Saturday, September 10, 2011


It's late. I'm not tired. I'm taking in a quiet night very early morning, in my favorite spot on the couch. I'm burning the last of our $4 Walmart "Juicy Melon" candle in honor of summer coming to an end. I'm hoping. I'm praying. I'm of course, thinking.

This week was a busy one. And when I mean busy, I mean busy in all aspects.
Take it from my little friend, the ovulation test.
I decided this month, I would pull out a few tricks. Because, in my mind, they really are just that. The ovulation test tells me what I 99% already know...that I pop out an egg around day 12 or 13 on unmedicated cycles. But, because I haven't used one of these mid-cycle pee sticks in a couple months I figured, what the heck. Changing things up a bit can't do any harm.  Hopefully, it does some good.

Can I just say how nice it is to see that smiley face staring back at me!? So much prettier than that one line on a pregnancy test or "Not Pregnant" on a digital! So Wednesday, day 11, "Mr. Smiley" gave me the "Go" signal.

*be warned. it's about to get personal. this post will contain words that make me and maybe you, make this kind of face.
What?! You scared? That ain't nothin'. I got way scarier faces than that! Just ask my friends.

Cervical Mucus.

*EWWWWWWWW, Maria said, "cervical mucus"*

Those two words mean a lot in the land of trying to conceive.
You need it. The more, the better. And, the more, the easier the swimmers get to where they need to get goin'.
So, meet my Bag-O-Tricks for this month's cycle.
Ovulation tests. Grapefruit Juice. Cheap-o brand Guaifenesin.  Pre-seed. And Softcups.

I bet you're wondering what those softcups are for, considering they are for "period time".  Think about it, because I'm not explaining  *EWWWW!*

 The ovulation tests.  It is said, once you see a digital happy dude pop up on the screen, you are to do the deed and cover your bases accordingly for the next 48 hrs.  Note - Bases have been covered.
Ovulation typically occurs anywhere in the next few days after the smiley.  I'm an early ovulater, so technically, my two week wait doesn't start for another day or so.  *Joy*
Stop teasin' me, baby!

The grapefruit juice helps with the production of cervical mucus.  Thanks for the tip, Maria! *more on Maria, next week*
The Guaifenesin helps loosen up mucus...everywhere in the body, it's not just for the sniffles. *EWWW*
I drank the whole bottle in 3 days.

The Pressed helps with um, the gettin' busy part.  And it's very sperm friendly. Are you feeling uncomfortable yet?! If not, read THIS POST.
I have heard so many "trying to conceivers" rave about this product, but I never gave it a try.  Thanks to a friend, I was turned onto it. (no pun intended) So was Steve.  Sorry, had to say it! ;)
So there ya have it.  That wasn't so bad.  Only a quick paragraph about, *say it with me people*, cervical mucus.  Last time I say it in this post, promise.

Lucky for you guys, there are no pictures coming up of the crazy, naked yoga positions that occur once the deed is done.  You know, the ones we attempt in hopes to get the swimmies headed in the right direction.  It's one "trick" I have never strayed from in these almost two years.  Just the other night, I typed my dear friend, Jessica, a long email while I lay in a position made for a contortionist, while Steve lay fast asleep in Sleepytime Land.

So all these little extras.  Do they really help?  Who truly knows.  I have a hard time doing some of them.  Partly because they have made me crazy in the past.  Ok, crazier.  We've already established a long time ago, I AM CRAZY.  It doesn't make sense. When seeing our RE, I have less of a problem with the monitoring and all that jazz over some of these tricks.  I guess it's because when we're in doctor appointment mode, we are in a different mind set.  In these past few months, on a break from our RE, we haven't used many tricks.  Just, Sex  Hope and Prayers.  No drugs.  Maybe a little Rock n' Roll.

Sure, the items above might bring us some peace of mind.  Make us think we did all we can do.  But in the end...
I know the things that bring us the most peace in our life right now, are not things.
There are the people in our life.  The love in our life.
And the faith in our life.
I sit here now and think of my past week.  The items in the pictures aren't what help me rest at night.
It's the prayers I pray and the people I love.

I will leave with some pictures from a wonderful Thursday.
Kim came over for breakfast. I'll give it a rest on the food pictures, for this post.  Just imagine bakery goodness.  And us two, laughing hysterically.  The kind of laughter that makes you cry and unable to catch your breath.

There was a lovely, impromptu Girl's Night
Me and Kelly

Kelly and Jessica

Jessica and I

I <3 themAnd I know they are honored to be included in a post talking about cervical mucus. (Oops, I said it again!)

Wishing you all, a SUPER DUPER SATURDAY!

Another big THANK YOU, to everyone. Your words always make me :)

*Tune in Sunday night, for a guest post by my husband, Steve*

Weekend Lovin',


Kathy said...

Wow it's been years since I was reminded of the baby making provisions we too used, the cough syrup was a trick I knew but did not know about the preseed, my, my. Grapefruit juice was another trick I did not know about 13-14 years ago. I do remember the struggle to enjoy my life when I so desprately wanted a child. I love this post. I'm in another stage now, homework, nagging children, a lot of mess. The trick I'm learning is to enjoy each stage and I love your post beacause of that. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband. I know at times it does not feel like it, but you are very blessed. Have fun during what my husband always dubbed "Baby week"!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Your supplies crack me up. I remember ordering every ovulation kit known to man and making my husband crazy with reminders when was a good time to do the deed. I remember charting temperatures and everything. Best of luck Hun!!!!

Kelly @ Stay at Home Trader said...

Bahahahahhahaha! Oh Maria! You make me laugh. No, I wasnt uncomfortable....but then again, we're friends, so... :). Actually, I found this post so interesting bc I have never heard of ANY of these things! ESP those cup thingies. You KNOW as soon as I put my phone down, in running to look up just what they do. I'm too stupid and naive to figure it put for myself! Lol! Love the pix of you, Kelly, and Jessica. You all look so cute and HAPPY! I hope you have a great weekend! Xoxoxoxox

Diana said...

LOL!!!!!!! i love ur supplies!! U make me laugh so much. Even though I have ur playlist in the background playing The Voice by Christina Aguilera and Im tearing up. what the heck! hehe.. have i mentioned how much i LOVE ur playlist?!? I wish I could hear it on my phone but I only hear it from my computer.

ok back to the post... ahhhhh! I love it. Ummm but what are those CUPS! ur gunna make me google huh? lol.. cuz i will!! I gotta know what it's for!! U shoulda just said it! lol.

U are toooooo toooo adorable my friend. I continue to pray super duper hard for u and Steve! Big hugs to you girlfriend... hope you're having a wonderful weekend... with ur supplies. bwahahaha... hey.. you may have just created my shopping list! LOL..

Melissa said...

Pfft! Who get's squeed out over cervical mucus? Not Me! It's a part of the big TTC and IF journey. You gotta have it. I hope your bag of tricks does the job and helps get you your take home baby.

Moosey Mommy said...

Fingers crossed for you again! I can't wait to read the guest post by Steve. I'll have to read it to my hubby, too. He's always asking about all my blog friends. Just the other day he said he wished he had a blog. But he doesn't write, so that's kind of wishful thinking on his part! lol

Rebecca and John said...

Hahaha LOVE it Maria. Don't you love how trying to make a baby makes us all we talk about cervical mucous like it's nothing!!!! Careful with the cups....I have a friend who's cup played hide n seek with her!!!! GL with O time this month!!!!!

Mrs. JRose said...

I will be holding out hope for you this month. FYI, I can highly recommend Pre-Seed; we used it and it worked for us! :) Love ya girl!

Mrs. E said...

Hahaha I have heard about every one of those tricks and have used 3/5 of them :) No shame!! You're definitely not alone!!!! I'm crossing my fingers for you Maria! xoxoxoxo~

Maria said...

I hope so much that one or all of your tricks is the winning combination! Yea... cervical mucus is one of those things that as long as I don't have to say it out loud, I can talk about its color,cut, and clarity. Oh. Wait. That's diamonds. What is cervical mucus? LOL JK! May your CM be abundant and very sperm friendly!

Aleisha McD said...

My darling Maria, this post absolutely freaked me out! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! CERVICAL MUCUS?!?!!! You've GOT to be kidding me!! Ew, ew, ew, eeewww! I hate the word mucus! Blech! Hate it! Would you like to know what other words I hate? Are you ready for this? The graffiti I"m about to put in your comments section?? Here goes: pus, scrotum, moist, membrane, shaft, seeping (oohh, especially seeping sore or wound), engorged, and testes. WHEW!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!! Cervical mucus...girlfriend, you kill me! I am thinking of YOU and PRAYING for plus signs on prego tests! I one hundred percent adore you and your FUN personality. Lots of love to you, Mama Nutso

Aleisha McD said...

Oh, and I hate the words cyst, ejaculation, penetrate (like when James is watching basketball on tv and the announcer dudes say, "penetrate the paint".....AAAAHH, MAKES ME CRAZY), smear (always think of "Pap"), loaf, curds, curdled, and squirt. UGH! Terrible words. I hate the word, "hemorrhoid" too. Why can't the medical community call them something nicer? Like flower blossoms?

Aleisha McD said...

P.S. I wasn't REALLY freaked out by this post...just laughing my squishy tooshy right off!!

Stephanie of Gumdrop Pass said...

First off, that picture of you is AMAZING! lol. I do not mean that sarcastically, either. Anyone who will willingly make a face like that is AMAZING... just look at my facebook albums ;) lol

Here's to hoping that these help! :) I love your outlook. You manage to put a funny, upbeat spin on it all. Fingers crossed/prayers sent/good vibes your way! :)

Working Mommy said...

The Man and I didn't use any of those things. I'm sure this is just one of those "easy for you to say" things, but sometimes you just have to go with things and not stress. Stress just gets in the way of nature.


waitingforarainbow said...

Oooooh, living the bag of tricks! Do you know what you do to me Maria? You pick me up off the ground, and get my butt in gear with every post. Just when I find reasons to take a break, you show me what it's like to try harder. So glad you got pre seed! Let me know how it works, because like you saw in my one post, the d&c left me lacking in the ewcm department. God will get you half way there, but the rest is up to you. Nice job maria! I admire you so much.

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