Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lots of Photos...Little Words

How are there only a few days left of September?! 
This month has flown by and filled us with so much to be thankful for.
I'm very much looking forward to -
 October...the feel of fall really setting in...making good use of this new energy that comes along with the second trimester...blogging more often...and taking in these next exciting months.
Lots of photos and little words.
Saturday, we celebrated my 30th at home with the ones we love.
It was a comfy, cozy, wonderful night.
We ate pizza and cake. I drank cranberry juice and seltzer in a wine glass to feel fancy.  We enjoyed each other's company and just relaxed all night.
Time flies when you're having fun...
I stayed up later than I have in months - past 3 in the morning (early for the old me)...wrapping and putting away the many, many leftovers with my mom and Karen.
The party...
Ed chillin' on a cat bed.
Kelly brought me non-alcoholic beer!
 There's a cake on the potty!
Steve had a totally purrfect (hardy har har) birthday cake made.
I, of course, loved it.
<3 these girls.
Present opening at 1:30 a.m.
Sunday, we headed to Atlantic City for the night - Beano's first time in AC was a hit (minus the nighttime "pukies" that came out of nowhere).
  We hung out all night...Steve even watched a cheesy LMN movie with me.
We ordered breakfast for (a very late) dinner.  Hung out at the pool the next morning.  And took it easy.
We found a cute spot for lunch on the beach.
The night ended with a girls' night and more food. 
Jen and I met for celebratory tostones with chicken since our birthdays are only five days apart.
14 week bump
Have a happy weekend!  Thanks for all the birthday wishes last week!
I'll be back by Monday.

Thursday Lovin',


Aleisha McD said...

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! The fourteen week bump is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!! So so so so so so so so damn cute I want to kiss it! (Wait, what?) HA HA! Oh man, I wish I could have celebrated your birthday with you. Your party looked like lots of fun...and celebrating with all those wonderful friends would have been a dream! The AC shots of the beach are so gorgeous! Thought of you today when I ran to Gardner village to the quilt store for a craft project supply. I thought about how you would love it in the fall. It is completely decked out and adorable, with pumpkins and corn stalks and hay bales and Halloween decor. Wish you could have been there! I love you muchly and miss you every day. XOXO!!!

Fifi @ AboutBloggingTime! said...

shut the front door!!! how cute was that birthday cake with those 3little kitties! Looks like you had tons of fun.

I love your 14wk pic...Beautiful Momma!!

Have a great day Maria!

Mrs. JRose said...

So happy and thrilled to read about you enjoying yourself and making memories!!! The photo of you and baby on the beach is gorgeous!!!! :) You are a beautiful mommy!!!! :)

Love and hugs!!!!

Rachel Marie said...

I am loving these pictures :D And you are just glowing Maria!!! Kudos to Steve for the AWESOME cake. Happy late birthday lady. It looks like you brought in 30 perfectly. I am loving the bump pictures too. Eeepp. I can't wait to see what is to come for you.

Judy Haughton-James said...

Hi there Maria,
I am glad you had such a wonderful time celebrating your birthday with friends and relatives. Such beautiful pictures! It is so great that everything is going well. I am very happy for you, Steve and Beano! The days are certainly moving along quickly. I can hardly believe that September will soon be over. Anyway as the days roll on it means very soon Beano will say " Hello world!" Lots of Love, Friendship and Best Wishes always. Have an enjoyable weekend.

~Rian said...

Love!!!!!! Love the cake and the 14 week bump picture!!! 14 weeks????!!!!! What!!!!????? So excited for you!!!! <3


Miki's scrapbook said...

Hi, Maria! Happy belated birthday!!! :D I'm glad to know you had some wonderful times with your loved ones ;). And your baby bump is the cutest! :D

Btw, kudos to the hubby for having included the cats in the cake! :D



E and R said...

Happy Birthday! So glad you had such a great time. This coming year promises to be one of the best yet! Love the cake :)

Rebecca said...

What a cute bump! I am so jealous of everything you are doing while you are pregnant...parties, traveling, etc. I was literally glued to my couch for 9 months.

That cake! OMG, looks so yummy! I love fancy cakes that like. Hope you had a great 30th!

Will you be finding out the sex?????

Kiara Buechler said...

That is the fanciest birthday cake I have ever seen!

Pearl said...

Happy birthday! Looks like you had a fun and fabulous party! This is my first time to be in your blog.Im blog hopping from Judy's.
xo, Pearl

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

Aww I wanna rub your bump!!! And eat some of that cake!! Yummmmo! What a fabulous birthday you had! You are adorable pregnant!! I am loving it!! Happy 14 weeks! :) have one lovely weekend!!

Michelle G said...

Awww! Happy Belated birthday! Looks like a fun time. And look how cute you are with your little baby bump. Enjoy the second trimester!!
Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life

lovejoy_31 said...

You are gorgeous missy!!! Love it and you. I want to see more of the baby bump too. Maybe soon!!!!!

Love you,

Heather said...

Looks like a great birthday celebration. Love the cake!!!

JP said...

You are gorgeous! I am so glad you had a great birthday weekend! It's great that you are feeling so much better these days!

M said...

Time is going by sooo fast! I can't believe that you are 14 weeks already. Lovin' the bump!!! <3

Brittany said...

What an AWESOME cake!! The kitties are the perfect touch. Love it! And I REALLY love the last two have the most precious bump ever! Oh Maria, you are going to be such an amazing Mommy. I can't wait to keep tagging along on this journey with you :). Looks like Atlantic City was great too...I reeeeally wanna get there someday. Like, maybe tomorrow ;). Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!! Lots of love to sweet little Baby Beano!!!!!

Angela said...

Amazing cake, amazing belly! Happy birthday girlie!!! looks like a blast!!!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

That might be the cutest baby bump ever!! Happy bday my dear friend!!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

That might be the cutest baby bump ever!! Happy bday my dear friend!!

Ashley said...

You look so cute and so happy! Might I say that Steve did an awesome job with that cake!! What a good man. :)

So, seeing your baby bump pics brought tears to my eyes because it is so wonderful to see this miracle before my eyes. You are an incredible person who deserves such happiness and I am so glad to see this exciting part of the journey that you have been on.

Lots of love!!

Kathy Radigan said...

Happy 30th Birthday!!!! Love your 13 week baby bump!! You look beautiful. So happy for you Maria! Lots of love!

Heather Nelsen said...

Happy happy birthday!! Looks like you had a great time celebrating! Love that you got to have a big celebration with family and friends, and then some time for just you and Steve- the place you stayed looks like it was so nice and relaxing! Happy 30th, Maria!!

Heather Nelsen said...

Oh! And that baby bump is pre-cious! I LOVE the b&w pic of you and beano! ;) Too cute!!

Kerry said...

You look AMAZING!!!! I loooove your dress, your cake looks absolutely beautiful and Steve did such an awesome job with that one :) You have so many wonderful friends (hi Kelly!) and I am sure you were showered with loads of great gifts to celebrate this milestone!!
Great pics as always Maria, I love that first one of you and Steve...and I have to ask, where on earth do you put all that food you always seem to be eating? lol
Have a wonderful weekend (what's left of it), sending loads of love your way!! Thank you also for the many beautiful comments you write on my blog, I appreciate each and every one of them xoxo

Jess @ said...

So glad that you had such a wonderful birthday! You are looking fantastic!

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

Happy belated birthday! Sorry I missed it!!! Just now catching up with all my bloggy friends:) Looks like you had a wonderful birthday celebration. Love love the cake and love the kitties on the cake:)
And super cute baby bump! You are going to look adorable all big and pregnant:))

Kim said...

Ahhhhhh!! I have been absent for a while and come back to your 14 week bump pic!! I am SO excited for you! Happy Happy Birthday and Congrats...I wish you the happiest and healthiest of 9 months! No more falling behind for me...gotta keep up with this bump!

Irish Carter of Dedicated 2 LIFE said...

Oh my goodness..I feel so bad....I have been a bad blog buddy. I missed your birthday Maria....I am so sorry. I loved all the photos and fun that so many shared with you to make your birthday the BEST. Just think, next year at this time, you will be sharing cake with a cuddly bug...I can't stop smiling at that thought. I'm off to catch up on all your posts I have missed. I missed YOU!


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