Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December! And 18,19 and 20!

Happy December!
What's the month of December without a few tears?
I just took this picture and sent it to Steve. 
Excuse me, while I do what I do best...ramble and blubber. 

Yes, I'm crazy.  I used the "split capture" feature on my phone, as I had Piper pulled up on the monitor on the computer (with Christmas music playing) and the mascara from 10 o'clock this morning just started running.  (Okay, and maybe I've had the cheesiest of LMN Christmas movies on in the background, too!)

This time of year always gets me extra in touch with my emotions.  And I'm thankful for that.

That little girl sleeping in the photo above, has me feeling so, so incredibly grateful.  I know I say it all the time, but I just can't even put into words how much love she sends running through me.
She's had the sniffles (and a cough through the night) this week.  She's ditched her naps the past two days, and was extra snuggly today and before bed, and didn't sleep well last night.

I pull up the monitor, and see her sleeping so peacefully, finally, wrapped in her favorite blanket - her little fist clenched, and the "Baby Sniffles Ernie" (that Dee Dee surprised her with tonight) behind her, and I just feel so blessed and content.

There is so much I'm looking forward to this month.  

I'm excited for Christmas and all the new things Piper is going to experience.  All those firsts that will become seconds - I know they will be beautiful and wonderful to watch...thinking back on how much she's grown and learned this past year.
   I'm sad that my dad won't be with us this year.  
I so badly wish he could see all the magic Piper sprinkles wherever she goes.
I wish he could set up all of his beloved trains, and watch as her blue eyes follow them around and around the tracks.
But where there is sadness, there is comfort and peace,
 because I know he's surrounded by ultimate peace.

There is much more joy than heartache.
And I continue to learn each day, how very important it is to hold all the joy so close, and give thanks no matter what.
It was just the other night, when I had one very horrible, 1990's LMN movie on, when one of the incredibly talented actors said it - "You've got to stop focusing on what you don't have, and start realizing all that you do have!"  I know - so profound. ;) We hear quotes like that a million times a day, but they really hold so much truth.  

I could write and write tonight.
I promised myself some time to sit and have a little "Welcome December pow-wow"
while Steve's out for a work dinner.

He just sent me this picture tonight, of Elmo (Piper's BFF) on the streets of New York.
Could you imagine Elmo with a NY accent?  I don't want to!

 Speaking of BFFS, this little lady is going to sneak her way into Pippy's heart this month - I'm sure of it.

Dee Dee gave her to Pips last year for an after-Christmas gift, and I kept her hidden at the top of Piper's closet.

Last night, I set her up on the dining room table
so Piper would (hopefully) see her as soon as we came down the stairs.

I admit it - this kinda stuff makes me giddy.  
I can't wait to set her up for night two, tonight.

This morning, when Piper and I came downstairs, she noticed it all (and even spotted the Elmo smoothie pouch in the dark).
When I asked her who the elf was, she replied "Ho Ho" more than a few times.
So, Ho Ho The Elf, she is!
I thought it was so funny and cute she associated her with Santa.

A couple pippyvids of their meeting...

She loved her new elf cup from Ho Ho!

We made a quick stop at Daddy's work to drop him off some things he forgot

and then headed to Target.  Target and cake pops make rainy days brighter!

Anything with buttons makes her happy!

She knew there was cheese on the counter...

Caught trying to get to the last cat treat!

Meeting "Baby Sniffles Ernie" (saying and typing it makes me laugh)

#pippyvid with Dee Dee <3

Dinner with my babe


Piper loves all little characters.  The Elsa and Anna we found at Five Below, along with her tiny Sesame Street characters from GiGi, are her go-to "toys" lately.
I love watching her start to play pretend.

Christmas jammies, especially the ones with the footies, 
make me smile.

Nellie and Kim (Nay Nay and KiKi) came over yesterday.
Never, ever, is there a boring moment when we get together.

These two babes were full of pep, sass and sweetness!
We decided to break out some Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving leftovers - the very last time I want to see turkey and stuffing, for at least the rest of this year!

Pips capped off her lunch with the rest of her 20 month birthday froyo that Deeds had brought over the night before.  My kinda girl - dessert should always make you smile this big!

They said "bite me" to nap time, so we laid them down.  They lasted a whole two minutes.

I sent this picture to Kim with a not-so-polite caption...
I had just given Nellie some of Piper's Bitty Bites, when Piper swiped inhaled them in .043 seconds.
The look on Nay Nay's face - "#@$!% ate my Bitty Bites!!"

And this would be sniffly, teething, no-nap Pippy last night.

And shortly after, purse-swiper Piper

Ahhh, and this...this would be two whole months ago.
Because, really this post was supposed to be centered around months 18, 19 and 20!
But let's face it, following directions is not my style!

So, now that I've already written a short story (and with it being Wednesday), I'll trying to make the rest of this post a sorta "Wordless Wednesday" post!

18 months!!

This poor cat...

Lunch with Melissa and Kaylee

A little photo shoot for Miss Year-And-A-Half-Pipster

What other way to celebrate, than with froyo and an Elmo balloon.

The hand on Steve's back - gets me every single time.

This balloon is still half-kickin' and is tied to her highchair.


"A Doc McStuffins blanket!!  I've been savin' up for this for months!"

19 months!!

Daddy and Pippy went to the mall and picked out an Elsa balloon.

The day after Halloween - Princess PiperAnna made one more appearance - at Aunt Kelly's.

The babes stayed up way past their bedtime, in hopes of them sleepin' in the next morning (Daylight Savings).

We stayed up and played a very "bad" game and cry-laughed our way into midnight.

I will miss the leaves.
But I will love the snow.

I love this tree.  
I really, really love the Moonchie standing under it.

#stareoff #twinkiewon

A beautiful November day at the park, with my little pumpkin...

I took these Sunday night - the night before Piper turned 20 months.
She hadn't worn the pumpkin pants yet (and I knew I wasn't going to get away with pumpkins in December), so yep...

we had another mini photo shoot!

Allllmost 20 months!!


It was Kitty's turn for some photos!

Happy December 1st!

We took advantage of the warm weather on Monday, and headed to the park.
Piper was loving life.


She came up to me with this brown piece of chalk and said "green!"  It totally looks like a turd!

Surprise birthday froyo from Dee Dee!

Elmo, Dee Dee and froyo = dream come true

The office I cleaned Monday night threw out Santa Claus (and broke his face)!
I was cracking up!  (And almost took him home!)

Okay, this post can't end with a busted-up Santa...

Happy almost Thursday!

I hope your December is off to a merry start! 

December Lovin',


M said...

I just love seeing all her pics. She sure is growing fast! Where does the time go?!

Wendy said...

Love seeing all the precious Pippy pics! She is such a cutie! Hope you, Steve and Piper have a very Merry Christmas. ((Hugs))

Anna said...

Piper is such a fashionista. :)

I feel the same way about my great-grandfather (Pawpaw) He passed away just before Declan was born. I know he loved Declan and would have had the greatest nickname for him. <3

mail4rosey said...

Aren't they cute when they get all bundled up for the cold weather?

We get all giddy about our elf too, and our elf is nice and gives a present every year too. :)

Love seeing the pictures, and I totally get the emotion thing over just seeing your little one sleeping so nicely. I have done that before too.

Your family must appreciate how much YOU appreciate the little things. It's a very cool quality!

Happy Holiday season to you and your family!! Oh, and bwuahahahahahaha to the 'I've been stolen from' picture, hahahahahahhaha

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