Thursday, July 11, 2013

Good Afternoon

Good afternoon.  And I mean that...
It's been a good day.  I'm feeling light.  Maybe it's the strong iced coffee I'm sipping on.  But, I'm pretty sure my breezy mood has to do with the 592 smiles Piper's already given me today.  And then, 
then there's this energy running through me - an energy that says "You can do this, Maria!"  
"You've kicked this week's ass!  Even if you sometimes feel like you just got the crap kicked outta ya, you can do this!"

There's been so much going on these past six weeks.  So much, that I sometimes feel like I've been swallowed by a giant, angry tornado - where it will take me next, who knows...

But, I'm here.  I'm healthy.  My daughter is healthy.  There is more love in each day than anything else.  So that tornado...I'm stronger than him.  And I have to keep telling myself that.

Last night, I cleaned my first office since I was 34 weeks pregnant.  I cried before I left.  I didn't think I would.  I mean, it would only be for a few hours.  I've left Piper with her Daddy before.  I knew she'd be in good hands.  Very good hands.  But, gosh, those three months passed so fast.  So stinkin' fast.  My dad had his heart attack when Piper was eight weeks.  And since then, it's been a roller-coaster - the fastest, most crazy one in the amusement park.
Time zipped on by.  I knew it would.  But I certainly didn't anticipate everything that's been put on my plate this past month and a half.  Luckily, I'm kinda a pro when it comes to finding surprises on my plate.  I truly believe we aren't given more than we can handle in this life.  
So, through the hurt and uncertainty, I keep going.  Because that's all you can do, right?!
And because, come on now, I have this absolutely amazing little miracle to wake up to every day.


I came home last night feeling so satisfied.  Cleaning was simple.  And it felt good.
I'm going to be cleaning a few times a week.  And I know some nights I will want to just stay home or that I'll be tired (and reachin' for that extra Diet Coke), but I know it will be good for me.  For us.  And for Piper.  It felt good to drive for twenty think about everything and truly process my thoughts...and to have an ugly cry about all that's taken place and not hold it in like I've been doing the past couple weeks.  It felt good to open photo texts from Steve of him and Piper having fun together.  It felt good to throw bags and bags of trash into the dumpster.
And like all good things,
there was a peace to all of it.

Oh, my little Piper...
There's so much I want her to know.

I've gotta lot of catching up to do.  So I figured, why not start out with posting half of the nine-hundred and seventy-six billion photos from the past few weeks.  The other half, I'll save for the next post.  Then, I'll get Piper's three month post up - I have about four-hundred photos from her three month birthday to sort through.  Taking photos has always been a major love and complete obsession of mine.  And lately, that love has grown even stronger.  Things can be incredibly bonkers, but taking mere seconds or minutes to capture the littlest to biggest moments - I am so thankful I have those pieces of time forever.  I turn to those photos for comfort and healing.

Speaking of healing...
I can't give enough thanks for all of the support, thoughts and prayers you've sent my father's way.
I'm going to visit him before cleaning tonight.  He's been moved to a long-term care hospital.   He's still fighting.  Fighting like hell.  I see that fire in his eyes.  There's a strong man in there.
And we keep praying that his strength only continues.


This little sweetie has given me the most strength.

Memories...lots and lots of memories...  

Kelly and Daxon visited.  We had muffins.
And strawberries.

"Oh, that's tart, ain't it, Dax?!"

Couch potato and tater tot (as my mom refers to her)

Abs of steel

"Time for another adventure!" - I tell her that whenever we're headed out. 

Piper loved the fish tank in the waiting room. 
 We spent a lot of time checking out the fishies and bubbles!

She loves her Aunt Karen. <3

She loves flashin' smiles!

And she loves loves loves her feet and toesies!

I can't take it.  I really can't.  

LOL!  I love Twinkie in the background like, "Hey!  Remember me?!"

This photo makes me explode a trillion times.

She fell asleep during tummy time.

A Friday night with Uncle Doug and Aunt Vanessa...

I love crying photos.  Is that bad?!

Piper will have herself another little boyfriend very soon. :)

Just say NO to the "duck face," Piper!

Pips fell asleep while I was burping her...It'd been a long day.

Aunt Jen and Uncle Sean came over for brunch.

Piper's face in this photo cracks me up!

Sharon and Aunt Jessica came to visit. <3
I love how they're all rockin' the turquoise!

While getting ready for bathtime, Piper gave me a nice, warm surprise down my shirt and skirt.

Out to breakfast with Dee Dee and Aunt Karen...

Piper loved taking a lil' taste of water from the straw.

sleepy P

Piper got a very special gift from Dee Dee that day.
Pictures to come in next post.

Bubbles on the deck with Dee Dee and Daddy

A sweet Friday...

Finally seeing Aunt Kelly again.

We had Taco Bell for lunch.
And lots of fun and laughs.

Lovin' the new 'do, Pips!!

Piper loves Big Bird.

Most of the time.

I am in love with this picture.

Dee Dee gives good love.

So does Uncle Nicholas.

Piper swiped my napkin. 

Saturday morning cartoons with Daddy.

We took a trip to the mall.  Afterwards, we were on the hunt for some ice cream...

"Hey you, P here would like some too!  Make it Cookies n' Cream, Mommy!"

Piper pout!  She didn't like me teasin' her!

Aunt Jessica and Uncle Ed had the same idea.
It was such a sweet surprise to run into them on our way out.

There's a little Pipsy that's going to wake from her nap any minute now.
Until next time...

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thursday night.

Okay, one more photo...

Piper says "Live long and prosper." - the vulcan salute.

Piper's part vulcan.

I hope to be back this month with more on Piper.  More on my dad.  More on life and love.

Good To Be Back Here Lovin',


Rian Eidson said...

Gosh I just love her!!! She is so pretty!!! And I love every face she makes, so darn cute!!! Keep kicking this week's ass, Maria!! Xoxoxox

Judy Haughton-James said...

Good afternoon from Jamaica Maria! Piper is so cute! Wonderful pictures! She looks so contented! No surprise as she has great parents, relatives and friends. I am so happy that your father is hanging in there! I found your statement about being stronger than the tornado so inspirational. It is very good to see this statement! I need it so much now. Thanks for the inspiration Maria! You take such wonderful pictures. You are a pro with the camera. Take good care my friend and Lots of Love, Friendship and Best Wishes to you, Steve and Piper. Continued prayers and best wishes for your dad!

JP said...

STOP IT! JUST STOP. I am not going to make it with all the cute. I was wondering when you were headed back to the job. It's a hard thing to do, and does seem especially cruel timing with all that is going on with your dad.
That pink bear sweater is way, way too much. I LOVE it. And her coy little smile. You have yourself an adorable little pumpkin there.

Infertile625 said...

She's so sweet! And can we talk about you for a second! Girlfriend! You look GREAT!!! You don't look like you had a baby 3 months ago!!!!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

She is the sweetest and cutest baby ever!! I am so sorry to hear about your dad! Continued prayers to your family!! YOu are rocking it as a mom, just as I knew you would:) xo

Alex[andra] said...

The above comment (about how you good you look!) stole the words right out my mouth! That is exactly what I wanted to say! And HOW do you keep your hair looking so gorgeous?! I can just tell Piper is going to get your amazing hair. When she gets older, you're going to have some trouble keeping those boys away from her. :p

Heather @ Notes from the Nelsens said...

Oh my goodness!! How does she have that much personality already?! Such a little love she is! I'm in love with the family pic of the three of you near the bottom of this post. Such a framer! And I cracked up when you posted that pee pee picture on instagram- too cute! I'm glad to hear that your dad has been moved out of ICU and is still fighting hard. Praying for you all!


Heather @ Notes from the Nelsens said...

Oh my goodness!! How does she have that much personality already?! Such a little love she is! I'm in love with the family pic of the three of you near the bottom of this post. Such a framer! And I cracked up when you posted that pee pee picture on instagram- too cute! I'm glad to hear that your dad has been moved out of ICU and is still fighting hard. Praying for you all!


E and R said...

I swear she gets cuter every day! Glad to hear your dad is still fighting, many continued prayers.

Wendy said...

Ahh, Piper is adorable! Love those sweet smiles! Still praying for your dad. Hugs!

Aleisha McD said...

Praying for you dad, praying for you, praying for your sweet family. LOVED LOVED LOVED all the beautiful pictures. Piper's sweet smile could melt hearts. She is so stinkin' cute! Beyond happy to hear and see that motherhood suits you so well. You seem to derive so much joy from it--it's really special to be a part of your journey. I LOVE YOU, MAMA!!

Rebecca said...

Oh I love crying pics too! And naked baby butt pics :)

Piper is so cute :) :) She makes so many funny faces, just like mommy. Steve is adorable with her too! What a happy little family of three.

mail4rosey said...

My father-in-law was in the hospital for three months (heart attack). He was transferred 1/3 of the way through that to UM (best hospital around here). We spent many a night, going back and forth (1 1/2 hr. drive each way) and resigned ourselves that we were going to probably lose him (though we kept praying and hoping, and that is not to compare that with your situation!! Just saying his condition at the time). He recovered and got out in October. It's July of the next year now and he's doing so wonderful!!! Like he never had a problem!!! I am just telling you because it was such a happy, happy ending to the very long hospital stay and I wish that for you too!

How fun that your husband sent text pics to you while you were cleaning. :)

I love all of the pictures, the one you said explodes you is awesome!!! So is the one of her looking so intently at her daddy while he sticks his tongue out at her, hahahaha. And the chair, awww!! I love that you put a picture up of you and her together in THE rocking chair!!! Every picture was great. They always are great. :)

She's so so so cute. :)

Tami said...

You weren't kidding when you said a-gizzil-ion pictures. =) I love looking at pictures of Piper and your family. The glow in your face shows all the love you are feeling.
I hated going back to work after my first son. After the second one was when I decided to begin "Aunt Tami's House". The best decision ever! I'm glad you can be with Piper too and still have the balance of work.
My sister cleans too. She likes how flexible it can be.
I've been absent from blog-land for quite some time and sorry to hear about your dad. I hope things are okay.
Happy Friday to you!

Janet said...

I look forward to your posts...they brighten my day and bring a smile to my face, often times when I don't feel like smiling...thank you! xoxo

Mrs. E said...

I am LOVING the Piper Pout! I need to see it in person ASAP! Maria, she is truly adorable. I love seeing all these makes me smile to see how loved this little girl is, and how happy she makes you and Steve. Thinking about you tons! XO

Faith said...

Maria, you js e such an incredible spirit and attitude. You are such a refreshing read of mine. I love coming here and getting my Maria and Piper fills.

I feel the exact same way about pictures. I love when I "meet" people who feel this way about capturing moments! And your pictures are great! Piper is so, so beautiful and she makes the best faces!

Still sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers to your dad.

Faith said...


Anonymous said...

she is so stinking cute and that smile, just makes me giggle. I love the photo of her and the cat on their backs. Adorable. And of course all the photos of her loved ones spending time in her life. How blessed she is already. Much love and prayer goes up for you Papa and I do pray he recovers. Loving these updates.

I think I finally figured out the whole google plus thingy so it's safe to follow now. *wink*. Hugs. Tammy

Jess @ said...

Love seeing her smiling face! So glad that your going back to work has gone smoothly :-)

I'll Love You Forever said...

Love her little piggies! She makes the cutest facial expressions. I am so proud of you Maria! You are such a wonderful Mother. I think about your family a lot, and your Dad too! I am glad he is still fighting and fighting hard. I can't believe how much Piper has grown! Love you, friend! xo

Stephanie N. said...

Hi Maria,

So glad to check in with you. I'm happy to hear that you're not letting that tornado get to you. You sound like you're holding your own pretty well!

I'm glad that you find the good in things -- even in going back to work! Sometimes that alone time is needed -- like you said, to process and think. Fueled by that extra diet coke, of course. :)

I'm glad to hear that your dad is doing better. I'll continue to pray for him and you all.

I hope this week is going well, sweet friend! :)

Jamie said...

Ahhj! Her smile. So cute.

Camille DiPaola said...

I remember when I went back to work in the evenings for the first time(very part-time as well. It was incredibly hard to leave Mads...I cried before I left, in the car on the way there and then in the bathroom at work. Just like you though...I realized it felt good to just simply stock shelves, tidy up after customers and randomly talk to other people (ADULTS :). It was also SO nice to just think...on my own time.

Being a mama is funny. You love your babes so much, but you need that time away sometimes. You feel awful about it though at times, but realize its everything you needed...and your babe needed...and even your hubs :) .


Whitney Cypert said...

Sending tons and tons of thoughts and prayers to you, your dad, and family! Loving the pictures of sweet Piper on here and on Instagram, she is such a happy baby!

Kerry said...

You take so many amazing pictures Maria, and each one it seems like Piper has a different expression on her cute little face :)
You are a strong and inspiring and compassionate person and you are right, we aren't given more than we can handle. Stay strong, keep believing in the positive.
And good for you for getting back out there and working a few times a week. I bet Steve is loving all the one on one time with his little girl :) Sending love to you all and your dad xoxoxo

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