Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I don't have any full on bump shots this week. (I'll double up next post.)
But I can assure you, the bump the baby is growing.
My books and magazines say this is a time of amazing growth...both for mama and baby.
I believe it.  Not only am I waking up now twice a night to pee, but I feel like my belly truly gets a little bigger every few days.
The bathtub is calling my name.  I've had my feet propped up since I came home.
The lovely round ligament pain graced me with its presence this week.
It began on Monday.  I drove to the mall hoping to find some maternity clothes...Thanks to Kelly (with her passing on her mama clothes to me), I haven't had to buy any yet.  Oh, and bras...I was on the hunt for bras - my boobs are in competition with my belly for who can grow the fastest!
  Once I parked, I bolted out of my car to dodge the heavy rain.  And as soon as I started walking, I felt a sharp, jabbing pain under my right hip that quickly became a constant ache.  
I knew it was most likely my ligaments stretching, but it still startled me.  I parked it on a bench and texted Steve - "just sat down at mall...feeling a sharp, jabby pain on my lower right side."
He replied - "Gas?" (He knows me too well.)
  Me - "No, definitely not." 
  Not even a minute later, he called - " Hun, I want you to find some juice and then find a security guard and ask them for a wheelchair.  They can wheel you to your car if you need."
I couldn't help but laugh my hyena cackle and smile...It was cute...He was so concerned and it was one of those moments that made me envision him even more as a dad.  
 "Babe, I think it's just my ligaments stretching.  My friends have told me this was coming...I'm not cramping or bleeding...just let me get some water and see how I feel in couple minutes."
I sat down in the food court - a huffy, puffy, pregnant mama alone with her water bottle amongst the mix of half-naked and punky teenagers, 
and then my phone rang again.  It was Steve.  He called the doctor. (again, cute.)  
She said it was completely normal for this time in my pregnancy, to go home, put my feet up and relax.  I took the Mr's and doctor's orders and headed home.  No maternity clothes.  No bras. 
But peace of mind.
It's hung around on and off all week.  Usually, it starts up when I go to stand and when I'm done cleaning.  So, I've been taking breathers every so often.
And water breaks.
(where I sit with my cup resting on its new shelf, while slouched in very ladylike positions.)
Oh, and how's this for a nice scare?!  The one office I clean keeps on switching this guy in various spots around the place.  Tuesday night, I unlock the door and immediately see a giant shadow.  I turn on the lights and there he is...a couple feet away from me.  I screamed a hideous scream and then hyena cackled again, as I went to send my mom the picture.  She appreciates a good prank...and probably hyena cackled too. 
Memories from the past week +...
Sunday football at Kim and Adam's house.
I broke out the distortion feature again.
A Thursday with Kelly and the munchkins...
stud muffin
lil' mogc - munchkin of good cheer
addison and her best friend, anna, had a blast together.
makin' jewelry
bffs (plus baby bitty)
Comfy night with friends just a few houses away...
handsome as ever, noah
Friday date night in...
thai take-out
 and a movie and a muffin.  (and...we watched a movie with zac efron in it...because steve didn't want to watch "magic mike" and because i'm a dork.)
mr. chibbs cuddled with us
the movie wore him out.
Saturday trip to Baltimore to visit Jamie, Leslie and Parker...
Jamie and Steve shared some brews.
Parker loved the bottle...(not for another 21 years, young lady!)
dinner at their favorite mexican spot. (which is now one of our favorites)
parker tried some avocado.
the aftermath.
Sunday @ Sulli's with Jen and had been too long.
Everyone took pictures with Beano...
steve's been having round ligament pain too.
Remember that crazy chocolate pig dream I had a few months back?...
Jen did, and gave baby and I this adorable and clever gift.
We came home Sunday to a bag on our door from my mom...
treats for the kitties
 and treats for us and baby
pumpkin bagels with pumpkin cream cheese
Okay, it's time for bed.  And a quick bath.
I hope everyone is having a great week.
Thank you so much for your sweet and kind words on my last post. <3
Happy almost weekend!
See ya soon.

17 and a half week Lovin',


~Rian said...

Oh I love this post!! That dude (Grimm Reaper?!) is super creepy and I probably would have peed my pants if I had been you! I love your new shelf for your drink! That was one of favorites things to do when I was pregnant. :-) Can't wait for your next update.


Rachel Marie said...

omg girl. I would have -like Rian- peed my pants had I been face to face with above scary dude! Glad you made it out alive :) Loved the pictures, as always. Enjoy your bath and sleep ... wish I could do that, but of course, I am destined to be a night owl forever.

Tami said...

It's been a long time since I've had a bump, but I do remember being uncomfortable and running into quite a few things with bump. The children in your pictures are adorably a happy bunch. Enjoy your bath and sleep. I'm jealous about that! I am not jealous of the Grim Reaper though. :)

Angela said...

awe, Steve is going to make an EXCELLENT dad <3 that round ligament pain can be a B! and the sad news it that it really might not go away, or at least it just get replaced with an achy back or hips as you get bigger and bigger :( buuuuut of course its worth it :) that grim reaper guy is freeeeeeeaky! Have you peed your pants yet???? Lol. Well girl I am just so happy for you and thanks for keeping us updated you awesome prego you!!!!!!! Love, angela

Jenny said...

Yuck, that ligament pain is nasty stuff. Luckily I've only had one episode so far, but it was awful. How cute of Steve for calling the doctor :) It's fun to see another update from you, you look great!!

Judy Haughton-James said...

Hi Maria,
I hope your day is going very well. It is good to know that the pain you have been having is normal. Anyway I hope it has eased considerably. As always I loved all the beautiful pictures. I am feeling real hungry now as I have not yet had breakfast here in Jamaica and you have such wonderful goodies on display!:) The Halloween figure would also have me screaming! LOL It is interesting seeing things about Halloween as we do not celebrate it in a big way here. Some parties are held. Take good care Maria and Lots of Love & Best Wishes to you, Steve and Beano.

Mrs. E said...

Maria, you look gorgeous!! I need to see you again ASAP! I love how Steve's first thought was "gas"...So flattering ;) RLP is no joke, huh? Too bad it's nothing that a good dose of poop soup can cure haaaaggaaa! I miss you so much. Thanks for an awesome post though. I'll be snickering (snorting) about the Grim Reaper thing all day =)

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

You are so fun! I love how Steve reacted! He is going to be a great daddy and you, a fabulous mommy!! So happy for you! Food pics Mmmmm!! And now I need a taco.. Lol much love!

Heather said...

Awww. Steve is so sweet. I would have FREAKED out if I came across that grimm reaper guy in the dark! (or the light for that matter!) :) said...

Round ligament pain can be crazy!!! I had spd pains too. You have the BIG ultrasound moving up don't you???? Ahhhh!!!!!!! :) I am so happy things are going good for you and Baby!!!

JP said...

You crack me up! Steve's concern is also adorable and manly and fatherly. And now I can't make any more comments because the pumpkin bagel with pumpkin cream cheese made me forget everything else I was going to say. Have a great day!

K said...

The picture of Steve and your caption about his "round ligament pain" made me laugh! You both seem to have such a great sense of humor and are best of friends. What a blessing! My husband makes me laugh all the time too, and I'm thankful for that. :) Have a wonderful weekend, Maria!

Karen said...

Happy Happy Beautiful. I can hear you scream and then laugh at the scary "guy" in the office. That is hilarious. Hope they don't have cameras set up catching everyones reaction. Although that would be a lot of fun! I hope that ligament pain subsides soon. I remember that... no fun.

Miki said...

Hi, Maria! It's always a pleasure to come here and see how your baby is growing! ;p Hope those pains aren't too painful! I've never been pregnant, so it's hard for me to imagine all the changes a woman must go through when she's expecting. Well, I can imagine a few, haha, but then I read posts like this and I go, "Oh, right! The hips must stretch for the baby to be born, duh?!" Haha!

Thank you SO much for your sweet comments today! ;D They made me happy! And, yes! I got a call saying I got the job, yay!!! :D I'm so, so happy!!! Thank you for all the good vibes, they sure helped! ;D

Oh, and by the way, I'm going to the post office on Saturday, so you'll get my mail soon ;).

Have a wonderful day and weekend, sweet Maria! ;D

Hugs to you and Beano!

Miki said...

I'd forgotten to say that you should move that scary guy in that office to scare the first employee who gets there the next morning ... Maybe put it laid down, peeking out from under a desk? Hehe ;p.

Jess @ said...

Love this!

You seriously have some of the most awesome friends and eateries! :-)

Ashley said...

Steve is so sweet! He will be an awesome daddy!
I would have screamed too if I had walked in and seen that guy! Creepy.

I can't come to your blog when I am hungry because you always eat the best food and I am about drooling because it looks so good!!

Can't wait to see another bump picture!

Irish Italian Blessings said...

Love the picture with you in front of the vaccum. That should be the poster for how all women should spend their pregnancies :) You look beautiful! I haven't visited in a while so I'm late but congrats on the baby :)

Virginia said...

Thinking of you constantly!

Virginia said...

Thinking of you constantly!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

This post is all sort of awesome. Look at you guys- goosebumps again! Look at that belly- totally cute! S is going to be the best husband- I know bc Greg is the best partner is crime and when we had kids, he was and has been fantastic and I know S will be this way! When is the big ultrasound? I already know you are having a

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

This post is all sort of awesome. Look at you guys- goosebumps again! Look at that belly- totally cute! S is going to be the best husband- I know bc Greg is the best partner is crime and when we had kids, he was and has been fantastic and I know S will be this way! When is the big ultrasound? I already know you are having a

waitingforarainbow said...

OMG! Look at you! You have that baby bump you've been fighting for for years! Looks good on ya Momma! I'm super jelly about the boobage. Mine stayed the same the whole time. I was pretty bummed.
Those sharp pains scared me all the time too. Steve is going to be such a good papa bear! :')
I had a dream last night that you are having a boy. No idea where it came from! Then again, I ALWAYS have very vivid dreams that come out of nowhere. I can't wait to see if my dream is right!

Heather Nelsen said...

Sweet pics, Maria! Love the vacuuming breaks. ;) Too cute! You are beautiful, girl! I'm loving the baby bump! Hope you guys have a great week!


Kerry said...

Hey beautiful!! You look amazing, you guys both look like you are glowing, these pictures show such happiness!!
Except for the ugly Halloween statue which I am sure I would have fainted with shock had I of found it!!
I am so happy that your pregnancy is progressing wonderfully Maria, I am so excited for you!!
I hope you have a great week, and remember to take it easy :)
Thank you for always visiting me, your kind words mean so much to me xoxo

Irish Carter said...

Oh I so have missed so much being ill. I loved the pig book with the necklace and card....yes doll, dreams do come true. I find it so interesting anymore to be reading so many peoples stories on sharing how their dreams are coming true. I think I have found a corner of a dream makers diary. = )Hugs and blessings.


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