Tuesday, June 5, 2012


"Ours" - Taylor Swift

It's been a mix of blue skies and stormy weather around here.

Steve and I are in the process of absorbing a ton of information and options...
Information and options discussed at our appointment yesterday.
My body is thankfully bouncing back nicely...as I'm already about to ovulate by the end of the week/weekend.
We are using this cycle to continue to recover.  Although, I feel a bit beat up at the moment. 
There's a lot on my mind and sleep hasn't come easy the past few nights.

I sat in my car after the appointment.  Taking a few minutes to have a good cry...feeling the effects of the past few weeks in full force.  Steve came home from work and we had one of those long, silent, big bear hugs,
 complete with mascara streaks on his shoulder (and maybe a little snot).

Soon, I'll feel ready to write more about it.  I suppose, when I feel like typing it out...
 that's when I know I've truly taken it all in and gained more peace with it.

No matter what, we gotta keep truckin'.
One foot in front of the other.
My period will be here in 3 weeks or less and we know we're ready to start again next cycle.
I'm thankful for that ready feeling.  It's just deciding which road to choose.
And while we figure it all out, we'll cling to each other and the blessings in our life that fill us with hope and strength.
A damn good weekend...

Meeting up with Kelly
for laughs and cries and always a few hundred great photos.

 Yes, people, that there is her camera case - a diaper. (She's my long lost sister)

A nice man who had way too many happy hour drinks offered to take our picture.

We happen to like this one better.


Meeting Kelly and Kurt's sweet new addition...munchkin number 3...


There's this feeling I get every time I walk into the hospital room when Kelly has a baby.  It's magical, emotional, and so very

Congratulations, friends. <3

Minutes after walking into her room, she told me to pick him up out of his little "bed" beside hers.
Swooping him up in my arms, holding his tiny, 7 hour old body...
It's an intensely beautiful feeling.
He's a warm bundle of love...A bowl of chicken noodle soup...A beautiful new love I'm so excited to watch grow.

Kelly, Kurt and Daxon taught Steve and I things that day.  Things, they may not even realize...
Seeing all the pure love and joy between them...
It gives us energy...makes us push on that much harder...
Makes us see just how amazingly worth it
it all is.


Dinner with my step-sister, Danielle and her husband, Josh.
With lots and lots of food.
We needed a bigger table.


Loading up the suv with lots of summer goods.  Ready to enjoy a beautiful 75 degree Saturday with the ones I love.
And the music I love
at an outdoor country concert with thousands and thousands of people.
It was a fabulous 14 hour day.

Mr. made me keep my good camera at home...I couldn't argue too much.

Karen and Mom...Yeaa Haw, ladies!

My Buckaroo and I

Love these ladies.

This is the hyena cackle. My mom invented it.  I inherited it.
Love this photo. 

She was on the hunt. ;)

porta - potty fun.

brownie fun.

hot dog fun.

ready for some tunes!

Miranda <3

I'll be back at the end of the week.  I sense some late, vampire-y nights ahead of me.  But, I know they're going to eventually lead us to
the road we're meant for.  And I'll keep on remembering that despite all these bumps along the way,
we always pull through...
"This love is ours."

Until then...
Wishing you a week filled with lots of love and much


p.s.-the site where I add to my playlist is makin' you press play if you want to hear the music.
so, I started another list in case it stays that way and may start adding videos to my posts. *for you few country fans* ;)

Have a sweet night. <3

Powerful Lovin',


M said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better, physically anyway!

I love looking at all your pics...everyone is so goofy. I love it!

Daxon is just precious...you are such a natural at holding those babes. I know yours is just around the corner. Keep on bein' you!

Oh...I forgot to tell you...I was in the room at my doc's appt. yesterday waiting for the doctor to come...and I just lost it. Started crying. Kept telling myself "this is when you have to be strong...it will be ok." I instantly thought, if Maria can do this, so can I. So thank you for being a pillar of strength and encouraging the rest of us to remain strong and to keep going!

Maria said...

I got weepy looking at Kelly's new baby! He is such a cutie and a wonderful reminder of what this journey is all about.

May there be fireworks in July!!!

Kelly @ Stay at Home Trader said...

Awww Maria, it was soo good to see you, and laugh like I had 5 billion drinks (even though I was just drinkin' iced tea). HAHAHAHA! That diaper picture made me laugh so hard! HAY, I didn't get a chance to make my camera bag yet! LOL!!!!

I know you have so much on your mind, but you are doing so amazingly well.

Kelly's baby, Daxon, is just the cutest little bundle of joy. I just can't get over him. I could have looked at 500 pictures of him! SERIOUSLY I COULD!!! He is so precious!

Loved all the pictures from your yee-haw country cow kickin' concert! I LOL'd that you had to leave the nice camera at home. WAhhhhhh! LOL! I hope you had a great time. Your mom's cackle picture had me laughing so hard!

Well, I hope you know you are always in my prayers. I love ya and appreciate you so much, friend.



MrsV said...

Hello dear friend,
Good to see you are doing well :) <3
I always enjoy reading other people's comments, it's touching and inspiring to see your influence on everyone. I hope you never lose your hope and strength, and whatever these options are, this new information you've received, don't let it slow you down<3 good things are coming.
Thank you for your comments as always, you always have such sweet things to say. I promise we will have that Skype date soon!

Oh and what's the story behind the diaper? LOL

Aleisha McD said...

Aw, there is nothing more sweet or more precious than a little babe fresh out of heaven. Goodness, I love babies! I especially love to snuggle babies! Congrats to your lovely friend, Kelly. Hope she is feeling okay and I hope everything went well for her. Darling pictures!

As for the other Kelly...she is NUTS and I love her! I must meet her someday! The pictures of you two are really cute. Girl, your purple beads are AWESOME! I always watch for your accessories and your makeup in your pictures! Ha ha! You NEVER let me down! Your bracelets at the concert were slammin' too!

You hang in there, Honey Pie! I think about you everyday and dream of coming to PA every night. (We need to get Kelly going on her lemonade stand to raise the funds for me! Ha ha!) I sure do love and miss you. And I agree with Maria...praying for fireworks in July!

Ashley said...

Wishing you peace in coming to whatever decisions you come to. :)

I am still praying for you, girl!

Looks like you had a great weekend. I am totally jealous of that country concert!! I love Miranda (so does my hubby )!
I want you to know that your positivity in the face of adversity is very inspiring!

Cami said...

Ok, first off, glad I inspired you and Steve to watch a zombie movie...haha...glad I am that powerful!! ;)

Your mom is way too cute! Love that photo of her! The hyena laugh. AND, Daxon is just so precious and adorable <3

But the real stuff...I'm happy and thankful your body is feeling better. So thankful about that. I am excited that you and Steve are going to keep on trucking <3 Will be praying, of course.

You deserve this so much Maria. I KNOW it will happen...I don't know when, but I KNOW IT JUST HAS TO!! Your journey..your testimony is so beautiful...and will touch AND IS...so many

Wishing you and Steve a relaxing night full of lots of laughs and lots of love.

Love you :)

Karen Fieri said...

Your journey is so beautiful and so emotional. You have inspired so many people with your strength and love. Your love for life is contagious and so is your attitude to never give up!
Your moms laugh gave me a huge smile, I love it! Glad the concert was great... how could it not, it's country!!

KERRY said...

You guys are a big bundle of fun! Always smiling, and enjoying whatever comes your way all the while with a heavy heart. You are very inspiring and very beautiful and I just adore you so much!! I think about you all the time, halfway around the world :)
Great pics, such a great time by the looks of it :)
Congrats to your good friend, what a precious little man they have.
I'm with you on your journey xoxo

Kiara Buechler said...

You are such a busy lady, doing so many fun things! I love Miranda Lambert, and Daxon is a tiny little bundle of pure goodness.

Altair said...

You're a sunshine! I saw you at the Welcome Wednesday blog hop and I am your new follower from http://inhighheelsanddogtags.blogspot.jp/ :)

Gumdrop Pass said...

Hooray for such wonderful family and friends -- It looks like your days have been FULL with them!

I've been thinking about you, Maria, and I'm glad to hear that your still truckin'! I know that this is all going to work out just the way it's supposed to in the end -- and I KNOW that will end with a sweet bundle of joy for your and Steve to love the stuffing out of! :)

I hope your days continue to get easier. You're in my prayers! <3

waitingforarainbow said...

OMG YOU LOOKED SO CUTE at the country concert. You pull off a cowboy hat fabulously. Those earrings and bracelets are awesome too. I have no idea who Miranda is (sorry) but it looks like you had an amaaazing time! Your Mom looks fabulous too!

I had a feeling Kelly was going to have a boy this time! I bet she is so excited. He's a little pumpkin! I just want to squeeze him! I'm glad that they inspired you even more to keep on truckin... that's one of the things I love about you, you find inspiration and strength in situations where most people would find pain, jealousy, or sorrow for the things they don't have. You go girl ;)

I was kind of bummed when I read that you're waiting a month, but you know... those 3 weeks of just being able to relax, and live, are just what you need. You'll be back in the game in no time. Until then, enjoy every minute of not having to think about all of that stuff. I have no idea what the doctors new plan is, but I will be praying it's the plan that finally works! I feel like July is the month for miracles... so I am really excited for you!

I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend with steve and the kitties!!
By the way.. you and cammy did a fantastic job of taking pictures of the sky, amaaazing!!

love you!!!

~Jess said...

Glad you're doing ok.

Looks like you guys had some good times! You would fit right in at our county fair with your brownie-teeth =)

~Rian said...

Thinking of you and and praying for you as you continue your journey. I pray the Lord gives you peace as you take in all the information you need to take in and shows you which path you need to take in your journey. I hope the next 3 weeks are restful for your body, your mind and your soul. Looking forward to your next update!

Judy Haughton-James said...

Hi Maria,
All these beautiful pictures and your post have helped to lift my spirit as I battle sinusitis or flu. I am so happy that you are feeling better and as you make plans and contemplate options I pray that things will work out well for you and Steve. Heartiest Congratulations to your friends on the birth of their baby. Take very good care of yourself and keep the faith. As always I send you Lots of Love, Friendship and Best Wishes.

Kari said...

I know you already know this but you're always in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong, sweetie!

And ya know..I've seen an embarrassing number of country concerts in my day (easily 30+)...I'm a damn good time at a concert if you want some company. :) I'm a dancer though. Jon always tells me I'd shake my ass to a Barney song if it was appropriate. :)

Kristina said...

Thinking of you and praying for you Maria. You are such an inspiration!! My Sophia girl got a laugh out of your silly picture with your friend at the start of all the pictures. :)
Much love, friend! Xoxo

Katie Smith said...

Great post!!
I'm you newest follower via the Thurs. Blog hop!
Feel free to stop by anytime!

The Random Life

Ugochi said...

Great photos Maria!
Following from the hop.

Jen (buckeyebaby814) said...

I'm glad you feel like you're 'bouncing back' ok. Many prayers to you and your husband as you make decisions on moving forward. ::HUGS::

Heather Nelsen said...

You are ever positive dear. I seriously love the way you can genuinely share in the excitement of your friends and get excited about the future for you and Steve. You are selfless and beautiful!

Have a wonderful weekend with the Mr. ;)


Julie Marie said...

as always, sweet girl, i love your pics... especially the country cowgirl ones.. im a country girl at heart.. ;)
its such an encouragement to me to see you keep hope alive even when your heart feels sad...
you are loved =)

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Aw- what a sweet baby! Looking at this picture, it has affirmed my faith that g-d will grant you a beautiful baby! I JUST KNOW IT!!! I am always right too,lol. You are such a beautiful person inside and out. Probably one of the best I know!

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