Wednesday, August 1, 2012


 Hello, August!

I welcome this month with a happy heart.  Peace.  Relief.  And always hope and faith.

On Monday, at exactly 6 weeks, we went in for our second ultrasound.
I was nervous. More than I anticipated.
I had some very minimal light brown spotting on Saturday and a bit on Sunday.
I cried but remained calm at the same time. The fact that I didn't get too worked up helped me realize that deep down, I knew everything would be alright.

And with the reassurance of sweet friends (and their similar stories), I gained more confidence.

I woke up on Monday.  Took an extra long shower.  And allowed myself a few extra minutes until I got out of my car to meet Steve.  It wasn't more than five minutes later that we were headed back for our ultrasound.

Steve was so collected over the weekend.  He held it together and assured me I would be fine.
It was pretty cute (and funny)...He followed me to the bathroom all Saturday and Sunday to see if I had any more spotting. And that's what's cute - he says he isn't nervous, but he shows it in little ways that make me smile 
And when the door closed to the exam room, and I dropped my pants and hopped on that table,
I looked over at him standing to the left of me and said "You're a little nervous now, aren't you?"
He gave me his face that lets me know the answer is yes as he took a deep breath.
We both took a deep breath.  This was a huge moment - knowing that we were supposed to see a heartbeat.  Knowing that out of my seven past pregnancies, I've only seen a heartbeat once before (almost 2 and a half years ago).

Steve grabbed my hand.  I wasn't sure if I would be able to see the screen right away.
 So, I invented a little code - One squeeze meant good.  Two squeezes meant bad.
 And then the nurse came in and started.
I could see the screen perfectly.  I saw immediately, that the gestational sac was so much bigger than it was a week ago.  And that's when the nurse turned the screen so close to me.

There it was.  A tiny little bean.  With a beautiful flickering heartbeat.

She kept the screen on that image for a while. 
Steve didn't give one squeeze.  Or two.  Instead, about 20 in a row, as he bent down and kissed my head.
I felt a giant tear fall down the right side of my face and onto the bed.
I felt so relieved.
I felt a new sense of hope.
I felt so thankful.

Our doctor said spotting was very common for this stage in pregnancy,
and I am happy it hasn't returned.

Everyone keeps saying "This is it."
And you know, I believe it more than ever.

Baby Marino already has a few nicknames.
"Beano Marino" is my favorite so far. (Yeah, I know, Beano is a pill that helps reduce gas.  But, how perfect for a Taco Bell lovin' girl like me?!)

Our next appointment is next Thursday.

Afterwards, I treated myself to a cup of decaf at Starbucks.

And  took some 6 week bump shots.

Twinkie was a little photobomber.  I think he wanted some bump shots too.

As for symptoms, I haven't had morning sickness so far.
But after I eat - at night, especially, I sometimes feel my stomach turn.  I get very bloaty.  Like, I look like I'm 16 weeks pregnant kinda bloaty.
But that doesn't stop me. I've been eating like a champ. And sleeping like one.  Naps are popular.  And so is a healthy 8-10 hours of sleep at least five nights a week - A huge success for this vampire.
And the dreams...well, they have been crazy as ever.  Forget about the ones I mentioned in my last post.  Friday night, I dreamt that I was outside in the woods and a brown pig made of chocolate walked up to me and asked me to hold him.  Yes, a talking chocolate pig. Mr. Piggie was wearing a bright green beaded necklace.  And, yes, I did hold him.  And no, I didn't eat him.
My friend, Jen, said "Leave it to you...of course farm animals would wear jewelry in your dreams!!"

I wonder what Muffin's dreams are made of?

I hope everyone has a great start to August!
I'll be back after the weekend.
It's gonna be a wonderful first week of the month. <3

Heartfelt Lovin',


Kathy Radigan said...

Maria I'm so, so, happy for you and Steve!!!! Sending so much love!! xo

Adi said...

OMG! So happy for you!!! And I have some bad news: you'll probably need those anti-gas pills later

~Rian said...

Yay!!!!!!! So happy for you!!!

Rachel said...

Wooohooo I am so happy for you!!! Congrats this one is it!

MrsV said...

So so happy for you guys!! xox

MrsV said...

ps I love the nickname!!! <3

KERRY said...

Oh my that is so freakin' awesome you guys!!!! I am so excited for you and wish you all the best...keep on growing Beano Marino, we all love you!!!! xoxoxo

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

:-D I have a huge smile plastered on my face! I am so happy for you!!! I love that you made a squeeze code with Steve I always do that with Scott, sometimes we even do a code word if we really arnt enjoying the event were at! Lol! And umm pigs are my Favorite animal ever!! And a choclate one to boot! With jewerly! These are my kind of dreams! Have a lovely week friend! Oh ps I refreshed my blog roll Yesterday about a hundred times until 1130pm I knew the vampire in you would post late but I fell asleep waiting! Lol!!

Kari said...

Blogger ate my comment! :(

I know I already told you this but I'm so so sooo excited for you and Steve!! Keep growing, baby M!! <3<3<3

Jenny said...

Oh, this makes me so happy that I'm crying! Congrats on seeing that beautiful, flickering heart! I have a good feeling about this too :)

E and R said...

Hooray! I had tears of joy in my eyes reading this.
Thanks for all the support on my blog - I know how hard it can be to be so supportive on someone's blog when they have already gotten their miracle and I just want you to know how much I appreciate it!

Heather @ A Little Hope in My Pocket said...

Yay for a beautiful, flickering heart!!! Many continued prayers!

byucat said...

Always a reader NEVR a commenter..but I just have to say I am SOO excited for you and your hubster..I will keep praying for yall untill your bundle of joy is in your arms! You are going to be a fantastic mother! Also could ya give us readers the heart beat numbers...I like to "predict" the i'm a weird southern belle..but pretty good at guessing.
Nana to 2 Queens

Cami said...

Ok first off Twinkie is too cute :) I want to cuddle him!
Seconds - I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! I was reading this post..and the way you started it - scared...haha!!
I am praying for a continued amazing pregnancy <3

Katharine (LauraKat81) said...

This is it Maria and Steve! I can feel it right along with you, no more heartache just happiness heading your way as you watch your little Beano Marino grow! (((HUGE HUGS)))


Rebecca said...

Yay for a beating heart!

M said...

Grow Beano Marino, grow! LOVE the name :-) And look at that little belly...can't wait to see it grow!!

Karen Fieri said...

Still doing the happy dance over here :) I love beano marino!

Karen Fieri said...

Still doing the happy dance over here :) I love beano marino!

JP said...

Bah - beano marino. Funny.
Twinkie is gorgeous. He takes photo bombing so seriously though!

I am so happy for you and Steve! Praying that all goes well for the next 34 or so weeks and after!

lovejoy_31 said...

I am so very happy for you, but I still hate you for looking that HOT considering you talk about how bloated you are. No seriously, you are adorable and deserve every single second of happiness.

Kiara Buechler said...

Oh my goodness, you have such a nack for making me cry one moment and bust out laughing the next. So amazing to get to see that little heartbeat. I also think it is cool have you have a sense for whether things are going okay or not, even with something scary like the spotting.

Anonymous said...

I´ve been following your blog for at least a year so here I go cry AGAIN at this long-awaited so so wonderful entry! I am so happy for you and Steve! Fantastic news! KFB from BCN

Brittany said...

YAY!!!! Beano Marino....SO cute! Oh Maria, this is wonderful news!! I know you and Steve must be on cloud nine. I cracked up at the talking chocolate pig...that's hilarious. I've had some strange dreams too but nothing that can match yours! Glad you haven't had any morning sickness and are getting plenty of sleep...keep taking care of you and that precious baby! Lots of love to the three of you!!!!

Angela said...

Awe I'm picturing you in the ultrasound room...the 20 squeezes from Steve, the tear down your cheek...I can feel it all. I'm so happy for you guys! And yes, Beano Marino is thee perfect knickname! lol. And hey, we eat chocolate bunnies, why not a chocolate pig? I had brown spotting with Cole at exactly the same time as you (between weeks 5 and 6)...very normal. And Muffin is too darn precious :)

LeAnna said...

Blog hopped here and just wanted to let you know I prayed for you and that sweet baby. Sometimes we wonder just how many trials we must walk through, but God is always faithful. Hoping and praying the best for you!

Olivia @ I am still learning said...

Reading this totally brought tears to my eyes :)

Then laughter followed when I read about a chocolate pig :)~

So SO happy for you guys!!

Danchele said...

I am so incredibly happy and excited for you!!!!!!!! I'm praying that you will be holding a baby in your arms in about 8 months!!!!! :) :) :)

waitingforarainbow said...

Omg!!!!! A tear streamed down my cheek too. It was so weird, I knew there was good news coming. Thats why I didnt have to text or email you, thats why I just patiently (sort of... I almost failed, and texted you today lol) waited for your blog post. Thats why I left you a comment on your last post, much different than my usual lengthy ones... Saying I know monday went well. This IS it maria, you're going to be a mommy.... Doesnt that feel so god to say?! Beano marino is so cute!!! Do you know what the heartrate was?? Oooohh I hope you get to hear it at your next ultrasound. I cried like a baby when I first heard havens. I feel sooo good right now, you have no idea how amazing it is to watch your dreams come true! Ryan was just asking about you the other day, and I just told him about beanos heartbeat, hes super excited for you too! I love your symptoms, haha the dreams are hilarious. Your bump looks gorgeous, please rub it for me, and tell lil bean I say hello! ;) omggg in 2 more weeks, you'll be 2 months preggo already!! Ryan is telling me I need to stop commenting now, before it gets out of hand, so I think I'll get up, and do a few twirls, skips, and spins around my livingroom now:))) hope you, steve, and baby bean have a perfect weekend!!!! OMG!!!!!! Ahhhhh! Ok ok Im done.... Eeeeeek!!!!

Rachel Marie said...

And it is absolutely a great start to the month :) This IS it girl. I feel it!! I am so HAPPY for you right now -- I have the cheeziest grin on my face. You're going to be such a good mom!!! You have fought so hard for this, so I know you will cherish every moment of it. I love the baby bump pictures and I can't wait to see them every week from here on out :D Yayyy for you and Steve :)

jenicini said...

<3 <3 <3 Thump thump thump :D

Jen said...

So pleased to read this post, baby's heartbeat is such a wonderful milestone. Much peace and joy to all three of you x

Jess said...

YAY! So happy for you guys!

Moosey Mommy said...

We are so happy for you! Yet again your post made me cry, but happy tears! Still praying for you!

Judy Haughton-James said...

Hello there Maria,
I am so-o-o happy to find out that you got good news at the ultrasound! I continue to pray for you and hope that everything works out real fine and you will give birth to a healthy baby. As I have told you so many times you deserve this and will make a wonderful mother. By the way, I love the pig dream!:) I think Muffin is dreaming about the new family member that is on the way! Take good care and Lots of Love and Best Wishes to you, Steve and the baby!

Lindsey said...

Crying happy tears for you!!! Yay!
I'm so very happy and continue to pray for all of you daily! You both deserve this SO much.

Skylar Magazine said...

Congratulations Maria! I really enjoyed reading this and listening to Fleetwood Mac at the same time and now my faves Rascal Flats are on! Anyway, I'm so happy everything is okay. I haven't been through pregnancy yet, but if and when it does happen, I'm going to be a nervous wreck, lol.

Well, you have a wonderful weekend!


Irish Carter of Dedicated 2 LIFE said...

Ahhhh...congrats on the little Beano Marino = P I am personally having a whole lot of fun with this dream reading I've got going on over here at your blog. For you, I hope they don't make you exhausted but for the fun of reading, I hope you keep us posted.

Good luck on the doc appt. and keeping you in our prayers here in MI.

Irish said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooooooooooooooo happy for you!!!!

I have to say it, the second belly pic looks like you are grabbing your boob, lol!!! You totally meant to do that didn't you?! J/K. Love ya! Kerstin

Honeybee said...

Congratulations on the good news. I am actually jealous to see your belly pic :P Though you're already 6 weeks, your belly looks very toned. Mine, when I was 6 weeks is looks like I am 4 months pregnant :(

visiting u from the blog hope. have a great day :)

Ashley said...

Yeah! So excited to see little beano in the pictures! You look so fantastic and I would love to have a belly like yours! Mine has never looked that small. :)

Have a great weekend!! Hope you get lots of rest and relaxation and nice weather too.

Mrs. E said...

Yayyy! Just reading this gives me the chills (happy ones of course!) I am SO excited for you guys!! I can't wait to meet Beano!!

Our Little Fam said...

I swear I had already commented on this! I am so very happy for you and Steve. Hearing a babies heartbeat is so special. I have been thinking about you and will keep all three of you in my prayers! You are so beautiful. You are already the cutest mom! Love reading about your dreams, haha! Xoxoxo Ashlee

Julie Marie said...

Tears! How out of the loop am I? I didn't even know you were preggers again, did I? I'm so happy for you. I had spotting w jada and after having the 2 miscarriages, of course I freaked a little. But she's here.:) have they put you on progesterone supplements. After the 2 losses, they start checking my was always fine the first check, but I made them check a week later...and sure enoughvit dropped with every kid. So I was on progesterone supplements through the first trimester w all 3. Something to check into?
Anyways girl... Soo happy for you :)

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

I have chills and could jump out of skin how happy I am for you! I know this is it- I just know it!! Love you and Steve and can't wait to see the next gorgeous ultrasound. YAH!!!

Shelly Ann said...

Now I am crying this early in the morning! Congrats! Beano Marino sounds like a wonderful nickname! I am so happy for you two. Children are such a blessing. Hoping & Praying for the best for you all!!!

New follower from the Friday Blog Hop!

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

YAY....I am so HAPPY for you guys!!! Cannot wait until the update! XOXO

Heather Nelsen said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I can hardly contain my excitement! OR my tears!!! I am SOOOOOOO excited for you guys! I loved the 20 squeezes from Steve. That's what got the tears going over here. :) Oh Maria, YAY! Yay Yay Yay. Ahhh!


Kristina said...

So incredibly happy and excited for you lady!!! Xoxo

Miki's scrapbook said...

Awe, congrats! :D I wish you all the best!

And your kitties are very cute!

All the best vibes your way! ;D


carlia said...

love love love love love love this!!! congratulations!!!!!! i'm seriously praying so hard that this pregnancy goes smoothly and that you get to bring home a healthy little beano! hugs!

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