Sunday, March 11, 2012

One Hundred

Day 8.  It feels so weird to say be back to keeping track of the days in my cycle...
to be taking these (clomid) again.

I finished my last dose yesterday.  It was good to me.  Just one migraine and a few mood swings, that I can now blame on those two tiny pills pictured above. ;)
We have an appointment on Thursday morning.  With that date fast approaching, I'm saving all the emotions for my next post - which I have a strong feeling, will be Wednesday night.
Because, as of right now, I'm not super moody, anxious, nervous, or wired (Give me a few days).
And I think that has to do with a little bit of a lot of things.
Like, feeling rejuvenated.  Being busy.  Getting my rest.  Actually surprising myself (and Steve) and getting to bed at a normal hour, 3 nights in a row.

And above all,
feeling the deepest, most calming sense
of letting go.


I realized when I started writing tonight, that this is my 100th post.
It's kinda funny - the timing in it all, huh?!
Here we are, literally diving into the next chapter in post #100.

So I figured,
 why not dive into this post 

with a hundred and some memories from the past couple weeks.

Breakfast with the girls.  When we make plans for omelets and coffee, there's never a need for us to say where.  It's always Station B.

Celebrating Addison.

with pink candles on her blueberry pancakes.

Chloe (the munchkin of good cheer)

Happy Birthday, girlfriend.

A sunny, breezy walk with Kim, Rory and Sketchy.


A girl's night with Jessica, over baked ziti, and lots of comical and memorable chats.
Chats...I can't wait to pick up from where we left off.

our men after their boy's night.

definitely a framer <3


A treat.

And another treat...
Spending a rainy Friday morning at home with this babe.


Muffin + Chloe = explosion from cuteness

A Friday afternoon with this girl.
We grabbed a bite to eat, and had one whole side of the restaurant to ourselves.
Good news for us.  Bad news for anyone who could hear our cackles and snort - laughs.

We took 500 photos of random objects.  We were loud n' proud.

Kelly took pictures of me taking pictures.


I painted my nails.

And then, Kelly helped me put on fake $1 eyelashes.  Because, that's what we do when we go out to lunch.

I gave Aleisha a ringy, and her and Kelly chit chatted for a bit.

Only a few more months until this pretty mama brings another sweet love into the world.

We're so excited to meet Baby K, numero three.

mon cherie cinions.


Watching my brother play and sing at this spot is always relaxing and cozy.

I <3 this.

Yeti beer. Espresso Oak Aged Yeti beer. 


Chats with my Mom, with Twinkie never far behind.

Before I left for Utah, Steve and I had ourselves a little rendezvous...
a romantic getaway...
a sweet escape.
We started at old reliable (Atlantic City)
and ended with a few days in Virginia.
We found a sweet little country inn that was full of color and character.

It was blissful.  It was quiet.  It was something different
  And it was the perfect way to say goodbye to February,
and welcome March,
 with all that it holds in store for us.

I could live in this shower.

A cat. A thrift shop. And an ice cream parlor. O Yea!

this is his "where did my onions and mushrooms go?" look.

I'd like to thank my Mr.
for setting the camera on the seat of our car in just the right position.

And more importantly,
thank you...
 for all the memories.

Hope your day is sweet...

down to the last treat!!

100 times the Lovin',


KERRY said...

Yoohoo!!! First again!!
Oh Maria and Steve, you guys are adorable in all your pics :) Look at the two of you having a facial together, that's love right there ;)
Beautiful getaway, awesome hotel, yummy food, great scenery, cute babies, big smiles, loads of memories, wonderful post!!
Good luck, you know I'm always thinking of you xoxo

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new cycle! (boo to Clomid, though...ugh) I love how you appreciate and capture so many have a full, full life!

Rebecca said...

You need to start traveling with me and John. You always find the cutest places to stay.......jealous! GL with the Clomid. I remember that drug.....headaches aren't fun! Luckily you only take it a few days.

lovejoy_31 said...

I am so very excited for you guys. And jealous. I want to travel and meet you. LOL!!! Trust me, enjoy those getaways now, because before too long you are going to have a little one and those weekend excursions will slow down. Doesn't mean that you won't ever be able to go, but it will take more effort and planning.

Thank you for the sweet comments last week. It is truly hard to believe how close bloggers can become when they haven't ever really "met". I certainly do hope that you and I can meet up sometime. Celia would love to meet you. We'll have to try after your little one arrives (because I know that no matter what, you will have at least one beautiful baby).

I could not be any happier for you. Your pics are gorgeous. You are so much better than I am about taking pics. I am taking a class in a few weeks though and am thoroughly excited about it.

Hope you have a glorious, mood swing, feel good week. Lots of love to both you and Steve this week!!!!

Nicole Gilbert said...

Yay for being done with the Clomid! I always see all of your awesome pictures and yell at myself for not taking my camera out more, I really need to get better about it.

I will be thinking about you this week :) said...

All those food pics! Yum! Glad you and Steve got away and that the Clomid wasn't too bad to you. When I was on it most of 2009 it made me just feel icky and very moody. I hope you won't have to take it very long. I am praying for peace and good results for Thursday. Hugs!!!!!!!

Kelly @ Stay at Home Trader said...

Awww done with clomid already? Here's to the next chapter, girlfriend! I can just imagine what we are gonna do in restaurants when you are all big and pregnant. We'll probably be drawing faces on your belly in the corner, laughing, and taking pictures. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The eyelashes kill me! Can you imagine what our waitress thought? hahahaha!

Love the pictures of Kelly & the kids. And Jess & Ed <3 LOVE THEM ALL! You had a few "framers" in there! Now that you have that fancy camera, you should be framing every one of them :)

The pictures of that room in AC!!!! BIG PIMPIN!!!! Seriously!!!!!!! WOW!!!! Next time we go, I'm wearing a big faux fur coat and my top hat :) hahahaha! So nice!

Awww and Nicholas! I MISS HIM! He is such a sweetie!

That place in VA looked so adorable! I LOVED IT!!! The facial pix made me laugh so hard! Aww you guys are so adorable! I loved all the pictures of everything ! I want to go there! LOL!

I am thinking about you, and I hope that everything goes perfect this week. I love ya to pieces and it was so nice to catch up this past Friday.

You know I'll be in touch! I miss you girl! xoxoxoxoxo

Maria said...

So many awesome pictures!!! Wow! Plus can I say how jealous I am of your trip! That looked ahhh-mazing!

I added you on sykpe! Can't wait to chat!

Best of luck with the cycle and I hope that a little leprechaun find his way into your pot of gold!

Ashley said...

Your weekend away looks amazing! Seriously, how fun! I love little getaways like that! You always have such fantastic pictures, Maria. I feel like I am right there with you. I especially loved the picture of you two with your facial masks. :) I remember when I use to make Brandon do those!

So happy for you that you are through with the clomid and it had minimal side effects. I am hoping and praying for you guys!


Mrs. E said...

I love all the pictures!! It looks like you've been having a fun time despite the clomid (sorry about the migraine though!) I'm so glad :) oh, and please tell Kelly that she looks amazing--I actually have the same shirt! (Which, unfortunately, does not look so amazing on me lol!) I love you :) sososososo!

Brittany said...

I seriously cannot get over how gorgeous you are! you look like a model in every single picture!

I am so so happy and excited for you. Pleeeeease come to Texas so we can meet and have a fabulous time :). It's not as pretty as Utah but we'll sure have fun!

Gumdrop Pass said...

LOVE all of your pictures. LOVE-love. Your ability to capture fun, love, and cuteness in a zillion pictures is something I envy!

I'm excited to read more of THIS chapter and the NEXT 100 posts to come. Every time I sit down at my computer, I type in your blog address anxious to see what you're up to! That's only a little stalker-ish, right?! ;)

Anyway, good luck this week! Many hugs and positive thoughts your way!

<3 Stephanie

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Can you be my travel agent? You always look to have the most fun times! What a power dynamic duo! Many hugs this week. CLomid- you better work for my dear friend! Hugs and xoxo

Irish Carter of Dedicated 2 LIFE said...

What an amazing gift you have with photography. I enjoy reading your posts and how much FUN they are. Looking forward to future reads. = )


Kari said...

So many great pictures!! As crazy as it sounds, I'm excited to see this next chapter through right along with you and Steve. I feel like I know you even though we've never met. I have everything crossed for you guys and you're in my thoughts and prayers, darlin.<3

waitingforarainbow said...

Ahhhh look at all of these pictures! Is it bad that at least one of your pictures in every post makes me hungry?? That place that you and Steve went looks so relaxing and amazing!! I want to live in that shower too!
You are such a good photographer! You could stick all of these pictures in frames, and the ones of Addison are too cute.
It's pretty awesome when you can have lunch AND some makeover time with your friend hahahaha. Painting your nails, and applying some lashes over sandwiches.. why not? You girls crack me up!
The kitty picture made me say "oh my goodnesss" and "awwww" out loud. My heart almost exploded from not being able to handle all the cuteness! Agghh

Bernadette & Duane said...

Hey Maria! I'm thinking of you! I just know that Baby K is going to have a best friend on the way in no time!!! Relax and pamper yourself over the next few weeks!

Krystyn said...

Every time that I see all of your pictures it reminds me that I really need to get a good camera as I love capturing moments that I don't want to forget. Thanks for sharing!!!

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

You and your friends always look like your having such a great time. I love that you just goof off whenever and don't care who is around. Love all your pictures from your little getaway. Looks like you both had an awesome relaxing time. Love love the last picture of the cute.
Good Luck this week:))

Anonymous said...

I love the photo explosion. The pic with the little girl and your kitty, It amazes me how small children and animals seem to communicate and understand one another. Lots of great memories in the photographs. More to come for sure. Hugs. T

Judy Haughton-James said...

Hello there Maria,
Hip Hip Hooray! Congratulations on Post 100! I know the feeling as I was so thrilled when I reached that milestone. As you move into the next 100 I wish you lots of good things and happiness in the future. You deserve it! As always the pictures are so beautiful. Take very good care and all the best to you and Steve!

Judy Haughton-James said...

Hello there Maria,
Hip Hip Hooray! Congratulations on Post 100! I know the feeling as I was so thrilled when I reached that milestone. As you move into the next 100 I wish you lots of good things and happiness in the future. You deserve it! As always the pictures are so beautiful. Take very good care and all the best to you and Steve!
Judy said...

Hi Maria,
Your post and photos made me cry.
I think Alexis' hormones are rubbing off on me lol
Mostly because you are so sweet and cute and I am praying for your miracle.
Love Michele

angelaluvnlife said...

Love all the pics on your blog. I hope that getting prego comes soon :) I always feel bad for the women that want to but can't and we have tons of teens getting prego and than we have to take care of them. I used to work at a juvenile detention center and there was a girl that was 17 and she was pregnant with her 3rd and the ALL 3 had been taken away from her. So frusterating. But you are beautiful, and such a cute family hope that it comes soon :) Have you heard of Progesterone cream?

Miss Vhaving said...

Hi Maria. I LOVED your photos from Virginia!
Seems like we are very close in cycles, started Clomid today, 3 pills a day. This means, I'm not preggers...
I will be a total wreck this weekend.
Good luck this week and may all the baby prayers shower you from all your readers.
See you on 22nd!

Exotic Cars said...

Lots of baby prayers to you:) Love Love your pics... I am one of your newest followers:). I found your blog on Victoria's Voice. Would love for you to come over to my new social site

Have a wonderful day:)

Rachel Marie said...

I love the new look girl :) I haven't been to anyones blog in entirely way to long. Boo!!! Let me just say you take amazing pictures - seriously!!! I enjoyed looking at every single one of them :) Hope you post even more soon lady. Hugs.

Cami said...

You and Steve are SO precious :) Lovely photos of you guys. I liked the one of you two holding hands. That's perfect.

Love that you were able to have a little romantic getaway...well deserved!! Hope it was nice and relaxing

I hope those two little pills are the ONES <3

Love you!

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