Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Girl

"Happy Girl" - Martina McBride

You don't typically hear Sunday nights being described as the "best" or "most fun" night of the week.  It is the night before Monday, after all.  But I love them. I like to look at it as a time to reflect on the past week and anticipate what's to come in the week ahead (and it doesn't hurt that I'm off on Mondays).
  It's a new month. 30 fresh, untouched days that are waiting to be filled.
I look back on March and I have to laugh.  Cry a little. Tell myself a few "I told you so's."
And smile.

March, to me, used to mean "the most boring month of the year."
But 2012 changed that rather quickly.
I can most definitely say that it is a month I will never forget.
A month of many learning and loving experiences.

It started beautifully, as displayed in THIS post and THIS post.
Towards the middle,  it got nice n' shaky...full of wacky "surprises."
But in the end, it all came together and made sense somehow.

I sat in this very same spot many times last week, full of anticipation and wonder. Sometimes uncomfortable and restless.  Hoping and praying for answers.
And I got them.
(more on that later)

The end of March...
It was sweet....

A rainy Thursday with Kim.
She always drives, because my car smells like cat food and trash. (that will be a post someday!) 
But she doesn't just drive...she entertains.  One minute she's rapping and the next, she's singing to her son's favorite group, "The Fresh Beat Band," never missing a word...adding her signature moves.

We stopped at Toys R' Us for a few presents and tried on these bad boys.


Don't mess with us.

We ended our afternoon with a mexican lunch of tacos, queso and chips
and a little stalker-y visit to Kelly's house.  Mostly, so we could take this picture and send it to her.

Thursday dinner...steak and chicken fajitas at Brie and Vinny's.
Talking past midnight, laughing at funny youtube videos, shedding a few happy tears...
all made for a great night.
 It'd been way too long since we all got together. 
And I'm so glad we did.

too many fajitas for Zesterban.

Ahh, Miss Muffin...I love you.

Catching up with loves on Saturday...
My mom, Jessica and I took advantage of a quiet restaurant for lunch and didn't leave until it was close to dinnertime. 

We joke that they look more alike than my mom and I.

ladies in red white n' blue.

Saturday was just as productive as it was fun.  After our 4 hour lunch, I was ready to get some cleaning done.  My mom wanted to help.  And I took her up on it.  I thought it would be fun and also cleaning offices together in our "lunch" outfits. Lemme tell ya, I'm gonna hire her. She was awesome! We made a Starbuck's stop, chatted and listened to country music while we dusted and collected trash.
It was glamorous.  No, seriously, it was.

 Our last stop was to my brother's gig.  It was a wonderful, full day with my mom. I was so thankful for her help, but more thankful for her company.


Friday date night...
I cooked.  Okay, no I didn't.  I boiled some water (that overflowed twice).  Heated up a jar of sauce (set off the smoke alarm), and thawed some meatballs.  Steve and I lounged in our pjs and watched our favorite shows.  It was so nice to have a night with nothing to do.

And then, I watched my boys snooze it up on the couch.  I didn't want to wake him. They were too cute.


Now, for some of those answers I mentioned.
  My good ol' period showed herself on Thursday afternoon.  I, of course, was ecstatic.  My how things change...I doubt you'll be hearing me be joyful about another period after this one. 
  This one meant I got to make a doctor's appointment and find out if there was any hcg left in my system.  (Not only from the trigger shot, but from the loss).  And, most importantly...find out if this cycle was our GO cycle.
I went in early Friday morning for blood work. While talking to the nurse, she was pretty positive I'd be good to go. But also very honest that she was a little nervous for me too.  I always appreciate their honesty.

I knew it was going to be a long 3-5 hours before I got the call with my results.
Lucky for me, I had plans with this babe.

As much as I wanted time to speed up so I could get my answers, I liked time staying right where it was while we enjoyed a gorgeous day in the park.

Spring was in the air every step of the way.

We walked and walked and talked and talked.

And then, just as we were about a quarter mile away from the 5 mile mark, my phone starting ringing.  My heart began racing and my knees got that weak feeling.  Kelly gave me a hug as we both tried to stop tearing up and I stepped aside to answer...

I will let the photos do the talking...
*Thank you, Kelly, for capturing it all :)

This is the shadow of a happy girl.

And this is the face of one.

 our waitress was so sweet, but the picture...not so much.

There was no more hcg in my blood.  All of my hormone levels are right where they should be.

This is our cycle. 

And I'm on day 3 of these guys.

I'm happy.
I'm calmer.
I'm thankful.

Wishing you all a very happy April and a happy new week!

I'll be back later this week.

April Lovin',


Cami said...

Oh Maria. I just adore you. :)
First off - I LOVE your new camera. You caught some great, beautiful shots. Especially of the!!
It looks like you had some fun memories - happy to hear (and see!!) that.
I am glad you're happy!! I am so happy that you're happy and just going with the flow and knowing that God has got your back. Because, He does.
Hope your week is just as amazing as you <3

Jenny said...

Yay for your levels being back to zero! Wishing you the best of luck this cycle!

Olivia : I am still learning said...

lol... love your reaction photos! So happy for you! This is your month!!! :)

M said...

WOOHOO!!!! This is YOUR month...can't wait to hear the updates.

Your photos look the one of you and Kim wearing the masks...just the other day, DH was saying how he wished they made the masks bigger to fit his I teased him by putting on the Spider-man mask :)

Hope you have a great week <3

Kelly @ Stay at Home Trader said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG I KNEW THOSE PICTURES WERE GONNA BE HILARIOUS! I love it! Awwww and how awesome to have that moment on film. Now, if we could have only gotten the reaction of the many old dudes in yellow jackets that were staring at you.

AHEM , five seconds after the crazy photos, Maria realized she LOST HER CAR KEY!!!!!!! LMAO!! Imagine our faces when we realized just how big a radius we would have to look after all that jumping and clapping! hahahahaha! Someone buy a sista a keychain! :)

I love that you took the time to slow down and enjoy the weekend :) Um, and your dinner looked AMAZING for overflowing and setting off the alarm! Mine usually resembles molten lava after something like that happens ;) hahahaha!

Um, and YOU AND KIM ARE CRAZY! hahahahahahaha! I busted up laughing (and burping - LOLLL) so LOUD when I saw that! You two are the best. Thanks for making me giggle ;) And sorry for the inappropriate ending to my voicemail :)

LOVE YOU!!!! And so happy to get to be here with you as you turn the next chapter of your life.


Kelly said...

Here's to a better month and cycle!!!! Love and hugs! Kerstin

Jenelle said...

Newest Follower from the Mom Blog Monday Blog hop! What a great post, I have to say that I never really looked at Sunday the way that you presented it, but maybe I will start and then hopefully Monday wont be a bad. Loved the photos, and it sounds like you had a great week!

Looking forward to reading more!

Have a great week!

Camille said...

You make me smile!!!!

I had my volume on this time and got to hear your music while reading and looking at your pictures. You are so fun!

I get happy being here.


Theresa said...

You gals look like such a fun bunch! Your photo's are beautiful!

Stopping by from the hop and am a new gfc follower :)


Gumdrop Pass said...



I felt the build up of this post... I wanted to skip to the end all through the beginning and the middle! SO happy for you, Maria! I love all of the pictures in this post, but I ESPECIALLY love the ones of you in the park after the phone call! :) LOVE them!

I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers -- here's to hoping April is full of more moments like these :)

Have a happy Monday! <3

Rebecca said...

I ALWAYS need Mexican food after reading your blog :)

Happy your levels dropped and GL on your new month! Still praying for you, and spring always brings new life! Hang in there!!!!!!

Maria said...

I love your park pics the best! I actually got choked up seeing you so happy. The good kind of choked up! Like, I am so happy and excited for you not the I should have chewed the handful of gummy bears better.

Thing are looking up babe! Way up!

Judy Haughton-James said...

Yippee! First I am so happy that you got good news Maria! I love all the wonderful pictures and especially you celebrating the good news!:) Spring has certainly arrived in all its glory over there. It is also great to see you sharing wonderful moments with friends and family. Keep the faith and remember that I am thinking of you and sending up prayers for you. Take good care and Lots of Love, Friendship & Best wishes always.

Mrs. E said...

It's so funny because even though I already knew how the post/phone call was going to end, I was seriously sooo relieved when I actually read the words!!! LOL :) Soooo happy for you! Love you xoxoxoxoxo

waitingforarainbow said...

Hahaha I love your happy pictures!!! Omg Maria they made my day. What a perfect way to share how the phone call went! I'm glad your friend captured all those jumps, skips, and crazy lady faces. Bahaha a picture really is worth a thousand words!
So excited for you, and so excited for april! This month is alway bringing you lots of happiness, and it just started! What a good sign! Your pictures of the park are beautiful, I love taking pictures of nature.
Ohhh and you really need to post s video of that talented brother of yours. Im so curious!
I'm sending you lots of baby dust, thoughts, and prayers!

waitingforarainbow said...

Already* not alway

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

I am so happy you got good news. My prayers are working and will continue to work. That pretty pill will work very soon- I just know it!I love all the pictures- why every time I read your posts, I get chills. I hope we meet in real life, because you resonante happiness!

Aleisha McD said...

The pics in the park were my favorite! Especially the ones Stay At Home Trader took of you doing the happy kicks and leaps! The joy radiating from your pretty little face was breathtakingly beautiful. Honestly! For some reason this post made me miss you hardcore. I feel a little pang in my heart tonight, thinking about you! Miss you, wish I could hug you, love you...and so happy for you too. XOXO

KERRY said...

Fingers are crossed for you sweet Maria!! You had me smiling at your pics of you running and jumping lol
Such beautiful pics btw, you really captured some awesome ones out and about with Kelly!!
Oh I hope everything goes well for you, one of these days I'm going to see a blog post with such a title that I'll just know...Keep smiling! xoxo

Moosey Mommy said...

YAY!!!! I am so excited and so happy for you!! Prayers for you as you continue on this journey. I know you will, but be sure to keep us all updated! WOOHOO!!!

Anonymous said...

March was beautiful for me 2012 as well, my first year back in MI after 10 yrs away, I am renting the house my mom used to live on- it's on 6 1/2 acres and almost 1 acre is planted with perennials that she planted- with it being so warm this year things are popping up early, and they remind me of her. As she lives in FL now, I miss her dearly. But her flowers make me smile.
Happy Tuesday!
Visiting from "Tiggerific Tuesday! Blog Hop...or Bounce!"

lovejoy_31 said...

ok girl, we seriously do need to find some time to actually meet in person. You and I would LOVE us some mexican food and laughs and cries. Love your reaction pics. Love to you, Maria girl!!! This is YOUR month. Sending prayers your way and little something else one day very soon.

And thank you so very much for your comment on my Celia post. I am at just a hard, unreal emotional place right now. Thanks for your support when you are going through so much in your personal life too. You are such a sweet, amazingly unselfish friend. One that I am so very glad I have had the chance to get to know. I too am sorry that we have both experienced the losses that we have, but still grateful that we have each other to lean on during this hard, heartbreaking battle

Ms POSH said...

Aw- how fun.
Love the kitty and nap at the end :)

Stopping by from the Tuesday Hop to say hello.
Have a great rest of your Tuesday.

Rachel Marie said...

Yayy!!! Those pictures after the call were AMAZING :) You looked so happy -- and I am so happy for you girl. I really appreciate you sharing so openly everything you go through, it helps other people who are going through the same thing realize they are not alone. I loved this post very very much :D

GoodnessGraces said...

Great Pictures! Looks like you've had a fun time.

I am a new follower, but Good Luck with this month! We are hoping it is our month as well.

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

I love seeing pictures with your friends. You guys always are having so much fun and ALWAYS are eating something delicious.

And YAY for the month of April!!!! Fingers crossed for you:))

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Looks like you have been having a BLAST! :)

Heather Nelsen said...

Yayayayay!!!!! Love those pictures!!! What pure joy. I am so happy for you!! And on a completely different note, I am a HUGE fan of that Martina McBride song. Like one of my all-time faves. :)

Yay for a month of trying!! ;) Happy Easter dear!

Lay said...

AWE, you guys look like you had such an amazing weekend!

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

What a fun blog! I love the song and your pictures are fabulous. Looks like you had one fun time....not only are you happier and two are brave to take the "superhero" shots in the store! Love it! New follower, would love a follow back :)

Camoprincess1986 said...

Love all your pictures :) Especially the one of the tanker truck

Newest Follower :) Hope to see you on my blog I am kinda new so trying to build up an audience

~Jess said...

Looks like you had some fun-tabulous times! Such great pics, too! Now I would like some Mexican food!

Irish Carter of Dedicated 2 LIFE said...

LIFE IS GOOD!!! So so soooooo Happy FOR YOU. Wishing you the best. As always, I love reading your posts. They are so motivating and I have a thanks to you I have a whole new way of looking at Sunday evenings....I am going to try this. I usually do the blah blah blah "the weekends over" whine. Now, I can try a totally different outlook. Thanks.


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