Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bits and Pieces


Another post from bed.  This time, Steve isn't snoring. 

Bits and pieces of lately...

Last Monday, Steve and I celebrated four years as The Marinos.
I just went back and read my "anniversary post" from last year and cried.  (Big surprise there.) 
I remember staying up super late to write those words.  I remember the strength I gained after writing that entry.  I remember Steve kissing me after he read it.  And I remember thinking, "I wonder what next year's anniversary post will look like."

So much has changed.  And so much has remained the same. 
"We made it."  I repeated those three little words throughout last year's post.
And tonight, I can say with complete elation, yet again...

We made it.

  And though this post hasn't been fully written yet, and photos have yet to be added,
I already know I'm lovin' the look of it.

Four years as Mr. and Mrs. fell the day after our shower.
We were a mix of exhausted and high on happy.
Steve went to work.  I hung around the house, nesting and napping.  And when Steve came home, we decided to head out and see where the night took us. 
We stopped at Babies R Us to pick up a few things for baby girl.  Steve's like a kid in a candy store whenever we take a trip there.  He's all  - "Should we get one of these?  Let's get this!  We'll need it eventually, anyway.  Wait, why can't we get it in pink?!"  It really is cute, but I love to give him a hard time.  Mr. was a turd and parked in the expectant mothers parking spot.  His 33-and-a-half-week pregnant wife still has yet to take advantage of those spots.  Yep, he's a turd. 

I had to take a photo.

 Afterwards, we stopped to pick up a very special piece we had framed for the nursery.

It was almost 9 o'clock.  It was raining.  We were starving.  And both of us had no idea where to grab dinner.  Steve suggested Mexican food.  And I turned it down.  This never happens.  I don't know what was going on with me that night.  I could so go for a pound of guacamole on top of five pounds of mole enchiladas right now. 
A minute later, Steve's eyes lit up, as he suggested we go to one of our old stomping grounds - a bar/restaurant that we used to practically live at when we first met.  Kinda like Cheers...where everybody knows your name.  And you're always glad you came. 
(Great, now I'm going to have that song in my head.) 
It'd been so long.  We just had to go.  I loved his idea.

We walked in and slid right into one of their old wooden booths.  Ordered our favorites - grilled chicken salad, chicken cheesesteak nachos and wings.  And a water for me and a long island (for old times' sake) for Steve.

Somehow, it was one of the most romantic dinners we've had in a long time. 
But I guess it's not that crazy.  We were reminiscing.  We were talking to our old friends who we hadn't seen in forever.  We were at a place that held so many memories.  And there we were.  Feeling old (in the best of ways). 
 And pregnant.
  When our bill came, the total said "$0" and "Happy Anniversary!" - so sweet!!

Steve couldn't stop talking about how everything was hitting him.  He told me I was right...when I said that the shower would hit him in a way he wouldn't be able to understand until it happened - and that it would make everything that much more real.  We sat, playing over the day prior...the past year...the past years...
And choked up with tears, he looked at me and softly said four sweet words.

"I'm just so excited."

We didn't exchange anniversary cards this year.  But those four words
were more than enough.

We continued the celebrating later that week with a breastfeeding class.  Nothing says "Celebrate!"
like boobs!  Dads were strongly encouraged to attend.  Luckily, Steve didn't need any coaxing.  He was all for the class.  Taking notes.  Telling me I wasn't holding the "baby" right.  Raising his hand and participating.  We were told to bring a lifelike doll with us.  I almost called up Kelly to borrow one of Addison or Chloe's dolls.  I contemplated bringing my cute, but very busted up 30 year-old Cabbage Patch doll.  But last minute, decided it'd be a better idea to made a mad dash into Target, during a torrential downpour for a baby doll.

She was my typa' baby - lots of necklaces, a headband, and um, I think she has makeup on too!

Our teacher was hilarious.  H.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s.  And smart.  She knew her boobs - a lactation consultant. 
She wasn't shy, that's for sure.  It was refreshing.
She taught us the best breastfeeding positions like, "the football" and "the boobie sandwich!"
She told all us mamas not to fear if we were feeling insecure about our boobs not being adequate enough to breastfeed.  And that if we had any doubt, to go home and stick our bare boobs in the freezer and see what happens.  Awesome.  But no, mine stayed outta the freezer. :)


A couple weekends ago, when my friends threw me that fabulous surprise, Jessica and I had plans to go to one of our favorite spots (or so I thought).  Since then, Jessica and I have been craving a girls' lunch at that awesome diner.  We made it happen last Thursday.  And for once, didn't make the poor waitress wait 837 minutes for us to order.  We knew what we wanted two weeks ago.

It was freezing and super windy that day.  We decided tea and the cupcakes we picked up before heading back here were the perfect way to end our day.

 We also decided that this photo was better than our "normal" one.


Thursday night, we had a doctor's appointment. 

*Baby girl measured 32 weeks at 32 weeks/4 days - my doctor said, "Perfect!  Not too big, not too small."    
*Baby girl was putting on a show for us and kicking my left side like crazy.
*Weight gain - 21 and a half pounds 
*Next appointment is in a couple weeks.

Friday, Kim and I had an almost sleepover.  Steve went down the street to hang with her husband.  And we hung here.  And ate.  And talked and talked, in between getting sucking into very odd and twisted LMN movies.  The night  morning ended around 2.


Saturday, Steve installed the carseat.  Talk about getting hit hard...
Looking in the rearview mirror, seeing that tiny seat and baby mirror - totally awesome and just crazy!
Yes, you know I got teary again.  Steve kept making his "meh-ya sound" - what he does when he thinks something is cute.  And I think he likes the mirror more than baby girl will.  He just loves that it came with a remote control...Boys and their toys.
I asked him if we could cart Muffin around for the time being.  He declined.


Superbowl Sunday at Doug and Vanessa's... 
I'm not sure what team baby girl was rooting for, but she was going buckwild during the game.


 Monday, Kelly introduced me to a funky new spot for breakfast.  
I loved it.  They served our coffee in Valentine-y mugs.
And their eggwhite omelets were awesome.  Looking forward to adding this to our mix.

Handsome lil' conductor, Daxon <3


I broke out the baby hangers and

a bunch of $1 ribbon

and went to work.  The nesting continues...


How could I say no to the polite and adorable girl scout on my way out of the grocery store?! 
Um, caramel deLites have too much delight in them.
There are no mas.

I went downstairs last night to take my vitamin, turned around, and saw this...
He. Is. Nuts.
And I love him.


Sending much thanks...

My sweet friend, Julie, sent these bright and beautiful hand sewn burp clothes for baby girl. We met almost two years ago on Babycenter and have kept in touch ever since.  She's one strong woman and I'm so thankful to know her.

I went to get the mail tonight to find a package for me with a return address I wasn't familiar with.  I opened it and read the touching letter enclosed to find that it was from JP - I met her last year through blogging and have enjoyed reading her heartfelt stories.  
 Turns out, she got my address from a mutual friend. 

Pretty books and itsy-bitsy baby socks - what a wonderful combination and sweet surprise.

Thank you, Julie and JP.  Your both brightened my days. 
 I'm grateful each day to know women like you.

 And lastly,
 33 week bump shots

Hope your week has been fabulous. <3

Lots of Lovin',


Jen said...

Looks like you are having a wonderful time! Baby Girl is due next month... wow. Can't wait to see what the wrapped and framed surprise is : )

Karen said...

I have the Cheers theme song in my head now too :) You are looking so good with that growing baby girl inside of you! I love Steves excitement!! I wish I took a breastfeeding class. They always say it comes natural but at first it felt like the most unnatural thing I had ever done. Eventually I go the hang of it and absolutely loved it!

Rebecca said...

Every time I read your blog I need to eat! Yum, those plates looked amazing!!!!! It gets so real once you start taking classes. Baby girl is almost here! I'm dying to know the name!!!!!!! :) :)

Kari said...

Eep you're getting so close, mama!!!

We always go into a store saying,"Okay-we know he doesn't need anymore clothes!"....guess what we walk out with every time? In my defense he needs a St. Patrick's Day onesie, right? ;) And I picked up a Valentine's Day one to try to coax him out before the 14th (a week from today...omg..).

Our breastfeeding class was boring compared to yours...never was a freezer mentioned! hahaha

Sounds like you and Steve had a great anniversary!! You guys deserve it!

Jamie said...

Sounds like a wonderful anniversary!

Rian Eidson said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Happy 33 weeks!!! are so close! Thank you so much for always commenting on my blog. I can always count on you. And I'm so honored that you and your mom were talking about me! :) Have a great rest of the week, Maria!

Much, much love! Xoxoxo

Maria said...

No matter how enticing it may sound, never ever put mayo on a boobie sandwich! Happy Anniversary!

Kiara Buechler said...

A very happy anniversary to you and Steve! So much to celebrate!

Having a hubby supportive of breastfeeding makes it soooo much easier, I love that the class encouraged partners to attend.

Stephanie N. said...

Loved catching up with you through this post. Your anniversary sounds just perfect -- you and Steve live a Romantic Comedy if you ask me. :) I love all of your stories!

So excited for baby girl! Only a few more weeks! Hope you're enjoying every second (something I totally didn't do during my pregnancy!).

Hope the week brings you lots of love, kicks, and yummy food. ;)

<3 Stephanie

Heather said...

Happy Anniversary! I love that Steve parked in the reserved spot. Ben always wants to when I'm with him, but I tell him its not necessary... YET. :)

Lots of love!

Judy Haughton-James said...

Heartiest Congratulations to you and Steve on your 4th anniversary. I wish you both an everlasting love. As always I just love your pictures and I am so happy that everything is falling in place for the arrival of Beano next month! Continue to be SUPER HAPPY Maria! You deserve every minute of joy! Lots of Love, Friendship and Best Wishes always to you, Steve and Beano.

Rachel said...

Happy Anniversary! You are getting so close now! I'm so excited for you!!! Your mirror has a remote? How cool is that! Oh my goodness I can't wait to see that baby girl!!! It won't be long now. BIG HUGS!

Rachel said...

Happy Anniversary! You are getting so close now! I'm so excited for you!!! Your mirror has a remote? How cool is that! Oh my goodness I can't wait to see that baby girl!!! It won't be long now. BIG HUGS!

JP said...

Well Happy Anniversary! It looks like it was a good night. Definitely lots to celebrate..:)

I LOVE your hair in the bump pics (and your rainbow pants).

You are a clever tease with the black and white photos! I'm so excited to see the finished project.

I hope you have a relaxing weekend, whatever that looks like for a nesting mama.

Kallah Oakes said...

you are such a beautiful preggas! :)

Ashley said...

Happy Anniversary!! You two are so adorable and how awesome that they comped you guys dinner at that place! Doesn't it just make it all the more real when you look back and see the carseat? I remember how surreal it felt!

Have a great weekend!

Brittany said...

Happy Anniversary, Maria and Steve!!!!! I can't get over how cute your bump look AMAZING! Seriously, ALL baby girl! Those burp cloths are're gonna need about 2,000 of those and the cuter the better :). We had to make a walmart run and buy some 2 weeks after Bear was born because we were using tea cloths from the kitchen! haha! You guys eat the BEST food...omg that omelet looks SO good. That should definitely make your restaurant rotation. Can't wait to see what you guys got for the nursery...I know it's gonna be so beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend, pretty momma!!

Jill Flinton said...

newest follower from the Design Blog Hop. Congratulations! Enjoy your nesting.

Faith said...

Happy Anniversary! I love that Steve kissed you after reading it. So sweet :).

It's crazy that day by day it often seems that nothing is changing but then in one year, so much has changed.

I can't wait to see the piece for the nursery!

You turned down Mexican? I thought that was impossible for anyone ;). But yum! The pictures of the food looks amazing!

Your reaction to seeing the baby car seat is so sweet. I love how happy you are. She'll be in that seat so soon!

And before I make this a longer comment than I intended, you look so good! All belly :)

Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

This is such a great post and you will love having these to look back on! Such an exciting time!! I am a new follower from the GFC blog hop! I hope you have a great weekend!

mail4rosey said...

I like the picture of you and your friend, it was a good pick.

You look fabulous and I loved the post. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!

waitingforarainbow said...

That sounds like the anniversary from a movie! So cute. How fun that the bill was $0! You guys both deserved a perfect night out together. Soon baby girl will be here, and you won't get that much. So have lots more date nights before then! It'll also help the time pass, and make it feel like baby girl will be here sooner. I know how slow the time goes when you have the nursery finished, and the car seat installed. But of course, remember to continue to enjoy your pregnancy (I know you are) because you will miss it!
I'm getting sooo eager for the nursery reveal. The hidden framed picture, the black & white hanger photos... you're killing me, seriously!
You still look beautiful as ever! Can't WAIT to see that beautiful baby:) oh and I :') at what Steve said. Aghhhh. I'm just so happy for you both. For you three I should say.
Hope your week is a good one! Heather

Kerry said...

You look awesome, so beautiful!! You guys are the happiest and smiliest couple I know!! Yes I did just totally make that word up just then :)
I love reading about your week, I live vicariously through you hahahaha Btw, I love that old telephone on the wall!!

Irish Carter said...

Why is my day fabulous? Because its Friday, I stopped and took some time to come on over and visit my fave Mrs. Marino and the see the baby bump. Oh how exciting. Its getting so close....can't wait to meet her Maria. She will be here before you know it.

You know that game people play online here called whats in the purse or something like that...I felt like I was playing whats in the frame....I cant wait to see it.

Hugs my dear and thanks for staying connected. Life got busy and I am glad you slowed me down enough to connect. Hugs.


Miki said...

Awe, it must be so much fun to shop for toys and baby stuff! It kind of makes me feel curious, hehe :p.

And it was so nice from the restaurant owner not to charge you on your anniversary! We're celebrating ours next weekend. We're planning a little getaway but we'll see, it all depends on how much money we have by then, haha.

Tight hugs!

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