Thursday, June 14, 2012


  I woke up a few hours ago.  Turning to my right to see Steve lying next to me fast asleep with the t.v. blaring.  I had no idea what time it was but I knew it meant I was in for a long night.  Now, here I am watching one of those fabulous LMN movies.
But I'm thankful for these ridiculous 2 hour distractions.  They occupy my mind with simpler things.

If my cycle comes as planned, in somewhere around the next ten days, Steve and I are going to be back in the game.  We've had the past couple weeks to let it all settle down. And I feel like things are making more sense.  Proving to me that if you let time do its thing,
it does pay off.

Right now, at this very moment, I don't feel like focusing on the deep and trying.
That will be here before we know it.
  Right now, I'm going to take it easy and smile at all I have to be thankful for.

A relaxing night on the deck with Steve, watching the sun set with a cold drink.
So relaxed, that we fell asleep at 9.

Friends who live a few houses away
who know how to cook a mean breakfast.

Sneaking in a breezy and refreshingly cool hour outside before the rain hits.

with this handsome guy and his mama.

Dog sitting sweetheart, Roscoe, and having a little doggy date with Sketchy and Rory.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" (I feel ya, Mr.)



A run/walk with mom...the first one this summer.  I paced myself.  A lot of walking.  A little running. 

taking a break, watching the hulkinator...

That would be my mom...she's got a set of guns on her.  Don't mess with Debbie.

Hours passed and our feet were still moving almost as fast as our mouths were chattering.
  A walk through town...a stop here to freshen up our sweaty selves...a couple cups of iced coffee...
and we headed back to my mom's.

A nice surprise after an uplifting day together...9 and a half miles complete.

Healthy grub prepared by my mom.

Getting to see this girl again after our date on Saturday.

Finding Mr. Chibbs comfy in one of his new favorite spots.

Visiting Kelly and her babes.
Watching Miss Chloe, the munchkin of good cheer, root through my purse full of crap, hoping to find my phone.

"Ahh, so this is what Mimi has all over her face."

I could hold Daxon all day.
He's a burrito filled with love.

Sometimes, you have to cry...

Until you...
Smile (okay, he was really on the verge of crying here, but just go with it.)

happy sweet potato head <3

And with that, I will say good night.  Err, good morning.

I will be back after the weekend...preparing for what's to come...anticipating deep and familiar emotions...holding onto hope...and remembering to smile.

Early Mornin' Lovin',


Kelly @ Stay at Home Trader said...

This is a great post! And you know I did about a MILLION "look at that awesome pic" comments :). It's crazy how time flies by, and how time really can stand still and heal parts of your soul. I'm amazed at how you have managed to be so positive and supportive to everyone in your life through this. You are such a great friend to all bazillion of us, and I love you for it! That breakfast at Kim's made me so hungry! Hahahahhaa! I miss her! And her pooches are hilarious! Lol! Your momma has some serious muscles! My gosh! I hope you are collecting money for that gun show :). I love how close you all are. It's a beautiful thing to see. Kelly's little munchkins are just the sweetest things ever!!! Awwww! So happy for her! Ok, well i am gonna try to catch some zzzzz's myself :). Didn't sleep much either :). Love u girl!!! And I'll let you know when I have that canon built. Lolomg

Tina said...

I love LMN! It is so bad that it is just so good. Praying for you as you continue to heal, and that you and Steve get all you need to be ready again this next cycle. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Jenny said...

Ok you seriously have to stop with all the pics of delicious food! It's great to hear you're not giving up (not that I ever expected you to). Good things HAVE to be in store for you in the future. You deserve it so much. Enjoy your "down time" before the rollercoaster starts again.
And oh, your mom looks badass, haha!

Rachel said...

I love the picture diary post, you are so good at it. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Stacy Uncorked said...

I found you on the Freaky Friday hop - and I'm so glad I did! I just read your story - know that you are definitely not alone. ((HUGZ!))

Your mom sure does have some guns on her, doesn't she? :) What an amazing group of family and friends you have - seems like y'all would be so much fun to hang out with! ;) Have a great weekend! :)

Viva Las Vegas… or The Biggest Little City in the World – Reno?

SamanthaD said...

Great morning! Would love to have one of those!

I'm a new follower from Freaky Friday.


M said...

Maria - I've been thinking of you even though I haven't texted recently. Looks like you are keeping busy...and sounds like you are ready to keep on going; good for you!

And wow, your mom has some GUNS...go MOM!

Hoping you have a blessed weekend <3

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

Maria! Your mom is ripped!!! I love it!! I want her to train me! and make me run around tracks! and then I wanna eat that breakfast and hold that baby! I love that you are embracing life and smiling! I did a post called smile more after some time had passed, smiling more does really help doesn't it!? Love love love all your pics! Have on lovely weekend friend!

Moosey Mommy said...

You posted some wonderful pictures! I am still praying for you, and hope you are continuing to heal. More prayers as you enter the next stage! I am hopeful for you! :)

Ashley said...

Wow! 9.5 miles. I am impressed! I max out at about 4 right now! hehe.
I am totally jealous of your mom's muscles. She looks fantastic.

Wishing you lots of luck with your upcoming cycle and everything! Still thinking and praying for you, girl!

Irish Carter of Dedicated 2 LIFE said...

Roscoe, Mimi and Daxon are Gorgeous. = ) I love reading and viewing your posts. Wishing you all the best. Keeping you in my thoughts.

I've been plugging away trying to get my new website going and for the love of it, I can't tell if it is working right. Any chance you could you bop over on it and just hit a comment that it works if you can get to it from here. (it should be this blog)--just not sure I set it up right?


MrsV said...

My mom and your mom should arm wrestle lol I'm impressed!
Love all the pictures as usual, Daxon is just precious <3

I have to keep this short

Smile! :)

Kiara Buechler said...

9 1/2 miles in one day? WHOA! You must have some fabulously comfortable walking/running shoes.

Daxon? Well I could just eat him up like a burrito!

Karen Fieri said...

Your mom is seriously buff!!!!

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

Hugs and kisses to you Maria this weekend....have a good one, you so deserve it.

~Jess said...

Glad you guys are hanging in there strong. Enjoy the weekend.!

Petro Neagu said...

Hi Maria,
Thanks for linking up to Loving the weekend hop on my blog.
Have a lovely weekend!


Judy Haughton-James said...

Hi Maria,
Wow! All these beautiful pictures have certainly brightened my morning here in Jamaica. I like your positive attitude. Keep on smiling Maria! I wish you and Steve a wonderful Sunday and week. Lots of Love, Friendship and Best Wishes always.

waitingforarainbow said...

Your Mom has an awesome body! Holy crap! I suddenly have a new role model. I hope I can be that in shape at her age! I'm not even anywhere near that now though! Better get working on it, huh? Good for you guys for going 9 miles!!! Thats awesome!
Glad your life is filled with great food, puppy dogs, friends, and adorable children. Sounds like you and steve are doing wonderfully too!, in bed by 9pm, because you're THAT relaxed?! good for you guys! It's music to my ears, or eyes, hearing that you're able to be that relaxed together considering how things have been.
I'm so excited that you're back in the game! Looks like I've got some extra praying to do! :)
Ohhh! And I love your purse!!! I had a big white purse that got totally wore out. Now I carry around a boring black one. I just told Ryan this morning that I wanted a new huge white purse!
Keep smiling, and have a fantastic week!
Love yaaa! Heather

Jess Judkins said...

Such a sweet post! I wish I had neighbors that cooked us a breakfast like that!!! Also made me miss Dog sitting (Used to do this all the time before I had Judah) I should start it back up just so he can be around the doggies :-)

Also your mom she has some great arms!!!

Irish Italian Blessings said...

LOVE LOVE this post!!! Your mom has one intense set of guns on her, wow I'm jealous! Love your blog, love the title, it just makes me happy :) I'm your newest follower from the hop, so glad I found your blog

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

9 miles.. for real! I need your advise- I can't run more than two. I am in good shape but for some reason, I have trouble running. ANy ideas? Yum, that food looks delicious!! Keep up that amazing positive attitude my friend. xoxo

Yokasta Schneider said...

Gorgeous family!!! Delicious food. And a fellow runner :) Are you ladies training for anything?

Found you via Tough Cookie Mommy's Monday Mingle.
I'm at

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