Friday, March 23, 2012

The Good Stuff

"The Good Stuff" - Kenny Chesney
The good stuff...
It's there.  Always.  Even when times are at their most trying.
Keep your eyes and heart open.
And it's not too hard to find.
The good stuff is...
Spending a morning with this blue-eyed babe. 
Dancing and swaying to country music together. Reading stories 3 times in a row.
Learning from her.

a sleepover at Jessica's.  Arriving to the smell of fabulous cooking...a big hug...and a shoulder to cry and lean on.

It's a friend who makes sure to have a fresh 2 liter diet coke on hand. 
(even if you need to attempt to knife the pesky cap off)

DC, you'll always be my baby.

It's a warm and thoughtful meal with a warm and thoughtful friend.  A friend who has a way of making me forget about the pain.
Talking about memories for hours.
Going for a second helping, hours later, and twirling cold pasta,
knowing we have all night to continue the fun.

It's homemade chocolate chip cookie dip, hot tea, and pjs

while playing "Drawsomething" inches away from one another.
(and staring in amazement at Jessica's talent)

It's going to sleep when the birds start chirping, and waking up a few hours later to meet Chloe and her Mama for eggs and grits and sweet company. 

It's watching love and happiness shine between ladies I love.

It's faces like these.

It's gifts from Jessica...ones she finds that seem like they were made specifically for me...
a miniature pin with a kitty, appropriately named - Tiny Tim.  That's really good stuff.

It's a mad hunt and refusal to leave once he goes missing.

And joy and hysterical laughter when Tiny Tim kitten was found hiding in last night's placemat.
thank you, kelly, for capturing the reunion with tiny t. <3

It's this girl.

And this girl.

It's a quiet booth and many shared stories.
It's not being afraid to cry in a restaurant.
Or laugh until you shoot a well deserved lunchtime martini out of your nose.

It's realizing after 5 minutes, that we needed to press the button to make the "walking man" appear.

It's great music sung by someone you love.
It's watching my brother do what he loves.

It's introducing my mom to my new obsession and watching her kick ass at it.

It's my mom proudly sportin' her pre St. Patrick's day attire.

It's this guy.

It's a mom who loves nachos as much as you do, and cries along with you when they are "dinky."

It's my mom.

It's Miss Fluffington.

It's catching up with friends who you haven't seen in a very long time.

It's stuffed chicken tortillas.

It's wearing green and celebrating St. Patrick's day with loves, even if you're only 12.5% Irish.

It's incredibly kind, generous (yummy) and much appreciated surprises from 2 sweet women.
Thank you, Katie and Nicole!

It's an outside early dinner in 75 degree weather in March.

It's mussels, caesar salad, pasta, chocolate torte and coffee with Vania.

It's being thankful for a fabulous hairdresser,
but more thankful for her awesome friendship.

It's Mr. Twinkie

It's a wonderful first time skype date with a friend who shares your name,
your experiences,
and themselves with you.

It's a volcanic rock full of guacamole. 

and a double date with Sean and Jen

It's starting the weekend off with great friends.
(and mexican food)

It's the weekend.

Take it easy. <3


I read your words and am grateful for all of them.
I know my last post was long-winded...I truly appreciate your sincerity and kindness.

I will keep this update short and simple...
Our appointment on Thursday went well. I went in with a heavy heart but an open mind.
It was wonderful to talk to our doctor.  As soon as he saw us, he grinned and said, "You two are always keepin' it interesting, huh!"
And we smiled.  He's gotta point there, don't cha think?!
He was very reassuring with all of his thoughts and had the nurse do an extensive ultrasound to check for any abnormalities.
When the screen showed nothing but what it was supposed to, I breathed a huge sigh of relief.
As for the next sigh...we have to wait a little bit for that one.
My bloodwork, as we expected, still showed a bit of hcg.  We are hoping it's only from the trigger shot, and not from the loss.  Our doctor has full faith that we have nothing to worry about.
We are praying hard that that's the case.
So, for now, the plan is...
Wait for my period. Call to schedule a bloodwork appointment as soon as it arrives.
And as long as the hcg is gone,
We get a big, happy, GO for the next cycle.

My mojo is returning a little more each day and I have to have faith it will only continue.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend filled with only
the good stuff. <3

Good Lovin', 


Maria said...

Lots of good stuff! Lots of good stuff now and even more to come. I have you in my prayers, darlin'. I just know that this spring, there is going to be a bunny in your garden or a rainbow in your sky. I just know it!

Melissa said...

Sending you massive amounts of hugs all the way from Texas! I'm glad you're focusing on the good stuff, it sounds like you are surrounded by amazing people. I'm keeping you in my thoughts!

M said...

I'm so happy to see that you are still finding reasons to smile!

BTW, love playing Draw Something with you! We are so talented LOL! You'd never guess I do graphic design for a living based on my drawings on there!

Hope you have a great weekend <3

Ashley said...

I am so glad that your appointment went well and that your Dr. helped ease your mind. Looks like you had a great weekend with lots of amazing food! Holy cow that food looks good... I haven't eaten yet today. :) It is so great to see how many people stand by and support you. You can practically see all the love you guys have radiating from the pictures. :) Oh, and Draw Something is my new obsession too!

Have a great weekend Maria!

Aleisha McD said...

Gosh, looking for the good stuff can be so hard sometimes! But you've done it, my dear! It's like what my friend always says, "You have to fight to find the joy in life. Sometimes you'll fight like hell...but you will find it." This post was lovely and the pictures were so beautiful and fun. The pics with you and the DC warmed my heart and gave me the giggles. Wishing I could share some with you today!

KERRY said...

Just when I thought the food pics from the beginning of the post couldn't get any better, you go and post that yummy fruit and the chocolate pics!! You always seem to have such a busy fun-filled time with your friends Maria, it is so lovely to see :)
Glad you have perked up a little, keep strong, keep believing and keep smiling!!
We all love you!!! xo

Aleisha McD said...

OH MY GOSH! You are wearing your necklace in those pics!!!!! I just noticed...duh! I wore mine a couple of days ago. LOVE IT!!! That pic of Kelly is really purty too.

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

I LOVE all the good stuff!! I love all the pictures you take! you are just beautiful! and so full of life! I am glad to hear your appointment went well and I am sending you all the luck in the world for next month! you deserve the best Maria! Have a fabulous weekend!

Olivia : I am still learning said...

It's good to see you smile! :)
Things are only going to get better and better. Hugs to you! said...

A big hug and big prayers for you and your Husband Maria!
Have you ever read this poem? It's one of my favorites...

One day at a time
That's all there is.
Do not look back and grieve over the past, for it is gone.
Do not look to the future for it has yet to come;
Live in the present and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering...

Love, Michele

Kathy Radigan said...

I loved your pictures! You are just awesome. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Much love!

Mrs. E said...

2 things...1. Chocolate chip cookie dip! YUM!!!! 2. The second I read the words "don't cha," I started singing that song...don't cha wish your gf was hot like me... and I will probably continue to sing that song until I fall asleep ;)

I'm sending lots of Hit-the-road-HCG vibes your way!! I know my feelings must seem pretty untrustworthy at this point, but I have a *feeling* that it will be gone soon. Love you :)

Gumdrop Pass said...

Lots and LOTS of GOOD STUFF. You're very blessed to have SO MUCH in your life, lady! I love all of the pictures of friends and FOOD. You always have a way of making me hungry. :)

I'm glad you're feeling better -- you have so much to look forward to! I can't wait to read about it. :) I hope you have a good week, pretty lady! <3

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

I love to see the optimism. That is what you deserve. I love to see your smile- it radiates. I am glad you are feeling better! I hope you have a great week my friend!

Heather Nelsen said...

Oh Maria I am praying for you girl! I just read your last two posts and can't imagine how tough that phone call must have been. You have such a positive spirit to already be posting about "the good stuff"- that is what I love about you! Please let me know if I can be praying for you specifically about anything at all. I know this will happen for you again!

Brittany said...

Sooo many things to be thankful for! I love that you love the little things in life :) DC! Oh how I love it too. And oh man, all that yummy food....the Goldfish I'm munching on seem quite mediocre in comparison. So glad you have SO many wonderful friends and family to keep your spirits up. Such a blessing! Still praying for you and Steve everyday...hope y'all are having a good week so far :). Sending you lots of love and hugs sweet Maria!

Rachel Marie said...

lovely post girl :) It makes me stop and appreciate all the good stuff around me. I LOVE this post, and I love that you're doing better. You and Steve will be in my prayers that everything works out next cycle.

Judy Haughton-James said...

Hello Maria!
You are so right, despite the challenges we can find good stuff to be grateful for. These pictures are beautiful and it is great to see you smiling, laughing and having a good time with friends. I really hope everything will work out well for you. Love your spirit! It gives one such hope no matter what. Take care and as always Lots of Love, Best Wishes & Friendship to you.

Danielle said...

im pretty sure being part of the mcintyres raises your 12.5% to at least the high 20s. : )

Miss Vhaving said...

Maria, thank you for sharing our Maggiano's day with your friends and for putting me in you ''Good Stuff'' category. :)
I was such a happy girl after our lunch and can't wait to spend more time with you. I appreciate your friendship and support very much.

Cami said...

As always, I am praying for you both like crazy <3 God's got you!!

I always love all of your beautiful photos- you are gorgeous!! That kitty you have there is a cutie pie too :)

Draw Something is addicting...way too addicting :(

I love your thankful and happy heart :)

Hope this week has been nothing but kind and beautiful for you <3

Shannon Stubbs said...

I love the picture of her and the baby doll! My daughter does that too!

Following you from the hop! (mommy of one and counting)

Jessica said...

Its great to have good friends!! We just went on our anniversary getaway and we loved eating outdoors at the restaurant we chose!!

I think that this is my first visit to your blog, I welcome you to come by my blog and say hello and become a follower if you'd like, if you aren't one already.

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