Tuesday, July 30, 2013

3 Months (Almost A Month Later)

Piper girl turned three months on the first of July.  And here we are...a couple days away from her four month birthday.  Four months seems so much older than three months, doesn't it?!

Month three was full of milestones and memories for Miss P.
Lots are already displayed in my last post.

Piper has been gigglin' away.

Aunt Karen surprised her with the puppy dog that inspired
Piper lights up when he sings.  And she loves to bite his nose. 
Her giggles make me feel so alive.  Sometimes, tears fill my eyes when I hear the sound of her joyful laughs.  Her laughter is incredible medicine.

 Piper started to roll.  I love watching her whip that leg around.
She's a determined little girl.

Steve and I (I, especially) love incorporating her name into every song there is.  
Did I mention she loves her Daddy?

3 months was a big one.  She really came alive.  Her personality started really shining through.
And she grew.  Oh, how she grew!  I can't wait to see her stats at her next appointment.
Her legs are so long.  And the leg chub.  Oh, the leg chub.  (You'll see in the photos below).
I squeeze her leggies all the time.  I kiss them.  And feel myself explode at her cuteness.
Amazing, the delight you can find in baby leg chunk.
Piper's a solid little babe and a strong one, too.

Piper woke up, all smiles on her three month birthday.

 We headed over to Aunt Kelly's for some fun.
I can't even take her expression in this picture.  She has a trillion and seven faces.
And this is one of them.  She smiles with her eyes.  And gives an almost devilish grin.
She looks so much like my Pop-Pop in this picture, it's crazy.

It's a pretty amazing feeling - sharing these moments with Kelly and her babes.
For so many years, I dreamed of times like these...

And now, they're here.

Sweet Daxon is in love with babies.
And I'm pretty sure Piper is one of them.

Pips' expression is priceless!


Chloe asks me to hold Piper about every 28 seconds. 
"Mimi, can I hold Piper (Pie-pa, as she says)?"
She pats her head and belly and gives her kisses.
Chlo - Chlo - another heart-exploder.

Piper enjoyed a nap near the powder room while Mommy and Aunt Kelly enjoyed some coffee and chit chat.

 She loves the sound of the bathroom fan (and her Sleep Sheep).  She also loves her hands free in her swaddlers.

Dee Dee came over the day after P's "birthday" with presents and good cheer.
Piper adores Deeds.  And I'm pretty sure Deeds adores Piper.

 Princess P was stoked when she saw the tiara and pink, sparkly wand attached to her gift.

She rocked it. 

That night, my mom brought over old photos to look through.
Is it me, or do Piper and my mom (in the photo below) share a slight resemblance to one another?!
A lot of people have told me since Piper was born, that she looked like my mom.
I didn't see it too much at the time.  But after looking through the photos (and as Piper gets older), I'm seeing it more and more.

My mom was one adorable little girl.   I think her and Pips share that "munchkin-esque" quality.
Dee Dee smiled with her eyes, just like Piper.

Princess P tried out her wand and got right to sprinklin' Twinkie with some magic P cheer.

Daddy came home and burst with smiles when
 he saw his "Lil' Squish" (his favorite nickname for her).

 "Okay, Princess P would like to retire for the rest of the night!"

Okay, maybe just one more round of magical Pippy goodness.

Mommy made a cake to celebrate.
(It was pretty brokea**) - I really shouldn't type ass in my daughter's 3 month post.
Whoops, I just did.

Piper, I know I tell you at least 498 times a day that I love you.  But, baby girl, I love you so, so, so much.  You blow me away every day.  I watch you and the way you take in the world around you and I just melt.  
You've got a wild imagination, baby girl.  I see it every day.  And that makes me so excited. 
 And proud, too.
It doesn't take much to grab your attention or make you laugh and smile.
Piper, keep that sense of wonder with you always.  
Continue to be captivated by the littlest of things.
 This world is a crazy place, but there's always good.  There's always a reason to smile.  A great, big belly laugh can heal a lot of hurt.
And through all of life's ups and downs, there is magic in each day.

Thank you, my little, Princess P...
for bringing magic into every single one of my days.

I love you.

Pictures taken on Piper's 3 month Birthday

When Piper's Grandma visited last month, she brought quilts that were made for Steve when he was a baby.  She gave them to Piper and it means so much to us.  
I thought this one made a perfect backdrop for some of P's three month photos.

Pips' favorite shoes are tiny, red patent leather ones from her Aunt Jessica.
She grabs for those feeties even more when she's wearin' 'em.

 Pips loves her boot scootin' booties from Aunt Kelly.


While quickly trying to grab a picture of Piper sitting up in her crib, this was the first face she shot at me.  I LOL whenever I see this.  Hilarious.  Oh, I gotta say, Pips, I'm jealous of your funny faces.  I thought I had some decent ones, but yours are the best.

Wishing everyone a week filled with smiles...

and magical leg chub delight. <3

Thank you for the always beautiful, supportive and sweet words you send our way.

Magical Lovin',


Janet said...

As always...I am in love with sweet Piper. Thank you for allowing me to part of part of her life! xoxo

Jess @ LifeintheWhiteHouse.com said...

They grow up too fast...I do not like! PIPER STOPPING GROWING UP SO QUICKLY!!!

She's such a cutie.

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

Awwe I just love her so much!! She is so beautiful!! It is so hard to believe she is almost 4 months old!! Sending lots of love and hugs! Have a fabulous week!!

Alex[andra] said...

She does have a slight resemblance to your mom! It's the nose! Very, very sweet.

Lovely photos, as always. You should make a photobook dedicated to each month. Although this is a great way to see each month of Piper's first year too. And I'm glad we get to share in it! :)

E and R said...

So cute! Love all the expressions :)

Rian Eidson said...

Her boots/booties!!! They are so cute!!!! And I love all of her expressions, it looks like she is going to give you a run for your money with those faces! lol. I love it and can't wait to see more pictures. xoxoxo

Faith said...

I love, love your updates on Piper! You are so detailed! You never forget a thing! Piper is truly going to appreciate these one day!

And lets talk about cute she is! OMG! The expressions! Love, love! She sounds like the sweetest baby!

M said...

She's so precious! And love her faces :) Brady makes some crazy ones too...they are always good for a laugh

Stephanie N. said...

Love all of the pictures and the videos -- and the milestones! She is too precious.

I love that you and your friends spend time together with your kids -- they will grow up together and that will keep all of your bonds so strong. It's so sweet!

Happy almost 4 months to Piper! :)

mail4rosey said...

She's getting so big and look at her go in the roll video.

Her little giggle is cute. I got my friend's little girl that same little dog. :)

Your mom was a beautiful little girl, but she's still gorgeous so I'm not surprised.

Thanks for sharing your pics and videos. Your little one's scrumdiliupmtious cute, nice, sweet, wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

JP said...

Miss P is SO photogenic, and I definitely see the resemblence to Dee Dee in her eyes.

Love her, love you! Have a great day!!

Heather @ Notes from the Nelsens said...

I can definitely see the resemblance between Piper and your mama! Beautiful ladies they are. :) And Princes P, oh my! I bet Steve just died when he walked in the door! Love his nickname for her by the way. ;) My heart just felt so happy when you talked about envisioning those times with Kelly and now getting to live them. Just love that.

Happy 4 months to Piper tomorrow!!


Ashley said...

lil squish! What a cute nickname. I do definitely see your mom in Piper. :) Piper is such a little cutie and she has such an infectious smile; it sure isn't helping with my baby fever. ;)

Noel Marie said...

She. is. gorgeous. At what point does it become unacceptable to constantly squeeze your baby girl's leg chub? Mine just turned 18 months and I still can't keep my hands off her squishy little thighs! lol

Jen said...

I never, ever get tired of these beautiful updates : )

Judy Haughton-James said...

Hi there Maria,
Seeing this post about Piper has certainly lifted my spirit. Time certainly flies! It is August 1 and in a few days Piper will be 4 months old. She continues to grow nicely and is so adorable and cute. I like her various expressions! Beautiful pictures and videos. Look out for an email from me today. Take good care and Lots of Love, Friendship and Best Wishes always to you, Steve and Piper. Enjoy the rest of your week.

jessica mink said...

Love the chubby legs. All 3 of my boys had little chubby legs...so stinking cute. Love all the pictures you post. Please never stop! Ryan's grandma was a quilter also and all three boys have blankets that she had quilted. A couple are blankets that were quilted for him as a baby. It means so much to have them. Although currently they are shoved in the back of the linen closet because Cameron and Easton will destroy them......LOL.

Tami said...

Piper is too cute! Her eyes are gorgeous. You can see her personality coming out too. Happy 3 (now 4) months old baby girl!

Brittany said...

Oh.my.goodness. BEAUTIFUL baby girl! I just wanna kiss those sweet chubby cheeks all day long! I love that she's such a determined little girl in the moving/rolling department :). Gonna be a fighter like her momma! Happy 3 months, Pips!! Bear sends big hugs and sugars...hope you all have an amazing weekend!

Ericka said...

Happy 3 months Piper! She is so beautiful! I love that you share her with the world. I've been following your journey a long time and it's so wonderful to see the HUGE smiles on your face as well. Being a Mommy is the best. :)

Kerry said...

Oh I love baby chub too, their legs, feet and hands, tiny little fingers! Even as Liam gets bigger I still adore looking at his toes and fingers :)
I am loving that princess tiara, what a cutie!! And don't you find a newborn makes another baby who isn't a newborn just look so big! Funny pictures of Dax with his new friend, what great buddies they'll be as they grow up xoxoxo

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