Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Big Eggs...and Easter

I don't have a ton of energy at the moment.  Though, I'm in full vampire mode.

I told myself an hour ago that I had to get upstairs, take a shower, and try and get some sleep.  Yeah, that hasn't happened yet.  I woke up yesterday afternoon.  Like, after lunchtime.  My body was begging for rest. And, it probably wasn't the best idea to mosey on into the fridge and chug a second can of diet coke at this hour.  But I'm savoring my last few cans.  In the next day or so, Im saying buh-bye to my beloved beverage (for now).  After all, it could be a day, possibly even less than that before it's time for our IUI.  Since Friday, I've been to the doctors 3 times. And this morning, I'll be headed there again.

This was Friday.  Day 9. 
After my ultrasound, the nurse, who had the absolute scariest technique with mr.wand ma jiggy (yea, let's just say she might as well have been fishing for my tonsils)
 found that I had 3 happy, growing eggs on my left side. 
They were already pretty large for this time in the cycle, so 
 another appointment was scheduled for bright n' early Easter morning, just in case I happened to be ready.


Later that night, my mom and I took a little drive to pick up my trigger shot at a pharmacy a bit away from home.  20 minutes away from our destination...
POP goes my back tire. I just had to laugh.  I am famous for flat tires.  I drive a lot.  On a road that is full of potholes.  I'm blaming the potholes for half of my flats through the years. And my awesome driving skills for the rest.  I pulled over in a parking lot and called my brother to our rescue.

Old Betsy's 528th flat.

Nicholas and my Mom stayed hard at work

while I entertained, got a lesson from my mom on the definition of counterclockwise (and realized I was of no assistance when I attempted to use my lipliner to turn the car jack).

After quite the night, nachos were calling our name.

Easter Eve, Twinkie and I had a late night Skype date with Steve. 
Is it me, or does Steve just look like a floating head?!

they inhaled their treats.

I didn't get around to dying eggs this Easter, but I still got to check some out early Sunday morning.
And 3 of them were still present, huddled close together and growing strong.

I was grateful for my mom's company and support.
Grateful that one of their offices was open on Easter.
And grateful that the trigger shot she's holding wasn't needed. They said everything was progressing so well, that they'd prefer I go natural this cycle.  Fine by me.
This is where it started to get interesting.  The doctor on call said depending on my bloodwork results, I could possibly have my IUI on Monday. 
I later got a call from him saying I wasn't there yet as far as ovulation approaching, but to still come in on Monday for more bloodwork and another ultrasound.
Basically, my eggs are just king kong mega eggs this cycle.

Easter was low key.  We went to the diner and hung out the rest of the day.

crazy picture...I hear rainbows are good luck.

This is Bridey.  My mom's neighbor's cat.  She knows I'm a crazy cat lady and always wants my lovin'.


I might steal her.

I spent the night at my Dad's. Me, him, Brigid and Nicholas sat and chatted, and a few hours later I found myself dozing off...the kind of tired where you bop your head up and down and feel like your eyes weigh 100 pounds. I was completely exhausted after the past week, and 
once Brigid covered me in a blanket that felt like it was made of magic fluffyness, I was out cold.

Gibby Gibson and Elmo Elmer

I was thankful to spend the whole day with my family and thankful that Steve was where he needed to be.  He came home late Sunday night...

Our appointment on Monday.  Day 12.
3 huge eggs, but my beta showed that ovulation was still not ready.  So, we were told to skip Tuesday and come in Wednesday to see what's happenin'.  With tax season ending and Steve being out of work the past week, he won't be able to come.
And that's okay.

As I sit here, I'm feeling lots of activity on my left side.  Feelings I know and remember well.  Could I be hatchin' those eggies soon...maybe even in the next few hours?...

  I have a hunch, today has the possibility of being quite an adventure.

But then again, every day should be an adventure.

And I'm ready for it.

Thank you so much for all your thoughtfulness on my last post.

It has been tiring and trying at times, but things are coming together.
And even though Steve won't be with me this morning,
 I know his heart and mind will be.

King Kong Mega Lovin,'


KERRY said...

Good luck friend!!! I will be thinking of you xoxox
Great post and pictures! Yummy nachos (I love nacho's!)
Fingers crossed for you and stay strong with Steve away...he'll be home soon! xoxo

Tina said...

Wow, three big eggs! Yay! I'm praying for you...for the IUI and the DC withdrawal (trust me, I know it too well!).

Nicole Gilbert said...

Thinking of you today! I'm glad to hear your honey is home with you once again :)

Jenny said...

Good luck today! Keeping everything crossed for you!

MrsV said...

Good luck today I'll be thinking of you! Hope your Easter was as relaxing as it sounds :)

Judy Haughton-James said...

Hi Maria,
I hope everything works out well for you. As always I love the pictures. It is great that your mom and brother were able to rally around you while Steve was away. Support from family and friends is always important. I see that the cats took care also. It was so cute to see the cat looking at the picture of Steve on Skype!:) The dogs are also cute! My pets have always been dogs. Take very good care of yourself. Lots of Love, Best Wishes and Friendship always!

M said...

How cool that you got to check out your eggs on Easter ;)

Thinking of you this morning...lots of prayers going your way!!

I'll be at the doctor's this morning patient appt but hoping to discuss some of my TTC issues and also make sure I'm still doing ok since my car accident Saturday.

Keep us posted! Hope this is your month!!

p.s. LOVE the rainbow picture! ;)

lovejoy_31 said...

praying for you! you could have called me last night. I unfortunately have been in Vampire mode all too often this past week. Don't know why, but it just goes that way sometimes. Beautiful kitty. I would be tempted to steal her/him as well.

Rebecca said...

Rainbows are lucky!!!!

Aww....this is going to be your month! :)

Kathy Radigan said...

Three eggs! Very impressive you!!! Lol! Sending so many prayers and good thoughts your way!!! Much love Maria!! xoxo

Cami said...

THREE EGGS!! AMEN!!! Praying one of these is THE ONE. I think it will be <3
You and your Mom are so beautiful - you look SO much alike!! <3
I love the kitty on skype..sooooo cute!!
You always eat the yummiest food :D
Loveyou! said...

Best of luck this morning!!! Thinking of you and praying it goes well!!! Xoxo, Kerstin

E and R said...

Good luck! Fingers crossed for many good things in your near future :)

Chrissy said...

Good luck!!! Sending prayers your way!!!

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

YAY For King Kong Eggs!!! :D BOO for flat tires! what the heck! and oh my those nachos look so good! I have been sending lots of prayers your way! I have my fingers, toes, and legs crossed for you! :) Have a great week lady! You deserve the best!


Moosey Mommy said...

Good luck today!! I will be thinking of you and praying for you. What an exciting day it may turn out to be!

Natalie said...

Good luck with your eggs!

Olivia- wife. mother. photographer. said...

I'll be thinking of you today :)

So excited for you!

Gumdrop Pass said...

Aw, good luck, sweet lady! ...and I love that you ended with "King Kong Mega Lovin'"...hahaha.

I can't wait to hear how this all goes! You seem so cool and collected -- so kudos on that, girlie! :)

My thoughts and prayers are with you! <3 <3 <3

Oh, and thank you so much for your comments on my last post! I think bangs would ROCK on you! :)

waitingforarainbow said...

Haha you are too funny calling them your easter eggs!! Would these easter eggs =a Christmas miracle?! I believe so! Eeeek. Or maybe it'd be a new year baby??.ok, not important heather. Haha.
I was up late last night too, thinking about you. I said a few prayers, and sent lots of love your way. Could you feel my love, Maria? :p
Anyway, about the rest of your post... Lip liner?! Hahahahahaa oh I can picture you getting really excited, reaching in your purse, and being like, "Here let me help!" Whomp.... Whomp...
Also thanks for making me extremely hungry with your delicious food pictures! You always eat so good! I can't help but be jealous.
I laughed at steves floating head, and loved the cool rainbow effect on your picture:)
Can't wait to hear how the appointment went today! I'm all giddy about it!!!:D
Xoxxooooxo<3~ Heather

Mrs. E said...

Thinking of you!!! Keep those legs propped haaga :) sending lots of love and fertilization/implantation vibes your way. Soooooo excited!!!! Xoxoxo

Ashley said...

Yeah for your giant sized eggs!!
Happy belated Easter! I am so glad that Steve is home now and I am keeping you in my thoughts today! Can't wait to hear how everything turns out!

oh, and make sure you get some sleep!


Maria said...

I think your TWW might be tougher for me than my own! I can't wait to hear how this goes!

Kari said...

Good luck sweetie!! I'll be thinking and praying for you guys!! Keep me updated please!!<3

Megan Powell said...

I am so excited for you! Hope all went well!

Krystyn said...

Grow follies, grow!! I'll be thinking of you!!

Lauren said...

You have such a positive outlook. It is refreshing. I'm sure that things are easier when you look at life with the glass half full. Taco look delish! :)

Lauren Rebecca
ps. Now following

Karen said...

Love the pictures of you with your family! Praying that those huge eggs are hatching :) You have so much strength and beauty. This is such an exciting time!

Anonymous said...

Three eggs in your basket is better than one pig in a blanket! Well unless your a farmer maybe. I keep you & your love in my constant prayers! I'm so hoping and praying for you. I hate flat tires more than just about anything.. well wait.. the smell of gas.. ewwwww gross. Hugs. Tammy

Jenn said...

I totally LOL'd at this post. I'd be totally useless when changing a tire too. In fact, the other day my hubby found me being proactive and trying to drill holes in my plant pots with his electric drill. He was all excited when he saw me wearing safety glasses with a drill in my hand. I believe his quote was "You're sexy when you're working with power tools."

Then he saw that I was trying to drill a hole with a screw bit, not a drill bit, and he ran over shrieking, "No!! Stop!! You'll ruin my screw head!" Uh, screw head? I thought it was a drill I was holding. Apparently I'm significantly less sexy when RUINING his power tools.

Anyway, I've seen you go through so much heartbreak in the past year, it was nice to see you in good spirits...making jokes. Finding levity is a difficult thing to do when life feels so heavy, but you manage it well, girl!

You know I admire you for your strength, courage, and honesty throughout this whole process. I'm wishing you mega success with your mega-eggs!!


mag said...

Thinking about you so much... crossing my fingers that some goodness is happening in your uterus right now.


Sorry I've been so quiet. *hug*

Rachel Marie said...

Glad it was all going well for you and it lead you to your previous post & little video. I loved that picture with the rainbow spewing out of your eye ... I bet it is totally good luck :) Glad you had a good Easter and that a doctors office was readily available for you :)

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