Friday, March 7, 2014

Snow Days

"Early Snowfall" - Jim Brickman

Snow days.  They were abundant these past few months.
I'm not complaining.  In fact, I'm gonna miss 'em. 
When what was supposed to be a pretty heavy storm this past Monday, decided to be a light dusting,
I was bummed.  Go ahead and shake your head. 
I've always loved snow.   I think it's magical...romantic...beautiful.  
I know there's still a chance Mother Nature could throw a little bit more at us, but if she decides that's enough for this winter, well then, that's okay.

Because I'll always have memories of our snow days...Piper's very first snow days.

We were all smiling pretty big here.  Not only were there monstrous flakes falling outside when we woke up, but Piper had just slept through the night.  Like, not even a peep, for the first time since she was a few months old.  I shook Steve and excitedly exclaimed that it was 6 o'clock and Piper was still sleeping.  He gave me an evil glare and asked "Then why are you waking me up?!"

I let him catch some more Zs while I ran outside and danced through the neighborhood.

Steve had to go in to work that day, but we stole a few snuggles before he got ready.

There's something wonderful about knowing you can't leave the house because there's pretty, fluffy, white stuff falling outside.  You have to stay in.  You have to make the best of your day inside.
Pips had no trouble gettin' to work and pickin' out some toys to play with.

Sometimes, you gotta get creative.  Or, just let your baby play with a tissue, and watch as she rips it into 3,297,412 pieces (and then tries to eat all 3,297, 412 pieces).

You can take selfies.

You can look through lots and lots of pictures together.

You can build your babe a tiny snowgal while she naps.

And surprise her when she wakes up.
You can get teary as she waves at the snowgal.
(And laugh at the fact that the teeny slice of carrot that made up snowgal's nose
is still on the deck, laying in a pile of dirty snow.)

You can laugh when your daughter keeps getting stuck in the very same spot, but goes back again and again, stubbornly trying to make her way through.

Snow days are so much fun.

And so are snow nights.  As long as you don't have to go out driving in them.
Rarely do I have to clean when the weather is horrible, but that night, I still had a date with the trashcans.  My brother had off and so kindly accompanied me.  Boy, he must have been feeling brave.  He let me drive.  We made it to our destination in triple the amount of time it would normally take.  And then, Nicholas helped try and push a Rav-4 out of a small "ditch" in the parking lot, while I stood back and hyena cackled.
Barely any trash, 20 minutes of work and two and a half hours of driving later...
and it was so worth it.
Not really.

But Miss Pips had a present for me.  She slept through the night again.  And, she didn't wake until after ten.  Woah, baby!

"Hi Mom!  I'm refreshed and ready for another snow-tastic day!"

We went on a hunt for baby snow boots.
And after cruisin' through Piper's favorite aisle in Target,

we came upon these bad boys.  For five bucks! 
I was as happy as a Pippy in the baby food aisle.
My friend, Kelly, had described these very boots to me earlier in the winter, saying how perfect they'd be for Piper.  And that, they were...especially because they have a little yeti in 'em.  
We love those yetis.

Afterwards, we headed to Deeds'.
She and Piper headed outside for a nice big bowl of snow.

And then Dee Dee gathered up the ingredients for what we liked to call  "Mr. Brokeass Snowman"...

Chocolate chips for eyes, that fell off 463 times...a lid hat, toothpick arms, a pepper mouth, and my personal fave...a candy wrapper scarf.  (At least his nose was kinda legit.)

Seriously though, how cute is Mr. BS(nowman).
Deeds is quite the artist, and Piper loved him!

She also loved "playing in the snow" in the living room.

Time to get ready for bed!

This was such a fun snow day...
We woke up and headed downstairs for breakfast and play time...our morning routine.

I thought it would be neat to break out our Christmas jammies.
Pips played me some songs while I got some laundry done.

Afterwards, we moved her table to the bedroom, so I could get to foldin' to the tunes of DJ Pippy.
I sent this picture to Steve with the caption, something like "Hey Daddy!  We miss you!  I'm makin' music while Mommy folds some laundry."

I got a reply back - "What in the hell are you watching?!  And with our daughter?!  LOL"

Confused, because I had a show on for Piper, I looked at the picture and started laughing hysterically.  This commercial must have come on every thirty seconds during commercial breaks that week.  And, on Nickelodeon, I think!!!   It was for some place in the Poconos, advertising their hot tub suites for Valentine's Day. I'm laughing right now, because of how funny this picture is. 

After Piper learned about Paradise Cove in the Poconos, we headed downstairs to see what we could get into.
If Twinks is on the ottoman, there's no's time to bug the ever lovin' fluff out of him.

Does his face and body language scream "I love you, Piper!" or what?

Piper to Twinkie - "Woahhh, Sorrrr-E!  Looks like someone didn't have their Tender Vittles
 yet today!"

Snowgal was still holdin' up out there.  Minus her headband, eyes and an arm.

Moonchie and I, rockin' the dirty hair and lovin' it.

Lunchtime came around.
Piper provided the entertainment.

Left - "Yippity!!  It's time for lunch!  Right - "Noooo!  Lunch is NOT over until Pippy says it's over!"


Sometimes, snow days can make ya a little stir crazy.
You try and find new things to get into (without Mommy seeing).

You're losin' your headband there, Pips.

Sometimes, too many snow days can make ya feel a little out of it.
This picture makes me snort-laugh-hyena cackle.

She's totally saying "I love you!"

When you don't know what else to get into, make brownies, have sweet dreams,

and wake up feeling refreshed.

Well, at least, Piper did.

After I gained my energy, we played "What's in the mailbox?"

And then we headed over to Dee Dee's, where there was a GiGi hangin' out.
I brought over a bag filled with all the goods to keep a Pippy warm in the snow.
And Deeds got her super awesome sled ready...

A clothesbin, complete with a weight in the front, so Pips would stay put.
I think Mr. Sled complimented Mr. BSnowman nicely.

Isn't it incredible...the pure joy you can find in the most brokeass simplest of things.
I can still hear Piper's squeals and giggles as Dee Dee pulled her through the snow.
I can still see her smile every time Dee Dee was getting ready to give the sled another big pull...she knew it was coming.  You could see it in her eyes.

Well, maybe not in this one.  LOL!  I'd love to know what she's thinkin' here.

one sweet #pippyvid

Around and around they go

I'll never forget the way her blue eyes sparkled against the sunny snow.
Or the way it felt to kiss her cold, chubby cheeks.
I'll never forget Eskimo kissing her chilly, pink button nose.
Or the way it felt to hold her, all bundled up to the max.

I'll always remember these special winter days we shared.
I'm so grateful for all the snow and 
all the love.

Happy Friday!  And Happy Weekend!

Snow Much Lovin',


Anonymous said...

Oh, your pictures of your sweet little girl just brighten my day! And still, those faces she makes literally make me laugh out loud. We live in the South, but managed to get a good bit of snow here this winter too. And when my boys got out the laundry basket and went sledding down the hill, we called it red-neck sledding. LOL! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you got the laundry basket out for Piper! :-D

Mel @ There is a Higher Hope

Tracy said...

Lazy snow days are the best!

Cami said...

Goodness gracious you and Piper are so precious! No winter here in FL...well, it's cold, but no snow. LOL. I love your pics - so cute and looks like so much fun <3

Rebecca said...

Such a fun post, this winter has been fun!!! Piper looks so easy going. Can't believe she is almost one year!

Anonymous said...

That is a WONDERFUL post! Really enjoyed reading it. Loved the laundry hamper sleigh!!! Kim from BCN

Tami said...

Snow is magical.... The first snowstorm... The 5th isn't looking like magic anymore! ;-)
I absolutely love the fuzzy boots!!!
That was a great idea bringing the snow indoors!!!!

Jess @ said...

I'm with you on the's permission to just let everything slide and enjoy each other.

I can't believe she's almost one :-(

mail4rosey said...

Aw, look at her little pink nose. And she looks like such a big girl now!! How did that happen so fast????? Little sweet baby girl. Do I always say that? Hahahhaa, I think I do. I say it about my little one (grandbaby) too. :) You and I are very lucky to have such sweet little girls in our lives. :)

Heather Nelsen said...

Oh I just love y'all- such sweet memories with your sweet girl! The laundry basket pics are precious!! You guys are the best- always having so much fun and appreciating the little moments in life. Makes me smile. :) Hope you three have a sweet weekend!!


Anna said...

I agree about the snow days. I have enjoyed them, BUT not going to lie I'm hoping that spring will come soon for our garden. We have been delayed in planting and I'm ready for all of that! ;)

Enjoyed seeing all the memories you made!

Happy Weekend! :)

Faith said...

The snow was way too much this year and I'm so happy to see it go. I usually don't mind but it was just too, too much this year. As for snow days I can get behind those, lol. Any free day that you get to spend time doing what you what is ok by me.

Ahh, Piper ... she makes me smile every single time!

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