Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

I've never fully achieved a Wordless Wednesday post.  I always end up typing 1,000 and some words, while rambling on and on, defeating its purpose.  So, I'm gonna do my best to keep it quiet.
(and also pretend it's not already Thursday)

 Last weekend, the Mr. and I got all snazzy and went to his work's big 25th Anniversary celebration at the Philadelphia Art Museum.  My sore legs and achin' feet two days afterwards proved that it was  definitely an awesome time. 
And the pictures do too.

While taking a little tour,
Theresa said she could easily paint the artwork behind us.
And I said I loved the frame.
Two reasons we should have just stayed on the dance floor.


dancin' Dougie was showin' all his moves.

Steve made such a nice shawl rack.




Sunday, I woke up with "last night's" makeup half on my face/half on my pillow...threw some clothes all my cleaning done...and met up with Jessica for brunch at a spot that serves giant portions of fabulous food.  Lucky for me, she didn't mind my greasy hair and dirty face.

Afterwards, we spent a good two hours in Pier One looking at every single item in the place. 
And as always...found something to get into.
We tried a variety of these guys on for a half hour until we found the ones we wanted to take home. They were 80% off...and such a necessity.

Two of these babies for $12. Not too shabby. 

Now we just need somewhere to wear them...

this sucker was 98 smackers!

Ahh, how about Michael's.

We ended the day with a cold beverage and a little Draw Something.

And when our boys were done doing their all day draft, me and the kitties helped Steve plug in his names.  All 50 bajillion of them.


My friend, Gina, and I spent a long overdue day together.  We always manage to get into the deepest conversations for a weekday afternoon...the kind that really get ya thinking.  It's refreshing.  We leave feeling like we learned something from each other. 

And we laugh when we both come in wearing matchy sweaters.

King Twinkie now adores sleeping on two beds at once.

Okay, it's not wordless...but for me, it's as close as I'm gonna get.

I'll be back sometime this weekend.
Have a wonderful Thursday!
Thank you again
for all your kindness. <3

Wednesday/Thursday Lovin,'


MrsV said...

My first thought when I saw your post title was no way Maria does a wordless Wednesday - the whole it's Thursday factor didn't cross my mind at all lol
Love all the pictures as always! They always look like so much fun :) I hope your week is going well :)
<3 V

Kelly @ Stay at Home Trader said...

Wow!!!! Great pictures, lady! I have allllways wanted to check out the art museum. What an awesome place for such a nice party! Everybody looked so nice and beautiful! Made me wanna get all dressed up and hit the town with my mr :). I am still laughing at your comments ab that picture and the frame. Hahahahahaha!

Awww you and Jessica are so funny at pier 1! I am not kidding, I LOVE those masks! That store always has something awesome and different.

And was Gina in your wedding? She looks great! That is funny you two always show up matching :). Aww!

I think u is good at your "wordless Wednesday" post :). U know me, I love pictures. And I am still having dreams ab your camera. AND about winning $25,000 here in AC. It was so real I woke up and thought it really happened! Hahahahahhaha!

Happy Wednesday AND Thursday!!!

Meeee said...

You looked beauteous! (and your Husband quite handsome)
It looks like you had a great time!
Have a great day Maria!

Mrs. E said...

You look gooorrrggeeeoouusss!! Steve is one lucky guy, but I know he already knows that :) I love that this post was neither Wednesday or made me smile lol. Xosososososo~~~

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

Darling! I love all your pictures! I have started to carry my real camera with me! Every time I grab it I think today I am going to be like Maria and take lots of really cute pictures! lol! It looks like you had a fabulous time! I am super happy for you! Have a great rest of the week! and try to remember today is Thursday! heheh!

Maria said...

It had been practically a decade since I had an excuse to get really dressed up and party! Unless you count my wedding but that's different. LOL

By the way I totally wanted a bite of the quesadilla. Mmmm...

Promise me that whenever I make it out your way that we go to that restaurant with the quesadilla.

I'm still stuck on that quesadilla. Seriously. Was it awesome?

:) <3 and lots of hugs and prayers!

Judy Haughton-James said...

You have been having a whale of a time Maria! The pictures look great. The dress you wore to the 25th anniversary celebration certainly fits you so well. I love the colour! The women and men looked wonderful in their outfits. I have had lunch just over an hour now but the food on display is making me feel as if I have not yet eaten!:) I see that spring has arrived over there. Look at those trees! Continue to have good times! Lots of Love & Friendship always.

Kathy Radigan said...

You and Steve looked so great!! Looks like a great time was had by all! You looked lovely in the mask but I much prefer to see your own pretty face! Glad you had a fun weekend! Take care and much love!

Gumdrop Pass said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! You and Stever are such a gorgeous couple! Ha... I'm not deleting the R typo -- Stever. Ha.

Ok, sorry. I just may have eaten an espresso chip chocolate bar and it might be making me stupid. ;)

ANYWAY, I loved your not-so-wordless not-so-Wednesday post. All of your pictures make me happy! :)

Have a good day, lady!

Ashley said...

How fun to get all dressed up and go dancing! Haven't done that with my hubby in way too long! You girls looked fantastic! Glad it wasn't a "wordless" post because I always look forward to hearing what you have to say! :)

Hope you have a great Friday!!

KERRY said...

You wordless? That will never do!!!
Great fun post filled with friendships, food, wacky masks and pretty gowns.
You two are a cute couple, seriously!
You looked so pretty, looks like it was a great night out, just what you needed??
Thank you always for your comments and sunshine that you bring to my life Maria xoxo

Rachel said...

I love the pictures and it looks like you and the Mr. had a great time. You have the best friends as well. Thank you for your kind words on my post things are getting better and I am getting back to being me again. Love your posts and I might have more time now to read them ;-) now that Annabelle is sleeping more. Big Hugs!

April Oliver said...

Loving looking around your blog!

New follower here!

Yoli N. said...

Wow, that brunch looks really good! I love homemade chips. Looks like fun! (Found you in the blog hop and began following you. Hope you can check me out....

Heather Nelsen said...

What fun!!! You're making me want to have a fancy night out with my hubby! It's gotta be even more fun when the company is paying though! ;) love the masks.. You are do cute! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

Aleisha McD said...

HA HA! Baby Girl, that was NOT a wordless Wednesday post AT ALL. No siree! HA HA! I loved it, though. You have such fun and wonderful adventures. Sadly, my adventures include napping during the day when my kids do because they've been so sick and I've been so wasted, taking them to the doctor, treating their ear infections, and attempting to clean my nasty ass house. *sigh* NOT glamorous. BUT, darling, you looked super glamorous at the par-tay. Loved your dress, LOVED your bangles. And heck yes I noticed your lipstick and nail polish. All of it was AWESOME. I miss you and I love you fo-eva!

Rachel Marie said...

Love this post -- and you're not the only one who can't do a total "wordless wednesday" I think I have like once or twice. It just doesn't look right, I'm like it needs words. :) Beautiful post, looks like you and the hubbs had a wonderful time out. And thanks for the comments on my photoaday post :) I was so stoked when my phone captured our reflection.

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