Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mushy Gushy

Good morning.  Here are a few peach Puffs to get your day started.  Don't mind the slobber.

"Mushy Gushy Love Week" doesn't seem all that far away, but here we are...March, already!

I thought I'd recap our Valentine-y week in this post.

Miss Pips helped me clean out my closet.  Oh, the things we found.  
One of my favorites was this Target dollar bin elf wig.  The ears fell right off.  Whaddya want for a buck?
This picture's worth one smacker, though.

Piper has started to stand.  Sometimes, she goes a day or two without standing.  And others, she's all about it.

Hangin' at Aunt Kim's...I really needed to wash my hair.
I always need to really wash my hair.

Cutest pjs from Deeds.
I want a pair in my size!

"Twinkie will be mine!!!"

GiGi brought over some fun valentines before we headed to the library.
The looks on Piper's face...priceless.

I love this one!

Pips was super excited her friend, Dylan, was waiting for her at the library.
She gave him her shoe.  He gave her a rose.
It's definitely love.

We love music time.

Piper loved repeatedly hitting the guy next to her with her sticks.
She kept staring at him and he wasn't givin' her the time of day.
I think I said "Sorry!" about a dozen times.

 Pips means business.
Rock on, dudes!

On our drive home, we passed an adorable cupcake shop.  
It screamed "Come inside and eat some sugar!"
So, Geeg, Pips and I did.
They displayed their cupcakes on the wall, and as soon as we walked in, Piper spotted them and Mmm Mmm'ed ten times in a row.

I may have eaten half of Pips' cupcake.

They totally look like they're her lips.
#nailedit #notreally

We can't wait to go back!

Piper, thanking the cupcake Gods for her sweet afternoon surprise...

Later, a visit at Deeds.
Piper had to balance out that cupcake with some banana.  

Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and growing sleepy...
Also, Deeds looks 25 here.

Dee Dee gives an entertaining goodbye!

Lunch at the Olive Garden...Piper's first experience with Aunt Kelly's and my "old lady lunch"...she loved it, of course.

Hugs for dessert

Followed by a little shopping

The babes picked out some valentines

while Daxon and Piper discovered some neat-o gadgets.

This is how she hugs. 

Uncle Doug, Aunt Vanessa and Aiden came over for dinner and some hangin' out.

There is something so amazing about watching two babes sit together and communicate without saying a word.

Pips got to try pulled pork.
Yes, yes, she loved it.  You knew I was going to say that.

Hugs for Aunt Vanessa

and Aiden #heartexploding

The babies slept while we caught up for a few hours and told funny stories.  It was nice and relaxing.

Valentine's Eve, Piper woke up super smiley!  Daddy was off, and it was snowing.  A lot!

I made breakfast

and had to ask Piper what she thought of it.  After all, it's not often I play chef.

Here's her reaction.
I think I've watched this video 238 times.

Aunt Kelly gave this amazing headband to Piper for V Day.
I mean, I can't even take it.  Pom Pom Pippy.

Brusha, brusha, brusha

Valentine's Day morning...Piper and I woke up bright and early and let Daddy sleep in.
He was off from work, and we were so excited!
We went downstairs to decorate some cookies for him.

I put the tray in front of Piper to take a picture, and in .04 seconds her little hand was right in that icing.
Her faces...she's crazy.

"Good morning, Daddy.  Happy Valentine's Day.  I made you some cookies.  Now give me one!"

This adorable outfit from Aunt J and many Valentine-y pics are in my 

When Steve told me he wanted to take Piper to Build-a Bear for Valentine's Day, I admit...I got choked up.  I thought it was the sweetest thing.  I always told Steve when I first met him "If you get me a stuffed animal for V-Day, I will puke!"  I'm so nice, I know.  But a stuffed animal that he could create with his daughter...that just makes my heart swell.

And seeing Piper's face during the whole process was awesome.
We gave her the choice of a lion or a bunny and she went right for Mr. BunBun.

Bailey's his name.  And he's been in her crib ever since that night.  She nuzzles right into him for naps and at bedtime.

We headed over to Dee Dee's afterwards.  We were all starving.
And nothin' says LOVE like enchiladas, guacamole, rice and beans...
So, we headed out for Mexican food.

Uncle Nicholas met up with us and we ate and laughed and watched lil' Pips go to town on some enchiladas, rice and beans.

This face...she was shootin' it at Dee Dee in an attempt to get another spoonful of guac.
It worked.

I think I like the top one better, because of Steve's face...

Next stop, back to Deeds' for some extra special valentines.

Umm, she went right for the Puffs.

She attaches to Dee Dee's leg like a magnet.  She knows magic is happenin' up there.

She's so funny with Ziploc bags and transparent things.  She's so puzzled at how she can see what's in them, but can't get to them.

It's not Valentine's Day without a jig with Creepy Mr. Nutcracker.

 She's saying "Put down the camera and hand me that cookie." 
I think Mommy ate the whole thing.

Her new giggly dolly from Dee Dee 

And just a little more fun before heading home.
A sweet day, it was.


Piper says "It's still Valentine's Day weekend!  Let's celebrate!"

I came home from some early mornin' cleaning and Piper greeted me just like this!

"These abs take work!"

Funfetti icing was on sale for 89 cents.  
#ishouldabeenacakedecorator #notreally

The deck is a wonderland of snow.
This snow kitten was ready to put it to good use.

She was trying to swing her leg over #nothappenin

"Please, Daddy, I promise I won't ever go near the steps again!"

And there ya have it.
I hope your Valentine's week was full of warm pjs, yummy doughnuts and lots of snuggles.

I'll be back tonight with another post.
Happy Thursday!

Valentine-y Lovin',


mail4rosey said...

I can never pick a favorite, they're all way too cute. I love her little people friends that are the same size. :)

She is so so so so so so so so so so so so soooooooooo so cute! Really cute. :)

Happy March month to you, Maria! :)

Anonymous said...

Your little Piper makes me smile! Oh, those faces! As for your sweet hubby taking Little Miss to Build a Bear for Valentine's Day, well...that snatched a little tear from me, as well. SO SWEET!

JP said...

Hello! First of all, red looks amazing on you! Second of all, Piper's beautiful headbands are just splendid. She sure makes them look even more beautiful.

Celebrate and love - you guys do it so well on a normal day, so these look extra special. Have a great week! JP

Heather Nelsen said...

Okay, Piper's expressions are seriously TOO MUCH! I can't wait til that little love can talk so we can hear what's going on in her little head! These pictures are GREAT!!

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