Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Good Night and Good Morning

I was in bed many hours ago. Laying there contently.  Feeling relaxed enough to say good night.
I closed my eyes for a bit and woke up way too early. With that familiar adrenaline running through my veins.
I crept downstairs, turned the television to what else, but a horrible movie on LMN. And by horrible, I mean totally awesome!

Muffin is snoozin' right above me and I must say, I'm quite envious of her.

Because I actually would like to try and count some more sheep in a few, I will try and keep this quick.

Friday, I awoke well rested and ready to enjoy the day with this lovely lady.
Kelly and I

We beat the crowd and met for an early lunch. Italian food, an over-sized booth (more appropriate for a romantic rendezvous) and pasta dishes that were *buy one, pick one free to take home with you*...
were the perfect start to our day.
After, we headed across the street to the mall to see what else we could get into. Because, Kelly and I can always find something to get into.

We tried on some lovely head gear.
Kelly, looking fabulous in her teeny tiny hat!

We took a trip to the food court. But, not for more food. Rather, a few BIG laughs.

And then, Kelly came up with a brilliant idea...

*We should get our eyebrows waxed!*

I never ever had before.
I know, crazy right!?
I VERY desperately needed to, as I knew they could afford to lose a pound or two...
and were two totally different shapes.

So, in we walk to the salon. Kelly goes first. The pro that she is.
Lookin' good Kelly!!

Then, it was my turn.
Don't let the picture fool you. That wasn't fear. That was pure excitement right there.
(and the bright blue gum adds a touch of class.)

With a few hundred snips, 203 waxy rips, and a million and 6 plucks, I had me some new brows.
I was in awe.

Don't mess with us OR or eyebrows.

The end of a very happy Friday with Kelly!

Thanks to Kelly for showing me the way!
And, thanks to the awesome girl who transformed my brows.
As soon as we walked into the salon, we knew we recognized one another. Turns out, she sold me my wedding dress. How neat is that! I have an appointment with her later next week for a hair cut. I haven't had my hair professionally cut in over 2 years! EEEkkks! I'm excited.

Friday night, Jessica and I hung out at her place.  Our men had already planned a little shindig together, so we had the perfect excuse to catch up.
We got take-out and gabbed for hours.  Still, leaving about 43 conversations unfinished.  We do that so often.  Begin one topic, which leads to another topic, to another...and another.
And, before we know it, we're talking about American Cheese for 28 minutes.
Jessica (NOT in a life jacket) and Me with our hot tea.

We were getting sleepy at this point.
But, not too sleepy for some fun photos. Jessica's boyfriend, Ed, is my funny-face twin. He loves to take pictures with me. And not just any pictures. Crazy, goofy, unflattering, sometimes immature (okay, very immature) photos.

Hey, it's good for the soul.
You gotta laugh at yourself.

Don't say I didn't warn you.
The next couple photos are from Friday night.
And no, I wasn't drinking.
Me and Ed. He stole my new (fake) glasses.

See what I mean!? pure awesome-ness.

WOW!! I was really excited about that Twix bar.
Steve needs this photo for his desk at work.

(okay, looks like this is not such a *quick* post after all.)

And with that, I will say good night to Friday.

And, Hello to Saturday.

Saturday was a day for catching up on lost sleep from the week past. Time for Steve and I to get stuff done around the house, and relax and be lazy at the same time. I cleaned a few offices. Came home, and got ready for a Girl's night...

It started with Girl's night in...talking and reminiscing over drinks, spinach n' artichoke dip and brownies.
a few wardrobe changes.
and a Muffin, who wanted in on the action.
She loves watching me get ready and digging in my purse for my makeup brushes. Only to run away with them and stash them in her secret hideout.

Later, Jessica and I headed into town.
I probably should have said NO to that 2nd espresso martini.
On second thought, I'm glad I didn't.
It was great to let loose and have fun.
And we certainly did.

Me and Jessica

With the extra hour gained from Daylight Savings, we decided next on the list, was a little dancing/people watching. And after a night of many good times, we headed home.

Jessica slept over. The next morning, we had some pretty good laughs, recalling our night, over coffee and bagels (and Excedrin).
We were cracking up that I insisted Jessica take a bath before going to bed. I went on and on about how I take one every night and how amazing they were for the soul...
as I took out my favorite bath salts and towels and started the water for her.
Then, as I said goodnight, I told her I'd be taking a bath too, in our bedroom bathroom. Funny, because we only have a shower in there. Hmmm.
Steve laughed with us, as he had heard the whole "bath time" conversation from down the hallway.
Fun times.

Sunday, there was cleaning.
There was a much needed cat nap.
The sweetest cat nap, with company from the twinions.
Sweet Krimpet and Lil' Mins in the background

Steve and I spent a quite night at home. Watched a movie. Caught up on some shows.

And, last night, called for the same kinda evening. This time of year, when the dark comes before night is truly here...
It just makes me want to hibernate once in a while. Stay in and be cozy. Put on pajamas before dinner.
Order a few personal pizzas...

And lounge with the Mr. and the fluffies.

If I don't stop myself, I will keep typing and typing away.  I need to head upstairs and try and get back to bed for a few hours.

 I'm wishing everyone a wonderful Tuesday!!

*I was all ready to write a post last Thursday night...
 Let some more out...
 But, I surprisingly was genuinely tired at a decent hour and needed to take advantage of it.

So, I'll see ya this Thursday!

Much love and a...
Good Night and Good Morning <3,


Judy Haughton-James said...

Hi Maria,
Your posts are so interesting as you have such good times and lovely pictures. It is really great that you have wonderful friends like Kelly and Jessica to have fun with. Your new eyebrows fit you!:) Oh, how I wish I could get some of the pizza. I love pizza but don't get to have it often as I live in a rural area of Jamaica. Your cats are so-o-o cute! It is nice to have pets around. I hope you get some good rest today. Many years ago we had Daylight Savings Time in Jamaica but they stopped it saying that it was not making much difference here. I know it does make a difference in other countries. Take care, enjoy the rest of your week and continue to have fun times. Lots of Love and best wishes.

Maria said...

Wow! I am always envious of your social life! Seriously. I think if I wrote about every social outing I have had in the last 5 years, I could hardly hold a candle to one week of your festivities! I hope you don't mind that I live vicariously through you and spend many hours photo-shopping my own face into your pictures. Okay. I haven't done that. Yet. :) LOL

Kelly @ Stay at Home Trader said...

maria? is that you? i hardly recognized you with those FANTABULOUS EYEBROWS!!!!! hahahaha! oh my gosh, these pictures are absolutely hilarious! the pic of you "before" with the blue gum made me choke on my water, and i thought i was ganna die. hahaha! the tiny hat pics are so funny :) LOL! i hope people don't think that we have like huge bobble heads!!! and why are you trying to save jessica with that life jacket? hahahaha! it looks like a cozy blanket that i want to curl up in and sleep in :) you and ed are SO FUNNY!!!! hahahahaha! and you told jessica she needed to take a BATH before going to bed??? and just where were you gonna "bathe" in the shower in your room? oh my gosh, you are so funny! i had such a great time, and i'm so glad you had such a fun weekend! :) thanks for the laughs - i needed it so much today! happy tuesday to you! :)



Nicole Gilbert said...

Hopefully you were able to get a few more hours of sleep, I hate when I'm wide awake at an inappropriate time while my husband sleeps like a baby.

It sounds like you had a a wonderful weekend with great friends and an espresso martini sounds yummy, I need to try one of those :)

I know what you mean about this time of year, it gets dark here at 5:30 now and all I wanna do it cuddle up on the couch with the hubby.

Hope the rest of your week is wonderful!

mag said...

Wow, what's up hottie with the fancy eyebrows! HOW YOU DOIN. And that little hat? Hubba hubba ;) Now the blue gum... hmmm... hahahaha.

I have been having those nights a lot more frequently, waking up way way too early. What gives? Not that I mind watching TV alone sometimes, but I sorta like sleeping also?

I kept thinking I should have gone out Saturday to take advantage of that extra hour. We stayed in and made French onion soup and shrimp cocktail and played cards with my parents. Oh fun!

Also, that picture of you with the Twix - HEEE LARE E US! I feel like you need to send that headshot to someone in Hollywood so you can become famous or something. That's talent right there Maria! LOL

As if I didn't already want to come visit you, that pizza HOLY CRAP looks amazing. Sign me up.

Wishing you a lovely week. Take care of yourself xoxoxoxoxo


lovejoy_31 said...

I have to agree with Maria above. Can i have a fraction of your social life? Thanks so much for your sweet comments on Celia. And trust me, she gets her way ALL of the time. She has us wrapped. It truly is amazing how much kinship you can have with people we've never met IRL just by blogging. Love you girl!! We need to figure out a way to get together sometime soon when we both have something to celebrate.

Ashley said...

You always do the funnest things! Your brows look so good. I remember the first time I did mine (I was 15!). I wondered why it had taken me so long. I have lots of hair! Looks like you had another great weekend. Hope your week is fantastic! :)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

What a fun week! And my favorite thing of the whole post--I LOVED your faces! I like that you can laugh at yourself. Oh and your eyebrows look lovely. :) I had mine waxed once, over ten years ago! It might be time to go again.

Stephanie of Gumdrop Pass said...

Your posts never fail to make me smile with your pictures and stories.

I LOVE your crazy faces! lol. One day I will whip out my arsenal of crazy AWESOME faces and maybe devote an entire post to them. lol. If only people can handle the ugliness... err, awesomeness. ;)

You have never had your eyebrows waxed?! Wow! I used to do it all of the time, but haven't in... forever... I guess it's about time I do that, too, huh?

I LOVE all of the pictures of you with your friends. Its so nice to have those people in your life - it looks like you've got a great bunch! :)

I hope you were able to get some sleep and are having a good day!! <3

Diana said...

MAAAAAAAAAAARIA!! MY LOVELY AMIGA! im back! And its been quite a crazy last few days. Not only did my internet at home not work but my iphone was acting crazy soooooo i couldnt USE IT! :: insert banging of my head here!::

anyway.. im back and I will post tomorrow. But i wanted to catch up on my blogging..now that everything is back to normal.

FIRST OF ALL.. LOVE THE EYEBROWS! i need to get mine done! I think ive gotten mine done ONCE.. and that was for my wedding. 4 YEARS AGO! lol.

I love love love your goofy pic.. yea u know which one. LOL.. i wanna print it out and put it on MY DESK! i love it!!! u are beyond silly and yet photogetic. how is that possible?!?! lol.

i feel like everytime u go out with ur friends, I go out with them too. I like live my life thru you ! and its soooo fun! lol. thank you for ur posts and for always ALWAYS making me smile.

you know that I am constantly thinking and praying for you. I know He's listening. :) i KNOW HE IS.

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

You put a smile on my face just like the song says. I read your posts and a smile rises on my face. You are such a happy person and this is very evident in your writing. I love all the pictures especially the funny faces one. You have one great life!

Aleisha McD said...

Wait, what?? What??? You've never waxed your brows before!!! Good grief, I could pee my pants with shock over that one. It has been established (obviously, via my blog) that I have horrendous brows if I don't not wax every six weeks. EVERY SIX WEEKS, I TELL YOU!!!!! I love having them done, and the chick who waxes them is top-notch. (Received training from Oprah's old makeup person. HA HA!) You put a smile on my face. You are like sunshine in the world wide web! Ha ha! I heart your face, WaxHead!

Aleisha McD said...

Oh! And I heart that Kelly too! Goodness, that woman is a hoot!

Melissa Blackburn Cansler said...

Hi! I'm a new follower from Give a Hoot hop... love your writing style. You crack me up & the pictures are great too!! I look forward to reading more.

I hope you will take a moment to check out my blog too...


waitingforarainbow said...

Hahaha. Maria, I wish I could hang out with you all of the time. You are the funnest person ever! We need more girls like you in the world! I love your funny face pictures, you're such a goof ball. I would totally join you in them as well. My best friend and I love doing them. Oh jeez, now I want to post some pics! I have never had my eyebrows waxed, but yours turned out amazing! I kind of want to go try it now! Is that last picture you posted of your living room?? It looks so cozy and nice! I LOVE those pillows! I'm glad to hear you're doing well. You always remain in my prayers too, lady!
p.s. I only played madden with Ryan one time, and for some reason I won! HAHA, he was so confused by it... and TRIED to act like he was letting me win, but it was obvious he wasn't. I love rockband too!

Mrs. E said...

I'm loving the new brows!! Although... I might love the picture of you just before you got them waxed just a little more =) So hilarious! xoxoxoxo~

Debbie said...

You are hysterical! lol
LOVE the photo with the blue gum.

I've never had my eyebrows waxed - that should be on my bucket list.

Opal Stevens said...

Following from the Thursday Friends Cafe Blog Hop! Would love a follow back:)


frugalmommieof2 said...

I'm stopping by from the Thursday Friends Cafe Hop. I'd love if you stopped by my blog. I'm following you by GFC. Have a great day.

Lisa W

Tatiana said...

Your eyebrows do look pretty awesome! And that blue gum photo could win a scary-hillarious prize, bc it looks pretty awesome!

PS: thank you so much for your sweet comment :-)

Jeremy, Censie and Jude said...

Newest follower!
Love this post. Looks like youhad a fun time. Your pictures are fun! :O)


Pamela said...

Nothing like fun with friends. And it looks like you did!

Misadventures in Motherhood said...

Haha! Love the pictures! You are quite the accomplished silly-face maker!

I am a bit squeamish about getting my eyebrows waxed... I had them done before my wedding for the first time, and I ended up with a cyst above one of my eyes. Apparently the pulling damaged the skin somehow and I ended up with a huge balloon thing above my eye! It was grotesque, and the kids I was teaching at the time were constantly going "Ewww!"

I was horrified! The doc said I'd have to have it surgically removed, but just as I was getting ready to make the appointment, it started to disappear, and it never came back. But I'm terrified to get my brows waxed again! LOL

I've always wanted to try that string method you see in the malls... where a lady has one piece of string in her mouth and is removing hairs by twisting strings together or something. But I never get to the mall anymore either!

Anyway, I just had to stop by and catch up with you! I loved this post... you look so happy! You are definitely the kind of gal I'd love to hang out with!

I hope you have a great weekend. Here's to girl time!

Smiles, Jenn

Courtney B said...

LOVE your eye brows :) I guess all the pain and hard work was worth it? ;)
Girl, you are HILARIOUS! Seriously... you would be SO much fun to hangout with!

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