Wednesday, January 16, 2013


So late.  So awake.  I should be tired.  But I'm not.  Not one bit. 
I fell asleep earlier, only to wake up feeling wired.

 Steve and I took a childbirth class this weekend.  Eight hours.  Lots of information. 
Our teacher told us the many sleepless nights we encounter in the third trimester is our body's way of preparing us for when the baby arrives.  I like that theory.  I agree with it.  But I also think I'm just a wacky creature of the night.
 And it doesn't help that I feel like a kid on the night before Christmas lately.  It's all been hitting me.  So hard.
It's just like everyone tells you - "Just wait until you get to those last couple of months!" 
And now we're here - 30+ weeks.  And I find myself growing more and more swept away with it all.

I was excited for our class.  Excited to take notes in my fresh, new notebook.  Excited to watch the lengthy videos that the teacher kept apologizing for.  I would go from snickering and whispering inside jokes to Steve under my breath while the movie was playing, to quickly wiping my tears away before she put the light back on.  I'm a sucker for birth stories.  I used to watch TLC's "A Baby Story" marathon style, while crying at the end of every single episode. 
We were pleasantly surprised with the up-to-date labor videos.  Steve and I expected the version we remembered seeing in Middle know the one.

  As we've both learned over the years, there are some things you can't prepare for.  Some things will be what they will be.  And what I loved about this class is there was no sugar coating.  There wasn't a question our teacher (a maternity nurse at the hospital I will be giving birth at) wouldn't answer. 
She kept it real. 

There were some parts that had us cracking up...
Like when we sat with the lights turned off and soft music playing.  It was right before our lunch hour and she wanted to practice some relaxation techniques with us.  She told us to go to a "happy place," close our eyes, relax our shoulders and take long, deep breaths.  All I could think about was having to pee (and how hilarious the music was).  Steve and I kept peeking at each other and smirking.  About three minutes in, Steve's stomach let out the loudest growl.  We busted out laughing.
And I knew...
Steve's happy place was Burger King.

We didn't go to BK on our lunch break.  But Steve did get his "happy" burger.

We talked about it all while we ate and how surreal it all was becoming for both of us.  Steve admitted he was teary-eyed during the movies, picturing himself in that same position a couple months from now.
 One of our favorite moments during class - when our teacher discussed the benefits of writing a birth plan.  She went on with describing labor and delivery - mentioning details that may or may not be important to us.  Letting us know that, of course, a plan can never be set in stone when in comes to giving birth, but that we all deserved the right to write down our "wishes" - it helping not only us, but them.  I went off into dream land during that portion of the class. 
Dreaming about the day when our little girl is born.
Dreaming about those first few seconds when we see her face.  Spending those precious first minutes taking her in.  Calling my parents, brother, friends...announcing that "she's here" to everyone.  Seeing Steve hold her for the first time.  Seeing family and friends take her in and hold her for the first time.

It all is sinking in so deeply.
And I'm just going to keep on cherishing it.

Other happenings...

Fan shopping.  Steve insisted the nursery needed a ceiling fan/light.  I wasn't a fan of the idea at first (no pun intended).  But the room definitely needed more light. 

 And really, I was more afraid of the possible mess and mayhem that could occur while Steve tried to install it.  Baby girl's room didn't have a light fixture to begin with.  And when Steve described himself going into the crawl space to begin (and figure out) the project, I nervously laughed at the possibility of him busting through the ceiling.

He found a spot for Fanny.
Went into my closet and climbed into the crawl space.

Don't get stuck now, Zesty!

And my dad came over and helped.  He's an electrician, so I wasn't too worried anymore. 
Steve did all the navigating up there while my dad stayed in the nursery guiding him and installing the pieces.  There was a pesky exhaust pipe that made the job extra "fun" for them.  By the end of the afternoon, the pipe had earned itself a few new choice names.  I learned later, from Steve, that he was extra thankful for that pipe.  He didn't tell me until all was well, but had he not stepped on it when he lost his balance up there, he said he would have come through the ceiling - more scared of me than of his fall.  I assured him he would have been smart to run for his life after his crash (but to lie there long enough for me to take a few pictures).

A few dusty hours later, the fan was sitting nice and pretty.
And I was proud of Mr. and my dad.

Old Lady Lunch with Kelly

and Daxon

It'd been too long since we went for our el cheapo soup, salad and breadsticks lunch!

30+ week bump shots

Less than 10 weeks away from our due date - insane!

I am heading back to sleep.

I will see ya at the end of the weekend. <3
Have a happy one, friends!

Wednesday night/Thursday morning Lovi


Kathy Radigan said...

Reading your post I was brought back to the very sweet time we were planning for our first child. It was an amazing time, made that much sweeter because of the losses we had before and how much we wanted our son. I still can't believe my first baby is 14 years old!!!!! Enjoy this time, I know people tell you all the time, but I swear you blink and it's over. I'm so happy for you and your husband!! Sending much love!!

Irfan Butt said...

nice post..

Tara (mooseymommy) said...

I love this! All the planning and anticipation of a baby is so much fun! Savor every second of the time. Like a prior poster said, it flies by. In the blink of an eye we somehow went from getting married to 4 years later. With a two year old and a 6 month old. They are so precious, but it makes me cry how fast they are growing up. Enjoy having an "inside baby" and store up the memory of those precious kicks and the feeling of your baby moving inside!

Maria said...

I got teary when I thought about you meeting your daughter for the first time. Awww what a post that is going to be!! So excited for you! Enjoy every moment of these 10 weeks. They are really the BEST!

Rian Eidson said...

Ahhhhhh.....I'm all teary. Her birth will be the most amazing day of your life! And you look amazing!! Xoxo

Our Little Fam said...

Those child birthing classes can be quite entertaining. There were a few laugh out loud moments for me, too! haha. You look so amazing! Cannot believe only ten weeks left! Wooooooo! xoxo

Ashley said...

I totally used to do the same thing and watch so many episodes of baby story and Bringing Home Baby too. I don't even think they film those anymore, do they?! You look fantastic, that dress is so pretty! I hope you were able to get back to sleep. Get your rest while you can. :)

Have a great weekend!

Stephanie N. said...

Look at that bump! Look at that dress! You are just too cute to be pregnant! It's really unfair... ;)

I'm so happy for all of the experiences this pregnancy has brought your way -- and that you're documenting them so well! It will be so great for you (and your little one) to look at back one day!

Hope you're having a great week! <3

Judy Haughton-James said...

Hello there Maria,
Less than 10 weeks! Wow! That special day is fast approaching. I am glad everything is falling into place.As I always I love all the wonderful pictures. Take good care of yourself my friend. You, Steve and Beano are in my thoughts and prayers. Lots of Love, Friendship and Best Wishes always. Have a great weekend.

Chrishelle Ebner said...

Following from the blog hop. Your family is in my prayers for a healthy baby. I have three kids myself, all teens now. Love every minute.

E and R said...

The first moments with baby are...magical - nothing like it in the world - I get teary just remembering what it was like with Lexi (one year ago on Monday! eek!!!) You look amazing as usual :)

JP said...

You are just a hoot! I am glad to hear that the childbirth classes were both informative and entertaining. 8 hours is a long day without some humor thrown in. You are looking gorgeous as usual! I hope you have a great week!

Camille said...

Birth stories always make me cry too. Every single time! I watch A Baby Story and all those types of shows too. :)

Wow, you are getting so close. She will be here before you know it! I swear it goes really fast from here on out, or it did for me. That is, until you hit your due date. Then once you're overdue, it slows down to a snail's pace and one day seems like a month, lol! But hopefully you don't go overdue like I did. :)

Kara and Mary said...

Your post took me down memory lane. I love the anticipation. It is just like the night before Christmas. You want nothing else but for it to arrive and then when it does arrive you want it to slow down. I love reading your posts.

Jamie said...

The first moments are so sweet. I can't wait either. Come on babies!

Whitney Cypert said...

I feel ya on staying up into the wee hours of the night. For example, it is 2am and I am wide awake! My husband went to bed awhile back, thank goodness for blogging or I would be bored to death! I can't believe you are already 30+ weeks! You are getting SO close! How exciting! I can't imagine how excited y'all are! I was cracking up that you and Steve were laughing at the music when you were supposed to be relaxing, Garrett and I would do the same thing! I hope you have had a great week Maria!

Olivia {i am still learning} said...

This is one of those best "waiting" moments in your life.

But the anticipation in meeting your child is one of the most amazing feeling the world.

I'd say enjoy every second, but I already know you are! :)

How in the world are you 30 weeks already!?! Time is flying by! :)

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

I love how close you are to meeting your baby girl! You are so adorable with your pregnant belly! I love the fan installing project! sounds like my husband! They would be best friends! :D Have a fabulous weekend lady!!! Sending much Love!

Heather Nelsen said...

You're just as beautiful as ever! I love picturing you guys in the birthing class trying to "go to your happy place" and then cracking up at Steve's growling stomach! HA! You guys are so so close to meeting your baby girl! YAY!!!!

Have a great weekend!


Kiara Buechler said...

I wholeheartedly disagree about the lack of sleep during the third (or for me the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd) trimesters preparing you for when the baby is here. I need my sleep now so I am healthy when baby arrives! ;-) I am just grumpy from being sick for the past 2 1/2 months though.

Chad and I were the same way during our Bradley classes, snickering and having inside jokes. It may have annoyed other people, but it brought us closer together.

beckyj @ A Lazy Crazy Life said...

Hey there! New follower stopping by from the Sunday Sync. Looking forward to reading more. The anticipation in these last few weeks is so exciting!! :)

Aaliyah said...

I love the pic of you and your cat! I'm a new follower from the follower to friends blog hop! I'm so glad I found your blog because you have some interesting posts!

Julie Marie said...

Maria! It's been forever! I'm so glad the pregnancy is going well! You look so cute with your baby bump. I always think about you and that baby :) there are definitely things you cant plan for in childbirth, but I'm sure you will figure that out. so happy for you!

Tami said...

So many things change in your body. Right before the baby comes you will go into a cleaning binge! As always, you are beautiful!

Big K Fam said...

I found you through the blog hop and I'm your newest follower. xo, viv @

Cindy Dowdle-Schoen said...

Hello from your newest follower, over from the I Love My Online Friends 'GFC' Blog Hop.
The photo of your cat, looks just like my late cat. So sweet!

Hope you can stop by sometime.

Have a great week!
cobalt moon jewelry

Brittany said...

Ahhhhhh! Y'all are getting SO close! Before you know it, you'll be holding that precious baby girl in your arms instead of your belly :). I'm absolutely dying in anticipation over here!! Ob-SESSING over your 30 week bump look so beautiful! And that dress is perfect on you, Maria! Such a stylish little momma! I can tell you and Steve are working your buns off on the nursery...can't wait to see the final product!

Lots of love and hugs from Texas!
-Britt and Bear :)

Irish Carter said...

What an exciting time for you two. I loved hearing about the childbirth class. It was so awesome to read your journey today. I just received a text message from one of my closest friends with a picture in it. It had the little guy we have been waiting for...her little boy Cameron was born today and I can't wait to hold him. Best of everything deserve it.


Rachel said...

Can you believe how incredibly close you are now?!?

Oh don't worry I think every woman in my birthing class was crying at the end of the movie... lol... Well you know what happened to my birthing plan (out the window) but like I said before it is good to do and more importantly it's good for your partner to know what you really want. He won't be able to speak for you but he can help guide you into your true wishes. Plus when I went in I was induced so I had some time before the real pain kicked in for them to go through what seemed 20 million questions and forms. One thing I wasn't prepared for was donating your cord blood question. It's a long form to read over but they have you sign it and them come back later one with more papers after the delivery. At least that's what they do at my hospital. Ahhh the advice you must get :-)

I am so excited to see the nursery. You two are doing a great job! I'm so glad Steve did not come through the ceiling (how scary)! Yes if I was Steve I would of been more scared of you at that point.. LOL.. Keep up the good work you two. I'm already Planning Annabelle "Big Girl" room, I love decorating it is so much fun.

You look wonderful by the way. Wow I am amazed every time when I think the position we both were in when we first met on Baby Center (just shy of 2 years ago) and to look now and see how far we have come just warms my heart.

Ok enough with my long comment.. LOL BIG HUGS and enjoy, enjoy and enjoy the quiet times you have now and enjoy being pregnant!

Sugar Aunts said...

Hi From your newest follower from the hop! Would LOVE if you followed back! ps, you look beautiful!!

Jenny E said...

Enjoy your last few weeks!

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