than just a pumpkin.
And while I snapped photo after photo, I ached with such gratefulness.

18 week bump shots

Steve has wanted to stop for bbq here so many times.
Sunday was the perfect day to give it a try.
It was so good - the kind of good that leaves you unable to speak until you're done eating.
We came home, scarfed it down and watched football.

Steve also taught me how to make pork chops.
Yea, We'll see how that goes...I think I paid attention.

And a wonderful ending to the weekend...
Tea and talk with my mom.

Happy Tuesday!!
Wishing everyone a wonderful week. <3

18 week Lovin',


~Rian said...

bahahaha!! "fart food"!!!! hahaha!! Love it. You look absolutely beautiful with your bump. I can not wait until you bring Beano home and you get to enjoy old experiences in a whole new way once he/she is in your arms. :-)

Much love, Maria!


Maria said...

You are a stunning pregnant woman! Sending you so much love!

Kelly @ Stay at Home Trader said...

As I always knew.....motherhood is so natural for you, Maria. You are so absolutely beautiful that I can't stop crying. I seriously can't. I love you mama, and this is sooo ABOUT TIME for you. I can't wait to see you soon. Love you xoxoxoxo Kelly

Katharine (LauraKat81) said...

Look at that bump! You look beautiful!

Karen said...

Another beautiful week that brought another smile to my face. Your bump is so perfect!

Kiara Buechler said...

I am loving your baby bump!

Virginia said...

your happiness makes so many others Happy :)

Judy Haughton-James said...

It is always so great to read about the wonderful progress of your life and pregnancy as well as see all the beautiful pictures Maria! Fall is such an awesome season over there. Look at the amazing colours! Seeing all the pumpkins is making me think about lots of pumpkin soup!:) Saturday is soup day in Jamaica but we took a break during the summer. Soup would be perfect now as it is raining cats and dogs as Tropical Storm/Hurricane Sandy approaches Jamaica! I had supper earlier but I am still feeling hungry after seeing all this delicious food!:) Take good care Maria and Lots of Love, Friendship & Best Wishes always to you, Steve and Beano.

Ashley said...

Yeah for more bump shots! You look so stinkin cute!! Sounds like you had another wonderful weekend. I love that you are so surrounded by so many loving, wonderful people.

I seriously get so excited when I see another post from you! Seeing you happy makes me happy!

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

You bump brings tears of joy to my eyes! You are such an inspiration! I love all the food pics and the pumpkin picking! You and Steve are going to be such wonderful parents! Sending you much love this week!

Rebecca said...

Really cute bump. Love your top too. Almost half way there! The second half goes by so much quicker than the first half. Little baby will be here before you know it!

Brittany said...

Oh Maria, what a PRECIOUS bump you're rocking! I'm in love with the pumpkin patch pictures...you and your sweet little "beano punkin". So sweet! You're right, next year's visit will be even more special...you'll be carrying your sweet little punkin in your arms!

Those pork chops look amaaaazing...can Steve come teach me how to make them too? :)

I can't believe you're already almost 19 weeks...it seems like your pregnancy is already flying by! You are such a beautiful momma...I can't wait to "meet" your little one! Lots of love to all three of you!!! Hope you're having a wonderful week!

Olivia {i am still learning} said...

"fart foods" had me laughing so hard :)

and I loveeeee your baby belly!

Miki said...

MARIA!!! The baby bump is SO beautiful! :D Is everybody you run into rubbing it? Does it bother you? I've heard some girls get pissed when people touch their baby bumps, hehe.

And I love the crazy cat lady in you! :P I'm one myself, too!

Have a great week! ;D

Tight hugs!


Tami said...

I loved looking at your fall pictures, especially your baby bump shadow at the pumpkin field.

Kari said...

Look at your bump!!!! Hiiii baby M!!! I hope you know that me and your mama talk about you and your soon-to-be-friend baby B quite frequently! :)

You look adorable!! And I totally get the "crazy" sentence. I think I say it every day at least once. I get it. :)


Kerry said...

You guys make those pumpkins look so lightweight the way you are holding them in the pics of the two of you lol
What a fun tradition, and next year will be even better!! "3 pumpkins to go please"
Your days and weeks are always so full of fun and friendship, your baby will be blessed by all of your awesome friends Maria!
You look beautiful and have certainly grown in the last few weeks :)
Sending lots of love to you, have a great day my friends xoxo

M said...

Sorry I've been so slow to respond on this one! It's been a crazy couple days :) The food pics look amazing (mmm I'm starving already)...and I love the pumpkin pics...so cute :) I still can't believe how time is flying. CRAZY!! <3

lovejoy_31 said...

You are beautiful my LOVE. I love your baby bump. I want a text AS SOON AS YOU FIND OUT what it is. ASAP!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see next year's pics.

<3, Joy

Heather said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend. And, oh my word... your bump is so adorable!!!

JP said...

Those fall pictures are GORGEOUS! And so is your bump! That looks like a glorious weekend with wonderful friends and family. Basically, it looks perfect! Have a great week!

Stephanie N. said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I'm so glad to hear that things are AWESOME! :)

I hope you're having some more fall fun this week -- we gotta soak it all in before it's -45345 degrees right? :)


Ashley at flats to flip flops said...

You are looking beautiful lady! And your posts are still making me hungry! You are always eating the best food!

Angela said...

What a fun week!!! You ate just like me with your love if fall :) such beautiful pics!!!! And dang girl you did grow! What a perfect baby bump!!!! Enjoy it!

About JollyJilly said...

What a busy time you have had. I also love this time of year and also winter in general, Very cute pictures
Hi im a new follower from the blog hop and hope you will come and visit me

Lauren said...

I am loving those baby bump photos!! Fart foods....lol. You crack me up! Looks like life is treating you great dear!


Pinkie for Pink said...

Visiting over from the GFC blog hop. Your blog is so cute! Love seeing all your pictures, they are beautiful. I am your newest follower. Would love if you could come visit my blog and follow.

Nichole www.pinkieforpink.com

Helene said...

great pictures!!! you look gorgeous with your baby bump!!

Camille said...

Aww, you look great! Almost halfway! :) Beautiful Autumn shots too.

Whitney@Keeping Up with the Cyperts said...

Isn't fall the best? The colors are just breathtaking. Your photos are so beautiful! And Daxon is a little heart-breaker, he is so cute! Your bump is growing and is getting cuter and cuter! You look so happy in the pumpkin patch with your hubby, y'all will be one cute little family!

MrsV said...

You look so fantastic! That bump is getting cuter and cuter by the day :)
I absolutely love fall! I love the pumpkins and the weather and the scenery and all the fun outdoor things. I can't wait for MV to be old enough to really enjoy it too. I think we're getting pumpkins tomorrow:)
I hope you are having a great week so far! <3 oxo

Nancy said...

New follower here. Had to go back through and read where you've come from. I must say you are gorgeous and you shine from within. Your bump is so so beautiful!
nancy-of the crazy 9

Anonymous said...

I have not blogged in many months and I come back and find you pregnant!! Didn't I tell you I had a very good feeling about this!! I'm so very happy for you, your husband and your extended family. When you have time, please send me your slow mail addy. I'm just tickled pink for you. Hugs & baby luvs. Tammy

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

I just about cried when I saw your little baby bump.....so happy for you Maria! Hope your having a great weekend and little Beano is treating you good these days:)

Myranda said...

Daxon is a cutie!
Your baby bump is so beautiful, I love bellies :)
I am now following from the blog hop :)

Cami said...

I know I always tell you but I just had to remind you ;)
I love that tank top you're wearing with all the colors...it's gorgeous! Where'd you find it?

I'm so happy you're so happy <3

Kathy Shea Mormino said...

Hi! Stopping in to invite you to join us at the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

I hope to see you there!
The Chicken Chick

waitingforarainbow said...

The Holidays are 100000x more magical when you have a little one to share them with. I'm glad you are finally able to feel the 'grateful ache.'
Your belly is beautiful! Finally beating the boobs in the race. Go belly go! Not much longer until we know if the little pumpkin is a boy or a girl!!
I can't believe how big Daxon is already! He's so handsome!
That's so sweet how Steve takes in little moments like you do. Like seeing your belly in a tight shirt :') we need a post from him again soon. I would love to hear more about how he's taking all of this in from his point of view. I always thought it was sweet when he posted on here.
Hope you have a phenomenal weekend!

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