Saturday, December 31, 2011


"Wasted" - Carrie Underwood

I realize the title of this post - along with today's date, might have led you to believe I'm sitting here typing with a bottle or two by my side...getting my party on a little early.
But the truth is, I'm on the couch.  In my slippers and Steve's pajamas.  Drinking a diet root beer and enjoying the quiet of the house.  The Mr. is snoozing after a grueling game of  "Batman" on the XBOX and I am quite content with just letting him nap for the moment. 

The night is young.  And I see a comfy, relaxing night ahead with the Mr.

I plan on giving a healthy visit to 2011 and welcoming 2012 in my first post of the new year. 

For now, here are some photos of the last couple days of our year...

Thursday was a very full day.  You can't go wrong - starting your morning with a lil' Kelly.  She came over with a bag of eggs and bacon. And us amazing chefs...
We whipped up a mighty breakfast.
We sat down.  Spooned some scrambled eggs onto our plates.  A dash of pepper.  A little cheese.
 I was lucky enough to get the secret prize!!
One of Kelly's lustrous locks. 
That's my first bite of eggie hangin' from it! I didn't want to hurt her feelings.  I totally would have eaten it. If that ain't love...
Laughing til tears.  Tears til laughing.
We always fit so much emotion into our time together.
And I wouldn't have it any other way.

I forgot to mention this day revolved around food.  Food and friends. 
I met my friend, Jessica, for lunch.
We caught up over paninis and calzones.
And gabbed through the afternoon.
Food and friends are always a great combo.

Then came dinner.  It was time to celebrate Ed's birthday.  He and his lovely lady, Jessica, came over for dinner and dessert.

Jessica is fabulous at catching me in my element.
And always offers such positive feedback once we review the photos she took. 
I'm pretty sure she said this one was "just hideous!"
I think she's right!
What can I say, I was excited about surprising Ed with his cheesecake and makeshift birthday candle.

Happy Birthday to Ed!!

Make a wish, fella!

While grocery shopping, I discovered Hershey's now makes dark chocolate syrup.  It's yum!

The word of the night was - "Bologna"

Jessica asked me to write her a special message.
We are Cinnions 4 eva.
Steve likes his cheesecake plain.  Shame, because I had the perfect message for his slice.

The next photo was also shot by Jessica.  She dared me to put it on my blog.
here it is.

HIDEOUS doesn't cut it.
How old am I? 29 or 5?

We found Mr. Twinkie pooped out on the chair.  His belly was about to explode after 6 pieces of cake.

Ed and I love being immature and silly.  Apparently, we LOVE our new picture frames too!

Buzzy n' me
I heard people were pickin' on my Mr, calling him a bumble bee! HA!!

Like I said, Cins 4 eva.


Last night, I was headed upstairs when I saw Twinkie, scared as anything, with what looked like a pink collar around his neck.  It majorly freaked me out.  He sped by me and ran to the basement.  It didn't take me long to realize, Mr. Tubby Twinkie had been snoopin' in his Christmas treat bags under the tree.
BAD ME!! I never should have left his treats out.  Especially somewhere the fluffies could try and get to them.  Steve lured him from a spot behind the couch in the basement with what else, but
more treats.

Poor guy.  I can just imagine him.  Digging in the bag.  Accidentally getting his head stuck in the handle.  Running around the house with a gift bag attached to him. :*(
I learned a lesson.  And so did he.


We went to my brother, Nicholas', gig last night.  We were happy to get our favorite "front row" seats.
Nicholas rocked as always.

My Mom and Vanessa. 
 We were so happy she made it out.  Vanessa is one cool lady!

Goodnight, Friday.


Last night, before heading to bed, the kitties were going crazy.  There was a fly zipping around the house. Twinkie, Krimpet, and Muffin were on the prowl.  They wouldn't take their eyes off it.

This morning...
We were greeted with this. 
 I don't know how they managed to catch Fred the fly. 
But, they did.  And I'm sure it would have been fun to watch.


It's December 31st.  There's less than 5 hours left of 2011.

Whatever you're doing tonight,
may you be in the presence of love.

I, (including Muffin)
Wish you a...

Waste some time.  Learn some lessons.  Live your life through it all.

I'll be back next week. In 2012.  Reflecting.  Remembering.  Ready.

Each day has been a gift.

New Year's Eve Lovin',


KERRY said...

Secondly, you are a beautiful person, inside and out and I adore your writing. This was a fun post in so many ways to mention and I hope you and your kitty cats and your gorgeous bumble bee have a wonderful 2012!!
I am so glad 2011 brought me to you xo

Aleisha McD said...

I'm second, I'm second!! I am NEVER second to comment...I'm usually TWELTH!! Loved this, Taco Chica, and I think the Mr is a handsome bee! Ha ha! Happy New Year and I love ya!

Aleisha McD said...

Um...did I spell twelth wrong??? Twelfth? Twelfth?? That looks weird!

Kelly @ Stay at Home Trader said...

I'm THIRD! (well, technically 4th since Aleisha took up #2 and #3 - LOLLLLLL i'm gonna go with 12th and not even try to spell that!).

MARIA!!!!!!!!! OMG THAT PICTURE!!! hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha! I could not believe my hair made it into those eggs! HAHAHAHA! I shed so bad! LOL!

Twinkie is a pudgy little buggar! I couldn't help but LOL at the mental picture of the cat flipping running around the house with a gift bag. Does that make me an awful person (yes it does!). I'm glad you got it off of him. Poor thing!

Um, and the fly!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA OH MY GOSH!!!!

Alex and I were supposed to go out...but, he got that flu....and now something is wrong with me. So .... WAHHHHHH!!!!!

Well, I am gonna put my favorite bumble bee sweater on, and take a nap :)

HAPPY NYE! Lots of love to you!!!


~ Kelly

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

What a cutie brother you have:) I wish you the best 2012 for a very special brother. Love all the pictures as usual!

Dan~Kerst~Bree~Bryce~Baby said...

Happy New Year to you!!! I hope that 2012 is a wonderful year for you. I, too, am glad we "met" this year. Have a wonderful rest of 2011. Talk to you next year! :) Kerstin

Judy Haughton-James said...

Hi Maria,
I am glad that you were able to have good times with your friends and family to end 2011. As usual I just loved seeing all the wonderful pictures. Thanks for being a good friend and I wish you and Steve a wonderful 2012.
Lots of Love & Friendship always,

Bernadette & Duane said...

A most wonderful 2012 to you Maria! May it be filled with dreams come true!

lovejoy_31 said...

Happy 2012 Ms Maria!!! Love you and thank you so much for coming by to comment so often. You have been a great friend too and a fabulous inspiration. I hope that 2012 holds fabulous things for both of us, whichever direction we go in. Love!!!!!

virginia said...

Happy new year! It's going to be a good one. I'm feeling it ... loved the post and all the fantastic pictures!! The dead fly was my favorite ;)

Ashley said...

Happy New Year Maria!! I love all your silly pictures. Those are my favorite kinds. :) I am so glad we "met" through blogging too! You are always such a wonderful encourager and supporter. You deserve all the best in 2012!

Anonymous said...

Oh Maria.. my Oscar gave us quite the scare one time. We had gone out to do some yard sales and food shopping, about 3 hours, only to come home to him with his nose to the floor, his tongue haning out from what I can assume was exhaustion and just shaking like crazy. He had a plastic bag handle caught around his head. We had them in the laundry room for the poop scooping duties and he must have somehow reached them and knocked one down. I felt so horrible knowing what COULD have happened. I now hang them high up on a door so he can't get to them. Lesson learned... you could have used Carries Lessons learned song as well!! HUGS, HAPPY NEW YEAR and be well. Tammy

Brittany said...

Such cute pictures! Happy New Year to y'all!! ps-your yellow shirt belongs in my closet :) I want it!

lisa from insignificant at best said...

You have some of the best pictures! I always enjoy looking at them. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Happy New Year! May 2012 be even better for ou than 2011! :)


MrsV said...

Happy New Year!
2012 is going to be a good year, I just know it. :)
I hope you guys had a good Christmas and Santa was good to you lol
Thank you for all your lovely comments, I apologize for being such a slacker at commenting! I'm blaming this baby he's making me a huge slacker at life in general haha

Rachel said...

Happy New Year!!! I am sure 2012 will be a great year for you! Thank you for the wonderful comments - Big hugs!

Mrs. E said...

Happy New Year, Maria! Sending lots of love to you and your family. You're in my thoughts! XOXOXO~

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I love that I just got a Happy New Year from Muffin! Fabulous Wasted post! Your funny faces are awesome! I love that about you. That your not afraid to have fun and laugh at yourself! So glad your had such a wonderful time with friends. And my condolences to the fly. Happy New Year!

aliciamarie911 said...

That cheesecake looked delicious! I didn't know they made a dark chocolate syrup either! Now I'm craving both. Poor kitty! I'm sure it scared him to have that bag stuck around his neck! I love silly pictures!

waitingforarainbow said...

We would have some pretty epic nights together with our vampire munchies. I can picture it perfectly lol!! your funny faces are the best, but that cheese cake one is chart topping. I would love to hear your brothers talent sometime!!! You should really make a video next time! And poor twinkie, good thing you came to his rescue. I would love to give that big bundle of fluff the biggest hug. Your cats are adorable.haha awwe he looked so cute hiding behind the couch. Glad your new year is off to a great start, and that snow yeti is leaving you alone! <3

Camille said...

you make me laugh, girl! your expressions are classic.


Stephanie of Gumdrop Pass said...

Ohh... the poor kitty poo! :) Glad to hear he's okay, though. That makes it kind of funny, right?

I looks like you thouroughly enjoyed the last days of 2011. I love the circle of friends that you have! You all seem so happy and funny and perfect, lol. I can't wait to read your next post. It sounds like it will be a doozie. A good doozie! :)

trash blog said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
My Songbook said...

Oh my goodness I am dying over these pictures! So funny!! I am a new follower! So glad I found your blog

Anonymous said...

I must go out on a limb here and tell you, I miss your more frequent post. Your so open and delightful!! Hugs and Happy New Year to you both. Tammy

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