Monday, July 1, 2013


Hello July.  You sure snuck up on me.  
Today, my baby girl turned three months.  A quarter of a year.  Ninety-one days.
Can time stand still for just a few days?  Was there even a June this year?
I just came home from a wonderful night with two very dear friends.
I crept quietly up the stairs to find Steve fast asleep under the covers,
and Piper all cozy, snoozin' beside our bed in her Rock 'n Play.
I kissed Steve and whispered "I'm home."   I kissed Piper's sweet fuzz head and wished her a "Happy three months!" one more time.  I kicked my shoes off into my closet.  Crept down the hallway, and plopped my butt down here, in the office.  

I'm in the mood to write.  I'm pretty sure, if I had a whole free day, I'd type and type until my fingers went numb.  I'd sit here with cup upon cup of coffee and spill every last emotion down until I had not a word left in my heart.  
 Tonight, a bit about them...

 I love this photo.  I took it on the morning of Father's Day.

Crazy to think that was already a half a month ago.  
That Sunday morning, we woke up and spent a few hours at home together.  Just being us.  We so needed just be us.  To have some normalcy.
It'd been a long few weeks "living" at the hospital.
There isn't a better word than bittersweet to describe that day...
There I was, crying happy tears, as I kissed Steve and wished him a happy Father's Day...feeling beyond grateful to see my husband clinging to our baby girl - a father, at last.
There I was, hours later, holding back tears.  And holding my dad's hand,
 as I wished him a happy Father's Day as he laid in his hospital bed.

I wondered if my dad heard me.  I wondered if he heard me tell him how proud I was of him.

I wondered if Steve knew just how very proud I was of him...for everything he is to our daughter.  
And to me.

I mean, this guy...he can make me wanna slam his head against the wall sometimes (sometimes, my own, for that matter).  But most of the time, and especially, the past ninety-one days kinda lately...
He just amazes me. 
And I need to tell him that more often than I do.  I mean, I tell him.  
But I don't think it's enough.  
Watching Steve be a Daddy to Piper...
It takes my heart to places it's never been before.

She is so head over her chubby, little heels
in love with him.  Even strangers notice it...
The way she falls into his chest.  The way her face 
says "I feel protected." 

 There were so many days last month, Piper and I would be hanging out in the waiting room or dancing up and down the hallway.  Steve would come by after work and as soon as Piper's eyes met with her Daddy's, it was over...
She'd melt in his arms.

There are so many times I catch them like this.
It never gets old.

I didn't have time to get Steve a Father's Day gift.  
(Sweet, Aunt Karen picked him up a case of one of his favorite beers).

Muffin enjoyed his gift, too.

I knew a little Pips, all dolled up would be sure to put a smile on Daddy's face.
So, I broke out a pretty little dress from Dee Dee.  And got Piper ready.

A few photos from our day...


This past Saturday night, I was exceptionally exhausted.
  After a very long day, I climbed into bed, moody 
and feeling pretty drained.
But then I looked to my right.
And the tiredness went away for a while.
And I couldn't help but stare...

At them.

My daughter and my husband.
Oh, how I love them.


Wishing everyone a wonderful start of the month!
As always, thank you for all the caring words and sweet prayers.
I'll be back later on this week.

Lovin' Them Oh So Much,


Kara and Mary said...

Such beautiful words to make me smile this morning. Thank You. We are still sending love and prayers in your direction.

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

Such a beautiful post! It fills my heart with love and hope! :)

Infertile625 said...

This post made me cry. It is so obvious how she adores him! I would love to hear Steve's perspective on how she adores you. I bet he has the same thoughts. You are an amazing family and Piper is one lucky little beauty!

Stephanie N. said...

SUCH a sweet post, Maria. The pictures are, as always, priceless. That little girl -- she is SO lucky to have you and Steve for parents. Your family just makes my heart smile.

I hope everything is well and that you're having a great JULY so far! (Wow!). Hope you have a great holiday weekend, too!

<3 Stephanie

Judy Haughton-James said...

Happy 3 months birthday to Piper! That dress from Dee Dee is so cute and beautiful. Wonderful pictures and post as always Maria. You and Piper are truly blessed with Steve. I continue to pray for your dad and your family. Lots of Love, Friendship and Best Wishes to you, Steve and Piper. Enjoy the rest of your week.

JP said...

So sweet. I love how Steve isn't even looking at the camera in most of the pics. You're capturing him being a daddy, not posing. Love it. I hope you have a wonderful day. JP

Mrs. E said...

I should have figured this out by now, but there is absolutely no point in putting on makeup before reading your posts because no matter what, I cry!! I'm so glad you and Steve had such a wonderful Father's Day with Piper, but so sorry for you and your dad... Sending love and prayers always. Xoxo

Anonymous said...

I'm just happy!
Love and hugs

Janet said...

Beautiful, beautiful post Maria xo

mail4rosey said...

Such sweet pictures. I feel like you do that I tell hubby I appreciate him, but probably not enough. I think he knows though. ;)

It's neat to see the daddy's w/their little ones, isn't it? No matter how big, tough, macho, strong, whatever, they all melt w/the little ones. As it should be. :)

E and R said...

Love love line that first picture :) seeing daddy's with their little girls just melts my heart. That dress is just too perfect!
Hope you have a lovely 4th!

E and R said...

Love love line that first picture :) seeing daddy's with their little girls just melts my heart. That dress is just too perfect!
Hope you have a lovely 4th!

Tami said...

It looks like Steve had the perfects 1st Fathers Day. I love how you are recording not only the major events but also the daily ones too. Happy July to you and your family too!

Ashley said...

Isn't amazing how much more we fall in love with our husbands when we see them with our children? These pictures are absolutely precious and you can for sure see how she does just melt into him. I remember once when Kendra was little and we were house hunting my realtor pulled me aside and said she could see how much my husband's eyes just lit up when he was with my kids and it was so true! It still brings tears to my eyes now.
How blessed we are to have such men in our life! I hope Steve enjoyed his first father's day.

Rian Eidson said...

I love seeing pictures of piper and steve! There is so much love there and it is so beautiful!!! I can't believe how quickly piper is growing up! It is going by so fast! I can't wait until your next post. Xoxoxo

Jess @ said...

I think one of the most incredible things for a woman is to see her big tough man loving on their little tiny babies. Definitely one of the things that make the struggle to have the littles oh so worth it!

Alex[andra] said...


How did I miss this beautiful post?

I felt like I was reading a beautiful poem when I read this post.

I'm so happy for you and I can't wait until the day that I feel the same happiness you do (okay, well, maybe I can wait to have my own little girl. But you know what I mean!)

Jodi Stuber said...

brought tears to my eyes. what sweet pictures and words :) thanks as always sharing and letting us into your world.. so sweet. take care sweet later

Faith said...

Omg Maria! You are so amazing! This post just makes my heart so happy. Ahh, it truly makes me excited to one day have a baby with Sean.

Beautiful, beautiful posts and pictures!

I'll Love You Forever said...

A sweet beautiful written post! You are a wonderful wife. Love your little family. You are so beautiful, I am loving your hair! Piper, stopping growing so fast! xoxo

Olivia {The more I see the less I know} said...

She's one of the most beautiful baby girls ever... enjoy every minute!


Kerry said...

This was a beautiful post about Steve and his sweet bond with Piper. It is such a great feeling to see your husband with your child. I am sorry though that on Father's Day your own father was in hospital, but hopefully he heard every sweet whisper from you. Happy 1st Father's Day to Steve and Happy 1st Mother's Day to you (for May), I can't tell you how happy I am for you both and that I can say that xoxoxo

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