Tuesday, December 16, 2014


*After writing this post, I realize I miss summer a little bit (Woah, what's happening to me?)
  I miss Piper's chubby leggies lookin' so stinkin' cute in her little bathing suits.
  I miss how much better froyo tastes when it's warm out.
  And yeah, I admit it, I miss my tan.

With that being said, the name of my blog, and it being that time of year, I'll go with this song...
which is like nails on a chalkboard, to me.  (But still not as bad as Barbra Streisand's version of "Jingle Bells"...don't know what I'm talking about?  See THIS post.

Kenny Chesney - "All I Want For Christmas Is A Real Good Tan"

I'm sitting here, going through photos from the past year.  How is it only (less than) 9 days until "Ho Ho" pays us a visit?!   And how do we only have a couple weeks left of 2014?
These days...
They pass so quickly. 
I really think someone should invent 30 (or even 40) hour days.  Wouldn't that be nice?
But these 24 hours we have each day...they are a gift, and I'm going to do my best to enjoy the last 360 hours of 2014 (I just broke out the calculator).
In the words of Princess Anna, it's "co-co-cold" out lately!
Piper doesn't seemed phased by the chilly temps.  She loves the wind and opens her mouth when it's blowin' her way.  Her feet are unusually warm 80% of the time - even when she's ripping her socks off 90% of the time.  She's like a mini heater.
This post is dedicated to the warmer days -
A sweet five days in September, where Steve, Piper, and I rented a shore house right outside of Ocean City Maryland, with our friends, Jen and Sean, and their son, Jackson (one of Piper's many boyfriends - Hey, don't judge).
We called it our "Babycation,"  
and a sweet vacation with our babies, it was.
Our vacation Babycation in mostly photos...

That little pinky, and those chubby fingers clenching that "nonut"...

"I love you"


No more Pippies jumpin' on the bed!

One of our favorite books from Aunt J

Shoppin' for the week.
Samplin' the cheese.

Piper - "Don't tell my Mama, but I'm hiding a box of Twinkies under my dress!"
Jackson - "Help me!"

Up to no good!

All ready, guys!!
Let's get this party started!

Our community had an awesome pool/splash pad area.
We took advantage of it right away.

Piper's first time going underwater. 
She was a champ, even when Daddy decided to dunk her without warning.
She went under over and over again, afterwards.

Oh water squishies!

I'm pretty sure Piper thought she was in a dream.

Happy Feet and snackin'

Takin' Dolly for a ride in Jackson's bouncy chair
One of my favorite pics of these two.

1st snoot of the trip

The misters cooked. 

I LOL whenever I see this picture.

Thanks, Aunt Jen!  I feel so cool up here!

My workout

Our little maid

Beach bound

Takin' selfies with her Doc camera from Deeds

I love her.  She loves snacks.

Real men carry pink Hello Kitty buckets full of ocean water (so they can build sandcastles with their daughters). 

Love these people.

Family photo perfection  LOL



The people who come around and bug you to take your pictures, so you can get them in those little telescope keychain thingies...
They came to the right people.  We almost said no, and I'm so glad we didn't.
They got great shots, that mean so much to us. 

Told Piper to "smile so big," and Daddy followed her signature "smile so big smile!"

Thanks to Aunt Jen for capturing our first time all going through the ice cold water doorway!


Not sure what's happenin' here
Grill master, Steve

Visitin' the Funcade 
I think Steve was just as excited as Piper.

She cashed in all her tickets for a bumpy, purple ball and had a blast bouncing it on the boardwalk.

First time trying Sweet Frog froyo.
Piper gave it two thumbs up and a "More, pwease!"

While choosing fudge, Pippy only had eyes for Lambie.
"Mama! Hand"
I almost cried.


Morning stroll in the neighborhood.

This girl will do anything to get her hands on a cup of coffee.
She asks for a "pip" of mine every single day.

The girls of the house

Those leggies and baby cankles...

One of my favorite snoots

The clouds and cooler temps didn't stop these two from hoppin' in!

A fun night out.  Piper babysat Jackson.   Jen's sister came to visit.

We went overboard on the all-you-can-eat crab legs. 
Those look so good right now.

Happy Birthday Eve to Jen!

Our taxi driver was taking longer than expected.  We didn't drink enough wine to keep us warm, so we improvised.

Piper had her own little bedroom next to ours.  She slept and napped so well the whole trip, and on this morning, woke up extra early.  She snuggled in bed with us, and we watched Frozen on the tablet.  I snuck out to take a shower, and when I returned,
I found this.
And I cried.
And then cuddled close to them for the next hour until they woke up.
One of my favorite pictures of the two of them, ever.

Red Solo cups make great bath toys.

Art and Jazz Festival

Hello Kitty tattoo

Ice cream sandwich monster

Out for Mexican food

Daddy tried so hard.
The host was so sweet to give Piper a stuffed animal, despite their losses.

Surprise, Aunt Jen!

Last day!  Let's make it a good one!

Bye-bye Babycation smooches

Brunch at one of my favorite spots in OCMD
Piper got her own plate of peanut butter and jelly crepes.
She was one happy Pippy!


We had to...

Beach snoots!

We were walking the boardwalk when we passed one of those Old Time Photo places.  We didn't have any intention of getting pictures, but there wasn't a line, and as soon as we saw some of the sample photos on display, there was no question.

Within five minutes, the Pips above transformed into the Pips below - Flapper Pipper. 
A sweet woman with a very thick accent took us in the back to get Piper dressed.  Piper just went along with it all and plugged her ears as I shrieked as each accessory went on her.

We all lost it when she held up the gun.
"Gimme all the cookies, now, or I shoot!"

We headed home with lots of bags, and lots and lots of memories.

We made a take-a-breather stop on the way home, and ended up taking home an Elmo couch/bed.
Piper tested every single one of them at Toys R Us.
We just had to.

We stopped at Dee Dee's to give hugs, give her some Flapper Pipper pictures, and raid her Tupperware cabinets.

And then it was home sweet home, 

where Piper had sweet dreams of never-ended beaches and pools.

I'm so grateful to share these moments with my family, and with my friends, who are our family, too.

Happy Almost Wednesday!
Hope it's bright and cheery!

September (and December) Lovin',


Fifi said...

Even though I see Piper everyday on Instagram.....I enjoy reading post about her and the Marino adventures! Even though this was just in September, you can see how much she is growing and changing. I loved all the pictures, but my favorite was the mama, hand pic! �� I can't wait for the day when Vincent does that. I wish I lived close by because I would just give big hugs to Piper! Have a great day!

MEL said...

Love this post! Seems like such an amazing trip! And Piper is one lucky little girl to have such amazing parents who love her so very much. It just shines through!! Merry Christmas to you guys!!

Infertile625 said...

Too much cuteness! I'm on overload!

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