Thursday, September 20, 2012

This Week...

This week has been a celebration.
It's not even over, and yet, has already left me with such a wonderful impression.

This week...

I hit the second trimester.
On Monday.

Oh, how I've dreamt of the day I could say I made it this far.
I wanted to run in the streets naked, skip and dance and proclaim my happiness and excitement.
I settled for hopping in my mama jeans, slipping on an extra comfy maternity top, slapping on a face of makeup and posing for some celebratory pictures.

Oh, how I've dreamt of the day I'd begin to pop.
There's something so magical about seeing my belly grow (and grow and grow) a little more each week.  I had a moment the other day where I was standing, drying my hair in one of Steve's tee shirts and I just lost it...there staring back at me - a true bump - our baby.

Steve has said from the beginning that he couldn't wait for me to it would hit him hard when the time came. 

 And we're finally here... 
And loving it.

This is definitely going in the baby book.


This week...

I turned 30 on Tuesday.

30 is gonna be a freakin' awesome year.  I don't doubt that for a second. 
30 felt like just another day - in a fabulous - age-really-don't-mean-a-thing kinda way.
I look back at all I learned and all the memories made in this past decade
 and it makes me excited for what's to come.

Kim showed up at my door with thoughtful treats and swept me off my feet with a trip to the awesome-o, Shady Maple Smorgasbord in Lancaster.

The weather was dark and stormy, but that didn't stop us.

Birthday peeps eat free.  I took advantage.
We started healthy, with giant salads.  And quickly moved on
with plates of mac n' cheese and corn fritters.

And ended with what else, but sugar!

We were stuffed and attempted to walk it off in their downstairs gift shop.

We had to recreate Kim's photo from last year.

We almost bought these for our trip to the grocery store.

Steve took me to The Melting Pot for a 3 hour feast.
Cheese. Meat. Chocolate.
Mama was happy.  Baby was happy.
It was so nice to just sit and relax together.  I kept choking back tears as I thought about past birthdays.  The past few had been so trying - beautiful but bittersweet.
And this one...
was just sweet.

I ordered a non-alcoholic beer just to feel like a cool pregnant chick.
Overindulged on queso.
And got lost in wonderful conversation.

Twinkie was fascinated with the balloon.

The night came to an end with more happy emotions.
Jessica had left a gift at the door.

A book that I can't wait to read to baby...
With a sweet tearjerker of a letter written inside to Baby Marino.

Before I headed upstairs,
I read it with Twinkie resting beside me as I wiped tears and snapped a quick pic
to thank and send to Jessica.

It was a beautiful day.
I woke up Wednesday to meet Kelly and Daxon for breakfast at our most favorite spot.

One of my thoughtful gifts from Kelly - a pregnancy journal! I spent last night jotting down memories and filling up the first trimester pages. 

Cuddle buddy <3

Birthdays make you reflect and take a good hard look at where you've been and where you are.
I've been doing a lot of that this week.
And I'm looking forward to writing more about it all in future posts.

It sure was one hell of a

And I can't wait to continue celebrating life and love with the ones I love.
Not just this week...
every week.

Thank you
 for all of the beautiful words on my last post.

Lovin' this week,


Mrs. JRose said...

Oh Maria I'm SO HAPPY AND ECSTATIC FOR YOU!!!!!!! I know how you feel finally being able to write second trimester!!! And that lil book is one very treasured books of Journee's that I read to her all the time!!!! I'm so happy you are getting to experience these wonderful momemts!!!!!!! You and your baby bump are a beautiful and awesome sight!!!! Much much love from
California!!!!! :)))

Maria said...

Getting to the second trimester is such a fabulous feeling!!! So happy for you! I hope you had a most fantastic birthday and realize that your next one is going to be just about 12-15 pounds sweeter. :) said...

Yay for 2nd trimester!!!!!!! My sister is due right around you on March 28th. And yay for being 30!!! I can tell you after a few months in that it is great! You look beautiful! Sooooo happy for you!!!!!!

Heather said...

Happy, HAPPY Birthday!!! And yay for making it to second tri. So incredibly happy for you. Sounds like a great birthday. I LOVE the Melting Pot. Prayers for a healthy second tri as well, and then its homestretch, baby!!!

Jen said...

Happy birthday! Happy T2! Wishing you much happiness every day all the way through T3 to birth-day and all the adventures beyond : )

MrsV said...

Happy Birthday :)
Looks like you've had a fabulous week so far! Your looking great Mama love your little bump <3
Hubby's dad and stepmom love the melting pot they cross the border and go there for dates all the time! Looks so yummy!

Karen Fieri said...

Maria, every post you write leaves me with a smile. I can feel your excitement and joy. Thank you for sharing your beautiful week!!

Rachel Warren said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu! What a wonderful year you have ahead of you. Wow I can't believe the first trimester is already over, how time flies. I am so very happy for you and I can not wait to see pictures of you holding your little miracle. Just think next year you will have a sweet little face smiling at you to say happy birthday. Annabelle and I are sending you lots of hugs and Annabelle is sending you a big gummy baby grin. Happy Birthday.

Kiara Buechler said...

Holy Moly, it is hard to believe it is second trimester already! Hopefully this trimester will be kinder to you with the nausea.

~Rian said...

And I thought your last post was my favorite! Love the absolute happiness in this post, the beautiful pictures and that you are in the 2T!!!!!! So happy for you!

jenicini said...

Yay! This is such great news!!!!! Happy birthday too!

Lindsey said...

Congrats on 2nd Tri! So very very very VERY happy for you!!!! :) And happy happy birthday Again! You look amazing! I got the same little book at my shower and it made me cry reading it as well :) I really hope we can find a time to meet up soon!

<3 Lindsey

JP said...

You are beautiful! Your belly is fabulous! Happy birthday to you. Clearly, 30 is your friend.

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Maria!! YAY for the second trimester!!

Kelly @ Stay at Home Trader said...

OMG YOUR BELLY!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it! Congrats on your 2nd trimester, and on your 30th!!! HOW AWESOME IS THIS BIRTHDAY! I teared up seeing you with all your rightful mommy gifts. awwww! Seriously, this is just a total dream come true, and I couldn't be happier for you, girlfriend! XOXOOXOXOXOOXO See you tomorrow! (and by tomorrow, I mean Saturday!)



Jess @ said...

Happy Birthday! Welcome to the 30 club!

SO glad that you're doing so well! Yay for a bump!

Ashley at flats to flip flops said...

Happy Belated Birthday! What a great way to celebrate! And the 2nd trimester..I may have squealed a little out loud for ya!!

Judy Haughton-James said...

Hello there Maria,
It is so great that your 30th birthday found everything going well for you. I am very happy for you and wish you continued joy and good times. You deserve it so much. You certainly celebrated in fine style! Very beautiful pictures. I wish you many more happy birthdays and send Lots of Love, Friendship and Best wishes to you, Steve and Beano!

Mrs. E said...

Happy birthday!!! I wish you were here and we could celebrate with lots and lots of taco bell...and chinese dinner specials =) I miss you SO MUCH. Sending creepy baby bump rubs over the internet ;) XOXOXOXO~~~

Rebecca said...

Congrats on the second trimester!!!! Will you find out the sex? I have the same pregnancy rocks! Mmmm...Melting Pot is my absolute fav!

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

Happy Birthday!! & the BIGGEST congratulations on your second trimester!! I am so so so happy for you!! ummm I LOVE melting pot! I am going to have to go there soon :) Love your new blog look too! lots and lots of love ♥

Angela said...

Two huge milestones in one week...that's livin' girlfriend! Congrats on that gorgeous baby bump, and happy birthday to the hottest 30 year old ever! Great pics too :) I'm so happy for you <3

KERRY said...

And next will have a new little love smothering you in birthday kisses and cuddles (I assume Steve did do that?!)
You look beautiful, what a cute bump you have! I too watch my belly grow week by week, day by day and I am not even pregnant lol
You have loving, thoughtful friends and this is your year my friend!! Happy 30th birthday to you (I know I already said it on fb) Welcome to da club ;) xoxoxo

lovejoy_31 said...

Yay!!! You are such a beautiful preggie. Stunning. Your baby bump is adorable. Maybe I can drop 100lbs so you can see mine next time. LOL!!!!! In all seriousness, you are going to be a hottie mommy. I am so glad you had a very Happy Birthday!!!


Jenny said...

It looks like you had a fabulous week. Happy Birthday! And a huge congratulations on making it to 2nd trimester!! You look so cute with your little bump. And, again, I'm jealous of all the yummy food....

Julia P F said...

What a wonderful birthday gift! I will keep you all in my prayers. Congrats!

Brittany said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Congratulations, Miss Second Trimester! What a happy, amazing post. LOVE it!! How cool that you got a pregnancy journal...that will be such a great memo to look back on. I've always wanted to try the Melting Pot but never have...after seeing your pictures I'm thinking we DEF. need to get there soon. Yum! Still saying lots of prayers for you, Steve, and Baby Beano...hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!!

Fifi @ AboutBloggingTime! said...

Hi Maria,

Happy belated birthday!! You look so cute with your baby bump.

Looks like you had a wonderful day.

Stephanie N. said...

I LOVE your belly pictures! You make such a cute pregnant lady... and I'm totally jealous. I can SO remember looking like a homeless bag lady when I was pregnant!

YUM! Jake and I just ate at The Melting Pot last night for our anniversary and it was DEEEELISH! Your pictures make me want to go back already!

Yay for turning 30 and for it being the start of something AMAZING! It's funny -- I always tell Jake that I can't wait until I'm 30 -- I feel like I'll have it "more together" by then. And look at you living the dream!!! :)

I hope you're having a great weekend with great friends and great pregnancy feelings!

Much <3 <3 <3

Whitney@Keeping Up with the Cyperts said...

I'm kind of new to your blog, I am good friends with Brittany over at Fun With the Fullwoods and I knew that if she liked your blog, then I would love it too! A big congratulations on the second trimester! You are going to be so cute with a big baby bump! I'm glad that you had a great 30th birthday, happy late birthday! : )

Rhe Christine said...

wow!! what fun times and beautiful memories :) thanks for sharing them with us. I'm a new follower :)

Ashley said...

Yeah for 2nd trimester and for your birthday!! This year is going to be your best yet, I know it!! You look so adorable with your little baby bump!! I am so excited for you!! Wow, I put a lot of exclamation points in this comment. hehe

carlia said...

eek! so excited for you to be in your 2nd trimester! you are seriously one hot mama. you really do have the most beautiful pregnant body. happy birthday...a little late! what a wonderful way to ring in your 3rd decade! it's just going to keep getting better and better, too. hugs!

Irish Carter of Dedicated 2 LIFE said...

What a great story and I love all your birthday celebrations. = ) Happy Belated birthday and congrats on your 2nd trimester. How exciting for you. I am so happy to watch you go through this celebration in your life. It's fun to watch that bump growing.

Hugs and Blessings like you know--


LOVE MELISSA:) said...

I am so happy- yah second trimester. I just told my friend while ago to ead your blog. She was very discouraged and you gave her hope through your journey. After 2.5 years, she is now expecting. You gave her strength.! Happy bday hun!

waitingforarainbow said...

Happy Birthday, and Happy 2nd trimester!! Your bump is adorable.

Miki's scrapbook said...

Awe, Maria, something that I soon discovered through this blog of yours is that you're a very loved lady; and that's for a reason: because you're sweet, kind and thankful ;D. Oh, and I'm sure that fun to be with, too! :P

May all your future birthdays be this happy! :D

Heather Nelsen said...

We have the SAME birthday! I knew this friendship was meant to be! ;) Glad you had a great day! Oh, and I LOVE that book "On the Night You Were Born"- can't wait for you to get to read that to beano when he/she arrives! ;) Hope you guys have a great week!


Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

Happy belated birthday again:) You have such awesome friends!!! You are surrounded by so much joy and love. Looking forward to lots more bump pictures and posts:)

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